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Apples 'N' Oranges (Part 5 of the Apples story)
Final Week
By Dirtbiker989

>3 very eventful days have passed

>Our little trio made up on Saturday and I went out to eat lunch with my boss on Sunday

>I was smart enough to lock Oranges and Jerry in their saferoom with plenty of food before I left

>But I wasn't even all the way home yet before the bad chicken in my stomach fought back

>I didn't want my Fluffies out-and-about while I was dealing with food poisoning, so I threw the whole bag of Fluffy kibble in the saferoom and slammed the door shut as an afterthought

>I'm glad I recently refilled their 2 gallon water reservoir, otherwise my Fluffies would probably be clinging on their last threads of life by now

>The next couple days were just a blur, aside from purging from both ends

>Now, come Tuesday morning, I'm awake and feeling refreshed

>I'm ready to go out and see my Fluffies again for the first time since Sunday

>They'll probably run to my arms with tears because I told them I'd be back before the evenin-



>This is just a dream

>I'm having a fever dream

>But the pinch on my cheek, scratch across my face, and punch in the gut all say otherwise

>My kitchen is a warzone

>There's a staircase of books, dirty laundry, and game cases leading up to the counters

>Things on those counters have been knocked off and broken

>And to top it all off, there's a HUGE mound of shit

>Literally, it's like a community poop was hosted right on my FUCKING LIVING ROOM FLOOR

>Not to mention smears and tiny hoofprints all over

>I looked to the saferoom door only to find it wide open

>The realization hit me harder than the undercooked meat

>I was too busy running to the toilet to make sure the door was properly closed

>Jesus Christ in heaven above, I'm-


>So much for feeling better, I just threw up all over the floor

>Actually, considering I've been gagged clean for the past 36 hours, it's just a dry heave with some water and stomach acid

>Just one stain among the sea of messes I'll have to clean today

>But that's not my biggest concern right now

>I'm out to look for Jerry and Oranges

>My first guess was the right one, I found Jerry near his bed in the saferoom

>The only corner of the saferoom that doesn't look like a fecal warzone

>I walk into the saferoom just in time to see Jerry's block stack fall over, only for Jerry to angrily shit on it

>*NNNNNNNNG* "Dummeh nu-stay-uppies bwockies, take sowwy poopies!"

>Oranges all but breaks down crying as she says "G-gu' job... bestes'... babbeh..." in a shaky voice

>I waste no time in marching over to them, fighting the urge to heave again

>I can put up with the sight, no problem, it's just that smell...


>"JERRY, *gag* WHAT IN GOD'S *sputter* GREEN EARTH DID YOU *hurg* DO TO MY HOUSE!? *gag* Christ alive..."

>"D-d-d-DUMMEH DADDEH! Jewwy am BESTES' babbeh an' Jewwy do wha' Jewwy wan'!"

>He looked to Oranges for confirmation, who only shuddered and quickly wiped away a small tear

>"Huu huuuu, nu gib b-bestes' babbeh owwies... jus' weave wittow Jewwy awone..."

>Oranges and I lock eyes

>As much as we both don't like to admit it (more her than me), we quietly agree that Jerry NEEDS to be disciplined

>That was when I remembered the pamphlet I got in the mail after I dropped Apples off at the shelter

>It basically included all the information the website had, but with one additional tidbit on the bottom

>It was a coupon for 50% off a 3-day course of Rent-a-Fluff

>Their Rent-a-Fluff service allows people to chose from a list of Fluffies and take one home for whatever reason

>From temporary entertainment to a Valentine's gift you could get rid of right after Valentine's Day, or even to convince visitors that you aren't a total creepy loner

>Or, if you're like me, you rent one to teach your Fluffy an example

>Say you've got a bitch like Apples who neglects any foal that doesn't sparkle like a diamond

>She always says "Nu wub ugwy babbehs. Bestes' babbeh am mowe pwiddy su mummah wub bestes' babbeh an' nu poopie babbeh."

>You rent a stunning designer Fluffy, freshly groomed and all, and the bitch mare is all "Pwiddy nyu fwiend! Wan' pway?"

>Then you can hit her with a "No, you go outside. Just like you said you don't love ugly babies, I don't like ugly Fluffies. I love this Fluffy and not you, because she's prettier than you."

>Then you leave her in the cold until she learns her lesson

>So I'm gonna do the opposite of that

>I'm gonna get an all-around terrible mare to bring back Jerry's repressed childhood memories and whip him into submission

>I lock Jerry in a sorry box and leave him and Oranges in the saferoom (which I SPECIFICALLY made sure was shut), and begin to clean the house

>After that's over, I leave to go to the same shelter I dropped off Apples at

>I walk inside the shelter and find myself face-to-face with a receptionist in her late-20's that doesn't look interested in her job at ALL

>Her face is buried in the computer, so I have to get her attention


>"What? Oh... hello, and welcome to the Happy Hoofief guh bih..." she slowly trailed off until she was mumbling nonsense at the end

>"...How may I help you?"

>"Uh, I'm here for this coupon? 50% off Rent-a-Fluff for 3 days?"

>She looks it over, then throws it in a tiny trash bin under her desk

>*Sigh* "Is there any particular type of Fluffy you're interested in renting?"

>"Acutally, yes. Do you have any mares with bad temperaments? Preferrably a mother, or at least one that wants to be a mother. See, I've got this brown Fluffy, and his growth has been stunted, so my other Fluffy, Oranges, calls him a baby. A while ago she called him 'bestest babbeh' and it's changed his behavior for the worse ever since."

>"Okay, okay, I don't need your life story. I'll see what we have..."

>And with that, she disappears

>I was left alone with the front-window foals, the expensive designer Fluffs worthy of being shown off to the whole outside world

>They were surprisingly polite

>They weren't crowding the pen and toppling over each-other in a desperate attempt to get my attention

>A civil line was formed, and from it came a mixture of "Hewwo nice hoomin!" and "How awe 'ou dis bwight time?" all in a quiet tone

>You could tell that those were rehearsed lines, and that they were trained day-in and day-out to act like that

>With the lack of both people and security cameras, I noticed how easy it'd be to pocket one of these gems and tell it to keep quiet until I snuck it outsi-

>"Alright, sir. We have one Fluffy left that meets your requirements. Her name is Peaches *ugh*, she's about a foot and a half tall and weighs in at 14 pounds. She had a litter of foals as a feral and lost them before she came here. She wants to be a mother but she traded all her foals off in a spaghetti machine, you do the math."

>"Alrighty. Can I see her?"

>"She's in this carrier."

>She heaved a pet carrier onto the counter, slamming it down with a *THUNK*, prompting an "Owwies!" from inside

>"I wouldn't reccommend letting her out right now."

>"Dummeh shewtah hoomin, take Peashes to nyu dummeh daddeh wight NAO! Wan' sketties nao! Wan' toysies an' safewoom nao!"

>"Oh... kay? So what do I owe you?"

>"A 3-day course, plus the 50% off coupon gets you... 80 dollars."

>"80 dollars!?"

>"30 dollars goes towards a handling fee. You'll be refunded that money if you return your Fluffy at the end of the 3 days in the same condition she was in when she left."

>"Alright," and with that, I reluctantly put a 100 dollar bill on the counter

>"So, this... 'Jerry', is it?"


>"How old is he?"

>"I wanna say around 3 or 4 months old now."

>"Is he neutered?"

>"Come to think of it, no. No he isn't."

>"THERE'S your problem. You're gonna want to get him neutered. On top of being state law, an unsnipped Fluffy is much more agressive. But you'll want to do this before he turns 1, otherwise his personality will be set. Cut or uncut, he'll be annoying the rest of his life."

>I get my change, thank the woman, grab the pet carrier, and leave, ignoring Peaches the whole way home

>When I got back home, I went into the saferoom and shut the door behind me, putting the pet carrier down and opening the door

>Peaches looked around with an unamused expression, mumbling "Dummeh smaww safewoom... nu 'nuff toysies... hafta shawe wif dummeh oddah Fwuffies..."

>I let Jerry out of the Amazon-package-turned-sorrybox, and he was curious about the new visitor

>"Who dat? Nyu Fwuffy?"

>He locked eyes with Peaches, and the anger between the two built

>Jerry approached Peaches with confidence, and started with his little tirade

>"Dummeh nyu Fwuffy, dis bestes' babbeh Jewwy's safewo-" *BOP*

>Before he finished his sentence he was hooved in the face by Peaches

>"Dummeh poopie babbeh shaddup! 'Ou jus' ugwy dummeh!"


>*WHOCK* "Peashes said shaddup!"

>"Owwies! D-daddeh, pwease hewp-"

>"Peashes gib dummeh poopie babbeh sowwy poopies!"

>After witnessing Jerry get buried in Fluffy shit, Oranges flipped out

>I had to pick her up and carry her to my room, where I shut the door and set her on my bed

>"Wai daddeh weave? Hafta gu back an' gib dat meanie Fwuffy fowebah sweepies!"

>"Shh, shh, calm down, Oranges. It's okay. This IS Jerry's punishment."


>"Remember that meanie Fluffy I told you about? Apples?"


>"We need another mare like her to be mean to Jerry. The only way to make him stop acting like a brat is to remind him that he had an abusive mother, and that he'll be hated by most Fluffies. He needs to remember how lucky he is to have us."

>"Oh... otay..."

>"Hey, look at me. It'll be fine. Jerry will be fine. Look..."

>I pulled out my phone and opened up an app

>"Nothing bad will happen to Jerry and I'll make sure of it. I installed a security camera specifically designed for Fluffies. It'll send me text alerts if the microphone picks up on key phrases like 'fowevah sweepies' or 'nu can make bweathies'."

>*Sniff* "Otay. Owanges wet meanie Peashes punish Jewwy."

>"And it'll only be for three bright times. I promise. Now, let's get you something to eat."

>"Fankyoo daddeh."

>You're Apples, and you don't think you've been more scared in your life!

>As the bright-times have gone on, you've lost more and more of your babbehs to Smarty, who enfed them all until they took forever sleepies!

>You only have one babbeh left, your green colt

>Smarty said that he's too old to be an enfie babbeh, and he doesn't like enfing a colt that big

>That only meant that you were next for the bad special huggies

>Now you're a soon-mummah, but you don't want to bring your tummy babbehs into this scary place

>The shelter humans said you're going to take forever sleepies in just a few short bright times!

>That's just another reason to be so sca- AAH!

>Smarty just pushed you onto the ground! Owwies!

>"Dummeh Fwuffy! Smawty nu hab speshow huggies in too wong! Nu wan' take fowebah sweepies wifout speshow huggies!"

>"NUUU! Bad speshow huggies am bad fo' tummeh babbehs!"

>"Nu cawe!"

>And with that, he climbed on top of you and poked at you with his no-no stick

>He's never gentle, it always gives you hurties!

>EEP! Now his no-no stick is inside your special place!

>You can feel your tummy babbehs having scardies!

>"Enf! Enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf GUD FEEWS!"

>Your tummy babbehs REALLY hate this! At least it's over

>No! He's still going!

>"Enf enf enf enf enfenfenfenfenfenf GUD FEEWS!"

>Your tummy babbehs are really freaking out now!

>Again? Really!?

>"Enf enf enf enf enf enf- GUUUUD FEEEEWS!"

>You don't know how much more they can take!

>"Enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf eh- OOOOOH! GUD FEEWS!"

>Smarty finally pulled out his no-no stick

>You could feel all the enfie juice and booboo juice coming out

>As for your tummy babbehs, they-


>Why can't you feel your tummy babbehs? WHY CAN'T YOU FEEL THEM!?

>No no no no no

>You turn around, and in the pile of red-and-white sticky juices, you see it

>Tiny, pink, fluffless bits of tummy babbehs, way too tiny to come out yet

>You begin to make lots of sad wawas

>"Huu huu huuuu! Tummeh babbehs, wai weave mummah? Nu take fowebah sweeies, tummeh babbehs!"

>Smarty, who was previosly numming kibble, approaches you again

>"Das otay, dummeh mawe. Aftah aww..."

>He mounts you again

>"...Can jus' make mowe."

>Now he's enfing you again

>"Enf! Enf! Enf! Enf! Enf!"

>You look to your lastest babbeh in need of help, but he just looks away and covers his see-places

>You wish your daddeh was here to make things better, he always knew how to do that


>Hey, it's Ben again

>Heh, that rhymed

>Anyways, it's been a pretty uneventful week for me, but I heard it's been the opposite during the day

>The workers are ready

>They're ready to unionize, boycott, riot

>Hell, they'll burn this place down if it'll grant them some power over our boss

>As for me, I've been sipping my coffee and counting down the hours, as usual

>But today is a rather special day

>It's Thursday night

>Tomorrow marks the end of the month at the shelter

>Kill day

>I gotta go around the shelter now and do last-minute inventory

>Make sure the Fluffies on the "received" chart match up with the Fluffies in the cages

>With the exception of the death penalty Fluffies, of course, seeing as they're down fighting for their lives in the furnace chamber

>This always takes a long time


>Six o'clock, but I can't stop working now

>I don't wanna test the boss, so I'll just keep going

>*Ka-ding* *ka-ding*

>Here come the opening shift workers

>"Hey, Ben. Didn't expect to see you here. You're always gone by now."

>"Yeah, well, I gotta finish this up before I leave so I don't piss off the boss."

>"Hey, Derek and I don't got anything going on until 8, why don't we help you?"

>"Alright. I'll get the ones off in the poor temperament area since it's smaller, you two stay back and work in the main room."

>"Thanks, Derek!"

>"You bet!"

>And with that, we all got to working

>"Hewwo, nice shewtah mistah!"

>"Hey, uh... Butterscotch?"


>"Butterscotch... accounted-for. Foal... also here."

>"Wook, nice shewtah mistah! Wastest babbeh jus' get fiwstes' teefies!"

>*Sigh* "Well ain't that the neatest? Anyways, let's see... let's tally this down to- OUCH! Jesus!"

>*Cheep!* *Cheep!*

>"Little fucker just bit me!"

>"Pwease, mistah! Wastes' babbeh nu mean to gib meanie bities! Wastes' babbeh jus' hab nyu teefie owwies!"

>"That bastard! Either way, biting is strictly against the rules here. Looks like you're going to the furnace EARLY."

>And with that, he put a black "death penalty" sticker on the info chart, took the foal out, and carried it off, much to its dismay

>"Wastes' babbeh, NUUUUUUUU!"



>Uh oh, here we go again...


>Poor Butterscotch, will she ever get a break?

>Just walking out of the vet's office, Jerry in-hand

>He's still under from the anesthetic

>While he was being operated on, I had enough time to go back home to return Peaches to the shelter

>It was a long 3 days of dug-up childhood memories for Jerry, but after this and the neutering, he'll definitely change for the better

>He's just woken up in my hands

>*Yawn* "Gu mownin' daddeh... wai', dis nu mownin'. Whewe am Jewwy, daddeh?"

>"We just left the vet's office."

>"Bu' Jewwy nu feew sickies. Am Jewwy bettah awweady?"

>"Well, I didn't necessarily take you because you're sick. We went so you could have an operation."

>"Aw-puh-way-shun? Wha' dat?"

>"It's a thing where, uh... how do I put this? Okay. So the vet makes you breathe a special type of air that makes you go to sleep for a long time. That way, you don't feel any pain when he uses sharp things to... open you and fix things inside of you that are... broken. Yeah."

>"B-bu'... Jewwy nu was bwoken... was Jewwy?"

>"It's hard to explain, but... I'll just say it. Jerry... the vet took your, er, 'special lumps'."

>"W-wha'? NUUUUUUU! *Sniff* wai? Jewwy n-nee' speshow wumps..."

>"No you don't. They're only there so you can make babies, and we're not gonna have any of those running around the house. Plus, they were the reason why you were being so damn insuffera- er, mean..."

>"Speshow wumps wewe makin' Jewwy be meanie?"

>"Well, they were definitely a big part of it."

>"DADDEH! *Sob* Jewwy su sowwy fo' bein' big meanie! *Sob* An' fo' sowwy poopies! An' fo' caww 'ou dummeh! An- *sniff* an' fo' caww Owanges meanie namies! Huu huu huu!"

>"Shh, I know you are. And I forgive you. Come on, now, let's go home."

>"O-otay... *sniff* daddeh."

>Then, a distant cry

>"Daaaaaaadeh! Daddeh, wai'!"

>What the fuck?

>"Daddeh come back!"

>I'm the only one around here. That Fluffy can't really be talking about-

>"Nu wawkies su fast, daddeh!"

>Ah, Christ, do these ferals not even have the decency to ASK you to be their new owners anymore!?

>That's okay, if there's one thing I've learned about shaking a feral on your tail, it's that walking at a brisk pace will do the trick

>Keep going forward up the hill, take a left, and... we're home!


>Wow, that was quick

>Now Oranges is hugging my leg like her life depends on it

>I DID explain Jerry's operation to her, after all, so she was probably worried for his safety

>I calmly set Jerry down and let him go to Oranges

>"Am su gwad dat mummah's wittow fowebah-babbeh am otay!"

>"Huu huu! Owanges, Jewwy am su sowwy fo' be su meanie! Can Owanges pwease fowgib?"

>"Yus. Owanges wub Jewwy!"


>"Wan' bestes' huggies wif fowebah-babbeh an' bestes' daddeh!"

>Jerry and Oranges embrace, and I pick them both up to hug them as well

>This kinda shit just melts my wittow heawt

>"You know what? I think we should move sketty night to tonight, you've both earned it."

>"Yay! Sketties!"

>"Fank 'ou daddeh! Jewwy wub 'ou!"

>This is it

>It's time, the shelter humans have been saying it for a long time now

>"End of the day Friday", whatever that is

>All you know is that it means you'll take forever sleepies

>You brought your lastest babbeh close to you for huggies, and you told him to drink lots of milkies

>He has teethies and is a pretty big Fluffy now, but he has a hard time eating whatever little kibble Smarty leaves for him, so you let him drink milkies to have plenty in his tummy

>You don't know if or when he'll have anything after this

>It may hurt a little with his teethies, but you put up with it

>As your lastest babbeh drinks your milkies, one of the shelter humans comes to your pen with a big sorry boxie

>"Alright then, get in the box, it's time! And don't think about resisting, or else there'll be HELL to pay for you, shitrats!"

>Sad wawas start to come out of your see-places as you give your lastest babbeh big huggies

>"I's time, babbeh. *Sniff* Nu be scawdies, jus' stay wif mummah an' ebbyting be otay."

>You gently set him on your back and feel him trembling as you slowly shuffle towards the sorry boxie

>Then, out of nowhere, you're shoved aside by that meanie Smarty!

>Jeez, even when you're all about to go forever sleepies, he STILL manages to be a meanie!

>"Move, dummeh mawe! Evwyfwuffy gon' take fowebah sweepies, but dat nu mean evwyfwuffy hafta get supah owdies an' take fowebah sweepies waitin' fo' 'ou to get into da boxie dat take evwyfwuffy to da fowebah-sweepies-pwace!"

>"Y'know, the little asshole's got a point. We could get this all over with a LOT quicker if you'd just pick up the pace and get in the damn box!"

>You walk faster and tumble into the sorry boxie

>As you right yourself, you find out that, of all the Fluffies cramped in the sorry boxie, you had to end up next to Smarty

>"Wha' dummeh mawe wookin' at?"

>"Nuffin... meanie..."

>"Oh, otay. 'Ou fink SMAWTY am meanie? Weww, 'ou pwobabwy wight, but 'ou nu shouwd be cawwin' da meanies. 'Ou nu am bettah."

>"Shaddup! Appuhs am gud Fwuffy!"

>"Weawwy? Whewe Appuhs say Appuhs am fwom again?"

>"Appuhs come to shewtah aftah meanie daddeh bwing Appuhs hewe!"

>"An' am dat AWW?"

>*Sigh* "Nu... Appuhs an' babbehs make bad peepees on daddeh's bwack wowkie-boxie-thingy wif aww da buttons on it..."

>"EXACTWY. An' Smawty am gon' guess dat 'ou daddeh nu wan' 'ou to hab babbehs?"

>"Nu... but dat jus' cuz-"

>"Cuz NUFFIN. Smawty wive on da stweets AWW Smawty's wife. Smawty see wotsa things, an' mawes dat wun 'way fwom hoomin daddehs jus' fo' stupie babbehs am sumfin Smawty see aww. Da. Time."

>"Huu huu, babbehs nu am stupie!"

>"Weww, 'ou fink dat, but... wha' Appuhs haf at da hoomin's housie? Wawmies, toysies, bwankie, safewoom, sketties, an' aww da wub 'ou couwd wan'."


>"Su, 'ou wan' wose AWW of dat fo' BABBEHS. Babbehs dat nu know how ta make gud poopies. Babbehs dat awways make cheepies, eben when 'ou twyin' to sweep. Babbehs dat make bities. Babbehs dat 'ou nu can pway wif because dey jus' wittow babbehs. 'Ou nu wan' sketties an' huggies an' wub, 'ou wan' DAT?"


>"Nu bu'. 'Ou am a big dummeh fo' weave aww of dat fo' babbehs. Evwy mawe dat weave aww of dat fo' babbehs am dummehs. Smawty knu. Smawty wive on stweets aww da time. Am cowd, am dawkies, nebbah smeww pwetty, nebbah 'nuff nummies, hoomins HATE stweet Fwuffies. Stweet Fwuffies gib fowebah sweepies to aww da otha Fwuffies fo' wive wif nicey hooman, dummeh mawes gib babbehs fo' wive in da stweets."

>"Owd daddeh hate Appuhs."

>"Dat nu am twue! 'Ou daddeh wub 'ou. 'Ou am wucky he weave 'ou at da shewtah wif nummies an' sweepy pwace, an' nu outside. 'Ou am awso wucky he nu gib 'ou fowebah sweepies! Wotsa hoomins am meanies dat wike ta gib Fwuffies fowebah sweepies!"

>"Huu huu, Smawty am wight."

>"Nao wha'? 'Ou an' 'ou babbeh gon' take fowebah sweepies. 'Ou nu wouwd take fowebah sweepies if 'ou couwd wisten to da daddeh an' nu hab babbehs. 'Ou am weaw dummeh, Appuhs, 'ou knu dat? Weeeeeeaaaaw dummeh."

>*Sob* "Is twue! Appuhs am jus' dummeh Fwuffy! Huu huu huu, wan' daddeh back! *Sniff* Miss daddeh!"

>Then, the human holding the sorry boxie spoke up

>"Yeah, well, I hate to interrupt your little self-loathing session, but we're here."

>He opened up a door and you immediately herd a BUNCH of Fluffies crying!

>"Huu huu huu! How time tiww out?"

>"Nnnnng! Make gud poopies... on poopie babbeh!"

>"Fwuffy nu am nummies!"

>"Gif babbeh back!"


>Another human spoke up

>"Look at you all! Disgusting, lowly, third-rate shit!"

>The noises all stopped

>"Huu huu, wai hooman am meanie? Am GUD Fwuffy!"

>"No you're not, you're all BEASTS!"

>The human holding your sorrie boxie spoke to the other human

>"Andy, would you give it a rest? Sure they're beasts, but in about a minute they'll just be dead."

>*Sigh* "You're right. Let's do this."

>*Click* *click* *click*



>That REALLY SCARY screaming continued for what seemed like forever until it died down, and then you just heard Fluffies crying

>"Alright, you little savages. You weren't good enough for the customers, so now you go ablaze."

>You could hear a Fluffy screaming, and when you looked up, you saw the other human holding it!


>"Whoa, what a fighter! Man, if only you had that determination a week ago, maybe you wouldn't be in this HOT mess!"

>"Reeeeeaaaaaaal funny, Andy."



>"What's that? I couldn't hear you. My killing skills and my puns are both on FIRE!"

>"NU! Put Fwuffy down! PUT FWUFFY DOWN WIGHT NAO!"



>Then, you heard a human coming from behind you

>"Jesus, what's with all the noise!?"

>"Uhh, well, you see... when a Fluffy is exposed to very high temperatures, much like those in this here furnace, they tend to let you know that they don't like it. Thus, all the noise you're hearing is made."

>"I'm not payin' you to be a smartass, Ollie. I'm payin' you to kill these Fluffies quickly and be done with it!"

>"You're hardly payin' us at all!"

>"Hey! Keep up with the remarks and I'll fire the both of you without a second thought, just like your lazy slacker friends!"

>"You wanna fucking GO?"

>Then, out of nowhere, your sorry boxie started falling! It was super scary!

>You landed with a *THUD* on your tummie and chest, and you make a sickening *KAFF* noise, then, for a moment, you couldn't breathe!

>When you caught your breath and looked around, you saw what happened to the other Fluffies in the sorrie boxie

>Some Fluffies were on their back, others had leggies going the wrong way, some even had thinkie-places going the wrong way, and they were asleep!

>All around you were cries of "Hewp! Fwuffy wong way up!" "Wai weggies nu wowk?" and "Pwease wakies, babbehs!"

>But when you looked through the opening of the sorrie boxie, you saw it

>The way out

>The only thing that stood between you and the outside (and more importantly, NOT taking forever sleepies), was one of the humans

>"Go? The only 'going' anyone will be doing here is YOU! Straight to the unemployment office!"

>You didn't care about how scary the human was, you told your babbeh to hold on tight and you raced out of the box, in-between the human's leggies

>"Whoa! What the FUCK was that?"

>To you, there was nothing else... no scary humans, no burny-forever-sleepie place...

>Just you... and the way out...

>"Well, what are you two doing standing around? Get that little shit!"

>You kept running, faster and faster

>You were almost out

>"You're gonna let it get away! Go, you idiots! Grab it!"

>As soon as you got out, you turned and kept going, dodging past different humans

>"You fools let it get away! Are you really that stupid? Can you not comprehend walking 3 miles an hour and grabbing a simple Fluffy?"

>"That's it! Fuck this shit, we're DONE! Tell everyone we're going on strike NOW!"

>You weren't watching where you were going, and you bumped into a human

>"Hey, where do you think you're going?"

>This is it, you're done!

>"No time for that now, Anderson! We're going on strike!"

>"Alright, finally!"

>With that human gone, you kept going forward

>You eventually found some boxies next to an open window, which you used to climb up and jump out

>Once you were outside, you went to a nearby alley and caught your breath

>*Haff* *kaff* "Huuh... am wastest babbeh *pant* otay?"

>"Yus mummah."

>You were so happy! You scooped him up and gave him big huggies!

>"Wastes' babbeh am otay! Mummah su gwad! Wan' miwkies?"

>But then, you smelled it...

>A familiar smell... you couldn't quite place it on anything though...

>Curious, you decided to follow it

>Then, you ended up outside a place you quickly recognized

>The place your daddeh used to take you to! The "vet"!

>And walking out of it was a human...


>You quickly began following him, calling his name

>"Daaaaaaadeh! Daddeh, wai'!"

>He kept walking... maybe he didn't hear you the first time?

>"Daddeh come back!"

>He even started walking faster! You don't want to lose him again!

>"Nu wawkies su fast, daddeh!"

>It's so hard catching up with him!

>You keep walking really fast, following behind him and calling his name

>Eventually, you're too tired to even do that, so you just focus on walking and making breathies

>After forever, you finally followed him back to his old housie

>He stepped inside, but you had to stop and rest

>Now you're well-rested, and you notice it's almost dark-times out

>You approach the "door" thing that lets him in and out, and you paw at it

>*Tap* *scratch* *tap*

>It opens

>You can hear his TV, exactly like you remember it... you think it's playing that "news" thing he likes so much

>"...And in other news, tonight, at the 'Happy Hoofsies Giving Huge Huggies' Fluffy shelter, SWAT units were called in to handle protesters. Teargas and pepper spray were used, and people are questioning whether or not they went too far. More details at 11..."

>The house even smells like sketties

>There he is! Old daddeh!




>You go to give him huggies, but he steps back awkwardly

>"Apples, how did you-? I didn't think you'd ever... from the shelter..."

>Then, you proceed to tell him EVERYTHING that happened at the meanie shelter!

>The dark-time you got there, the play pen, the "bad Fluffy" pen, Smarty, the enfie babbehs, how you got tummeh babbehs, lost them, and got some more, and when you almost took burny-forever-sleepies but you managed to run away in time!

>By the end of the story, you were both panting and sobbing

>*Sniff* "B-bu'... is otay nao... because Appuhs hab daddeh back! Appuhs awso stiww hab wastest babbeh. Nu onwy dat, bu' eben hab tummeh babbehs! Appuhs miss daddeh!"

>He looks funny, you can't describe what his face looks like

>"S... su... can Appuhs pwease... come inside nao?"

>He pauses for a minute, and then speaks

>"I- I just... I don't know that I can, after... I kicked you out for breaking my keyboard, for being so bad..."

>It immediately feels like your insides spilled out of your tummy and all over the place

>"B-bu'... bu' Appuhs say dat... am sowwy... am su... su sowwy..."

>You start making lots and lots of sad-wawas

>"Well, there's that, and... I also kicked you out because you broke my 'no babies' rule. Not only do you still have one leftover, but you have even MORE on the way."

>"B-bu' Appuhs am su sowwy. *Sob* Appuhs jus' wan' daddeh tu wub 'gain."

>He sighs

>"You- you said that you HATED me, Apples. I'm sorry, but you can't just come back from that like it's nothing. Those were your true feelings. Hell, they may still be your true feelings now. All that I know is we can't just magically go back to life before things got crazy."

>You couldn't bear it, but you had to ask

>"Su... su dat mean..."

>"Apples... I can't let you in."

>You break down making more sad-wawas than you ever have in your life

>Then, from inside the housie, you hear something

>"Daddeh? who dat? Who dewe? Wai 'ou at da doow fo' su wong?"

>Brown babbeh!

>Daddy's expression changes quickly

>"Oh, it's nobody, Jerry. Just... just go back to your saferoom please. Now, Jerry."

>Then, he walks up to you

>"B-bwown babbeh?"

>Your lastest babbeh, who was quiet the whole time, finally spoke up

>"H-hewwo, bwuddah..."

>"A-Appuhs? M-m-muh-muh...mah!?"

>That's weird, he looks... scared?

>"NUUUU! Bad mummah! Munstah mummah! Nu mowe huwties fo' Jewwy, PWEASIES! Jewwy pwomised nebbah be bad Fwuffy 'gain! Been gud Fwuffy, BEEN GUD FWUFFY! Daddeh, Jewwy nu nu wha' du wong bu' Jewwy sowwy! Nu mowe meanie mummahs, daddeh! Pwease!"

>Daddy picks him up and gives him scratchies

>"There there, it's okay... nobody's going to hurt you."

>Then, you hear ANOTHER Fluffy approaching

>It's an orange... mare, by the looks of it, and she seems really upset, too!

>"Wha' happen? Wai wittow fowebah-babbeh hab saddies? Daddeh, wha' goin' on?"

>She then looks at you

>"Who dat, daddeh?"

>"Oh, it's no one."

>Then, you hear brown babbeh crying again

>"Munstah mummah! Nu mowe munstah mummah! Pwease, daddeh, make munstah mummah gu way!"

>"Daddeh, am dat da meanie munstah mummah 'ou teww Owanges 'bout? Appuhs?"

>*Sigh* "Yes..."

>You got the worstest heart-hurties ever from this

>"M-munstah mummah? Daddeh caww Appuhs... MUNSTAH MUMMAH?"

>Then, you hear a familiar beeping noise

>All you remember from it is that whenever it beeped, that meant nummies were ready

>"Look, that's dinner, and... *sigh* I'm done here. The sun's almost down and we've been going at this for a long time. Goodbye, Apples."

>And with that, not-daddeh closes the door thing and walks away, the orange mare following behind

>But before it's shut, the orange mare looks at you again and very quietly says something

>"Nu wike munstah mummah..."

>And with that, the door shut

>You're outside, alone, and the scary dark-times are really close, but you don't care

>You just lie there and make sad wawas until long after the sky ball has gone all the way down

>The only thing that snapped you out of it was your lastest babbeh

>*PEEP* "Dawkies scawy, mummah! Hewp! Hab tummeh-huwties!"

>With that, you started walking

>You weren't really looking for nummies or a nestie, but those would be good to have

>You just walked

>You kept walking, and you wouldn't care if a vroom-munstah came and gave you forever-sleepies

>Then, some humans jumped from out of the darkness and grabbed you!

>They even took your lastest babbeh from your back!

>"Here's one! Got a foal on its back, too! Not many ferals in this neighboorhoood..."

>"Ah, they're too clean to be ferals, Dick."

>"Then they must've escaped from that shelter that where the strike got out-of-hand."


>Then, the humans started touching you everywhere

>Your see-places, your hear-places, your smell-place and mouthie, your tail, your head-fluff, your tummy, your leggies, even your poopie place and special place!

>But you didn't do anything, you were too tired and sad to care

>"Alright, Glenn. Let's take 'em back to the mill."

>He then started talking into a black-boxie

>"HQ, we're coming back with two. One's a mare, she's got a foal and she's pregnant... feels like 5 of 'em are cookin' in the oven. The colt's healthy and he's probably still young enough to sell. Jen, administer the tranquilizer."

>"Wait, Dick. They're just lying limp. Is it really necessary?"

>"Well, Glenn, you say that now, but wait until they get in the van and we drive. Cars are like Fluffy Hitler. Jen, go ahead with the tranquilizer."

>You felt a sharp owwie in your leggie and everything went dark

>You and your babbeh were too tired to fight back

There's the last part! Hope you liked it! I do have an epilogue lined up, so don't think this is the end of the tragedy of Apples.

See y'all on the flippity-flop!


...Please don't call me a faggeroni-and-cheese shit-dinner for one for saying "see y'all on the flippity-flop", I'm sorry.


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Dirtbiker989: Here's the final part! Sorry for the wait, I had plans on cutting this as short as I could and life just kinda got in the way. As soon as I post this comment I'm gonna get working on the epilogue (as well as two extra things). Sorry for the length!

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Anonymous1: Nice work.
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Anonymous2: That was a interesting smarty, though I get the feeling that he only said that because he though they where all going to die and didn't feel like fucking at the time.
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Arazur: You faggeroni-and-cheese shit-dinner. Though seriously I really liked the story
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Gilfifth: The smarty speech was probably some of the most well put ideas I've seen from a fluffy. Too bad he was a dick

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FluffyPuncher: @Gilfifth: He was a keeper. Could have used him in a fluffy boot camp.

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Browniest_of_Poopies: You faggeroni-and-cheese.

Smarty only speech like that because was the only way to fuck arround with someone that time.

Also, the old daddeh was a pussy. Hell, he is a pussy. I would have snapped the turd and the orange necks long ago.
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Anonymous3: Dirtbiker, I love your work to the extreme. I just wishI could join the fray and post my own writings as well. I'd love to get your input on my shitty writing, and I'll always read what you make.

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Dirtbiker989: @Anonymous: Well, my dude, I know you're probably gone now and I'm basically talking to a brick wall, but make an account and PM me what you got. I'm always down to see what people come up with. It's always an honor to think that people enjoy my work this much, and that goes double for people who think I have enough talent to critique their writing. Anyways, cheers!
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Anonymous4: @Dirtbiker989: Hey, is it okay if I call you "Derpbike"? I just think it has a nice ring to it.

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Dirtbiker989: @Anonymous: Yeah, totally.

Hey, is that from https://www.fluffybooru.org/post/view/42905#search=user_id%3D3336?
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Anonymous5(4): @Dirtbiker989: yup, guilty as charged!
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