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Daddeh Knows Best

By God of Fwuff

Chapter 6: Conclusive Results

Be heading back to work after a long day.

Opening and closing because a manager left out of impatience and anger?

At least I wasn't alone this night.

Still, 8:00 am to 11:00 pm isn't fun no matter what.

It'll lead to a good paycheck, at least.

Unlock the door and open it.

Room smells even more like shit and piss than usual.

Not being greeted by the chirps of Cheesecake's foals is unusual.

Turn on the light to see better.

"Hello? Babies?" I call out to them.

I enter the apartment and close the door.

Hear heavy papping of feet and then silence.

No other noises can be heard.

Walk into the living room to find the biggest fucking mess I've ever seen in my life-

Well, actually, you've seen bigger.

Still, though, there are multiple puddles and piles of blood, viscera, shit, and piss all around the living room.

Attention immediately goes to the coffee table.

The box is laid on it's side.

On the floor.

The lid had been removed somehow.

Glass from the jar keeping the box sturdy shattered on the ground.

Look around to find bloody and shitty hoof tracks all around the apartment.

The kitchen, the living room, and even the hall connecting near the bathroom and the bedroom.

The smell is a bit overwhelming and have to gag a bit.

Look near the safe pen.

There are no babies.

At least, none that are living and/or are in one piece.

Food bowl, water bowl, and literbox are all spilled over.

Find a few tufts of colorful fluffy.

Sometimes find an eyeball or a missing limb.

Try to not step in shit as I keep looking for more 'evidence'.

Also be looking for Cheesecake.

She's too stupid to find a way out of the apartment, so it shouldn't be hard to find her.

As I look at all the gore and blood and shit smeared around my apartment, I speak out for the first time.

"Jesus fucking Christ," I say, feeling the back of my head, removing my hat.

Maybe the psychological experiment I tried on her was a bit too harsh.

Soon hear a soft sobbing noise coming from somewhere.

"Huu huu..."

Follow the noise and soon find Cheesecake.

Aparently, she knocked over a garbage can earlier and decided to try and hide in it.

A shame she's too fat, as her fat rear is poking out, leaving behind a puddle of urine.

Not even sure if she's aware I'm behind her.

Silently reach over and snatch her tail, yanking her out of the garbage can.


She squirms and fidgets around, crying even harder.

Cheesecake shits, but because she must've been doing a lot of that earlier, all that comes out is semi-hard shits that just leak all over her already blood and shit caked fluff.

There are glass shards in her hooves as well.

Must've stepping on broken glass while murdering and chasing her own young.

All the while she's wailing and babbling, chirping pathetically in an attempt to soften me up.

"Huu huu! Peep! D-daddeh nu huwt Cheesecake..! Nu gib bad upsies! Nu wan sowwy boxie!"

I've grown very tired of listening to her shit, to be honest.

It's no longer cute, especially knowing that she only cares for herself.

It's time to conclude this experiment and dispose of waste.

Decide to do the humane and ethical thing, at least.

Sigh and hold her in my arms, much like one would a rabbit.

She's still crying, but nuzzles into my arms, hiding her face.

"Huu huu...! Gib Cheesecake huggies, daddeh..! Daddeh su smawt! An'... an'.. daddeh bestest daddeh!" She continues on in between sobs.

I listen to her as I head towards my window.

Quietly open it, so thankfully she doesn't notice.

As she begins to calm down, I remove one hand from her, holding her in one arm.

Before she can say anything else, I do the humane and subtle technique of disposing something.

If you can call throwing the mare into the garbage dumpster down below subtle, that is.

She doesn't die right away, so the human approach was obviously a bit of a failure.

Cheesecake shrieks and cries louders as she lays motionless in the dumpster.

Must've knocked the wind out of her or broken her legs or something.

Shrug and close the window because that yelling is really getting on my nerves.

Turn back to look out in to the living room once more to see the mess.

Sigh and head to my room.

I'll clean it up tomorrow, it's late enough as it is.

After a shower, I head to my computer to type up the results of my experiment.

Out of everything gathered, it's obvious that a fluffy mare will love it's foals no matter what.

Of course, unless the foals are damaging the mare's own lifestyle and health.

Once the mare feels as though it's lost everything:

Love from it's owner, food source, shelter, comfort, etc.

They will do anything in their power to seek vengence on what's stopping them from getting those things.

In Cheesecake's case, it's her own foals.

Save document, close computer, and head to my bed.

Pass out and fall asleep.

Tomorrow's another day.


It's not fair.

It's just not fair.

You were the best fluffy and best momma in the whole world.

How could it have ended up like this?

With terrible hurties in your hoofies, leggies, and even worse hurties in your heart, you sob to yourself.

You lost everything because you lost your anger.


You lost it all due to those hellions.

Those multicolored hell-spawn you called your babies.

You just wanted to make daddeh happy again.

You wanted to be smart and make good decisions like him.

You were the one who learned how to make the box move, even with the heavy thingie on your sorry boxie.

You were the one who waited until it was darkie times to do so, so your children were asleep.

You were the one who got your sorry boxie to let you out after pounding on it relentlessly.

You huffed and stepped towards your napping children.

You felt visceral hatred for them, even as the shards of sharp glass pierced your hooves.

And then...

Everything went red.

You charged at your babies, scaring them and waking them up.

As you grabbed one in your mouth and began to tear it apart, limb from limb, the others ran.

Some right into the glass shards, one going a different direction.

They all cried and begged you to stop.

But you didn't.

You kept chasing them, seeking to bring vengence onto them for ruining your life.

You bit, tore, pounded, and decimated every single one of them.

They didn't deserve to run and play and have daddy's huggies.

They weren't the bestest momma in the whole world.

You are.

You were.

And now your reward is to lay here, unable to move for the rest of your life.

You don't smell pretty.

You hurt all over.

You're crying so hard you can hardly breathe.

Soon, as every other thought leaves, one stays behind.

It's the only one that seems to stay no matter how hard you try to get rid of it.

And soon you just start to believe it.

Your name is Cheesecake.

And you want to die.

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God_of_Fwuff: So here's the ending to a story I probably should've finished a month ago. Looking forward to coming up with more stories! I already have two stories in mind, so I'm hoping to get started on them soon, once work is out of the way. Thanks for sticking with me and for reading my shit.

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Dirtbiker989: Damn, glad it wasn't a quick and painless death.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: Well, while it was overall a great story, I kinda feel that some more psychological torture would be in order. It was infanticide after all. Then again, at the beginning it was stated that this guy is no abuser, so it was very consistant. Anyway, cool story, bro! Hope you'll make another one.
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Anonymous1: Ended too sudden for my taste. Would've liked more details. All the other chapters were great though. Congrats!
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Anonymous2: her death is a bit rushed IMO but great story !
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Anonymous3: I liked the story and am relieved that all the foals are dead. I feared that they might survive. More details - especially speech from the foals when their mother wents after them - would have been nice, though.
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Nuuu: @Anonymous: Was me.
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Anonymous4: Good work.
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Anonymous5: 16 dicks?
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Anonymous6: dank memes

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SargentBryDog: That ending. So damn powerful. Bravo good sir, bravo.
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