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Konoha Deals With Fluffies
By KazumiTheSmarty

First story,advice please,all kinds of criticism welcome

>Be Shisui Uchiha
>You just came out of the shower
>You reach for your towel but instead you pick up a weird fluffy green and blue thing
>it yells “Dummeh hoomin,dis smawty wand nao!”
>You are instantly tempted to shove a brush up its ass for some reason,but you pick it up (Scree!Bad upsies!)and teleport into the living room where Itachi is playing with Sasuke
>You ask him if he’s seen this creature before
>”Oh,just a fluffy po-SASUKE GET AWAY FROM THAT!”
>”Smawty gib dummeh hoomin babbeh sowwy poopies!”
>itachi turns 50 shades of red

>be Aquamarine,bestest smarty
>that dummy hoomin babbeh got too close,you taught him a le-OWWWWIIIIIEEEEESSS!!!!!
>”Fire Style:Fireball Jutsu!”

>Be shisui again
>Itachi went insane after the “fluffy” pooped on sasuke’s face
>It’s time for an extra ingredient boiiiiiii
>WAIT what YOuR EyeS
>Why IS ItaCHi wEARinG THaT
>you’re never using Kotoamatsukami agaiiiiiiiiiii-are you falling?

>be fluffy
>you don’t have a namie or leggies or anything
>all you have is pain
>oh goodness why are those meanie fishie---CHIRP
>why is-wandie-every-wandie-fluffy s-wandie-o mean-wandie-ie to yo-wandie-u

>be sasuke
>you smell the worst thing you’ve ever smelled in your life

>be Iruka
>Hinata is crying because a fluffy shit on her
>be Naruto
>a fluffy pooped on your best friend Hinata
>time to die
>you grab a kunai and the unsuspecting purple and yellow stallion
>”NU HUWT FWU-gargle”
>stray dog comes to you,barks twice
>you toss him the corpse.
>once you are hokage you will kill every single fluffy

>be Kisame
>fucking a fluffy up the ass cuz why not

>Be Neji

>Hinata made you a cake
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Anonymous1: For a first story, it's not that bad. I don't really understand the Naruto references, nor do I like them that much, but the gist of the tale is pretty clear. I feel like you could maybe flesh out the fluffies themselves a bit more(after all, this is fluffybooru, not Narutobooru!), and make the abuse a lil more colorful description-wise. All in all, not too shabby.
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KazumiTheSmarty: @Anonymous: Thanks for the advice!The next one should have more abuse,I made this as a sort of test.
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Anonymous2: Cancer. This is fucking a class cancer. Fucking narutofags

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guodzilla: ????um......
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Anonymous3: You are a disappointment
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Anonymous4: Jesus I couldn't even read more than one paragraph, some bullshit anime fag garbage
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Anonymous5: The cringe...
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Anonymous6: Fucking get outta here narutard. Nobody wants ya kind around here pal. Damn fuckin weebs.
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Anonymous7(6): And nust gonna float this one out there guy,naruto is a shitty cartoon too.

Watch some better tv fuckface!
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Anonymous8: Ignore the asshat axons who want the borough to stagnate, good first try keep it up!

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JellyBellenheimer: @Anonymous: stop baiting by encouraging this shit faggot

@kazumithesmarty Naruto? A fucking naruto green text styled garbage shitpost? Do you not fucking feel shame when producing this hyper cringey faggotry? Let alone the shame you should feel from submitting this filth?

Seriously i cant tell if you are fluffygod feeling "inspired" ro write after watching anime.... that is how bad this fucking is, that i cant differentkate you from fluffygod/tobec.
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Anonymous9: Tl;dr version

Naruto and sasuke are here, other characters from the cartoon sre introduced.

Handsigns and shurikens

Abuse no jutsu

Yaoi, because OP is gay

The end.

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UltraKek: What is this weeb shit
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Anonymous10: yeah the booru hates everything close to anime (rightfully IMO) so .... yeah ... try something with less anime next time but don't give up!

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JellyBellenheimer: @Anonymous: hates anime, but loves filthy frank.

Kazumi, do filthy frank if you feel like.
Or do a attack on titans tribute, where instead of them living in a world filled with titans, its just giant fluffies.

These fluffies drove humanity to near extinction with sorry hoofsies and ginornous bad poopies. And a bunch of the colossal smarty broke down the walled city with sorry poopies, before a bunch of giant fluffies came in all "gif poopie widdo hoomins sowwy hoofsies"


"Do hoomin wan huggies an be nyu tiny daddie?"

"Tiny hoomin wan pway huggie tag wif babbeh?"

Noooo! Get away!
Oh god its crushing meee- *crunch*

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JellyBellenheimer: And then when the humans flying around on trees on their grappling hooks to cut down titan fluffies it goes something like this.

"Gasp! Wook babbeh, hoomin come on fwyin sketti machine to give huggies an pway-" *slice*
"Screeeeeeeee! Wowstest huwties!!a hoomin mustah!!! *pbbbbbt*"

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Anonymous11(2): @KazumiTheSmarty: You should be ashamed for this cringe compilation you created, this is just not right, not right man.....
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Anonymous12(2): @JellyBellenheimer: attack on titans is even gayer and dumber than naruto man...........
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Anonymous13(2): All anime is gay and fake except Berserk. Berserk is just fake.
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PeppermintParchment: Kisame x Fluffy is my OTP

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Wangew_Wick: The plot and ending of Naruto were two of my life's greatest disappointments. The fact that I actually read all 700 chapters of Naruto is one of its greatest embarrassments.

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UltraKek: @Anon13 Hey, fuck you! Jojo might be fake, but it most certainly is not ga-

Actually, scratch that...it kind of is.
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PeppermintParchment: @Wangew_Wick: I was one of the biggest weebs in middle school for Naruto. I had posters, mini plush chibi figures, headbands, purses,tee shirts,buttons, nearly all the Naruto paraphernalia a thirteen year old girl could afford. I loved it,it was my life, I even wrote cringy online quizzes for it.

However,the series SUCKED after the Sasori arc in Shippuden. I gave up on it. That's how bad Naruto started to suck.

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Wangew_Wick: @PeppermintParchment: "in middle school"

The anime began in 2002, you young whippersnapper. :)
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PeppermintParchment: @Wangew_Wick: I'm only 21,haha :P

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JellyBellenheimer: @Anonymous: i have a confession... i barely know anything about attack on titan. All i know is there are giants, people get eaten for some reason, oh and there is a dude named aaron and him and his pals also scream like they are mid taking a hemorrhoidal pineconey shit

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JellyBellenheimer: @Anonymous: anyways i apologize if i made it appear that i was doing anything else than making fun of that cartoon.
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KazumiTheSmarty: @Anonymous: Lol
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KazumiTheSmarty: @Anonymous: Sorry :P
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KazumiTheSmarty: @JellyBellenheimer: If you think i care you are sadly mistaken.:)
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KazumiTheSmarty: @Wangew_Wick: I actually just started shippuden.You are not alone in sharing the mixture of cringy filth and somewhat decent anime
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ProctorBanway: @KazumiTheSmarty: um k.... good try kid.

But let me get real with you kid.

But youre just repeatin to this guy, stuff that the mods and everyone told you.

You got a little butthurt at this guy, and insteada getting under his skin, youre judt encouragin that guy to keep goin, because youre showin him you got your jimmy allitle rustled at what hes sayin.

Your tryin to hard at being some unapologetic fuck, and i get it, the mods and everyone here hurt ya feelins, but insteada bein a little girl about it, how bout ya grow uo and take a hike from the booru kiddo?

your posts are unadulterated plagiarized dumbfuckery, doesbt always equal good trolling tactics. Your just baiting me into simply facepalming at the abject failure of the lack of proper cognitive abilities within you.

You are also trying to bait the user whom you childishly had earlier tried to mock events in her life, with petty attacks on 8chan that didnt work in your favor. bait the mods with such silly methods.

I understand how you are mad at the entire booru, given that a whole website pointed their fingers in laughter and scorn towards you. Youre feeling the need to get back at them, but you are having less success at revenge than John Alvin Caulder did after his ban.

Its a cry for help on your part, abd the booru? Well its not going to lift a finger to help you.

You need to relax with this retardery, everyday, it seems you work hard at out tarding yourself since your last post. Once you realize the futility of your efforts and decide to lay your grudge to rest, things will get easier for you. But i am going out on a limb here and assuming you actually have a chance at a decent life.

If you are trapped and alone at home because of some cognitive impairment, then it makes sense why you seemingly act like you have nowhere better to be..
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PeppermintParchment: @KazumiTheSmarty: Ignore @ProctorBanway: he literally just copy and pasted another insult (that was actually directed towards him,I believe) to your post,not really sure why. Trying to start trouble I assume.
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ProctorBanway: @PeppermintParchment: You are an idiot. Prove it.
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PeppermintParchment: @ProctorBanway: Nah,I'm not taking your bait. If anyone's curious they can scroll through the history of comments for today and see for themselves.
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DickwolfPrime: @PeppermintParchment: I saw that earlier too. What's really sad is that this is Benway trying his best. This is all he's capable of.

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ProctorBanway: @Wangew_Wick: You see this tryhard bullshit? These kids were playing D&D in the library during lunch while real dudes like you and me were smoking pot behind the cafeteria.
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DickwolfPrime: @ProctorBanway: Get on my level.
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Anonymous14: @ProctorBanway: k
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Anonymous15: Even without all the Jap cartoon bullshit, this is bad in every way possible. I'm not going to waste my time writing a critique, because the best advice I can give you is to just stop trying to write fluffy stories. You can't even write a paragraph.
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Anonymous16: kys fagget
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Anonymous17: Goddamned weebs.

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JellyBellenheimer: @DickwolfPrime: he is just copy pastaing other people remarks mindlessly, he is just a shallow troll bot set on 15-year-old-spaz-trolling-newgrounds-mode, he has no idea whay he is saying anylonger, we broke him, and he cant leave, he is the tortured wandering spirit of the benway account, unable to moved, trapped in the spirit realm, a no doubt damned to relive his most humiliating sorry dickings by the hands of the dickwolves on here. A pitiful vengeful spirit never able to let go, and move towards the light.

Its best we leave him to suffer alone in the world of the wraiths. His suffering will be eased one he accepts the dickwolf uruk-hai, will never feel remorse for torturing the autistic tark.

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JellyBellenheimer: poor tortured little benway.

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JellyBellenheimer: @Anonymous: ive eaten alphabets cereal hungover and puked out better literature, the kid can still learn. No more of this mixing cartoon characters nonesense. Its like me writing about fucking hugboxing anthro loving decepticons lead by fluffygodscream and russian hugboxatron having to constantly be thwarted by the abuser autobots lead by optimus ginger_fig or dickwolf prime and UltraBumbleKek.

Its just cancer.

Kazumi, read terranrp2's Discovery Series and darryljs Sweet Fluffy stories for some inspiration.

Make your own characters.
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KazumiTheSmarty: @ProctorBanway: what are you even saying....?

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gr1m_1: See the word Uchihaha
>Oh boy you better believe it
>Believe it
>Believe it
>Believe it
>Believe it
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