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The Wastest Babbeh

You are a fluffy! A pretty fluffy at that! At least, that's what your special friend Smarty tells you! He's never told you why you're pretty, but you've always had a few reasons of your own as to why he might think that. It could be your wingies, or the way your tail reminds you of when the sky makes angry wawa! Or maybe your fluff, the color for when the sky makes wawa that isn't so angry... But you happen to think the prettiest part about you is how pretty every one of your babbehs are!

You love every babbeh you've ever had, even the ones Smarty didn't love... but if Smarty didn't love the babbehs, they must've been monsters, Smarty knows everything, he told you so himself. But even if those babbehs were monsters, you still loved them, and couldn't bare to see them get hurt! You always cover your see places and sing Mummah Songs to yourself when Smarty orders Toughie to stomp the babbehs. If you didn't cover your see places you'd see the babbehs get hurt. Your see places always make sad wawas when that happens, and you get the worstest heart hurties. Smarty calls you Dummeh whenever he sees you making sad wawas.

This bright time was different, you hadn't had your tummy babbehs yet, and that always gave you hope. You never knew what kind of colors the babbehs would have! Maybe they'd have Smarty's colors! Smarty was always happy when that happened! Or maybe they'd be red, you were always happy when that happened. After all, red is your favorite color. Whatever color the babbehs were, you'd love them! As for now, you have a different problem to deal with. The fact that your no-see babbehs were hungry, and The Nummy Patwol hadn't returned yet...

You waited for what seemed like ten forevers trying to calm down the no-see babbehs. You didn't have any milkies for them to drink, and they were starting to get restless. You're singing a mummah song to a Corn, a babbeh that was getting the most out of hand, when you see a fluffy running through the bushes that hides the entrance to your big Fluffy Community. It's Poopeh! Your oldest little forever-babbeh! Smarty never let him have milkies when he was a babbehs, only poopies! Because he never got milkies, he stayed little forever!

Poopeh is part of The Nummy Patwol, so you sure were happy to see him! That meant that the rest of them weren't far behind with the nummies! You gently set down Radish, another one of your babbehs and ran quickly, or as quickly as you could with a tummy full of babbehs, to go greet The Patwol. You stand at the bushes waiting for another fluffy to come through. As you wait you can here Smarty scolding Poopeh, but Poopeh seems to be very scaredy for some reason... You decide to ignore it and continue waiting. You eventually here some more rustling in the bushes, and see another fluffy slowly crawl his way into the entrance of town. He's missing a leggie, and is covered in bad poopies and boo-boo juice! You start to run toward him before he yells at you.

"Stay back! Dewe am a-" He's cut off by a giant mouth grabbing him by the tail, pulling him back into the bushes. "BAWKY MUNSTAAAAAAAH!" He screams in terror, hoping somebody would save him but you're worried about you babbehs! You turn and start to run towards your babbehs, wanting to hide them in your super secret nestie. You don't even make it a quarter of the way there before the barly munstah jumps through the bushes, snarling at whatever fluffies are near him. Everybody freezes for a moment before Smarty breaks the silence.

"Dummeh bawky munstah! Dis am Smawty Wand! Now wun 'way befowe Smawty huwt chu!" The munstah growls at Smarty, obviously not phased by his words. Smarty's face changes into that of fear now, he sputters and struggles to get out a sentence before pointing at the munstah and yelling. "Toughie go gib da dummeh munstah fowevew sweepies!" You see every fluffy grin... every fluffy except Toughie, who very slowly walks up to the munstah, before giving it's not-hoofsies a swift stomp. This is met by immediate action by the munstah, who lunges at Toughie, clamping it's jaw down on his neck. He can't even let out a dying gasp before he falls asleep forever.

The Munstah turns and looks at you. You turn around and start running for your babbehs before the munstah leaps for you, landing a hit on ribcage, before sending you flying away from your nest, into a tall patch of yucky grass. You can hear the steps of the munstah but soon, you see it's see places perk up, as you both listen. "Mummah! *peep* Hungwy!" You hear one of you babbehs. You try to run and save it, but are too discombobulated to figure out which direction is the right one. The munstah starts running, you assume in the direction of your babbehs, and you try to sort yourself out. You try to run to save your babbehs but your leggies are too scared. Your see-places start to make sad wawa before you hear a voice.

"You dummeh munstah! Nu num babbehs! Dose awe Smawty's babbehs! An' Smawty am bestest evew! Now weave ow get sowwy poopies!" You breathe a sigh of relieve, Smarty is the best at talking down munstahs... or so you thought... before you heard, "NU DUMMEH MUNSTAH! NU EAT SMAWTY! SMAWTY AM ONWY WIDDEW BABBEH! NUM BABBEHS! NUM DUMMEH MAWE! JUS' PWEASE NU NUM SMAWTY!" You hear whats sound like Smarty making hu-huus, but you know that can't be true... Smarty never hu-huus. You hear the munstah bark, and more rustling in the bushes. Smarty got away! Now if you make it out with the babbehs you could start a n-

"AWRIGHT! You sniffed out them shitrats good! Heehee! Good boy Duke! Let's take this one back and make Fluffy Surprise!" You hear a new voice say. Not a fluffy, it sounds too different... *Gasp* A human! Maybe he'll adopt you, and Smarty and your babbehs! Smarty said all the time that humans are better Mommies and Daddies than fluffies do, and that is so good, your think place can't even understand it! You start to walk forward to talk to the human, and a noise pierces your ears.


"Whaddya think Duke?"


"That's just what I was thinking." The human lets out a laugh. You don't know whats funny but you decide to wait, maybe you'll get it in a second.

"HEY! DAT AM SMAWTY'S TAIW! WET GO OF SMARTY'S- SCREEEE! NU WIKE UPSY-DOWNSIES! *chirp* *peep* MUMMAH! HEW BABBEH SMAWTY! HEEEEEEEW-" Smarty's ranting ends with a sickening crunch. You have a pretty good idea of what the noise was, but decide not to see if your hunch is correct.

"Well, we'll still need meat for that Fluffy Surprise... eh... these'll do..." You hear the human say as he grabs something off the ground. "Yeah these'll eh... not this one. This one's already kicked the bucket." You hear something else hit the ground before the human continues. "C'mon Duke. Let's go make some grub!"

"GROWF!" The munstah replies, before you here their foot steps fade into the distance. When you finally no longer hear footsteps, you decide to do something you've been meaning to do for a while. You empty your bowels.


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LinePaperPens: I decided to rewrite Leg Babbeh. Enjoy.

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Dirtbiker989: I don't know whether to laugh or say "oh shit..." under my breath.

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NudeRei: If I had any writing skills, I'd incorporate this into a story:

Mummah: Nu take wastest babbeh!
Abuser: What did you call it? "Waste baby?" Then you won't mind if I kill it.
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Anonymous1: This a pretty cool little world here and I like the bits of backstory thrown in. You should do a prequel.
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LinePaperPens: @Anonymous: Maybe I will after this story is finished...
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Anonymous2(1): @LinePaperPens: My bad, I didn't realize this one wasn't over yet.
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Anonymous3: @NudeRei: It doesn't normally happen, that is, a person misunderstanding their lipsy...
In a way, it is rather sad, because there is some great stuff to be had there due to it.
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