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Duh Smawty
Part Nine
by anon_bons

Petal rocks back and forth on her haunches, her eyes locked onto the cracks in the ground of the alleyway. Her fur, once a soft, glowing pink, is dirty and matted against the rashy skin beneath it. Her plump belly has shrunk somewhat, and although her ribs aren't showing yet, their ridges will probably pop through after another day or so of not eating.

"On...top...of...some...sketti..." she mumbles to herself. Petal's done nothing since her last tears but sing the songs that Royal taught her. At the same time, she's not even aware of the singing...or of her surroundings...or of anything, really. With her senses and emotions dulled, all she can do is sit...and stare...and rock...and sing...

"Petaw." She doesn't hear the voice at first...or if she does, she doesn't recognize it. It's been how long since another fluffy spoke to her? And the last time mummeh said anything was even further back. And yet...


Petal stops her back and forth and sits still for a moment. She thinks she's heard something. Maybe it's-


Petal turns in disbelief, her desiccated eyes finding the last bits of moisture in her body and transforming them into tears.

"Mummeh?" she whispers. "Mummeh!"

Royal lies with eyes half-open, staring past Petal at the mouth of the alleyway. She barely seems alive, but then she blinks and her mouth twitches and an instant later Petal is by her side, nuzzling into the vomit-and-shit-stained fur around her mother's neck.

"Mummeh!" Petal cries, burrowing herself into Royal's thinning fluff, "Mummeh, huhuhuhuh babbeh am so wonewy an' scawed an'-"

"Whewe's Bubbwe," Royal says dully.

"Widdle babbeh Petaw haff nuffin' to eat, an' widdle babbeh Petaw nu can sweep 'cuz dummeh poopie biwdie gonna get hew, an'-"

"Petaw," says Royal without any inflection whatsoever, "cwose yow tawkie-pwace."

Petal, stunned and hurt, immediately shuts up. It's only now that she realizes that there's something different about Royal, something missing, something important that made her the fluff she used to be. In an instant, Petal is even more scared than she was on her own.

Royal grimaces, then takes a few deep breaths.

"Whewe am Bubbwe," she says at last. Petal, frightened not only of her mother, but of the situation at hand, starts to tremble.

"Dusty said dat Bubbwe wen' to fin' mediwcine fow mummeh," the foal replies, tears riding on the edge of her voice.

"When Bubbwe weave."

"Ummm..." Petal says, thinking hard. She rubs her forehead with her hoofsies. It's so hard to remember. Between being alone and having nobody to talk to, and being scared for Bubble, and with mummeh not acting like mummeh...

"How many bwight times."

"Fwee," Petal says at last. "Fwee bwight times." She starts talking more, babbling about how afraid she is for herself, and for Bubble, and how much she missed mummeh, but Royal isn't listening.

Three days. Three days since Bubble's been gone. In the back of her mind, Royal knows she should feel fear for her little son...but she can't feel anything right now. She's running on habit, on instinct, on autopilot, and her body forces her to her feet despite her disinterest and the deep, deep aches in every tissue and joint.

"Buhuhuhuh, am sowwy mummeh," Petal is saying, covering her see-places with her hooves. "Buhuhuhu chirp chirp chirp..."

"Stay in howse." It's the only thing that Royal says as she limps past her daughter and down towards the end of the alley.

"Mummeh? Mummeh? Whew am you goin'? Mummeh! Mummeh!"

Royal doesn't answer her daughter. She passes by Dusty, who lies on his back on one of the restaurant's big white styrofoam containers, wiggling his limbs and making idiot sounds with his tongue hannging out the side of his mouth. Royal finally experiences the first spark of desire since she's woken up - the desire to rush at her moronic offspring, grab him by the neck, and throw him in the poopie hole to watch him drown in the family's collective filth.

But the spark dies quickly, and Dusty, like everything else, becomes nothing to her. She is a mummeh. Her babbeh is missing. She has to find him. Not because she wants to, not because she misses him, not because she has heart hurties or anything like that. But because her genetic programming tells her to, and because her body is forcing her to.

Royal leaves the alleyway, her crying daughter, and her babbling son, and goes to search for a foal who is already dead.

* * *


"Go 'way Dusty," Petal sniffles, turning away from him. "Weave Petaw awone."


"Petaw say go 'way!" Petal yells. "Bwuddah an' mummeh am wight...you am dummeh, poopie babbeh an' you wuin evewyfing!"

There's a pause.


Petal's stomach answers for her, growling loudly as she wraps her hooves around it.

"Dusty no fin' chuwwos," she grumbles. "Even Bubbwe nevew find chuwwos." In the short time they had been alive, churros had been a special treat that they'd only had a few times, and in tiny portions. Few ended up in the trash bin, and Royal had only ever been the one to find them.

"Duh...duh...Dusty am ea-ea-eat chuwwos, if'n sissy wann hafffffff...sommme...."

Petal can hear Dusty's tumble-shuffle walk as he turns and leaves the box. After a few seconds, her empty tummy and her curiosity get the better of her. She stands up, shakes herself off, and slowly follows her brother.

"Youw weawwy fin' chuwwos?" Petal asks as Dusty leads her to a large styrofoam container close to the dumpster. Instead of answering her, Dusty sits back down on his haunches with a far-off look on his face and starts blowing raspberries.

"Dusty? Am chuwwos in boxie?"








Petal grimaces as she leans forward to open the container. "Dummeh, stupid..."

Her nose barely brushes the styrofoam when it pops open. Her mouth is watering, partially in anger and frustration with her brother, and partially in the hopes that Dusty really did find some churros in the trash.

But all of that saliva dries up in an instant when she sees Bubble's decaying, blood-and-shit-covered front half staring at her from inside the container, rigor mortis forcing open his jaws in one final, permanent scream.

Petal is so shocked and frightened that she's unable to make a sound...at least, not until the sand-colored scorpion perched on Bubble's cheek darts forward and buries its needle-tipped tail deep into her eyeball.

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Dirtbiker989: Dusty just keeps getting more and more diabolical. Wonder if/how he'll kill the mother, unless he already did.
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Anonymous1: This is awesome. Do you plan on continuing this for a while?
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Gilfifth: Somehow Dusty should have had actual churros and the scorpion underneath them.
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Anonymous2: The scorpion strikes again mauhauhauhauhauahuahuhaua

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FluffyPuncher: hope this ends with dusty getting stepped on.
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Anonymous3: Dusty needs to fucking die. I swear to god ill never read another story by you if he ends up happy. Fuck that retarded, evil piece of shit.
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DEETZ: Rage-box. This is super disappointing, Dusty is a bad fluffy, in a universe that rewards assholes.
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anon_bons: @Anonymous: @DEETZ: All good things to those who wait...
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DEETZ: Yay!!! Looking forward to more drama!
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Anonymous4: This is autism
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Anonymous5(4): This story was good up until the fluffy has a trained pet scorpion, kill yourself
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Anonymous6: Holy shit! Dusty is a fucking murderous genius!!
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Anonymous7: I fucking love Dusty, man
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