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fluffswitch 1

this fluffy, a white colored mare, was a mother of 3 little foals, and as all fluffy mothers, they were "the bestes babehs"
she was part of a herd of aroun 20 adult fluffs, they have been walking around the forest, guided by the voices of , what they called, "no awound fluffies"

"sketty land ova thewe, fowow fluffy voice, aww skettys fluffy wouwd num"

the pre recorded voices guided the herd, wich only thinked in the skettyland part, their smarty , a red fluffy guided them.
the mummah little foals where a pink colored colt and 2 fillies, a white one like her and a purple one, pretty good colors for a feral.
most of the herd where normal earthies, except for the smarty and another fluffy who were unicorns and 8 pegasi, including the mummah and 2 of his foals
they walked for " a wot of fowevahs" , actually just 3 days, but for a fluffy it is too much time.

"smawty smeww skettys!!!"
all the fluffies got excited, even if they actually didn't knew what skettys where, but, they where the bestes "numies"
the voices from the no awound fluffies started talking about how close they where to skettyland
"fluffies awmost tewe, fluffies awmost in skettyland, whewe aww fluffys get aww skettys a fluffy can numm"
the artificial fluffy voice only make the herd more excited, then they saw it
a metal fence, the bars where so close one to another that even a foal couldn't pass,but it had a lot of rectangular posters with a draw of skettys and an arrow
they follow the arrows until they got to a bottle neck and they saw it, a enormous bowl of skettys, the dream of all fluffies,
and the only thing they had to do to get them was go down a little ramp, it was to inclined to climb back up, but,
well, they are fluffyes and it didn't matter for them, obviously the first one to run for the skettys was the smarty and before he could reach the skettyes
he noticed some thing watching him, a yellow human with a weird glass face, and as any "good" smarty he shouted

"dummeh yewwow hoomin, this awe smawtys skettyes, go way ow smawty gona giv ou fowevaw sweppies"
the human didn't care about the smartys threat, the most a fluffy could do to him was giving him sorry poppies, and he already was protected by his full body
plastic raincoat, you know, these cheap disposable yellow coats with pants, and his gas mask, well, it was actually for painting with spray paint,
but for the pourpose was more than enougth, he aproched the smarty and say:
"what skettys, this is just plastic, you cant num them, they are fake skettys"
by the time he said that all the fluffys had already crossed the point of no return , the ramp
"no twue, dummeh meanie hoomin is wying, these awe hewds skettys now, and, and... this is awso hewd wand now"
"i have no reason to lie, dont trust me , check it your self"
at the same time he said this he took the smarty and trow him to the skettys, if they where real , he should be safe, but, our human wasnt lying, they where hard plastic
all the smartys bones break upon hitting the sketty statue, the human let him to die of internal bleeding
and now all the other fluffyes where trying to run away, but it was useless, they could't climb the ramp, they all where trapped inside the fence
shiting , pissing and screaming, the natural form of a fluffy, useless, be unable to defend themselves, their special friends and they foals
the human started picking them up and placing them inside a big sorry box, he took away all the foals
"nu pwease, babbeh tu wittwe to go way fwom mummah, babbeh nee mumah" said the white mare
and before closing the box with all the fluffies inside the man said to them
"welcome to fluffswitch"
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Guzziman: eh

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Guzziman: It could be longer and explain more about the fluffswitch to keep us captivated.
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kooare: it is going to be explained over time
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Anonymous1: Someone stole all the punctuation (they left a few commas, though)!

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guodzilla: @Anonymous: He was "Faulknerizing" his prose.

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FluffyPuncher: @kooare: Hope this will be like Fluffy Runner!
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