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Case 04: The Emperor (Complete)

By Lucario


That Smarty I mutilated was probably dead by now. I didn't expect him to live more than a couple hours with a gouged eyeball and severe brain trauma. But still, seeing him fall like that was so satisfying... Arousing, almost. I wanted more. More bloodshed. But I wasn't like IT. No, I was going to be patient this time... Lie in wait, thinking about long-term plans for the future, and how to get out of this form. I wouldn't kill unless I absolutely had to. But that only applied to killing. Inflicting injuries? I was considerably less patient with that. I just needed to find a herd to take care of my needs while I plotted.

Granted that I was technically dead upon being 'reincarnated' in this fluffy form, I wondered if I actually needed to eat to stay alive. At the very least I would have a group of minions willing to do anything the strongest or smartest willed them to do. Perhaps I could dismantle another herd by ridding it of the 'smarty,' this time much, much slower... and this time, I wouldn't get my horn dirty.

You're the smarty of the biggest herd you've ever laid your see-places on! You all live in a place with a bunch of greenies to hide under and grassies to num. You have the prettiest mares, way more mares than you have leggies. That's a hell of a lot of mares! The best part? They're all YOUR special friends. You never have to share your special friends with any other fluffy; you get to have the bestest special feels with all of the pretty mares to make even more babbehs that grow up into even MORE special friends-

Unless they have a no-no stick. Babbehs with no-no sticks grow up to be stallions, which take away YOUR hard-earned special friends! You don't want them to get any milkies, you don't want them to grow up big and strong. You don't want them to grow up at all, so you give the colts forever sleepies before they can take your special friends away from you. The mares that have been with you for a lot of forevers know that the no-no-stick babbehs take forever sleepies. But the dummy mares don't know that, so you have to teach them. You make them give their babbehs forever sleepies so they won't argue with you the next time. It always works.

Poopie babbehs, mare or not, always get forever sleepies. You don't want ugly special friends; you're a smarty! The BESTEST smarty! You deserve only the prettiest special friends to have special huggies and make babbehs with. The mares don't usually argue when you take their poopie babbehs away to the poopie pile. Nobody likes poopie babbehs.

"Hewwo? Smeww poopies, so fwuffies hewe..." you hear another fluffy. A mare. She must have come across the poopie pile. The least-pretty mare must not have nummed all the poopies last bright-time. You'll have to give her sorry hoofsies for that! You waddle towards the poopie pile, and you can see the mare...

She's unlike any fluffy you've ever seen. Long leggies, dark hoofsies, pure, unstained white fluff, a long tail as dark as the darkest of dark-times, and... a horn, long, red, and pointy. That's three colors! Fluffies are only supposed to have two colors. That must mean this mare is really, REALLY special. You know already that you will claim her as your own. She won't say no. You don't take no for an answer.

You don't think the pretty mare sees you, so you waddle up to her and puff out your chest and your cheeks, making yourself look as big and scary as you can to impress her with your power and strength.

She sniffs the poopie pile again, then looks at you. "Oh! Hewwo fwuffy." She seems... calm. She's not scared of you. Well you'll show her who's boss around here!

"Am smawty wand! Smawty take pwetty mawe fow hewd," you demand. "Mawe be smawty speciaw fwiend, NAO!" you make the biggest stompies with your hoofsies in an attempt to intimidate the mare into submission.

The mare sighs, rolling her red see-places, "Kongawa join hewd, but nu am speciaw fwiend." She joined your herd! Yes! A success! But... what did she say? Did she say... that she wouldn't be your special friend?! You're absolutely enraged; smarties always get what they want! And you want this mare to be all yours! You want to give her sorry poopies, but you don't want to get her pretty white fluff all not-pretty. Maybe you'll give her sorry-hoofsies instead- well, her horn DOES look pretty sharp. Sharper than yours, but you'll never tell her that. You'll try to be nice to her. She'll come around eventually.

"Pwetty mawe fowwow smawty an' tawkies wif west of hewd..." you say to her, leading her back to the main den. You mutter under your breath, "...make babbehs watew..."

As usual, 'smarties' continue to be completely oblivious to any threat I might pose. Or perhaps this one was a bit smarter than I had initially thought. He demanded that I join his herd (which I was going to do anyways) and be his mate. Not happening. First off, that would technically be necrophilia. And, while I didn't put it past a species that had 'enfie babbehs,' it might cause a nasty infection. Second? I wasn't interested in him. Hell, I had never been interested in men- or anyone else for that matter- to begin with.

The amount of fluffies in the herd was... jaw-dropping, to say the least. An average herd was usually constituted of no more than eight adult fluffies, smarty included. This herd? Twenty-nine adults, and countless more foals suckling at their mothers' teats. It was a miracle that nobody had found this goldmine of ferals yet. I noticed something that all of the fluffies had in common; they were all mares from what I could see. No stallion in sight (save for the unhallowed smarty), except maybe some of the foals that had yet to open their eyes. Immediately, I felt uneasy about this. No way a fluffy pony herd had only one stallion naturally.

"Dis am nyu pwetty mawe. Am pwettiest mawe smawty ebaw see!" the smarty announces to the rest of the mares. "Smawty make mowe babbehs wif nyu speciaw fwiend." Did he already forget? Probably.

"Kongawa am nu speciaw fwiend. Nu make babbehs," I say firmly, eliciting a gasp from the entire herd. Some of the foals start crying out in distress at being detached from their food source.

"Smawty get wat smawty wan, an smawty wan make babbehs wif pwetty mawe!" he argued, puffing out his cheeks. Should I tell him now that it was physically impossible for that to happen or....?

I gave my mane a toss, "Smawty can twy, but Kongawa nu make babbehs." He could pretend I was his 'special friend' all he wanted, but I wasn't reciprocating any 'love' he would show. I feared that outright rejecting him any further would cause him to massacre the entire herd out of rage. Entitled shits like this tended to get violent when a lady denied them. But I wasn't going to let him push me- or anyone else- around forever. Karma would bite him in the ass soon enough...

I was settled in with the rest of the 'pwettiest mawes' before the sun had set. There was about six of them, not including myself. At least two of them were pregnant; a lavender-coated unicorn with a blue mane and a monochrome green earthie mare. The purple one in particular seemed to be in especially poor health, even from feral standards. Each breath she took was a painful, rasping wheeze, eyes bulging out of their sockets, bloated so much that none of her hooves were able to come even close to the dirt floor, and as a result of her immobility her entire lower half was matted down with decaying fecal matter and days-old urine. Even through all of the filth, I could see that her teats were even more swollen than the rest of her abdomen, drooping onto the floor from the sheer weight of the milk inside.

She laid eyes on me, her tongue hanging out as she used what little strength she had to call out, "Wan.... die.... nu... mowe... babbehs... huwties.... wowstest... huwties..." Another mare, an older-looking blue pegasus, attempted to calm her, giving her 'huggies.' Even with the gentle old maid's arms, the pain from the sudden pressure was too much for the dam to bear. "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" the swollen dam screeched in excruciation. "H-huu... huuu... nu wan.... be... mummah.... gain...." Tears flowed from her bugged-out eyes, down stains on her cheeks that were there for weeks, if not longer.

I turned to the other pregnant mare. "Wai odew soon-mummah hab su many huwties? Wai wan die?"

"Dat am smawty bestes' mawe. Smawty make mostest babbehs wif' bestes' mawe. Bestes' mawe awways hab babbehs in tummeh. Am awways soon-mummah. Wan hewp bu'..." she looked down at her poor mate, "bu' nu knu how to hewp. An' smawty gif' wess pwetty mawes fowebah sweepies if mawes gib' soon-babbehs fowebah sweepies. Smawty say dat smawty need bad babbehs to enf... ow num... ow... ow..." she couldn't finish her sentence. "Huuu... nu wub smawty..." she whimpered, "bu' nu can weave... smawty hewd am ownwy home dat fwuffy hab... in hewd fwuffies hab nummies an' housies... bu' nu wike smawty... some bwite times, fwuffy wish dat smawty... smawty... num aww da poopies an' take fowebah sweepies!" she shouted through her tears. Perhaps a little too loudly, eliciting a gasp from everyone else in the shelter.

My ears picked up... hoofbeats. Heavy ones. Waddling their way towards the 'pwettiest mawe housie.' My stomach dropped; he had heard her wishing death upon him.

There he was, in all his shit-caked infamy. Cheeks puffed out, legs spread wide, eyes bloodshot with sheer anger. "Wat mawe say dat smawty num poopies an' take fowebah sweepies?" he asked, his voice calm yet overflowing with anger. "Smawty knu wat smawty heaw. Smawty heaw-pwaces am awways wight. Su wat mawe say dat?"

There was a long silence. No one wanted to speak up. They didn't want to rat out the green mare, because deep down, they too wished that the dreaded smarty would eat shit and die. Finally, the green mare broke the silence.

"Fwuffy say dat! An' it twue! Smawty nu am smawty, smawty am bigges' poopies' ugwy DUMMEH!!" Another gasp. "Fwuffy haychu! Fwuffy nu wub smawty! An nu wub smawty tummeh babbehs! Wan gib' dummeh smawty babbehs fowebah sweepies too!" Oh boy, this was about to get ugly.

"'ou nu wub tummeh babbehs?" the smarty asked, completely stunned. "...otay. Smawty get wid of tummeh babbehs..." his voice became dark, his teeth bared in a sinister grin. In a swift motion, the smarty pounced on top of the disobedient mare, pinning her on her back. "'Ou nu wub smawty? Smawty MAKE dummeh mawe wub smawty den..." I had to look away. Of all the horrors I had seen in battle, this... this was too much for me to handle. The last thing I caught a glimpse of before turning away was the smarty's 'red rocket' penetrating the rebel dam.

"Enf enf enf enf enf."

"Screeee!!! Owwies!!!! Nu wan' bad enfies!! Nu wan!!"

I couldn't get the sound out of my head.

"Enf enf enf enf enf."

"Eeeeeeeee!!! Speciaw pwace hab wowstest huwties!!! Nu mowe speciaw huggies!!!"

Even without looking at it, I had a gut feeling that this would haunt me for a long time.

"Enf enf enf enf enf-"


"Gooooooooood FEEEEEEEEEEEEEWS!!!!!"


Was it... was it finally over...?

I didn't dare look back... Yet I felt like I had to, like a bystander staring at a gruesome accident. You didn't want to look at it but you just... had to. And then you couldn't look away.

"Haf... haff... nyu mawe gib' bad mawe fowebah sweepies..."

I slowly started to turn my head around-

"Gib fowebah sweepies. Smawty wan 'ou to see da wesuwt of dish-oh-bee-dee-ensh."

The large vocabulary was the last thing on my mind when I saw the damage.

Blood. Blood everywhere. The green mare who had been so healthy and strong just mere minutes ago was reduced to a deflated mess of blood, torn fur, and cum. Beside her, in a deep red puddle, were her foals. Or, what was left of them. Eight little shrimp-like foals, motionless. Didn't even have a ghost of a chance surviving this early. The ragged hole from which they emerged from... torn open, gaping, still leaking blood.

I met the eyes of the dying mare, "Wan... die.... set... fwuffy... fwee...." Of all the fluffies I had encountered, this was the first one I had seen possibly referencing an afterlife. After all, any possibility of death- and whatever came after it- would be far better than this hell.

"Kongawa set 'ou fwee..." I said somberly, lowering my horn.

"F-f-f-fank... 'ou.... K-kon... ga... wa..." she wheezed, smiling.

I pushed my lance-like horn forward, meeting a bit of resistance, and then... it was done. I had put her out of her misery.

"Smawty weabe nao." I said darkly, withdrawing my horn. "Nee gib' mawe an' babbehs pwopew buwiaw. An cwean up smawty messies."

"Nu!" he interjected, bopping his hoof against my muzzle. "Put dummeh fowebah-sweepies mawe an tummeh babbehs in poopie piwe. Nu 'pwopew buwiaw' poopies... Jus' poopies! 'Ou mean nuffing to smawty! Ou am jus' fow fin' nummies an' good feews! Babbehs gwow up fow fin' nummies an' good feews! Das AWW 'ou am' fow!" he growled, trotting off.

The remaining mares looked at me in fear. "K-Kongawa... wat fwuffies do nao...? N-nu wan bad enfies an fowebah sweepies..."

I lowered my head, "Nao, fwuffies wait. An' gib poow gween mawe a good fyu-new-aw. Hewp Kongawa dig a gwave." I looked to the immobilized dam in the corner, sobbing silently. "'ou stay hewe. Kongawa hewp aftew buwy mawe."

We placed each of the stillborn foals on top of their mother's corpse, hoisting it up together and carrying it out from underneath our tree-stump shelter and into the night. "Nu wan smawty to see. We buwy mawe hewe. By housie." I set the part of her I was carrying down. "Stawt digging. Quickies, nu wan smawty to catch mawes."

I pawed at the ground with my hooves, moving aside the soft earth. The other mares took after me, helping as much as their soft little hooves could to dig a gravesite.

Our burial had caught attention, but thankfully not of the smarty. A young mother fluffy, with four chirping foals on her back, peeping in distress from the rain. "Wha' happen..? Wai' mawes diggies?" Her eyes drifted to the mangled carcass. "Oh... not 'gain..." Again? So this wasn't the first time something like this had happened. "Mummah hewp pwetty mawes..."

The hole grew deeper and wider, enough to accomodate the nameless green mare and her children. I carefully pushed them in, the other mares helping to replace the dirt.

"Kongawa nu knu gween mawe fow wong.... Bu' nu won desewve tu take fowebah sweepies wike dat... At weast... fwuffy an' babbehs am fwee nao." I said, making the inpromptu funeral as quick as I could before the smarty could notice it going on.

The smarty didn't see the gathering, but... even more mares did. They came crawling out from under their own tree stumps, dozens of foals in their wake. Some were newborns riding upon their mothers' backs, others were old enough to walk, asking what was going on. Soon enough the near entirety of the herd was gathered around the small burial plot.

"Fowebah-sweepie mawes nebah put in gwound befow."

"Wha' happen? Smawty gib fowebah sweepies 'gain?"

"Huu huu! Mummah, babbeh am cowd! Wan' miwkies!"

"Poow, poow soon-mummah..."

"Wai soon-mummah take fowebah sweepies?"

I spoke up, raising my head, "Because she nu wub smawty. She say she nu wub him. Bu' smawty nu cawe... aww smawty cawe about is... 'imsewf... He nu cawe about 'ou. 'Ou am jus' enfie mawes fow him."

"B-Buh wai smawty hewp fin' nummies fow soon-mummahs?"

"So babbehs gwow up an' be smawty speciaw fwiends. Nuffing ewse mattew to smawty."

"Dat am howwibew!!! Mawes shud gif' smawty fowebah sweepies!!"

"Wan' gib smawty sowwy poopies an' sowwy hoofsies!"

"Gib' smawty bad speshaw hugges, see how smawty wike it!"

It was done. All I had done was speak the truth, and now they were all turning against their dear leader.

"Nu nao. Fiwst, we nee' hewp odew soon-mummah." I crawled back down into the den where the pregnant dam was still wheezing, trying to sleep through the pain. "Kongawa hewp. Dis wiww huwties, but it make babbehs gu' way.

"Uhuuu... nu wan babbehs 'gain... huwties too much... pwease make... babbehs... gu..." she closed her eyes, bracing herself for the impact. I raised my two front hooves, bringing them down hard on her swollen midsection. "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Nothing. I stomped again. "SCREEEEEE-EEEEEE!!!!!" Again. "KAff... Kaff... Poo...pies...! B-Babbehs-"


"Haff... hafff.... nu... nu feew babbehs nu mowe..." she panted, the strain taken off of her lungs. "Fank 'ou, f-fank 'ou su muchies..!!!" I turned my head to the massive shit-pile that had rocketed out of her after pounding on her stomach enough times. Sure enough, amidst the pile, I saw countless little fluff-covered hooves sticking out, twitching occasionally. Oh well, not my problem now.

"Get da smawty!!!" I heard someone shout overhead. Leaving my 'patient' to rest, I scurried back up to the surface, watching the horde of mares and foals crowd around what I could only assume was the smarty's lair. "Bwing smawty out!!!"

I witnessed a large mare, probably the herd's 'tuffie,' stick her nose down, dragging a sleeping smarty up into the cold night air.

"Huuuuu.... so cowdies..." he muttered, still half-asleep. When he opened his eyes....

"Wat. Da. Fwuff!?"

I raised my horn, giving the command that would make all hell break loose. "Gif' 'im heww!!"


"W-what am' happen..?! Wai mawes su angwy?!"

"Take sowwy poopies!"

"Nu smeww pwetty..! See pwaces huwties!!! Nu mowe poopies! Bad mawes get fowebah sweepies fwom bestes' smawty- SCREEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

"Dummeh ugwy poopies munstah take sowwy hoofsies!"

"HUUUUUUUU!!! Nu can feew weggies! Nee weggies fow wun an' pway an' gud feews!"

"Take smawty weggies!"

I watched them descend upon their once revered leader like lions upon a wounded gazelle. An endless fountain of shit was sprayed in the smarty's face while four other mares grabbed onto his hooves with their teeth, waiting for stronger, tougher mares to stomp on them, break the bones, and sever the limbs. Like being drawn and quartered, only with more feces.

"Smawty jus' WUUUUUB to gif' mawes bad speshaw huggies..." one of the mares said darkly. "Now smawty see how smawty wike it!" I saw hooves, horns, and even branches and rocks used for 'enfies.'

"ReeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Poopie pwace haf- SCREEEE!!!! W-WOWSTEST HUWTIES!!!" The sheer volume of things being shoved inside of the smarty's ass was eventually enough to tear him apart, leaving his lower half a mangled, bloody, shitty mess.

I stepped forward, the mob of angry mares parting like the Red Sea. The smarty looked up at me with pleading, bloodshot eyes.

"Ch-chirp... chirr... m-mummah... n-nee... huggies... w-wan... miwkies..." I stood over him silently, watching him cling to life. "M-mummah.... miwkies..." Enough was enough. He wouldn't see the morning anyhow. But he wouldn't get the same luxury as his victim did, oh no.

He would have to ride this one out on his own... Right up to the bitter end...

"Cheeep.... j-jus'... nee.... miwkies.............. m-miwkies........... m-muh...... miwkies........."


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Lucario: I really need to upload more often so I don't get so rusty at writing fluffies. Anyway, here's The Emperor, completed this time. Nowhere near as long as I originally planned it to be, but I didn't want it to drag on forever. Ah well, enjoy it you filthy animals.

I do need some inspiration for The Hierophant, if anyone has some ideas they'd be willing to share
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Anonymous1: Stupid bullshit, go fucking kill yourself fag, or start posting some torture/abuse

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Lucario: @Anonymous: Nah, man up and kill me yourself if you've got your panties in that big of a twist over a story. Or, y'know, write something yourself, maybe?
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Anonymous2: STFU@Anonymous1 Lucario, your story is great. Please continue your writings. I'd like to see what you come up with.
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Anonymous3: Nice hystory, keep like that m8
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Anonymous4: Finally! Thanks Lucario!
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Anonymous5: Nice work.

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FluffyPuncher: Thanks Lucario. Was waiting for the next part.
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Nuuu: Nice one!
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Anonymous6: That fluffy really was thinking about miwkies!
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