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AIDS: After a harrowing encounter with hygiene, the stray foal finds itself exposed to further new experiences.
Such as having no itch from mange, being warm and snugky wrapped in a towel and having a "cone of shame" to keep the little idiot from nibbling the bare patch where the mange was.

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UltraKek: Aw, man. Did the dumb fuck get picked up by some faggot fluffy shelter worker?

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UltraKek: @UltraKek: Although I suppose that shouldn't be surprising, considering the person's choice of fast-food.

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AIDS: @UltraKek: Nah, there's a backstory to the owner.
He's what MAVVET_CO described as a "regular, bored guy who wanted to try his hand at having a pet fluffy.
However, as is evident, he's obviosuly owned a pet fluffy before.
So I assumed his former fluffy somehow managed to kill itself (falling into a blender set at liquify or lock itself in the oven while it was turned on, or just plain died from stupidity and it forgot how to breathe or something) and rather than spend cash on a store-fluffy, the guy just snagged the confused foal off of the sidewalk.

Right now I just wanted to put the spotlight on the stereotypically babbling speech patterns of the fluffies and also, I think fluffies with cones look hilarious.

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Dhylec: this is getting better and better, hope to see next part soon, nad yeah, fluffies with cones do look hilarious XD
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Twistee: Hahaha. I love that concept off the Foal being confused as to why it's not in pain or uncomfortable. Its never not been suffering before.
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Pinkyfluffy: So cute and nice.
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Anonymous1: Love it. A fluff not being an asshole.
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Anonymous2: Suggestion: after a few days of good treatment, the arsehole fluffy "smarts up" an start demanding a better treatment and everyday sketty. The idiot hugboxer comes to his senses and understands that fluffies are only for torture and pain.

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FluffiesAreFood: @Anonymous: Or, the hugboxer isn't a hugboxer, but a fluffherder, and understands that fluffies are for food and fur.
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Anonymous3: @Twistee: Well, it's mother showed blatant favouritism to the point where "Bestest Babbeh" was allowed to kill its siblings. Generally this foal was bullied all through it's short life. So naturally it is puzzled when out if it's element.
Also, I think it's reasomable to assume that ferals have mange and lice etc.
Simply not being abused thus constitutes hugbox for it.

@Pinkyfluffy: Thanks. :)

@Anonymous: There has to be some or domestic fluffies wouldn't be a thing.

@Anonymous: @FluffiesAreFood:
Nah, I just provide some (hard-earned) hugbox. I live the abuse-only content to those who do it better.

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AIDS: @Anonymous: That was me.

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AIDS: @Dhylec: More will be forthcoming.
I just need to consider some composition issues and stuff.
Got some other stuff I want to get started on, but I feel I should finish what I started before I jump into something new.
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Anonymous4: @AIDS: Weak, I thought it was in a bag that would fill with shit and piss until the the foal was floating in its own waste and the collar was for depriving it of all stimulus but what was directly in front of it.

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AIDS: @Anonymous: No such luck, hombre. I do mostly hugbox, even though some of it is quite hard earned.

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MAVVET_CO: I think this is literally the first time a fluffy ever said nu hab huwties :0

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AIDS: @MAVVET_CO: Certainly one of the few times this foal has said it.
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