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"Spechu fwiend! Spechu fwiend! Pumpkin fin nummies!", the orange stallion exclaimed. Gasping the yellow mare waddle towards him. "Wewe am nummies?", she
asked after looking around in confusion. The stallion sighed impatiently. "Wook!", he yelled, "dis am hoomin nummie pwace!"
The mare turned her head in the direction her special friend pointed to. He was right! There was a giant window and behind it so many humans sitting around
tables, numming the best looking nummies the mare had ever seen. Even sketty! Her mouth began to water as she was hypnotized by the sight of humans
enjoying the best nummies in the world. Then it hit her.
"Bu... spechu fwiend! How get nummies? Hoomins awways giv huwties. Huuu...", she cried.
"Wewax spechu fwiend.", the stallion calmly said, "Pumpkin am bestes smawty. Gon giv aww da hoomins huwties an fowevah sweepies if don giv nummies to Pumpkin
an spechu friend."
The mare's eyes widened in admiration for her brave special friend.
"Bu how get in nummie pwace?", she asked.
The smarty stallion walked up and down in front of the nummie place, the gears in his head almost visibly grinding.
"Pumpkin hav idea!", he proclaimed. "Hoomins wive in housies. Nu wive in nummie pwace. Dat mean hoomins weave nummie pwace to go to housies. When hoomins
come out nummie pwace, hoomins open nummie pwace fow fwuffies!"
The mare gasped: "Oooouuuu! Spechu fwiend suuuuuuu smawt!"
"Am bestes an smawtest smawty!", Pumpkin smiled.

The fluffies waited around for many forevers. Maybe even 3 minutes. Finally, a human came out of the door and without being seen the two slipped inside.
They looked around in awe, inhaling the scent of the best nummies. They remained in trance for the better part of a minute. The humans didn't even take
note of them.
"Spechu fwiend. Wha... wha do nao?", the yellow mare asked. The smarty smirked.
"Hehe. Nao fwuffies get nummies!"
"Wuv oou Pumpkin!", the mare smiled.
"Wuv oou Honey Fwuffy!", the smarty responded as they rubbed their noses together, cooing quietly.
Then the smarty jumped into action.
The mare, having gained some courage from her special friend's strength, yelled: "GIV NUMMIES OW FWUFFY GIV WOWEST SPECHU PWACE HUWTIES! DUMMEH HOOMINS!"
All heads turned towards the fluffies. A few moments everything was silent. Then the first humans started to laugh. Soon the whole diner was laughin. They
all had a great time laughing at the screaming fluffies.
But then Samuel L. Jackson in underwear shot them.
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WetFluff: The Tism.

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WOTAN: With a little work and style this could actually be stretched into something funny. if there was some sort of build up to the conclusion even it would be ok. Like give better exposition to where they are and what they are doing. Maybe describe them walking through L.A. or something to stumble upon mace windu legitamatley.
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Anonymous1: Why does there have to be a smarty in every story these days? There's also a difference between a smarty and a smarty friend. Funny story though.

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Simpfan: Until the very last line. I was even imagining a storyline based on one thing the "smartest smarty" said. Then the last line killed it.

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FluffyPuncher: forgot the wierdbox tag

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Dirtbiker989: Written like a couple about to rob a bank

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Dirtbiker989: @Dirtbiker989: Oh well I just looked at the tags, HUDOY!
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Gilfifth: @Dirtbiker989: I think it was more modeled after the diner robbery for Pulp Fiction
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Anonymous2: Samuel L. Jackson shot the human family?
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