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DewDropDazzle part 2

I sit there in the cold woods with this fluffy, I'm trying to get her to tell me who her owner is. " Mummuh wewwy pwetty an wub dewdwop a wot". That could describe anyone "that doesn't really help me much" I reply, she whimpers in response it's seems she doesn't know what else to say. If they love her a lot why would they leave her here, I suspect she belongs to a student here and escaped. that would explain why she's so close to the dorms.I guess the only thing I can do is look for her owner. I'm reluctant to bring her inside, she could make a mess. She's relatively clean even after getting frightened earlier. She'll freeze if I leave her out here though, I know I'm freezing. I don't have much of a choice, I pick her up. She seems well trained as she doesn't even struggle when I pick her up.

Going back into my room through the window again I set her on my bed and change out of my pajamas and into some real clothes. I'm going to have to interact with people, I'm dreading this. DewDrop however is absolutely ellated sitting on my bed surrounded by my teddy bears. She methodically goes through hugging each one. The sight is sickeningly sweet, but I'm apprhensive. I never allow anyone to touch my bears, but I can't bring myself to stop her. I coax her away from the bears "we gotta go find your mama, come on". She hops up away from her task and we exit my room. Time to start knocking on doors, it's only 6pm so most people are probably done with their exams for today and home.

We go to The door across the hall first it's the closest. It is an all guy room though. I knock and DewDrop copies me tapping the door softly, I smile at her approvingly she smiles back. A very obviously drunk generic college douche answers "You here for the party, it hasn't started yet, too early", "uh, no" you respond having noo interest in any parties " I found this Fluffy and she seems to have lost her owner." "nee fin Mummuh" DewDrop echos. The inebriated resident looks down at her. "aw shit yeah I've seen these things" he takes a moment to focus his thoughts " yeah a few girls on this floor have them, can't really tell you anything else". Someone in the room behind him yells something I can't make out. He closes the door without another word. "Alright... well he wasn't very helpful we gotta keep looking" I say partially to her and partially to myself.

The next door was more helpful, a girls room. A slightly annoyed very attractive blond girl answers the door and asks what I want. This time DewDrop answers first "nice wady hewpin fin Mummuh" "I found this lost fluffy I'm trying to find her owner" I confirm. Now aware of the fluffy the girl looks down at her and starts laughing. She calls to her roomates on the couch "check it out it's Claires dumb fluffy" from the couch the other girls cackles "God it's so ugly why did she even buy that thing?". Thankfully I don't think DewDrop heard her otherwise she'd likely be in hysterics. I got a name, that's all I need. I thank the girl she advises I give up "you'd be doing Claire a favor if you just throw it out". I'm not the biggest fan of fluffies but that was uncalled for.

I scan each of the names on the door, fluffy pony trotting happily along next to me. I walk slowly so she can keep up. I find Claire at the end of the hall in one of the larger more expensive rooms. Makes sense if she's buying expensive fluffs like DewDrop. She get's excited upon seeing the welcome mat "sqweee dis mummah room" she jumps up and pounds the door with both her front hooves. Her force still only amounts to throwing a pillow at the door, you knock. You recognize the girl who answers you've seen her around campus before. "Hey are you Claire? I found your fluffy". She glares down at me and the tiny pony who is now lunging forward to hug its "mummuh" with cries of "Fwuffy miss Mummuh" and "DewDwop wub yu". and is promptly kicked in the snout and sent flying back onto the soft welcome mat. "what the hell?" I say quietly mostly to myself. I look back up at the girl "little shit ruined my favorite shoes, and they were still in style unlike her." she says to me while sneering at the sobbing creature in front of her.

And for the second time tonight a door is slammed in my face. I'm left standing the hall with a crying fluffy who has no way of understanding the rejection it just faced. I'm not quite sure I understand it either, but I know I want to help DewDrop some how.

to be continued
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Anonymous1: Poor little fluff...

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FluffyPuncher: Only one solution to this dilemma. Merciful death.
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samefag: MAKE SADBOX :'(
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Anonymous2: how much time till huwties?
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PencilWingie: Feral herd. No, herds. Plural.

Beans n sketties for all.

One picked lock, and then all the herds are welcomed to their new home in Claire's room.

Throw in a flash bang then close the door.
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Anonymous3: Kill Claire, she is a horrible human.
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Anonymous4: Do what any sane person would do- Take the fluffy to the roof, toss up, violent downward strike with a tennis racquet.
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Anonymous5: @Anonymous: You do know that designer fluffies are pricy right?
So I will take it you like throwing away money.
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