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WetFluff: Realy?.. No reply on what aichi said.. Just ignoring it huh?
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Anonymous1: WANT ANTHRO PR0N!

Have no PM.

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Anonymous2: @WetFluff:what did aichi say of dreaded thread shitter?

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Aichi: @Anonymous:
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Anonymous3(2): @Aichi: Oh so what your saying is he has 4 or so different accounts?
He is also posting his own fanfics instead of fluffy content?
All of the banned people made their own discord to start trolling the booru but unsuccessfully because they are incompetent?
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Anonymous4(2): @Anonymous: Are you saying all of that Aichi?
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Anonymous5: @WetFluff: he might be ignoring... but then again he never responds

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WetFluff: @Anonymous: oh hes responded to many things. He ignoring only those that point out his game.
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