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AIM Laboratories
Test File: 1575
The Effects of Extreme Allodynia due to a surgically impaired parietal lobe on miniature bioengineered Crinitus Euuqs Caballus.
Conducted by: Dr. Paul Delaney, and Staff Scientist Derick Niceguy

Start Date: 5/12/20; 12:00:00
End Date : 5/13/20; 09:10:00

How will a Fluffy cope phytologically with an inability to give or receive positive emotional reinforcement though the act of clasping to a second compatible fluffy physically. What will happen if the Fluffy attempts to acquire nutrients? Will the Fluffy be capable of REM sleep, or rest without standing? Will a Fluffy pony accept a childlike playful brush along it’s epidermis layer? In layman’s terms, what will happen to a Fluffy when it is treated with extremely sensitive skin?

The fluffy has been given to Derick and I with a pin implanted in its skull, only to be pulled at the beginning of the experiment, as it will trigger the surgical implants. So, based only on the minimal scientific records, I predict that cardiac arrest may play a role in the following experiment. The well documented phenomenon defined only as “Heart Hurties” as mentioned by fluffies, means that a lack of basic contact may cause great distress and ultimately the fatality of the test subject.

Test v1.1 “Basic Allodynia Stress Test”
Subject classification: “Leroy”/M/0.8 years old/Father(1x)/1.4515kg/Earthy

0:00:00- Derick has placed the Test Subject into the test chamber, and has removed the cranial pin on my mark. The testing has started.

0:00:15- Soon after Derick left the test chamber the Test Subject took its first steps, an obvious expression of confusion was expressed. Likely due to its new feelings on its now extremely sensitive nervish tissue of the skin and hair follicles.

0:02:00- The Test Subject has not moved since its first step. I ask the fluffy how it feels. It asks me if I will be its ‘nyu daddeh’. I politely decline the offer, as is protocol. It seems that the pain may not yet be in effect or has had minimal effect.

0:03:21- The Test Subject has started to slowly move its legs, and seems to be adapting to the pain, or possibly a chemical drive for nutrients has a higher reward than the pain is a reducing factor. I ask the fluffy how it feels. It tells me that it’s “Wegs feew siwwy.”

0:08:43- The Test Subject has finally made it to the water and nutrients dispensers, and has started to gormandize.

00:12:12- Derick noticed that the repetitive consummation of nutrients has slowed significantly, and has noted a faint whimper is oscillating with each chew, emitting from the Test Subject. The pain seems to be amplifying, or it may not be appreciate the lab’s most basic kibble. [Note to Self]: Ask for new bags of kibble, current stock is nearly out of date.

00:15:36- The Test Subject has stopped eating, and has started to cry. I ask the fluffy how it feels. It responds, “Bad fwuff am gib huwties tu Wewoy!” The Test Subject seems to be unaware that it is in fact its skin that is sensitive and not its fur.

00:18:19- The Test Subject has made a long walk over to the bed within the test chamber and is currently trying to sit down.

00:19:01- The Test Subject has fallen over, successfully into the chamber bed. The Test Subject however seems disappointed by this victory due to its excessive crying following the fall.

00:45:00- I have decided that the Allodynia must now be affecting the entire surface area of the skin based on my calculations. As such I have given Derick the go-ahead, for the normal brush, (NB)Test.

00:50:00- Audiofile1575-1.WAV Transcript
\\Chamber Door Open/Close\\
Leroy: huh? Hewwo nice mista! Weww nice mista hewp Wewoy wif bad fwuff?
Derick: I am here to brush your fluff. Would you like me to brush your fluff?
Leroy: Wewoy wub bwushies! Pwease nice mista, bwush ‘way bad fwuff! Fwuff nu feew pwetty.
Derick: Beginning first stroke now.
\\Deep Brush sound\\
Leroy: Yay! Wan brush- SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Munsta gib bad bwushies! Wai gib owies to Wewoy? Wewoy am good fwuffy! Hu-Hu-Huuu.
Derick: *Sigh* Beginning second stroke now.
\\Deep Brush sound\\
Leroy: Wha? NUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Nu wan bad bwush- SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *Haf**Haf**Haf* Nu wan moar bwushies! Nu Wan! Munsta hoomin weave fwuffy awone. Hu-Hu-huuu! Pwease!
Derick: Test complete. Exiting test chamber now.
\\Chamber Door Open/Close\\
[Note to Self]: Surface area of the skin cannot yet be under full effect, due to low pained wording of “Owies.”

1:15:38- Test subject has lifted itself out of its bed and is walking at an absurdly slow pace towards, it’s littler box. [Note to Self]: Look up a fancier term for litter box when submitting test form. Possibly Deuce Containment Box?

1:25:34- Test Subject has failed to achieve reaching the litter box, and has promptly defecated large quantities of feces all over it’s hind quarters and the test chamber floor.

2:01:03- The Test Subject gave up on walking the incredibly long distance of 2 meters back to its bed, and instead now has fallen in its own rectal discharge. I ask the fluffy how it feels. It responds, ”Wai nyu daddeh nu hewp Wewoy wif gud upsies? Wewory nu am bad fwuffy pwomise! Nu mean make bad poopies, jus pwease hewp Wewoy!”. I politely decline and explain protocol. It responds, “Nu cawe ‘bout Pwotocow! Yu am bad, meanie daddeh! Hatchu!” [Note to Self]: Protocol holds the mind and body together, encounters like these remind me why I do my job.

2:05:00- I have decided that the next test must proceed, based on my calculations and other mitigating factors that have nothing to do with my affection for protocol. I have given Derick the go-ahead for the positive emotional reinforcement physical contact or (PERPC) Test.

2:07:00- Due to its excessive stool, Derick has asked permission to wash the Test Subject off, as the smell and the default programing of 87.2% of fluffies find excrement off-putting. This inadvertently add a new experiment to the roster, the effects of high fluid pressure washing on an extreme Allodynia victim due to a surgically impaired parietal lobe on miniature bioengineered Crinitus Euuqs Caballus. [Note to Self]: Construct an acronym for this test

2:10:00- Audiofile1575-2.WAV Transcript
\\Chamber Door Open/Close\\
Derick: Hello Test Subject, we request your consent to remove the ‘bad poopies’ from the test chamber. Do you consent?
Leroy: Yu nu am munstah daddeh, pwease hewp Wewoy nice mistah! Nu wike aww des bad poopies an nu-tasty nummies an-
Derick: Consent given!
\\Pressure wash sound (ON)\\
Leroy: Nu understand- EEEeee! WaWa am bad fow fwu-guuuhhhgggGGGgggGGGggg -Eeeeeeeeeeee! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Derick: Bwahaha! Dude? Dude, did you see that? I sprayed it right in the mouth!
Paul: *Muffled voice* What? Oh ok. This is being recorded so keep it professional Derick.
\\Pressure wash sound (OFF)\\
Derick: I am required to ask how you feel after this test, Test Subject.
Leroy: *Blaugh* Nu can make gud bweathies *Haf* *Haf* *Haf* Wa- Wawa am bad fow fw- fwuffy. *Haf* *Blaugh* H- Hewp fwuffy nu wan moar sickie wawa’s. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hu-Hu-Huuu!
Derick: Duly noted. Also note that the Test Subject has vomited, twice, do you think that that is attributed to pain or fear, Dr. Paul?
Paul: *Muffled voice* One for both maybe? Look at his fluff!
Derick: Huh? Oh wow! That’s crazy! Um? Let the record show that the power wash test did produce extreme fluff loss. I’d say about 20% of the body has been, for lack of a better term, shaved off. Alright I think we’re done here.
Leroy: Hu-Huu. Wai huwt good fwuffy?
\\Chamber Door Open/Close\\

2:37:00- The Test subject has been dormant and still for the last 20 mins by my count. I have asked Derick to postpone the (PERPC) Test until such time as the Test Subject moves.

2:41:14- The Test Subject has finally gotten to its hoofs and is just standing upright now, I am pondering if the internal processes within the cerebrum of the fluffy have come to the conclusion that standing is the path of least resistance to pain rather than laying down. [Note to Self]: If that hypothesis is correct what may happen to a quadruple amputee Test Subject with the same Allodynia?

2:50:00- After relieving the Test Subject what I believe is a generous amount of time to recuperate from the previous test, I have asked Derick to proceed with the (PERPC) Test.

2:55:00- Audiofile1575-2.WAV Transcript
\\Chamber Door Open/Close\\
Leroy: Nu wan moar hurties fwom munsta daddeh an nu-good-poopie Mistah! Wet Wewoy out sowwy box, am gud fwuffy!
Derick: Leroy turn around, there’s someone hear to see you.
Wewoy: *Gasp* Bestest Babbah! Daddah am comin! *Galloping* Owies! Owies! Stoopid hoofies wai huwt Wewoy? Nee huggies fwom bestest babbahs!
Unnamed Baby: *Chirp* Daddah! Nee huggies, haf wowstest huwties fwom menie mistah’s! Hu-hu-huu!
Derick: Releasing Foal now.
Unnamed Baby: *Crunch!* EEEEEEEEEEeeep!
Derick: Jesus H Christ, that was so loud!
Leroy: *Haf* Wai *Haf* bestest babbah *Haf* gib wowstest huwties? *Blaugh*
Derick: Oh sick! He just puked all over his kid!
Unnamed Baby: *Chirp* Hewp am jus wittwe babbah! *Chrip*
Dr. Paul: *Muffled voice* Looks like the baby has made the Test Subject mad!
Leroy: Nu am bestest babbah! AM MUNSTA BABBAH!!! An munsta babbahs get sowwy hoofies! *Stomp* SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! BABBAH STAP HUWT DADDAH!
Derick: I don’t think that little guy is going to hurt anyone ever again. Look at it Leroy, its crushed.
Leroy: Nuuu! Nu wan gib foweba sweepies tu bestest munsta babbah! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
Derick: Leroy, I am required to ask you how you feel.
Leroy: Wewoy am wowstest daddeh eba! Gib bestest babbah foweba sweepies. Nu can, Nu can- Wan die, wan die, wan die, wan die…
Derick: Dr. Paul? I think we may have pushed it to the limit. Can we continue after this state?
Dr. Paul: *Muffled voice* Yes. We don’t need him to be in working order to find his vitals, or how long he’ll live standing up with Allodynia or if he’ll sleep. Just clean up the carcass and come back out here. One more thing Derick, always call them 'Test Subject' never by their given name.
Derick: Cleaning the deceased now.
\\Chamber Door Open/Close\\

3:00:00- The Test Subject has entered the ‘Wan Die Loop’ or (WDL), from this point on, I have indefinitely suspended the asking of questions to the Test Subject till such time as it escapes the loop or the time of death, ending the experiment.

5:00:00- The Official Test day has concluded; the Test Subject will be given the standard overnight treatment.

10:23:00- Dr. Zulu Moore (Overnight Overseer), reports that the Test Subject passed out around this time. After that the Test Subject almost immediately woke up, likely due to the intense pain of falling.

13:29:00- Dr. Zulu Moore reports that the Test Subject passed out a second time. Again it almost immediately woke up, this time it seemed to have broken the (WDL) Zulu asked how the fluffy was feeling, but it declined a response.

18:10:00- Dr. Zulu reports that the Test Subject attempted to eat food but was reportedly was unable to due to “Mouf huwties”. It seems that if Extreme Allodynia builds up in a Fluffy, it looks like it may affect the inner walls of the buccal mucosa.

21:00:00- Testing resumed.

21:02:00- I ask the Test Subject how it feels. It responds, “Nee nappies an sw- SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Mouf hab biggest huwties!!!” It seems that the letter W may be 'too big to say'. Meaning that the inner walls of the buccal mucosa are being affected.

21:05:00- I request the Test Subject to say ‘water’. It responds,”NUUU! NU W- SCREEEEuuggguugggGGGGgggHHHuh…” Followed by lots of hyperventilating.

21:06:00- I have concluded that the reason the (WDL) was breached was due to the letter W being used in the wording, thus the cerebrum was programed to take the path of least resistance, in this case pain, ensuring that the loop was halted.

21:10:00- I asked Derick, collect the Test Subject and schedule it for incineration.

In conclusion Allodynia is a rare still natural phenomenon fround in humans and fluffies alike, and if left untreated by any medication, for even a short time it may cause internal Allodynia to form. Any act of physical contact whether by affection or routine has the ability to cause extreme phycological damage. However, it seems that if Allodynia were it to be controlled and it effects carefully harnessed, it may be able to break the (WDL).


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