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The Mule

Part 7


"RRREEEEeeMMMmMmMMMMmmFFFFFFffffffffffffffffffff!" *RFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF* "MMMMmmMMMMFfffffffffffffffff!"

Why is everything fluffy related so much harder than it should be; including abortion. Maybe you should have gone the coat hanger route because this isn't working. When you try to stick the ShopVac micro crevice attachment tool into the mare's baby maker it grabbed hold of her labia and doesn't want to let go. Pulling it off elicits a muffled but still loud scream and left two deep red meat curtains in its wake. Trying again you spread her dark red mud flaps open with your fingers and realign the tool. The cold rush of air on her defenseless cum craver from the approaching nozzle causes a new wave of panicked thrashing.


The motor bears down as the attachment once again latches itself onto the mare. This time it seems hung up on a section of vagina wall. You try to push it in deeper but it only makes the mare twist and squeal in pain. As you pull the attachment out the mare lets out a new, even louder, scream. The pain must be intense for she's able to momentarily over come the rubber band's grip around her muzzle and let out a blood curdling scream.


Looking back you see that the attachment has brought with it a prize. Part of the mare's vagina is now distended out her fur burger. Turning off the ShopVac before it does anymore damage you're relieved to see no tearing in the once pink but now blood red flesh. Using the attachment you prod the organ back to its home inside the mare. On the last push the attachment slides partially into the mare's cock holster. You begin to slide it back and forth in awe of how much easier it is to move. It's a complete night and day difference with the vacuum off.

"Mft. Mffft. Mfft. Mfft. Mffft."

Watermelon starts making an interesting grunting sound. It's only then you notice what you're doing and stop. The blood rushes to your face as you blush like a thirteen year old school boy playing doctor with the girl next door for the first time. Regaining focus you slowly push the tool into the depths of the mare bottoming out around three quarters of an inch in. You must be pressing against her cervix now. She relaxes as you probe deeper having tired herself out fighting against the rope bonds. Some fluff has been torn off her legs from the rope's embrace. Reduced to muffled sobs and hiccuped breaths she shuts her eyes tightly surrendering to the experience. Too bad for her; now comes the tough part.


Pushing gently but firmly on the tube it starts stretching the mare's cervix open. Her eye's shoot open and body tenses as nerve clusters she never knew she had come alive screaming with pain and confusion. The orifice is no match for the plastic tube crawling ever so closer to her womb. Its resistance falters and the tube slides further into her hot oven. Watermelon's eyes budge out as she howls in pain. Moving to reattach the hose to the ShopVac your curiosity gets the best of you and you shine a flashlight down the crevice tool and look inside Watermelon's womb. It is hard to make anything out because of the small diameter of the tube and the amniotic sac in the way but you do see multiple translucent light pink lumps each with two dark black spots for eyes. They are smaller than ping pong balls and have tiny stubs for legs. The last noticeable thing is a small cord going from each pink ball to some place out of sight behind the cluster of foals. You can't help but feel awed by the beauty of the reproduction system as you reconnect the ShopVac's hose to the tool and hit the switch.


In her pain Watermelon has managed to snap the rubber band around her mouth. Luckily the screams of the mare are masked by the roar of the ShopVac until you're able to muffle her by shoving a dirty sock from a nearby trash can into her mouth. It's possibly an old jerk rag gauging by how crusty the thing is but it works. Using your free hand to hold down the thrashing mare you begin moving the suction tube around.


Oh you're really making progress now. You can hear the stupid things getting sucked out and feel them tumble through the hose. While unable to hear the result over the roar of the ShopVac and screams of the mother you can imagine the pureed remains splatting against the bottom of the canister. You're working the attachment back and forth making sure to get everything. Satisfied you turn off the vacuum and pull the crevice tool out of the screaming mare. As it pops out the mare her screams turn to sobbing chirps. She's probably been chirping the whole time but with the sock in her mouth and the noise of the vacuum they've been completely muffled.


Since she stopped screaming you remove the crusty gag and the remainder of the rubber band twisted into her cheek fluff. Her body shakes violently with tremors. The ropes tying her down are stained red where they wrap around her legs from rubbing thought the skin. Removing them causes her to franticly peep as the blood rushes back into her hoofs. While untying her back legs you notice a semitransparent pinkish/reddish colored fluid leaking from her distended love tunnel. The mare's whole body goes ridged for a moment and her eyes scrunch up in effort. A ping pong ball sized foal falls out Watermelon's goop chute followed by a red mass you're hoping is just the placenta. The hairless foal slowly kicks in the fluid it was ejected out in. You can barely make out facial features as it silently opens its mouth.

*THUD* *THUD* *THUMP* *THUD* "Huuuhuuuuu. smeww pwace owwies. Nu wowwy speciaw fwiend. Icecoob gunna safe babbehs fwom munsta daddeh."

A blue fluffy tumbles down the last four steps of the basement skillfully using his face to stop his fall. He looks to you and begins running towards the workbench. Thinking back you did forget to close the safe room door. He must have heard Watermelon's screams and maned the fluff up.

"Icecoob gunna gif ou wowest sowwy hoofies and foweva sweepies den ou gif sketties!"

Normally you'd point out how little sense that statement made but right now you have a better idea.

"Oh, hi Icecube. You're a bit late but how would you like to meet your only baby?"

"Wut?! Icecoob is daddeh? Haf babbeh? YEA! Fwuffy onwy eva wanta be daddeh! Pwease wet Icecoob see babbeh."

"Sure thing buddy." Scooping up the severely underdeveloped foal into a dust pan with your hand you lower it down to the blue colt dumping it on the ground in front of him. It flops from side to side still covered in amniotic fluid. The first tufts of dark blue fluff can be seen sprouting on its side. Kicking, or more accurately flicking its little legs it struggles in silent pain. Icecube stares down at it mouth open in awe. As it flops on its stomach you can see little stubs where wings would have sprouted and as it lifts its shaking head up to the sky trying to breath air into its non-functioning lungs a little nub of a point can be made out on its forehead.

"Ba-Babbeh? Icecoob wub ou su much! Pwease make bweathies wike gud babbeh. Ou gwow an' be big an' stwong wike daddeh! Icecoob gunna show ou su many tings. Ou gunna fin' pwetty mare an' have speciaw huggies! Be pawt of Icecoobs hewd."

The foal's tiny heart succumbs to the stress of his unnatural birth and it collapses motionless on the floor.

"Babbeh? Nu! Pwease babbeh nu gu foweva sweepies." *SNIFF* "Icecoob nu can gif speciaw huggies nu mowe. Speciaw wumps nu wowkies. Onwy gif huwties." *SNIFF* *CHIRP* "Nu go sweepies! Huhuuuhuuuu. Su many heawt huwties. Daddeh, pwease hawp safe babbeh. Huuhuuhuu." *CHEEP* "Icecoob du anyfing. Huuuuhuuu. Anyfine..." *CHIRP*

The blue stallion drops to the ground and wraps his fore hoofs around the cooling corpse of the foal. A question comes to mind as he chirps in between sobs. If you could save the foal would you? You look at Watermelon who has passed out from exhaustion then back to Icecube holding the foal in his stubby hoofs and the answer, which is so obvious you feel stupid for even asking the question, comes to you. Clutching the ShopVac's hose in your hand you flip the switch on and point the nozzle over the dead foal's head. Its weak skin gives way in Icecube's hoofs and parts of the foal's face and head start to run into the nozzle. The body of the foal liquefies from the force of the vacuum being sucked through a hole much to small for it. Icecube can only watch in horror as his only son joins his brother and sisters in the great Skettiland that, in this case, also happens to be a ShopVac's dust bag.

Dumping both Icecube and Watermelon in the safe room after a quick wash you fill the dishes and scoop the litter. Cleaning a fluffy is a lot more pleasant when one had passed out and the other is catatonic. Walking to the back door you can hear your two other fluffies talking to someone else in the yard. They're both standing by the waist high fence as your next door neighbor, Sue, reaches down patting each one on the head.

"So it seems you've already met my little fluffies."

"Bestest daddah Duke wub outside! Wub pway. Wub Ou."

"Heifer wub daddeh tu!"

As you walk over the fence your fluffies waddle up and attach themselves to your leg in what they call a hug. Sue sighs at the sight and you blush a little as if getting caught playing with dolls. Reaching down patting both their heads they detach from you and walk back to the fence.

"I had no idea they could be so well behaved and loving. In between the dirty ferals I see every day and the horror stories I've heard about them taking over a house this it totally different."

"Yeah, it's all in the training. You probably wouldn't have known this but both of these guys are shelter fluffs. If you teach them right they can be good for many thing."

A small smirk crosses your face with that remark but it's just covering the truth. Even with all the progress you've made time is running out. Tomorrow is Monday and you have to go to work in the morning. Pablo got you until Wednesday to be back in Tijuana for your 'second' job. You'll have to do a test run before then and that's but two days and some change away. Texting Mike to see if he's up for a drink you think it's high time to bring in some help.



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AMR: I admit I had way too much fun with this one. I hope it doesn't ruin the story for anyone. I'm thinking another two parts in this series, maybe three depending on how well the test ride goes. See you all in a week!
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Anonymous1: loved it bro! LOVED IT!
Please put up the rest as soon as possible, wanna see if this goes right, or the fluffys fuck everything up and our mc ends up in jail being the one carring a package on his ass XD

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Dirtbiker989: Glad the bitch was sucked clean. I hope she learns a lesson, but more importantly, I hope MC learns a lesson and the remaining lot of Fluffies are fixed.
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Anonymous2: "You can't help but feel awed by the beauty of the reproduction system as you reconnect the ShopVac's hose to the tool and hit the switch."
My sides.
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Anonymous3: I love these, dude. I can't wait to see the ending.
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Anonymous4: 9.5/10 perfect, but you should have reversed the vacuum and splattered the remains on icecube
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Anonymous5: This Story made me pro-life
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Anonymous6: I enjoy your dark sense of humor, with this character remarking on the "beauty of the reproductive system" as he brutishly jams a shop-vac hose into it to suck out the fetuses.
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Anonymous7: Abusers die. Kill this asshole.

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drawfag11: "It's a complete night and day difference with the vacuum off."
No shit sherlock! I mean, fuck fluffies and all that, but this lack of logic in a human would be amazing if he wasn't doing it on purpose...

Because he's doing it on purpose, right?

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AMR: @drawfag11: Nope, he's pretty dumb. The protagonist is a high school drop out working a manual labor job at a refinery living paycheck to paycheck that literally went in debt to the drug cartel over a cock fight. IQ is probably south of 75. If it wasn't for his horny younger self paying attention during sex ed he'd probably have, "falcon punched" the mare to death.
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Anonymous8: This was hard as hell to read as a female, but great job!!!
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