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Apples 'N' Oranges (Part 6 of the Apples story)
By Dirtbiker989

>You're Apples

>The last thing you remember is being crushed by your daddeh not loving you anymore, walking around, and letting meanie misters take you and your babbeh because you were too sleepy to do anything about it

>Then, you went into a vroom-munstah, and everything went dark

>Now you're starting to make wakies

>You don't know where you are

>Whatever you're on, it's cold, and you can see yourself whenever you look down!

>This place looks a lot like the vet's office, but darker and scarier!

>Some meanie misters walk in

>That's when you realize-

>YOUR BABBEH! Where's your lastest babbeh!?

>"Huu huu, whewe bab-AUUH!"

>You're immediately cut off when one of the meanie misters puts something not-taste-pretty in your mouthie!

>"Temperature normal."

>With the meanie not-taste-pretty thing gone, you decide to ask more firmly

>"Whewe am wastes ba-AUUUCK!"

>"That's it, just open wide and say 'ah'. 'Ah'."

>You try to mimic what he's saying, hoping it'll make him stop putting not-taste-pretty things in your mouthie

>He shines a light-stick in your mouthie, your hear-places, your smell-place, and even-

>GAH! He's pointing it at your see-places!

>"NU! See-pwace huwties! Nu wike, NU WIKE!"

>"Nurse, please restrain the Fluffy."

>"Right away, sir."

>Then, one of the hoomins you can't see, you think it's a mare, comes up from behind you and puts on these meanie brown sketties that make your leggies not work!

>"Pwease make weggies wowk 'gain nice hoomin!"

>They don't seem to listen to you

>"Good. Now, then. Did anyone get her height and weight?"


>"Oh, for the love of-! MARY, we're gonna have to udno her restraints! Get ready, boys. Once she knows her legs are free again, it'll be a wild ride."

>You hear some weird noises, and then...


>"Hold her still!"

>HA! Time to leave this place forever to find your lastest babbeh, and-

>And... and...

>And go to your daddeh that doesn't love you anymore... because you were such a bad Fluffy...

>Or live in the meanie outside...

>"Hey, she stopped resisting!"

>"Good, now get her height and weight and strap her back in before she gets her second wind, for God's sakes!"

>You feel the brown sketties giving your leggis really tight huggies again, and they stop working

>"Good, now we can check... the rest of her..."

>Not that you really care at the moment, you're just sad about your daddeh and your ba-

>"Now for a routine check of her genitals..."



>With new strength, you stretch yourself as far forward as you can and start giving worstest sorry-bities!

>"Why's she biting the air?"

>When you realize that you aren't giving sorry-bities and just looking like a dummeh, you stop




>Right, nothing's there...

>But you still hate this!

>"Alright, everything seems to check out here. She's good to replace the breeder-milkbag that croaked."

>You don't know what that is, but you don't like the sound of it one bit!

>"Here's what's gonna happen. We're gonna give her an IV with a salene solution, then a round of hormones, then another salene solution, then another round of hormones, then one more round of salene solution and hormones, then an anesthetic, so we can begin the operation."



>"MOTHER-! ...What good are restraints if the Fluffy can still do THAT?"




>He just gave you the sharp pointy-owwies! Now you taste something weird, even though you haven't nummed anything!

>This goes on for a while before the sharp pointy-owwies make you feel sleepy

>"WHEWE- WHE- wh- whewe- whewe... bah...beh...zzz...zzz..."

>Again, with no fight, you let yourself slip into darkness

>Though you didn't know that'd be the last time your see-places ever worked

>You're Smarty, and you-

>Well, you don't know how you feel

>You're angry because you spent your last moments before taking forever sleepies telling a dummeh mare why she's such a fluffin' dummeh

>And you're kinda sad that you're gonna take forever sleepies

>But you're also scared because the human holding your boxie dropped you! You have some hurties, but you're fine

>And now you're starting to feel good because you might not actually take forever sleepies

>You heard a lot of sounds outside of the forever-sleepies room you're in

>It sounded like a lot of humans fighting, and Fluffies screaming!

>You decided not to leave this room, where you're safe

>A few Fluffies ran out immediately, but they all got stompies

>Now that most of the Fluffies that don't have hurties are up and talking, they're planning to run

>Then, all of a sudden, you see white stuff slowly pushing along outside the room, almost like those white things in the sky

>One of the Fluffies screams "WUN!", and every Fluffy begins to scramble

>You think about joining them and leaving in the not-sky-things where the humans can't see you, then-


>All of the Fluffies that are in the white not-sky-things start huu-huuing about not being able to make breathies, and they fall down, all taking forever sleepies

>You shout "WAI'!"

>Most of the Fluffies stop

>"Nu weave hewe! Ow 'ou take fowebah sweepies!"

>All of them called you a dummeh or said "Nu cawe!", but they all stopped making breathies and took forever sleepies, too

>It's just you in the room now, and the white not-sky-things are coming in!

>You'll take forever sleepies unless-


>If it's the white not-sky-things that make Fluffies take forever sleepies, you just need to not be in them!

>You see that they're low down, and if you can be above them, you'll be fine! You're so smart!

>You slowly struggle onto your boxie that fell down

>Uh oh, this still won't be enough

>You notice that the burnie-forever-sleepies thing behind you has not-sketty things coming out of it

>You jump over to one of those, and when you realize you're starting to slip, you give it biggest huggies!

>The white not-sky-things are right below you, and it's really scary!

>You don't know how long you'll be able to stay up, when-



>A bunch of scary humans in all black not-fluff come in!

>You assume they'll give you forever sleepies when-

>"Holy shit... Guys, we've got a survivor!"

>Huh? They're not gonna give you forever sleepies after all? HOORAY!

>"The Fluffy was smart enough to avoid the tear gas!"

>Well, duh! It's in the name!

>You decide not to say that out loud or act like a dummeh smarty, remembering your toughie, who tried doing this and immediately took forever sleepies

>Then, out of nowhere, you were given bad upsies, so you screamed!


>However, remembering that you're the bestest smarty, you stopped and never looked at any of the hoomins, remaining silent until they took you outside

>That's where you saw it

>Lots of hoomins being held back by hoomins in blue not-fluff saying "Move back! Nothing to see here!"

>But closer to you were lots of other hoomins, some of which you knew from the shelter

>A lot of them looked like they had owwies, and they were making sad wawas

>Some hoomins in white not-fluff would come by and put stuff in their red see-places, and then they'd be less sad

>You also saw LOTS of Fluffies

>The ones that didn't take forever sleepies were screaming and crying like real dummehs

>It was all "BUWNIES" this and "WAN' HUWTIES-GU-WAY WAWA" that

>If they listened to you and stayed away from the meanie white not-sky-things, they wouldn't be huu-huu'ing about worstest hurties right now

>Dummehs, dummehs, dummehs

>You were set down infront of some more hoomins in black not-fluff

>"Are you serious?"

>"Yep. He managed to get above the tear gas in time and has hardly made a peep since."

>"You know, we could use him on the force. Fluffies can testify in court, sneak past humans, fit in small spaces, and get tortured little kids to talk. And if this one is as smart and well-behaved as you say, we could get great use out of him."

>The scary-looking hoomin turned to you, and you almost made scardey-peepees, but you couldn't let him know you were scared

>"How's about it? You wanna become a SWAT Fluffy? We'll give you a free house, free food, and all you have to do is sneak around."

>You thought about it

>It seemed good to have a housie and nummies just for doing what you always used to do, but your mind was set



>"Nu. Smawty nu can. Smawty nee' be smawty fo' hewds outside. Dey dummehs. If dey hab dummeh smawties dat twy to gib huwties to big scawy hoomins, dey aww gon' take fowebah sweepies. Nee' sabe dummeh Fwuffies fwom dummeh Fwuffies."

>"Wow, that's... that's actually very smart of you to say."

>"Smawty knu, Smawty am smawty. An' am gud smawty, nu dummeh."

>"Well then, you go be a leader."

>With that, you left, feeling lots of heart happies as you walked into the big grassies

>After that bright time, you never really saw any hoomins again

>And you're happy that you didn't

>You're Apples

>Everything is super darkies

>That's all it has been since you breathed the sleepy-air

>Since then you never saw your lastest babbeh

>But he isn't your lastest babbeh anymore

>When you woke up but couldn't see, the first thing you remembered was getting bad special huggies from a meanie stallion!

>He didn't even talk or play, he just called you a dummeh and enfed you!

>You were really saddies after that, but once you felt your tummeh babbehs, you were really happy again!

>Once they came, they'd give you bestest huggies and make everything better and you'd be able to go with them and leave this meanie place forever!

>But when you made biggest poopies, you were really sad because you didn't have leggies and couldn't give your babbehs licksey-cleanies

>You could hear them making peeps behind you, and that gave you worstest heart-hurties when you couldn't do anything

>Then a hoomin came by and took them!

>You wanted to tell him to give them back but instead you got mouthie-hurties and the meanie tube in your mouthie pushed more no-taste nummies into your mouthie

>Later on, you felt something at your milkie places

>Something was drinking all your milkies!

>You wanted to tell the dummeh milkie-stealer not to steal your babbehs' milkies, but you couldn't move or talk

>In fact, you didn't know where your babbehs were

>Those could've even BEEN your babbehs, but you'd never know!

>But the things that took your milkies didn't feel like babbehs at all

>They weren't warm or wet, they just sucked your milkies away

>That happened again and again several times

>Now, you just sit and wait for the bad special huggies to be done

>When you have biggest poopies, you just try not to hear your babbehs peeping, because then your heart has less hurties

>And when you feel things taking your milkies, even if they feel nothing like babbehs, you just think about them being your babbehs, giving you bestest huggies and playing with you

>But that doesn't mean the saddies are all gone

>No, far from that

>Every time you're given upsies and moved to another place where you can smell another Fluffy, you always get excited at first, thinking it's a new friend that'll give you huggies and make everything better

>But every time you just get called a "Dummeh enfie-miwkie-baggie-mawe" and you get worstest special huggies

>Oh yeah, special huggies

>They used to be great, and they used to be full of love, and it was the closest you ever were with your special friend

>You loved them because it meant good feels and bestest tummeh babbehs

>Now it just means you get hurties, you're called meanie namesies, and you get tummeh babbehs that you'll never see or even keep!

>Now, every time a stallion goes in and smells your special place, you just get worstest scardies and saddies

>You don't feel maddies anymore

>You know that you can't do anything about the meanie special huggies, the babbehs being taken away from you, or the maybe-milkie-stealers, so why be maddies?

>You mostly just feel saddies because you really miss your daddeh!

>But you know he doesn't love you anymore

>He told you that because you were a bad Fluffy

>You still are, and it's why you're here

>Because you're nothing but bad

>Hey guys, it's Ben again!

>Even managed to make my introduction rhyme! I'm already on a roll!

>Anyways, after the whole riot, things just kinda went downhill for the shelter

>Between the shit economy, the huge debt of the average Fluffy mill (like ours), and the forever-controversial backstory that would forever plague the name "Happy Hoofsies Giving Huge Huggies Shelter", HHGHHS decided to close its doors permanently and take a wrecking ball to the place

>If it isn't being turned into parking spaces, it's being turned into condos, because that's just the way it goes now

>People like me who never really instigated anything were given cards with the address to the nearby Fluffcorp Fluffy mill, along with the message "See you on Monday at 8 a.m."

>The massive Fluffy breeding corporation has stirred up our very violent local PETA group, but I'm just happy to have a job

>I walk into the mill and I'm immediately greeted by a man in a yellow shirt, black tie, red vest, and khakis

>"Hello," I say as he gives me a very firm handshake

>"You must be from the old shelter," he says


>"Well, allow me to show you the ropes."

>With that, I followed him through a set of double-doors, leading out of the front office setting and into the massive Fluffy warehouse setting

>"Impressive, ain't it," my new boss said, noticing me as I looked around in awe


>"Well, here we are. This is where you'll be working."

>"Cool. What do I do?"

>"It's all simple, really. We're paying you good money to simply walk around and keep tabs on everything. Do inventory, update billboards, you know, that kinda stuff."

>He then gave me a tour of my work area

>"Here's a random Fluffy pen. It's pretty much the exact same for every other pen here. Anyways, first, here's your whiteboard."

>He motioned to a whiteboard under the pen door that had four sections on it, each a different color

>Red was "Descriptions", which gave basic descriptions/measurements for the foals, blue was "Temperament/Personality", green was "Weaned (Y/N)", and black was "Reason for Discipline"

>"These are pretty easy to follow. 'Descriptions' includes height/weight, color, and type of Fluffy, 'Temperament/Personality' just tells you whether or not it's happy and social, 'Weaned', well, obviously... and 'Reason for Discipline' is why it's been punished."

>As I looked up and down the rows, I noticed that, among other things, the reasons for discipline ranged from a simple sticking out of the tongue to failed elaborate attempts to rape, kill, and hurt as many as possible before escaping the facility

>"Huh," I said, "this place is nothing like in the movies and documentaries."

>"How so?"

>"Well, it isn't as depressing or industrial. Everything's well-lit and colorful, all the Fluffies get regular, loving attention from the humans, and I don't see a milkbag anywhere. Just artifical teats."

>At that last remark, he laughed

>"Of COURSE there aren't any milkbags visible! Foals HATE them!"

>"Really? After all those documentaries and stories, I thought they wouldn't mind them..."

>"PLEASE, we're talking about animals that go berserk at the sight of a Fluffy with both a horn AND wings. Do you REALLY think those tiny little scared-by-all foals would happily drink milk from something with tubes running all throughout it that has no eye, legs, or voice?"

>"You have a point there."

>"We USED to have milkbags out in the open, but we stopped after an entire foal pen organized and committed a mass-suicide."

>"So absolutely NO foals like milkbags?"

>"Let me show you something." He then led me behind the pens and opened up a metal latch behind one of the cages

>"In the space between the cages in the front and these little doors in the back lie... *click* VOILA! Milkbags for each pen. Their milk is harvested and sucked into those artificial teats, which the foals drink from. But that's not all."

>Something about the milkbag he pulled out seemed to give you deja vu

>You couldn't put your finger on it

>Perhaps it was a Fluffy you knew at the shelter? Perhaps it was...

>It was that one domestic Fluffy! Who was she again? Apples?

>Yeah, that's it! He just pulled that little insufferable bitch Apples out of the MILKBAG CAGE!

>"Karma sucks, don't it, Apples?"

>"Ah, so I see you two have met."

>"Yep, back at the shelter. She was a case."

>"Small world. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. Let's just put her in this empty pen here and... alright. Look, uh..."


>"Right. Look, Ben. I'll be right back, I've gotta go pick up a worker Fluffy. Sit tight."

>"Got it."

>He then ran off and I waited and waited in silence with the litte brat not 3 away from me

>If she weren't shuddering and crying from the gauze wrap around her eyes, I would've sworn she'd died

>"Sucks, don't it? You had it all. A warm home, a loving daddy, I'll betcha you even had all the delicious kibble, even spaghetti, you could ever eat. So what made it all go south? Ah, right. If I had one guess, it would be BABIES."

>She started to shudder more

>"Guess I was right. BABIES. You gambled EVERYTHING you ever had or would have had for some bite-sized screeching shitballs, and what became of that?"


"No answer? What's the matter, cat got your tongue? HA! But seriously. All you've got is the one baby that survived the shelter, if he even made it this far, and as for you? You lost your legs, your vocal cords, your eyes, your daddy, and probably any remaining hope you ever had. Just for a couple 'babies' that didn't even survive two months."

>The fat tears really started to roll down her cheeks at that point

>Her mouth even opened and closed slowly

>If she could speak, she'd definitely be wailing

>That's what you get for shitting everywhere and making my coffee go cold, bitch

>As I indulged in her sorrow, the boss came back with an adolescent green colt in his hands

>"Look. I'm about to show you the deep level of fear, even hatred, Fluffies can have towards milkbags. See this guy here? This is her son."

>"Huh, so I guess he did make it."

>You're Apples, and you're sad! And terrified!

>You just heard the scary noisie behind you, which means-

>AAAH! It means you get bad upsies and you're taken to the meanie bad special huggies place

>But maybe this time... it REALLY won't be bad?

>No... you know now that it's always going to be scary and bad...

>But as you wait and wait and wait for the bad enfies to come, you hear a hoomin

>This hoomin sounds familiar


>It might be...

>It's the shelter hoomin!

>You're about to beg him to get you out of this place, but-

>But you remember that you can't make talkies at all

>And you remember how much of a meanie you were to him, so he obviously wouldn't help you, even if you COULD ask him to

>Then, he started saying a bunch of REALLY meanie things, and it made you super saddies!

>But they were all true, so that just made you MORE saddies

>Then, you heard another hoomin coming

>This is it, time for the bad, scary special huggies

>He puts the Fluffy in your pen

>But it smells...

>It smells nice, it smells... friendly...

>You can't quite put your finger on it...

>"See, this here is her own foal. The only one she's actually met, at least in this mill. We put him to work as a newborn foal sorter. They know each-other personally, at a deep level, even, but watch this... Hey, Fruit, wanna see your momma again?"


>"Yay! Mummah! Fwoot finawwy see mummah 'gain! Fank 'ou nice mistah! Wan' see mummah nao!"

>He still sounds and smells the same!

>"There she is, right over there! Go on, go up to her and say hi!"

>You love him so much! You can't wait to get bestest huggies from him to make everything better and run away from this meanie place forever and even give these meanies bad hurties and...

>*Sniff* *sniff*

>And... and...


>"Dis nu am mummah..."


>"Yes it is. Go on, this is it! Your big reunion! Tell her how much you love her."



>No no NO!

>"Mummah am scawy nao. Nu wike munstah mummah nu mowe..."

>No. not-lastest babbeh! PLEASE!

>You LOVE lastest babbeh! Why doesn't he love YOU?

>"Nice mistah pwease take Fwoot back to babbeh pwace? Wan' make tawkies wif fwiends dewe 'gain."

>"Okay, if you insist."

>What? Now he's taking your not-lastest babbeh away!


>But, no matter how hard you try, you can't tell your not-lastest babbeh to come back and that you're not a munstah and that you love him

>Why doesn't he love you anymore?

>Maybe it's because...

>Because you really are a munstah...

>"Tough break, Apples. Seeing you like this, it's hard to think of you as the well-groomed, beautiful domestic Fluffy who once had it all from when we first met. Time really does a number on you when you're a bitch, huh? Just like Sylvia from high school."

>The shelter hoomin might be right, but he doesn't have to be such a meanie about it!

>He gives you upsies and puts you back in your place where you get the meanie not-nummies tube in your mouthie, the bad tube in your poopie place, and the not-babbehs that steal your milkies

>He's even more rough than the other hoomin that takes you back after you have bad special huggies

>But this gives so many more hurties

>You make lots of sad wawas for what seems like forever

>You make them because of Fruit, you make them because of daddeh, you make them because of the bad special huggies, you make them for the babbehs you never get to love, play with, or give licksey-cleanies and huggies, and you make them for the not-babbehs that take your milkies, and probably don't even give them to your babbehs

>But you make all these sad wawas for one reason much bigger than the rest

>You know of it

>You most certainly, positively, absolutely...

>You wan' die

>But you know you can't, because you will always get not-nummies, you can't do it in any wawas, and you can't run to any scary bad places that are bad for Fluffies because you have no leggies

>And the more you think about not being able to do it, well...

>It just makes you wan' die more

>Hey, it's me again

>It's been a while, hasn't it?

>You know, when Apples showed up in our lives unexpectedly and threw everyone for a loop

>It's been a long time, in fact

>Jerry wasn't expecting that kind of reuinion with his horrible mother, so he was REALLY messed up for the next week or so

>But I just think of it as another nail in the "you're lucky to be loved because you're a brown foal, so behave or be abused" coffin

>So Jerry has been on his best behavior ever since, and Oranges is able to live out her dream of being a mother for the rest of her life

>Apples has probably died, but I don't wanna let Jerry know that

>Even though he's been acting like a model Fluffy without needing to be disciplined, his tormented early childhood is good to have on backup, just in case

>But, with Apples out of the picture, life has only been good

>Jerry and Oranges are happily playing with the paper and crayons I bought them today, because it's a special occasion

>Another surprise in store for them is that their friends from the Fluffy park, Nana and Blueberry, are gonna be coming over any minute now for a surprise visit

>And what's in it for me, the one who's about to have four Fluffies running around?

>Nana and Blueberry's owner, Diana

>She and I have been going strong now for the past few months

>In fact, she's even about to move in!

>Yup, I'd say things are going perfectly right now-

>"We interrupt your program to bring you a breaking development. The nearby Fluffy mill, owned by Fluffycorp Industries, is currently under attack by radicals that officials are labeling a terrorist group. There have been reports of assault and battery, use of deadly weapons, and even some explosions. As of now there have been 13 confirmed casualties and 24 confirmed injuries, but the attack is not over yet. As you can see, police have completely surrounded the building by now as workers flee from the facility in droves. The attackers are believed to be associated with PETA."

>What the fuck?

>You turn up the TV to be sure you didn't just have an aneurysm

>"Though this seems to be a one-off attack, a Civil Danger Warning has been put in effect, which is why you may have heard the Emergency Alert System activate recently on your TV or radio. All residents are urged to stay indoors at this time until the all-clear is given. All large office buildings, kill shelters, and breeder mills are also urged to evacuate for the safety of their employees. We will keep you updated live for more details."

>Startled, you let out a very audible "Oh shit!"

>This sends your Fluffies into a mini-panic as they drop their crayons and skitter over to you

>"Wha' happen, daddeh?"

>"Wha' am wong? Wai hab scawdies?"

>"It's... *sigh* it's nothing. Just, just go back to the other room."

>"Am daddeh suwe?"

>"Ugh... yes."

>"Oh... otay."

>They start to slowly shuffle off


>They stop and look back at me

>"Everything's fine."

>With a smile and some head scratches, Jerry and Oranges pick up their moods again and scamper off of the other room to resume scribbling



>"Someone am hewe! Someone am hewe!"

>As soon as they entered, Jerry and Oranges skittered right back out of the playroom and up to the front door

>Upon looking through the window next to the door, both Fluffies squealed in delight

>"Nana an' bwuebewwy! NANA AN' BWUEBEWWY! Daddeh, come quick! It am NANA AN' BWUEBEWWY!"

>"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming, don't have a heart attack."

>I open the door, and Diana immediately distracts me from the two Fluffies dashing inside and group-hugging Jerry and Oranges like they'd just won the World Series

>"Uh, heh... hey, Diana..."

>"Hey yourself."

>"You look..."

>"I know."

>"So, how's the moving going?"

>"Great! I only have one box left. I should be ready to go this Friday."

>With that, she leaned in, kissed me on the cheek, and walked inside

>"Man, you STILL blush."

>That just makes your red-hot face get even worse

>"It really does get cuter each time!"

>She then walks into the living room and greets the excited Fluffies

>"Well then, let's not waste time! Alright, Nana, Blueberry, Oranges, Jerry."

>"Yus daddeh?"

>"Yus nice mistah?"

>"Go into the kitchen, we're gonna have SKETTY!"


>"'Ou heaw dat, fwiend? We gon' num SKETTIES!"

>"That's not all," Diana added, "we're also gonna have CAKE!"

>I'm surprised the Fluffies didn't explode as they all mad-dashed into the kitchen

>Yeah, things are still perfect

>And it's days like today that really remind me of that trip to the vet so long ago

>I still remember that cold night

>I'd recently dropped Apples off at the shelter, and I didn't know the first thing about raising a foal

>He'd been running a really high fever, and I brought him in at 11 at night to get him checked out

>Everything was okay, Jerry had been prescribed some medicine and I was given a pamphlet all about how to raise an orphaned foal, and Jerry was set to make a full recovery

>But this was also the night I learned that Jerry would be small forever

>Not just that, but that he'd also be lucky to see the age of six months

>But today?

>Today, he just turned one

>And he can do anything...

Hey everybody! Hope you liked my ending! Glad I could wrap everything up into a neat little bow as much as I could and finish everyone's stories. Don't know when my next multi-parter will be, mostly due to a lack of time, motivation, and ideas. So there'll just be more one-offs and such in the near future from me. See you!



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Dirtbiker989: Here I am with the sequel of the story, and only a month too late! Yes, just as you've all moved on, I come in and hit you with another story, as is my style!

But, I digress. I thought of an extra part to the very ending of this ending, but I didn't want to risk putting it in. However, I could re-upload this story with the added ending. Vote here by 4/26/17 before 5 p.m. CST

Some things to note before voting:

-I already have it typed out and saved in another document, ready to be copy/pasted if requested, so you won't have to wait another month before it gets up. In fact, if it's voted in and all goes well, I'll have the story up by the time the poll closes, on 4/26.

-It's gonna have feels

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Arazur: Is that a jellyverse reference I see in there?

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TitanFluff: Good ending, apples' forever torment is perfect, until Peta has to go and fuck things up again.. I'm hopeful that she was either killed or at least horribly maimed by one of the explosions.

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TitanFluff: @Dirtbiker989: ha, you should do the she know what you did last summer as a spin-off either way

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SoyBean: From the creator of Apples n Oranges
*More explosions*
"Gah! Why am I tied to this chair!!?"
>Out of the darkness,came Apples with cybernetic implants
Coming to you next Summer!
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Anonymous1: Nice work but now I kind of want to hear about the terrorist peta fags. How would society react to neckbeards like that?