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My Empire of Dirt


Because I feel like shit

>Fwuffy nu haff name
>Dat am otay
>Fwuffy am smawty
>But nu feww wike smawty
>But hewd fowwow smawty and du wha smawty say
>Smawty haff spechow fwiend
>aww mawes wan be smawty spechow fwiend
>But smawty onwy wuv spechow fwiend
>One sweepy tiem
>Spechow fwiend nu wakies
>smawty haff biggest hewat huwties
>Aww mawes nu cawe
>Onwy wan be nyu spechow fwiend
>Miss speshow fwiend...


>Hoomans come
>Smawty teww hewd nu gu to dem
>Hoomans onwy giff huwties an fowevah sweepies
>Hewd nu wisten fow one tiem
>Smawty hide
>Onwy one mawe stay wiff smawty
>Hooman huwt hewd
>Hoomans giff fowevah sweepies tu "ugwy cowored ones"
>Take udder pwetty hewd away
>Miss fwiends and hewd...


>Smwaty and mawe nao spechow fwiends
>Spechow fwiend haff tummy babbehs
>Haff heat happies!
>But stiww miss owd spechow fwiend
>Spechow fwiend haff babehs!
>Smawty haff tu gud babbehs an two bad babbehs
>Smawty wuv bad babbehs eben dough dey bad babbehs
>But spechow fwiend giff bad babbehs fowevah sweepies
>Miss babbehs...


>Smawty giff spechow fwiend fowevah sweepies
>Spechow fwiend was dummy
>Smawty stiww haff babbehs
>Buh babbehs gwow up big an stwong
>Babbehs am big fwuffies nao
>Nu wan be wiff daddeh...
>Babb-... Fwuffies gu make own hewd
>Smawty miss dem su much


>Smawty find nudder hewd
>Hewd smawty twy and giff smawty huwties
>Smawty giff hewds smawty foweva sweepies
>Smawty wook at hewd
>Hewd scawed...
>Buh hewd fowwow Smawty
>Pwease nyu huwt hewd


Smawty feww owd nao
Hewd stwiww wiff smawty
Onwy somw hewd take fowehavh sweepies
Buh smawty am stiww hwew
Smawty jus wan fowevah sweepies
Evweywun smawty wuv gu way in da end...


If smawty cowud stawt again
Snawty nu be smawty
Smawty wouwd be smawty
Maybeh Be smawty babbeh
Su hooman giff fowevah sweepies
Su Smawty
Fin happies?


Smawty giff
Fow dat...

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NudeRei: Not a bad story. You kind of tied in the song, and I like that.
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Anonymous1: Awww... :'(
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Redleg: ... and you could have it all,
my empire of dirt.
I will let you down,
I will make you hurt...