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Daddeh Knows Best

By God of Fwuff

Chapter 5: Mad Momma

Wake up to loud peeping and crying.

Cries of "Bad upsies!" and the usual "Huu huu!" fill the air.

Oh fuck, what now?

I slowly sit up and put on some pants, slowly heading the safe spot.

Look over at pen to see Cheesecake holding one of her foals, the brown one to be exact.

It's crying and whining, complaining about "Bad upsies! Nu wan!"

Her other foals crowd around her, crying and sobbing to put their sister down.

Merely decide to watch to see how this plays out.

I'm now intrigued, as this may show progress in my 'experiment'.

Cheesecake drops the foal from her mouth into the literbox.

I hadn't cleaned it yet, so it lands right in the center of stale shit.

Before the foal and get away, Cheesecake sits herself on the foal, looking angry at it.

"Wowsest babbeh nu win daddeh's awbstacwe couwse! Nu sketties fow bestest mummah! Gib babbehs wowsest sowwy poopies!"

Wow, so they really did do this kinda thing, huh?

As the brown foal cries and writhes uselessly under her fat, greedy mom, Cheesecake starts to let out a torrent of new, semi-wet shit.

"HMMF! Wowsest.. poopies!" She grunts out, covering the foal.

It's siblings merely cover their eyes and cry pathetically.

"Huuhuu! Meanie mummah!"

"Sissy nu smeww pwetty!"

The brown foal sputters and coughs, reverting to baby like cheeps.


Despite how entertaining this was, I had to do something quick.

Not because I was worried about the foal, but because I had to come into her in an hour.

I step towards the pen and clear my throat loudly.

Cheesecake freezes in place and stares at me, frozen in fear.

Despite this, she keeps shitting on the foal, though most likely due to fear than anything else.

The foal keeps crying, having given up trying to crawl away.

I cross my arms and shake my head at the terrible mare mom.

"You just never learn, huh?" I tell her.

Cheesecake begins to cry, covering her eyes with her hooves.

"W-waahh! N-nu huwt mummah! A-am good fwuffy!"

Despite trying to beg for forgiveness, she hasn't given up on using her own foal as a toilet.

I reach down and grab Cheesecake by the scruff of her neck, lifting her up.

Use the other hand to pick up the tiny baby, shit covered foal, who is chirping and crying softly.

"Nu smeww pwetty..."

At this point, both Cheesecake and the brown foal are leaking with shit and piss.

Have them held out at arms length, so it thankfully doesn't get on me.

I put the foal in the sink, so stumbles around, confused.

I lift up Cheesecake up to eye level, giving the most stern, mean look I can muster up.

This sends her into a blubbering mess, trying to explain herself in gibbering cries, rather than words.

"This is the last straw, you stupid mare." I tell her.

I reach into a nearby cupboard and pull out a large plastic box.

Hey, you never know when you'll need to store something, right?

Throw Cheesecake into the box and put the lid on.

She starts to slam against the box, only managing to move it a little bit.

Grab a nearby knife and start cutting tiny holes so she can at least breathe.

I'm not a monster.

Of course, she yells and shrieks, avoiding the knife by slamming herself against the box more.

"EEEE! Nu huwt fwuffy!"

I roll my eyes and place a nearby jar on top to help weigh down the box.

Now she can't get anywhere, even if she slams herself some more.

I watch her some, trying to get out, rolling around, and crying and shitting and pissing herself the whole time.

She soon sits onto her rump and looks up at me, lip quivering.

"Why daddeh nu wet Cheesecake out?" She snivels.

I merely give a good shove to the box, scaring her into pissing herself again.

She was going to sit in her own mess for a while.

I head back over to the brown foal in the sink.

At this point, it's curled up, breathing heavily, tears staining it's face.

It still smells like shit.

I pick it up and it begins to cry out about bad upsies.

Ignore it's pleas and turn on the water.

Flips out and pisses into the sink as it hears water.

"EEEE! Wawa bad fow wittwe babbehs!"

Grab a nearby sponge and rinse it under the water.

Clean off the fussy foal, who is crying and squirming the whole time.

A little flick on the nose makes it stop, rubbing it's own face.

"Huu huu..! Why huwt wittwe babbeh?"

Lather it up with dishsoap, rinse it off, and dry it off with a nearby dish towel.

Broan foal is clean once again.

It sits in my hands, all fluffed up and confused.

I carry the foal into the pen and let it's siblings give it 'huggies'.

While they do that, I grab the box filled with the shitty fluffy and put it on the table, making her face the pen.

I lean down to the foals, letting them crowd around to get near me.

Put on the best, happiest voice I can for them.

"Hey, little guys! How about I let you all out for the day, hm?" I coo to them.

They all cheer and nod.

"Yes pwease daddeh! Wet babbehs go pway!"

"Wan wun and pway!"

I smile widely and nod, overacting here a bit.

Make sure Cheesecake is watching as I open up the pen and let them roam the room.

"Just don't make a mess okay? If you all can behave, we'll all have a spaghetti dinner tonight!"

I glance over at Cheesecake as her babies cheer happily.

Her mouth is hung open in disbelief.

She never got to run around outside of the pen!

She never got to have spaghetti!

Decide to rub it in her face a bit by lifting up one of the foals.

I push it against my lips and plant a kiss on it's head.

Doesn't taste good, but the fluffy is definitely very soft.

It giggles and nuzzles against my face.

"Daddeh gib bestest huggies!"

Pat it's head and let it run with it's siblings.

Go back to my room to get dressed.

Make sure to change the literbox and put down some fresh food for the fluffies.

Before heading out of my apartment, I take on last look over at Cheesecake.

She's sitting up, watching the floor as her babies run around, not even noticing her.

Her eyes are filled with tears, but she's not crying.

I shut the door and head downstairs.

I'd have to go to Dunkin' Donuts for a quick breakfast today.



Pure unmitigated hatred.

If the word hate was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of millions of tiny fluffy hair molecules, it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate she felt for her babies at this micro-instant for them.

That's what Cheesecake felt at the moment.

Not towards her Daddy, oh no.

She couldn't be.

He wasn't the one who didn't let her have spaghetti.

He wasn't the one who got her in trouble and put into a box.

He wasn't the one who tortured her milky places her entire motherhood.

After all, he told her he knew what he was doing.

He could never have done anything bad to her.

Well, besides put her in this bad smelling box.

But whose fault was this?

Whose fault was it to do all of this to the best mom in the world?

Her babies.

As her babies ran around her, yelling and having fun with each other, she realized how much her own fluffy children ruined her life.

She hadn't even been fed this morning.

Now, her daddy hates her, and her babies get to run free without punishment.

Cheesecake plotted and stared at them angrily.


Her mind began to fill the most violent thoughts imaginable.

Sorry poopies wouldn't be a proper punishment for her children.

No, her regrets.

Her four, tiny, multicolored regrets.

As angry, hot tears streamed down her face silently, she felt only one emotion.


Pure, unadulterated, violent, hatred.


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God_of_Fwuff: Hey, I'm not dead guys! Sorry this chapter is short, but everything will conclude the next time I post. Hope this satisfies you all!

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BabyAteMyDingo: Good ol' Harlan Ellison.

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RevMe: <i>Not because I was worried about the foal, but because I had to come into her in an hour.


otherwise, good story, though — it's interesting how he plays the fluffies off each other.
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Anonymous1: oh boi, this will end in stompies i can tell!
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fwuffinator: @Anonymous: and unspeakable levels of pure hell will befall the mare.

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God_of_Fwuff: @RevMe: godammit, I meant to type work, not her. I need to proofread better.

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TitanFluff: Glad to see this continue, we all know cheesecake is going to hurt her babies and subsequently get caught and punished. The question is how, and when will she and the foals suffer.

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Dirtbiker989: FUCK I hate Cheesecake so much that little miserable BITCH! I'm satisfied as long as she suffers and you don't fall off the face of the planet before uploading again. And don't quit after this, you write really good stories.

>"Not because I was worried about the foal, but because I had to come into her in an hour. "

Maybe now you have a NEW ending *wink wink*
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Anonymous2: are these microfluffies or what?
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Shadelen: Good to hear from you. Good work, I'm interested in seeing this play out.

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SoyBean: "come into her"
It's okay man,I ain't judgin'.We all still love you

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Lucario: ah, another story I can look forward to for updates! God help those little foals when cheesecake gets out of the box... and god help cheesecake when daddy gets home! Turning foals and mummah against each other is one of my favorite tropes.
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Anonymous3: Yes, yesss, let your hate flow.
Now strike me down and your journey to the will be complete!
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Anonymous4: Good stuff.
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Anonymous5: So I've got no love of cheesecake, and she is being pretty awful… but the owner did set her up to be this way, and it's hardly a great challenge to trick a fluffy. So I find myself more impressed by Cheesecake than the owner.

Carry on I guess.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: Huh, satysfying suffering with minimum physical abuse? More, please!
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