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Heart Of Gold Pt.2
By: FluffyOverLord


People thought It was funny last part, I have alot of people to dissapoint this time...

>You're gold
>A gorgeous gold fluffy with a white mane
>You have found this mare you are going to use for enfie babbehs
>And generally fun...
>You wake up
>You look around the house
>Daddeh is out for work
>Good good....
>You check your dish, Kibbles
>You get out and drag the bowl to the bush
>The mare is awake her babbehs complaining about milkies
>"Dummeh, Is time fo' nummin'" You announce as you sit on your haunches and offer her the plate
>She sobs and pigs out on It
>You didn't get any
>You're hungry
>Her stomach rumbles as the kibbles are turned onto milk
>"I wiww haff ou' nao dat Gowd am hungwy" You say
>"S-so wa? N-num aww nummies.... Am sowwy" She says shyly with a hint of fear
>"Su, I mak ou' babbeh a nummie babbeh ow' ou' gib me miwkies!" You say mockingly
>"WA'? MIWKIES AM FO' BABBEHS! BABBEHS NU AM FO NUMMIN!" She informs quite proudly
>You walk over to her brown foal
>He looks at you and says "Nyu fwiend?"
>You pick him using your teeth and he complains
>"Am gunna num babbeh ow ou' gun gib miwkies?" You say
>She starts crying
>You put her foal down and bite off It's leg
>The foal looks at you then at his leg then at you then at the leg in your mouth
>"sssssssssccccccCCCCCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" He shouts a ear splitting alert
>You cover your ears
>She starts freaking out then runs up to hug him
>"Miwkies?" You ask
>She sobs and falls on her side revealing her bags
>Even though It feels fucking disgusting you suckle all the milk
>Ahh goood foal hood
>She won't stop crying
>"Weww how abou' gib ou' an dummeh babbehs naem?"
>She nods as he hugs her foals closer
>"Hmmm, Ou' name am Bitch!" You say to the mare
>She freaks out and starts crying
>You point to the brown foal and say "Ou name am dipshit!"
>He sobs about his leg
>You point to the white-black one and say "Ou name am Faggo'!"
>He freaks out and starts shouting how bad words are not good
>You then point to the Cyan black one and say "An' ou name am Enfie-Fun!"
>They all keep freaking out and not accepting their names
>You start walking back to the house
>"Huuu....wan miwkies....miwkies am su gud....pwese....huu huuu" Cries Enfie
>You walk back to him
>"Ou wan miwkies?" You ask him
>You hold him up to your no no stick
>"NU!!!!" Bitch screams and runs towards you
>You kick her back
>You then get an idea
>You take him back inside
>He is amazed at your saferoom
>You turn on the TV on "FluffTV '4 Abusers"
>You use him as a fleshlight while you watch the suffering of fluffies
>You take him off your no no
>He is coughing and wheezing
>"Dewe! Ou got ou' miwkies!" You say
>You get out of the house
>Throw Enfie at the bush
>Go back to your saferoom
--One Week Later--
>You are walking to the bush when
>"BIGGES' POOPSIES!" You hear a shout
>You run to the bush and begin hopping as she sharts out 4 foals
>Wait 4 foals?
>You begin putting two at her teats while two are suspicously close to you
>They suckle and then suddendly she runs out of milk
>"Oh shit" You say "Dummeh bitch, Wai no mowe miwkies?" You ask her
>You give her a bop
>"Huuu....Gab babbehs some of nummies gowd gab tu bitch..." She admits
>"Weww, Am sowwy" You grab dipshit
>"Wa' am doin wi' dipshit?" She asks as the foals cry for milkies
>You rip off his other leg
>You take off all of his limbs
>You bring him closely to your crotch
>Bitch is having a seizure as she realizes what you're doing
>You begin giving him some good ass enfies
>You don't stop until he is completly filled
>"wan....dieee...... wai' nu wan die...wan miwkies!!!" He softly says
>You rip off his head
>You open him from inside
>You take out his organs
>You then grab all of his bodyparts
>You then walk to the seizure having Bitch
>You pour Dipshit inside of her
>She is crying madly that she hits one of the foals with her hoofs breaking his legs
>You move the disabled foal and another one to suckle from her
>You then move them out when they're finished
>She gets up and looks at you
>"Wh-wha?...." She says
>She sees you are gearing up for the good times
>"NUUUUUUUUU!" She cries
>"Bitch ou' agweed fo' dis"
>It's a filly!
>Oh yeah!
>You start doing it from all holes repeatdly
>The foal has long died
>Ad bitch is crying you get the foal to her
>"Gowd didn' eat decen' meaw fo' too wong, Nu nummies tommowow. Ou' num this fo' miwkies aha" You say as you walk back home
>You sleep and wait for your owner
>Be anon faggotson
>You have planted a camera for a while now
>Now that a long time has passed. You need to check the tape
>You take out the video tape and walk to your house
>You open the door, get on the floor, and everybody walks the dinosaur
>You get up and go check on Gold
>Lil guy is sleeping
>On his TV is the show "Runty babbehs are enfie babbehs!"
>You think he took on the wrong FluffTV
>You turn off the TV
>You go to your room to play the tape
>After setting that shit up you click Play
>You can't believe what you're seeing
>There will be consequences...
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Anonymous1: This is bad and you should feel bad.
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Anonymous2: Let's see some justice dealt
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Anonymous3(1): @Anonymous: no.
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Anonymous4: continue even though this creeped me out.
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Anonymous5: This is just shit writing kys
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Anonymous6: @Anonymous:
@Anonymous: This is what I expected anon, Thanks
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Anonymous7: Get out of my scene.
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Anonymous8: I hope that 'wtf' is for 'why are there fluffs in my back yard still' and not 'Gold i so ba-ad, gunna have to punish him!'
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Anonymous9: (A U S T I C S C R E E C H I N G )

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hrg2: You really should find a new hobby. Reading your work is just painful.

Read more stories. Learn from other, better, autherst. learn proper fluff-speak.

Perhaps /B/ is a better fit for your work.
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BeefyTheHams: Kekd

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Dirtbiker989: I got a good chuckle from these two stories.

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Stephano: keked hard, ha!
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Anonymous10: You write like a faggot and your shit's all retarded

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WhatTheFluff: I love how none of them liked their names at first, but in the end, they all accepted their names anyway. Gud shit!
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