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Daddeh Knows Best

By God of Fwuff

Chapter 4: The Obstacle Course

Be 5 days after 'nursing training'.

At this point, fluffy foals have now opened their eyes, even starting to cheep out a few words now and then.

Of course, the words often being "mummuh", "miwkies", "wub", or "munstah!"

"Munstah" is usually upon seeing me, but it doesn't bother me at all.

I still find them kinda cute, stumbling around on their little stumpy legs.

Cheesecake, of course, still loves and cares for her babies, but they're obviously starting to wear her down.

Before they started teething, her teats would often be irritated and bright red.

She would whine every time it was time to 'gib babbehs miwkies'.

Could barely walk anywhere quickly, due to her irritated teats.

(And by quickly, about average fluffy speed of 3 mph).

Would start to be somewhat... bored of Cheesecake.

Even with putting her through this minor psychological experiment of mine, it's lost it's thrill after the first day.

Now her whining and crying has kind of become annoying and grating.

Of course, I knew this wouldn't last long once her foals began to walk around and opened their eyes.

And finally, it did.

The babies were chirping and peeping as they finally got to see the world around them.

They got to see their pretty mummuh who loved them very much and would give them hugs and love and nummies!

As well as the large scary munstah that was around them.

Even though their mummuh tells them to not fear 'daddeh', they still peep and cry in fear, cowering closely to mummuh.

Of course, with open eyes, a limited vocabulary, and new legs, also came a fourth thing.

The foals were starting to teeth.

Found this out the hard way on the first day the foals opened their eyes.

It was time for nummies.

Cheesecake whined, obviously, but would lay back and let her grown babies eat.


"AYEEEIII!" Cheesecake squealed.

I had to rush in there to see what had happened.

Because they were teething, their nursing would become even more painful for the poor mare.

Cheesecake cried and looked up, wanting 'huggies from bestest daddeh'.

Lifted her up using hands (and not really hugging her).

Foals cheep and cry as they watch their mummuh get lifted up by the munstah.

"Nuu! Peep peep!"



Pathetic little chirps of distress as they try to get their mummuh down.

Since foals need constant attention (and wasn't being provided to it by neither mummuh or the munstah), they whined and peed themselves.

One even began 'dancing' in hopes of getting attention.

Didn't want to worry about it at the second.

Looked at Cheesecake's nipples.

Bright red and sore.

Poke it gently with a finger.

"EEEE! Daddeh, nu wike!" She cried.

I sighed and looked at her. "Sorry, girl. I'll try to wean your babies as soon as I can."

Cheesecake sniffled and squirmed in my hands. "Huu huu..."

"For now, though, you're gonna have to keep giving your babies milkies-"


The foals hear this and begin to peep and cry louder.

"WAA! Peep peep!"

"Chirp chirp! Huu huu!"

I merely shrug to the dam.

"It won't be for much longer, Cheesecake. You'll be able to handle it."

Cheesecake cries and suckles on her own hoof in a pathetic attempt for empathy.

"Huu... miwkie pwace huwties..." She sobs.

I give a few rubs to her head to comfort her some before setting her back in.

She squirms and whines, crying as the foals quickly try to crawl and cling onto her, leaving tiny little shits behind them (which I clean up).

Despite both parties crying, the babies needed the attention and the milkies.

Cheesecake didn't want to argue with her daddy.

After feeding, Cheesecake tries crawling away as soon as the last baby latches off of her.

The foals peep and chirp, crawling to follow her.

Soon, she reaches the gate and is soon the base of a tiny fluff pile.

She hugs them all and lets them nap on her.

"M-mummuh sowwy babbehs..." She says, sobbing quietly to herself as she hugs her foals.

"Mummuh huwties... bu' mummuh wub babbehs..." She coos.

The loud chirping is soon silenced to gentle peeps as the foals, and eventually Cheesecake, fall asleep.

I sigh to myself and fwump onto the couch.

These fluffies are gonna take some patience to get through.


Been thinking of something to do with her foals that would add into seeing if she still loved her foals, even after going through painful nursing.

Now that her babies are able to see and walk around (barely), I've decided now was the perfect time to put this plan into action.

After resting up a bit myself, I go out to a nearby craft store.

Buy cardboard, markers, tubes, some cotton balls, and other stuff.

Also pick up a few little thumb tacks, some sandpaper, and a couple of glue mousetraps.

Yes, I am making an obstacle course, if you couldn't tell already.

Also make sure to stop by the nearest pet store to buy some more kibble, fluffy litter, and a couple more fluffy friendly toys.

Once I get home, I set everything down and move over to the 'safe pen'.

Cheesecake bolts to the edge to look up, waggling her tail happily.


I pet her mane some and give a little smile. "Hey, girl. Wanna help me with something?"

Cheesecake nods and bounce a bit against the fence. "Ooh ya ya! Cheesecake wan' hewp daddeh!"

I nod and pet her again. "Great. I'm going to be setting up a... game of sorts for you and your foals."

"Oooh! Cheesecake an' babbehs wub games!"

The foals have now started walking to where their mummuh was, peeping curiously.

"Game? Chirp chirp!"

"Babbeh game!"

"Sweepy... peep peep..."

Cheesecake looks over her foals and smiles.

"Babbehs gon' pway game wif mummuh an' daddeh! Hab wots of funsies!"

I laugh a bit to myself as I start to clean up the litterbox while they're distracted.

Also clean up tiny poops on the floor, due to the foals.

They don't know any better, so it's fine.

"It'll be a bit, so you all just play to yourselves for now."

Cheesecake nods to me. "Otay, daddeh!"

As I walk to set up the course, I can hear Cheesecake singing to her foals.

"Babbehs an' mummuh gun pway game!"


Take about a half an hour setting up the course.

It looks somewhat like a maze, set inside a series of boxes.

In each different 'corridor' is different obstacles and distractions for her foals.

I soon walk over to Cheesecake and her foals, who are all playing to themselves.

"Okay, time to play the game!" I say, putting on an excited tone.

Cheesecake is soon to her feet, bouncing eagerly. "Yay! Daddeh weady tu pway game!"

A few of her foals move to her, peeping and chirping eagerly as well.

One is still half asleep, squirming in place.

"Peep.. wan sweepies..." It chirps.

Somewhat surprised that the babies are now able to talk somewhat more clearly in such little amount of time.

Figure that maybe they'll be eager to eat solid food soon.

I soon pick up Cheesecake, holding her under one arm, holding the foals in the other.

While Cheesecake doesn't mind, the babies chirp and whine as they're lifted up, not used to how it felt still.

"Eee! Bad upsies! Chirp!"

"Nu wike!"

Naturally, they all shit in my hands.

"Nu smeww gud!"

I set the foals near the entrance to the tiny maze, listening to them peep and scramble around.

Peeps and chirps are heard as they look around.

"Whewe mummuh?"


Cheesecake looks up at me as I take her to the counter, giving her a bird's eye view of the maze.

"Why take babbehs away?" She asked confused.

I look to her and pat her mane a few times.

"It's part of the game, Cheesecake. You're going to help lead your babies to the exit of their maze."

She nods to me.

"Oooh, otay."

Not sure if she understands or not, but decide to give her some incentive.

It'll make things more interesting, for sure.

"If you can lead at least one of your babies to the exit before the time runs out, you and your babies will be treated to a nice spaghetti dinner!"

Cheesecake gasps and looks up, wide eyed.

"Sketties fow Cheesecake if babbehs win?" She asks me, vibrating in my hands.

I merely nod and she squeals happily.

"Yay! Sketties fow bestest mummuh and smawtest babbehs!"

At this point, the foals are getting antsy, crying out for their mummah.

"I'm gonna keep an eye on your foals. Don't move from your spot, or you'll lose the game," I warn the fluffy mom.

She gulped and nodded. "Nu wan wose game! Cheesecake stay!"

I nod to her. "Then you can go ahead and start leading your babies."

As I walk away, I start my timer.

Decide to give them 10 minutes, since the maze isn't particulalry long, but also since fluffies aren't particularly smart.

"Babbehs! Come tu mummah! Win game so mummah an' babbehs can hab sketti nummies!"

I kneel beside the box maze, nudging the foals with a finger to help move them and/or comfort them.

The foals lift their heads up.

"Whewe mummah?" One peeps.

"Find mummah!" Another one chirps.

One begins crawling through the first corridor. "Fowwow babbeh!"

Soon, there's a trail of tiny foals as they move down the first tiny hall.

"Yus! Smawtest babbehs come tu mummah!" Cheesecake calls.

Foals reach their first split path.

The chirp and look between the two, unsure where to go.

"Whewe mummah go?" The 'leader' pink fluffy chirps out.

I look to my watch and two minutes have already went by.

Forgot how slow they were.

I look to the mare on the counter and say, "Tell them which way to go."

Cheesecake is somewhat confused.

She has no idea which way they should go, even if she can see the exit and the proper path.

Fluffies aren't smart at articulating their words anyways.

"B-babbehs fowwow mummah's voice..! Get bestest nummies!" She cries out.

I can't help but put my head in my hand as she gives the worst directions to her own babies.

Half of the fluffies go to the safe left path, chirping about their mummah.

"Mummah dis way..!" The pink one says, leading the brown one with it.

White and green foal goes other way.

"Nu! Mummah dis way! Dummeh bwuddah an' sissy!"

The right path the white foal is taking is covered with sandpaper.

The left path is empty, save for a few tiny thumb tacks.

Cheesecake doesn't like the sounds of the whining of her babies.

"Nuu! Babbehs nu wan' huwties!"

Pink and brown foal manage to avoid most thumbtacks.

Brown one steps on one.

"EEE! Huwties! Huu huu!"

The brown one has now curled into a ball, slurping on it's injured hoof.

Tack is stuck into it's tiny hoof, making him cry out.

"Huu huu! Am onwy wittwe babbeh!"

It's pink brother moves closer to give it huggies.

"Nu, sissy! Gib huggies fow huwties!"

Meanwhile in other lane, the white and green foals are whining about how the sandpaper feels.

"Nu feew gud!"

"Huu huu! Meanie fwoow!"

They keep walking until the bump into a dead end.

They soon begin crying, sitting on their rumps in defeat, hugging each other.

"Waah! Nu mummah! Huu huu huu!"

I sigh and lead my finger to them, nudging them gently in an attempt at comfort.

They won't move from their spot.

5 minutes to go at this point.

Cheesecake huffs and stomps a bit in place.

"Nuu! Babbehs keep goin'! Wan' sketti nummies!"

Eventually, the pink and brown foal get to their feet and keep walking, the brown one limping behind, whining and crying due to his hoof.

"Huu huu.. feeties huwties..." It cries out.

"Mummah is cwose, sissy!" The pink one says.

The white and green one keep hugging each other in comfort, crying some.

"Huu huu! Mummah tease babbehs!"

"Meanie mummah! Am onwy wittwe babbehs!"

Soon, the injured broan foal and pink foal make it to the next corridor.

Two glue traps were placed in a narrow hallway.

They can barely see Cheesecake from where they are.

"Babbehs! Mummah wan' nummies! Come tu mummah!" She calls out to them.

The pink foal begins running to the voice.

"Mummah! Babbeh am hewe!"

Since it wasn't looking where it was going, it gets stuck on a glue trap.

It gets stuck and can't move.

It cries out. "Sissy hewp bwudda! Babbeh weggies nu move!"

The brown foal begins crying again, not knowing what to do as it looks at it's brother.

"Huu huu! Why bwudda nu move?"

The brown foal tries to grab the pink one by the face, trying to pull it off.

Fails and soon falls on it's back, unable to get up.

"Chirp! Bwudda! Mummah hewp! Babbeh weggies nu wowk!"

It's pathetically cute.

At this point, every fluffy is crying.

Brown foal is crying and peeping, shitting itself.

Pink foal is stuck in place, shitting itself and crying.

Even after lifting the green and white one into my hands, they cry and shit.

Even Cheesecake begins whining and crying.

Thankfully she doesn't shit where she stands, but she's still upset.

"Huu huu! Babbehs nu move! Nu win game! Mummah nu get sketti nummies!"

With 3 minutes left, I decide to give the brown one a chance.

I lift it back onto it's feet and it chirps, moving along.

"Sowwy bwuddah..! Wan' mummah huggies!"

The pink one is crying louder.

"Nu fawe! Sissy wan mummah huggies tu!"

As the brown one moves to the last room, I lift the glue trap fluffy up and begin to pry it off.

It isn't really hard, but it is screaming as I tug it off.

"EEEE! Nu wike!"

Last room is large and empty.

A little finish line is drawn in Sharpie.

Cheesecake perks up and bounces.

"Smawtest poopie babbeh! Cwoss wine!" She cries out.

The brown foal keeps hobbling to the line, chirping eagerly.

"Mummah! Mummah!"

Have one little trick up my sleeve.

With one hand, I hold the whining foals who couldn't pass the course.

With the other I pull out a tiny little stuffed toy from my pocket.

One minute to spare for the brown foal.

Only a few inches away from winning.

Place the toy right next to the foal to stop it.

It freezes and chirps.

"Nyu stuffy fwiend?" It peeps, turning to look at it.

Cheesecake flips out.

"NUU! Babbeh go cwoss wine!"

Brown foal is instantly distracted and begins hugging and playing with his new toy.

"Heehee! Fwuffy wub nyu fwiend! Gib huggies fow huwties!"

Forgot the tack was still in it's hoof.

Will have to deal with that later.

Phone goes off, indicating 10 minutes have passed.

I stop timer and yell out, "Times up!"

Cheesecake cries and hides her eyes with her hooves.

"Huu huu! Dummeh babbehs nu win! Mummah nu hab sketties!"

At this point, I lift up the brown baby, who is still happily snuggling his stuffy friend in oblivious happiness.

The other babies start crying and clinging to my hand.

"Chirp! Huu huu!"

"Mummah caww babbehs dummehs!"

"Mummah nu wub babbehs!"

I give little pets to them to help calm them down as I set them back in the pen.

I walk to Cheesecake and give a sheepish shrug. "Sorry Cheesecake. Maybe next time."

She looks up with her sad eyes, sobbing wildly.

"Huu huu! Why daddeh nu gib Cheesecake sketties? Babbehs nu hab any!" She says, trying to arrange a deal.

I shake my head and pick up the mare.

"You know the rules. Nothing I can do about it."

She sobs and cries more, her tail going limp. "Huu huu.. meanie babbehs..."

I set her down in her pen, and she just lays there, ignoring her babies.

Before I feed babies, I lift the brown one up and take the tack out.

"EEEE! Nu wike! Bad upsies gib weg huwties!" It cries out.

Make sure to sanitize tiny wound and give a little bandage.

Pet it some before putting it with it's siblings.

I fill up Cheesecake's bowl with kibble, and a different plate with a special mixture of milk and kibble for the babies.

"Eat up, guys." I say as I head back to the kitchen to fix my own dinner.

As I'm fixing dinner, I can hear conversation between the foals and Cheesecake.

"Why mummah cwy?" One foal asks.

"Huu huu... nu nummies fow mummah... babbehs nu win! Babbehs meanie to mummah!"

The foals begin crying too.

"Mummah nu hewp babbehs! Mummah big meanie!" One foal sobs.

"Chirp! Caww babbehs dummehs! Peep peep!"

Cheesecake hides her eyes and sobs.

"Huu huu! Babbehs weave mummah awone! Nu miwkies fow babbehs! Eat kibbwe nummies!"

The foals sob and chirp and cry louder, moving away from their mom, hugging each other near the plate.

"Huu huu! Chirp! Now mummah nu gib babbehs miwkies!"

"Mummah meanie!"

Notice the foals hugging each other, crying as they try to eat the new food.

"Eee! Nummies nu gud!"

"Wan miwkies!"


They obviously don't like the new food.

They'll have to get used to it, because Cheesecake certainly isn't giving it to them.

As I sit on the couch with a sandwich, I record my own findings in my mind.

Cheesecake obviously doesn't blame me for the lack of 'sketties', even though I provide it to her.

She blames her babies for losing the game and not giving her any.

Notice that she was crying about her not getting sketties, not caring if her babies got any.

Babies obviously don't know why their mummah won't help them, or why she won't help them with their hurties.

Babies and Cheesecake are starting to go against each other some.

Babies soon sleep on each other in a little fluff pile.

Complain about 'wostest tummeh huwties', even though they won't eat the food in front of them.

Will make them eat it tomorrow.

Cheesecake is going up to the edge of the gate, trying to get my attention.

"Huu huu... wan daddeh huggies..." She complains.

I decide to throw her a bone and lift her up.

She clings to my torso and sobs into it.

"Babbehs meanies... nu wub mummah..."

I pet her mane idly as I watch the tv.

Not listening to her a whole lot, but merely nodding.

"Babbehs nu gib mummah sketties... an' caww mummah meanie!"

"Hm," I reply back.

Soon, she tuckers herself out and cries herself to sleep.

I soon lay her back into her pen.

Go back to couch and lay back.

Things are certainly progressing.

Come tomorrow, will make sure to help make things progress further.

Before I go to bed, I take apart the box maze and throw it away before going to my room to type out my findings.

Realize that Cheesecake is certainly the greedy type, always thinking about herself.

Thinking about how I'll use that against her again in tomorrow's fluffy social experiment.

Save document and go to bed.

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God_of_Fwuff: Finally back with the fourth chapter! In this one, tensions rise between Cheesecake and her own foals after a little obstacle course.
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Anonymous1: Nice work!
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DankMuffin: Solid, Looking forward to the next
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Anonymous2: Nice work.

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UltraKek: I know this is about gradual buildup and psychological games at the moment, but I really hope there's some death and suffering by the end.

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WetFluff: You are starting to repeat.
"Before they started teething, her teats would often be irritated and bright red."
3 paragraphs later..
"The foals were starting to teeth."

You brought up they opened their eyes 3 times.

Other then that, good progression.

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irongalley: The foals shit in his hands so many times, you'd think he'd learn by now not to hold them bare-handed.

It's good so far, though. Good work.

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God_of_Fwuff: @WetFluff: Yeah, sorry bout that. I have a shit brain and sometimes I forget things I said/wrote a few minutes ago. I should probably proofread my stuff more.

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WetFluff: @God_of_Fwuff: No prob, just pointing it out.

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Dirtbiker989: The story is well-written, and I like the characters. I hope all this buildup won't lead to an anticlimactic end.
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Anonymous3: @UltraKek: Strictly speaking, there are already suffering.
Though I do not think the owner will kill them directly, doesn't seem the type, for him, them getting themselves killed from their own stupidity would work better, though how it happens should be interesting.

@Dirtbiker989: the character doesn't seem the type to really care for one, unless one manages to strike his fancy, in that case the mother might be out, but the fate of the foals except for the smarty is unknown.

So I guess it might be a hugbox ending, but not before climbing to it on their dead family.
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Anonymous5: This is the best thing on the booru right now. Keep it up dude
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