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>The rain had come in torrents. The park was covered in huge puddles and thick mud.
>Sissy sobbed to herself as she hid in the space under a tree trunk, covered by a bush
>She was mostly dry here in her little den but the rain was heavy.
>"nu wike meanie wain! wawa bad fo fwuffies! wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she whined to no one in particular.
>As luck would have it, Sissy looked up to see a bright pink thing floating in a puddle.
>"wawa bad fo fwuffy... but wan pwetty pink fing!" she exclaimed.
>In this weather there would be few, if any, scary humans out.
>Looking around cautiously, Sissy snuck out into the rain to investigate her find.
>The rain was starting to cease as well, turning into a fine mist from the huge, thick drops that had pounded the area for the last couple of hours.
>Sissy examined the egg and felt her heart leap. It was a BABY! A beautiful yellow fluffy foal!
>The egg was half pink and half clear. In the clear part she could see the foal shivering against the side of the egg.
>Occasionally it leaned up and sucked on a strange orange nipple. Silly baby! That's not where milk comes from!
>"babbeh? wittle babbeh?"
>Hearing the familiar voice of a fluffy mare, the foal started chirping immediately. It was desperate for love and hugs.
>"sissy take cawe of fwuffy babbeh! be new mummah!"
>Sissy had never been a mummah before. Her own family was slaughtered by one of the humans riding a scary green monster that ate the grassies and chewed up small trees.
>She had hoped to find a handsome stallion to give special hugs so she could have the bestest babies ever but all the stallions around here were meanies and ugly.
>But wait... if this baby was in an egg, then what were special hugs for?
>Apparently babies grew from eggs in the ground!
>Sissy carefully grasped the egg and managed to push it onto her back where it sat in her thick back fluff.
>Sissy made her way back to her tree trunk hidey hole and carefully deposited the egg in her nest.
>It was just a combination of soft moss, grasses, and a few choice bits of discarded cloth but it was home.
>"sissy am mummah! mummah is bestest mummah! haff bestest babbehs!" she cooed to herself, singing an off-tune mumma's song.
>Smiling, Sissy carefully cleaned off the egg. She was about to sit on it when she realized...
>there might be MORE eggs out there!
>Of course! She had seen other mares with two, three, even four or more foals!
>The rain now subsided, Sissy hurried back out into the park, looking in tufts of grass and under other bushes.
>Aha! A blue egg... with a beautiful purple baby inside! And here was another pink egg with a green baby! Earthies and pegasi and unicorns, oh my!
>By final count, Sissy had five eggs.
>She carefully manuevered her chubby, fluffy belly over them and laid down, covering the eggs with life-giving warmth.
>She would worry about milk later, after they hatched.
>"sissy am mummah! haff pwetty babbehs! haff bestest babbehs! coooooo coooooo..."
>That was a week ago.
>The foals had grown to twice their size and pressed against the sides of their eggs, their faces smooshed against the plastic.
>They could barely breathe, their chubby bodies hardly able to process air in and out of their compressed lungs.
>They cried constantly, weakly scraping or tapping their hooves against their eggs.
>"nu cwy babbehs! pwease come out of eggies! mummah take gud cawe of bestest babbehs! WAHHHHHH!"
>She was a bit of a crybaby.
>"mum-mah... babbeh... bad? why... huwt... babbeh..." wheezed the green one. Unable to go on, it closed its eyes and shat itself, filling its egg with rancid diarrhea.
>"why... huwt... babbeh... am... onwy... wittle... babbeh..." gagged her yellow baby. It, too, expired.
>One by one her foals died inside their eggs, looks of horror and desperation plastered on their little faces. One vomited and gagged on its own puke. Another drowned in its diarrhea.
>"Hey, Bob - did you hear something over there?"
>"Fluffy pony, you think, Walker?"
>"I'd bet cash money. Look under that bush."
>"eeeeeeeeeee! nu huwt fwuffy! nu huwt!"
>"Yeah, get fucked." muttered Walker, stomping on the mare's neck, breaking it.
>Bob grabbed the limp body and tossed it into a large trash bag with several dead and alive fluffies.
>"Hey, lookit this, Bob."
>"What? Foals?"
>"Yeah, well, no... remember those Easter eggs we put out for the hunt?"
>"Yeah, brutal rainstorm. Shame the weather kept the kids from getting them."
>"Well, the mayor had the brilliant idea to put some Foal-in-an-egg's out in the field. I guess everyone just forgot about them and this dumb bitch collected them."
>"Well, ain't that a tragedy. HAH HAH!"
>"Ugh... throw them into the bag."
>"Sure. Man, I need a drink."


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deathproofpony: Inspired by Juniper's lovely artwork. Just a quickie story for Easter.
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BottledBeggar: As a foal in a [container] connoisseur, quite nice

I liked how this dumbshit was sitting on the eggs like a bird. If nothing else, Fluffies usually KNOW how to take care of their foals (succeeding is a different matter) but this one must have been extra dense

Just a shame that it wasn't longer
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Anonymous1: Short and sad.

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Juniper: 10/10
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Anonymous2: Awesome
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Gardel: @BottledBeggar: I dont see how anything without opposable thumbs could open those eggs
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Anonymous3: Nice work. Can't wait to see what happens on Halloween.

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deathproofpony: @Gardel: Well, that was the idea... the mare was ignorant enough to think they were real eggs. She didn't know that someone had to manually open them up. And even if she did, she never could have done it with hooves.

Although dropping them off something high like a cliff or a staircase would have been pretty funny too.
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