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The first thing you can remember is hitting something cold. Then, you heard her voice. You are pretty sure it was your mummuh. You weren't sure why, but you knew you had to get to her. But you couldn't get to her. You chirped for her but still couldn’t get to her. Then, mummuh’s voice started getting quieter. You aren't sure why until you realized you started moving away from her. You didn't mean to, but no matter what you did, mummuh kept getting quieter, and you kept moving away.

Then, you hit something. It kind of hurt, but after a second, you noticed it was warm and soft. It made you feel hungry. Then you realized you could still hear mummuh. You couldn't understand her and she didn't sound like she did before. Her voice seemed scared, and that made you scared. You chirped for help, tried to get back to her, but nothing you could do got you any closer.

Then, something grabbed you. You panicked. You felt your tummy and rear end hurt. You didn't know what to call it but you felt something come out. You chirped louder as it scared you, but then you felt a little better. You were still being held down, though, and it kind of hurt.

Whatever was grabbing you started moving something cold all over you. And you could feel something press your tummy and you felt more stuff come out of you. After a long time, the cold thing stopped touching you and the thing that grabbed you let you go. Then you started moving again. What was that? It was so scary.

OH NO! You can't hear mummuh no more! You were so scared before, but now things are terrible. You chirp loudly for her. Call out. But... All you can hear is... Other chirping? Bwudduhs? Sistuhs?

You are still moving. Why? How? You are not trying to. And you are pretty sure your little thingies aren't doing it. But you don't feel as scared now. If other bwudduhs and sistuhs are here, then something good must be taking you.

That's when you hear a loud noise. It scares you terribly. Lots of noise. Your bwudduhs and sistuhs all chirp loudly, too. So you join in. Someone has to hear you all. You need help! Where is your mummuh? Why isn't she helping you?

Suddenly, you drop onto another cold thing. Then, another something grabs you, but this time it hurt a lot more. And was also cold. It spins you around and then you feel a sharp pain in your rear end. You chirp as loud as you can. It hurt so badly! Was this what your bwudduhs and sistuhs were chirping at?

You move some more. The chirping from your bwudduhs and sistuhs continue, but then you realize, some of them seem to have gotten quieter. You can still hear them, but not as well. Then, you realize the chirps are getting suddenly louder, then quieter. Like something is scaring them and taking them away.

You can tell where it is happening. Where the chirping gets louder, then quieter. It all happens at the same place. Only, it is getting closer. Or maybe, you are getting closer to the place all your bwudduhs and sistuhs are chirping suddenly louder. It must be terrible. Why else would they be so scared!

You're getting closer! Your bwudduh or sistuh in front of you chirps horrifically! You don't know what to do! You try to move away. Your little thingies push but it is no use.

The floor drops from underneath you and you let out the loudest chirp you can! Then, your head hits a hard edge. It hurts so badly. You can feel something come out your nose. But wait... Suddenly, it is harder to hear everyone. You can still make out, but... The noise is all coming from above you now.

You try to move around but there is something hard all around you. You try to get up, but you can't grab onto anything. You start to chirp again. But nobody comes to help.

That's when you hear a loud, *PHUNK*. Now, it is MUCH harder to hear your bwudduhs and sistuhs. You can hear their chirps, but only the ones closest to you.

You chirp some more. You don't know what else to do. Then you realize you are still moving. Suddenly, the thing around you turns and you tumble onto your side. But it isn't so bad, you can feel something soft under you and it kind of smells good. It calms you a little bit.

Your moving stops, and then you suddenly get abruptly moved somewhere else. That's when you hear your bwudduhs and sistuhs again, much clearer, but not as clear as before. They seem closer. You don't know what you feel now. You are still scared, but the fact they are closer makes you feel better. And the soft thing under you makes you a little calmer, too.

That's when you realize. You are hungry. All this chirping and crying has made you forget about it, until now. It also seemed to have made you forget to smell. Because now you can smell something sweet. It... It is coming from behind you. You turn around and crawl just a little ways. It was close. That's good, you are so tired.

You start to poke around for where that smell is coming from and it hits you. In the face, something soft but firm. You don't know why, but you know you need to put your mouth on it. It fits perfectly in your mouth. You start to swallow what comes out. It tastes so good. It is perfect. You suddenly don't feel so upset. Everything is much better now. You don't even care about the chirping that has slowly died down around you.


You wake up with a jolt. The thing around you is moving again, and roughly. You roll around, bash into the thing that gave you good nummies, then back at the other end which is nothing but a hard surface. Suddenly, the moving stops. And you can hear all your bwudduhs and sistuhs again.

You start to chirp with them, again. It didn't help you before, but maybe it is different this time. Maybe mummuh is able to help now.

Suddenly, a loud bang and a click. You have no idea, but you hope you aren't grabbed by more cold things.

It takes a while for things to quiet down. You can hear a lot of your bwudduhs and sistuhs, but you have long stopped chirping. Nobody is coming. It makes you very sad. But at least you have your nummies. They provide some comfort, at least.

You start to suckle a bit, again. You aren't so tired now. So you decide to go explore. Maybe you can find mummuh! You turn around, and begin to crawl. The thing that surrounds you doesn't allow you to go too far. You were trapped! Oh no, how are you going to get out? If nobody was coming to help you, how were you going to play with your bwudduhs and sistuhs? You have an undeniable urge to wrap your little thingies around them. The thought of it makes you feel like you could be happier.

Then, all of a sudden. You hear Mummuh! But wait, it isn't mummuh, it is a different mummuh. But she wants to help you! You have no idea what she is saying, but she is there. And that is something. The thought of her being here makes you feel better.

You start to talk to her. But you don't really know what you are saying either. But she seems to understand. She starts to sing to you. It is the Mummuh Song! It is so pretty. You love this mummuh. You aren't sure why your other mummuh wasn't around but at least this one is. She talks to you too. So you know she loves you. Everything will be ok.


Some time passes, and your mummuh has taught you many words. You don't know what all the words really are for, but you think that she is "Mummuh" and you are "Babbeh." When you repeat them when referring to her or yourself, she sings you a song. You like her song. You also learned that the stuff you eat is called "miwkies" and that you are "luvd."

But today, something strange happened. When you were eating your miwkies, you suddenly were presented with something right in front of you. It hurt to... Wait, is this "seeing?" This must have been what she was saying. Mummuh must have been trying to encourage you to open your "see pwaces." You can see now. That is what this is. Everything is hard to see, but eventually, things become clearer.

And! Oh my! Bwudduhs! Sistuhs! You see them all! They are above you, below you, next to you, they are everywhere. We have such a big... well, lot's of us! Mummuh must be so happy! That's another word you learned from her. It means when you feel like everything is ok but better!

Now that you can see, so many words suddenly make sense. Like "Bwudduh" and "Sistuh." And the place you live in is your "housie." You learned "Bwudduh's" have no-no's and "Sistuh's" have speciaw pwaces. You are pretty sure you have no-no's, so that makes you a "Cowt." But you are still a baby and that is what you and mummuh call yourself.

You look around when mummuh stopped talking to you. You think she is "sleeping." You learned that from her, too. You see someone above you. From here, you think it is a "Sisstuh," but it is hard to tell. They are walking around in circles. They are being funny.

You tap on the hard thing protecting you and try to get their attention.

"S-Sisstuh!" *tap* *tap*

She seems to hear you. She looks around, then looks down.

"Hewwo Sisstuh!"

She looks happy and taps on the hard thing, too.

"Hewwo! Bu' am nu Sisstuh! Am Bwudduh!"

He turns around and now you can see them as he presses his no-no's against the glass. You are so happy, you have a bwudduh!

You shout back, "Pway!"

And with that, the two of you started to *tap* on the hard thing protecting you making the best "music." You learned that with the mummuh's song.

You spent a long time playing music. But bwudduh got sleepy so he turned around and fell asleep. You are so happy. Things are great. But you are hungry, so maybe you should eat something and go to sleep, too.


You wake up with a pain in your tummy. It kind of hurts. Not really bad, but you feel like you need to do that thing you did a long time ago when you couldn't see where something came out of you and you felt better. But you can't. You try as much as you can but you feel like something is pushing back. Oh well, maybe you will try later.

You walk up to the glass and tap on it. But looks like your bwudduh is still sleeping. You go to the other side and see a sistuh. This time you can see for sure it is a sistuh. She is laying on her back and you can see her special place. She has her eyes open, but she doesn't look good. Her fluff is moving up and down slowly.

You tap on the glass harder and her eyes look at you. She tries to roll over and get back up but she is so small. She doesn't seem like she is able to move far and you can't hear the tapping she tried to make. Her face doesn't look happy, at all. She kind of scares you. You feel bad, you want to help.

She moves away, slowly going to that thing you also have that gives miwkies. She tries to get something out of it, but she doesn't seem to get anything. That must be why she is unhappy. She isn't getting miwkies! Oh no, you wish you could help. You would give her yours if you could only get to her.

You want to give her some so bad. You tap on the hard thing again and try to help any way you can. But you can't do anything. Eventually, she stops trying to drink miwkies and lays down. You tap on the hard thing again but she doesn't move. You spend the rest of the day trying to wake her up. You try talking to her, and playing the music game. But she never moves again.


You are very sad. You think something is really wrong with your sistuh, but you can't do anything to help. You can hear your bwudduh tapping on his hard thing but you don't feel like playing. You are very sad and your tummy hurts more, now. You try doing that thing, but it doesn't work still.

You roll over to look at your sistuh, again. Still no movement. She has been sleeping for a long time.

You raise your head and look at bwudduh. His face looks scared. What? Why? You thought he just wanted to play. What is wrong, now? He keeps banging on the hard thing. He points a hoofsie behind you. You learned that word from mummuh, too. She’s so smart.

You turn to look. It is hard to see but OH MY IT IS A GIANT... SOMETHING! It scares you! It is so big. And its head is looking right at you! It... It is smiling? Is it a friend? You raise yourself up and tap on the window.

*Chirp* "Fwiend?"

It laughs and points a... not-hoofsie at you. Wait, is that a “H-Hoomi?” Mummuh said something about giant things that want to be my... Oh yea! “Mummuh” or “Daddeh!”

Then, another giant Hoomi comes and looks at you. But it is much bigger! Wow! You didn't really notice before but there is a lot of stuff out past this big hard surface.

This bigger Hoomi doesn't seem to be happy, though. It looks at you and shakes their head. The little hoomi doesn't look happy either, now. Maybe they don't like you? But why? Mummuh said to be happy around them. They scared you at first, but now you aren't so scared. You are a fwiend!

Wait! Come back! They go to the other side where you have more bwudduhs and sistuhs. Then, they put something in the other hard area. And then a noise sounds. It scared you a little and you look around for it. Then a loud *CLUNK* and... WA! One of your bwudduhs or sistuhs is gone! The Hoomi has it! No! It is a sistuh! Is she going to be ok?

She looks happy. She smiles as she is let out of the protective hard thing. You didn't know you could get out. You kind of want out, now.

They walk away. Well, at least she was happy. Mummuh says hoomies are good so you are happy for your sistuh.

I guess that's enough excitement for the day. You drink some miwkies and go to sleep.


You wake up with Mummuh teaching you good behavior and more stuff about yourself. She teaches you about all sorts of things like the nummies, and no-no's again, and how to look cute to Hoomies. She teaches you how to wiggle your weggies and that is called dancing. You are now a dancie babbeh!

You run to the hard thing and get your brudduhs attention. He looks and you show him how to dance! He does what you do and you guys start dancing together. Then you tap on the hard thing to make music while he dancies.

Both of you seem to stop at the same time. You stop because your tummy hurts, again. You can't get it to stop hurting now and it is starting to hurt more and more. You can't see your brudduh anymore but you think you shouldn't dance for a little bit till your tummy stops hurting.

You try to ask her why your tummy hurts and why you can't do that thing but she doesn't respond.

Instead, she teaches you about colors. She even knows how to make the whole thingy you live in light up to help you learn. You found out that your brudduh is Yellow! And your sistuh that doesn't move is red! And that you are... Brown! Yay! You are brown! Brown is such a pretty color! And so is Yellow and Red!

Just when you were about to tap on your housie again to talk to brudduh, another group of hoomies came by. These are smaller hoomies. And some of them are laughing really loudly. You are not sure why, but you think some of these hoomies are bad hoomies. Some of them scare you with their banging and yelling at you and your brudduhs and sistuhs.

You decide not to do any dancies. You instead hide as close to the part of your housie that you can't see through. The hoomies end up taking many of your brudduhs and sistuhs. You are scared now. You tap on the glass and shout!

"No! Nu take brudduhs and sistuhs!"

You aren't really sure why, but you felt you had to. But then, that's when something really bad happened. You watched as they took a bright orange brudduh out of their housie. Then, they broke off its little tail. It was just starting to turn colors, too, and was so pretty! But then it hits you.


Your poor brudduh was screaming. It was so loud you hear it as if he was right next to you. But that just made the meanie hoomies laugh. Why? Why are they laughing? They need to give him huggies! Mummuh says huggies make everything better!

But they don't. They end up sticking a thingie under him. It is very pretty, but after a few moments, the thingie grows! It is bright. And... It is numming bwudduh! Oh no! And his screaming is even louder! It hurts your ears. And the thingie gets so big, you can feel it! It is warm!

The hoomies drop your bwudduh on the ground and he chirps loudly for a moment.

You dive under your hoofsies. It is the safest place you know and the hoomies won't be able to get you under there. But the screaming and chirping doesn't stop. It gets a bit quieter but doesn't stop.

You peak out and realize your bwudduh is running around on the ground outside. The bright thingie is now all over him. It is numming him up! Oh no! What can you do?! You have to help!

You jump up and bang on your housie.

"Stawp! Pwease nu huwt babbeh bwudduh! Jus' wittow babbeh! Pwease hewp bwudduh!"

It doesn't work. The hoomies won't stop laughing. You don't even think they can hear you but you have a feeling it wouldn't have mattered if they did.

Eventually, you realize there is nothing to do but watch helplessly. Your poor bwudduh is getting eaten and you can't even do anything about it.

Then, he just lays there. You can see small movement from his hoofsies, but then even that stops. Oh no! Just like your sissy. She hasn't moved once since that one time and you completely forgot about her till now!

You look down at her and again, she hasn't moved... But she is bigger. A lot bigger. She is also leaking something. Like, her mowfie has green and brown stuff coming out. It looks really scary.

You tap on the window to try and get her to wake up, again, but that's when you hear a really loud *THUD*.

You look over where your bwudduh was laying and you see a white sistuh. But she is stuck to the hard see-through part of the other housie. This is so bad and wrong. Her see pwaces are looking different directions and her mouth keeps moving but you can't hear anything. And she has red stuff coming out everywhere. What can you do? What can you do?!

She begins moving down and off the hard see-through other housie. You can't see her anymore, but her red stuff is all over leaving a long line down to the ground. It scares you and you start to feel sad again.

The hoomies take your other bwudduhs and sistuhs and leave. You feel so sorry for them. They were just wittow babbehs. They need wuv and huggies. Mummuh says so! Why would they do such horrible things?

You start to cry none stop. Mummuh begins teaching you colors again but you can't stop crying. You don’t want to learn anything else right now.


You wake up to more tapping. You feel really sickies, but the tapping keeps your attention. Looks like it is coming from another bwudduh next to you, but not your yellow dancie bwudduh. He keeps banging his rear end against the hard thingy that protects him.

What is he doing? You watch intently. You don't want to interrupt. That's when you see it. The thing in his rear end. It is kind of sticking out. You couldn't reach around to see your own rear end, but that must be what is keeping you from making those thingies out your rear end that makes your tummy feel better.

He continues to rub his rear end against the hard housie until he accidentally bumps into his miwkie pwace. That’s when the thingy comes out of his rear end. And, oh wow! A TON of brown stuff comes out of him. So much that you can't see part of his housie, now. Wow, he is really smart!

But then your bwudduh reappears. He is now making white and green stuff come out of his mouthie. He is coughing and looks like he can't breathe. He is banging on the housie really fast. He looks really scared and keeps coughing. Eventually, he slowly comes to a stop. He lays down with his chest heaving quickly. Then, he stops moving. No! No, not another one. Please wake up! You begin to bang on your housie and try to wake him up.

Then your dancie bwudduh shows up and looks down at you. You point to your other bwudduh and you both watch, bang, and clang against your housie, trying to get your bwudduh to wake up. But the sickies coming out of his mouthie just keep coming.

And now he won't move. His eyes are open but look weird, and he just lays there. You just realize you've been crying this whole time. This is horrible. Why didn't anyone help... Why didn't mummuh help? Why didn't your other mummuh help? You thought these were your housies, but are you in here because... Because you are bad?

No... That couldn't be. You are a good babbeh. Mummuh says so all the time. You suddenly look up and realize your bwudduh hasn't moved. His eyes are so big. He looks scared... but much worse. And he won't move. No, please no, he isn't like your other bwudduhs and sistuhs who won't move, is he? Not your dancie bwudduh! He is your favorite. He is so nice. Why would this happen!

You tap on the housie and try to wake him up, too. But then, he slowly looks at you. It scares you really badly. So much so your stomach starts hurting really badly. His face looks terrible. His face looks terrified. It is the scariest thing ever!

Then he turns around and disappears into his housie. You can't see him anymore. You don't tap to try to bring him back. He scared you really badly with his scared face. Oooooh, why isn't anyone helping you? Why doesn't mummuh help?

You are so scared. You need to calm down. You remember your miwkies and drink some. Those always calm you down. You begin to drink and your eyes start to close. You were thinking of your sadness and everything that is happening. But the miwkies help. It even keeps your tummy hewties from hewting too much. You keep thinking of your bwudduhs face. It was so scary. It is stuck in your head.

And then, things get worse. Your miwkies. They won't come out anymore! Oh no! No, please no! You need miwkies to grow big and strong like mummuh says! You need miwkies to keep you calm! Everything is so scary.

Now your eyes are wide open. What do you do? Is the miwkie pwace broken? Is it not giving anything to you because you are being bad? Maybe you need to dance! You start to dance and reason with it.

"Pwease miwkie pwace. Pwease gif miwkies. Nee' miwkies fow gwow big'n stwong. Mummuh says so. Pwease. Pwease, hewp babbeh! See? Am dancie babbeh!"

You don't know how long you begged the miwkie pwace to give you miwkies but you ended up falling asleep.


You don't know how long you slept, but it is dawkies time. You usually try to sleep past dawkies time because it scares you, but nothing can help you sleep now. And you slept so much you aren't tired.

Your tummy also hurts really badly now. You don't feel good at all. You used to be able to bend around and clean your pee pee pwace, but now that hurts. And you are smelly because you can't clean yourself anymore.

And you really need to make that stuff come out. But now you know you can't. You saw your bwudduh do that and something really bad happened to him. You think those things are in your rear end for a reason. For our own good! So it is probably best you leave it. But your tummy hurts soooo bad.


... Silence.



Then you hear tapping. It is kind of soft though. You look up and it is your yellow dancie bwudduh. He isn't scared anymore. Just really sad. He doesn't seem to want to talk to you, he just wants to see you. You feel the same way.

You lay down and try and think about what to do. But then, more noise happens. What? You didn't even realize, it was so dark, there is a hoomie outside. He picked someone. No. Please pick you. No wait. Don't pick you. Is it a good hoomie? Oh no! You need help and want a nyu mummuh or daddeh but don't want to get biggest hewties!

What do you do? Your tummy reminds you. Ok! Dancie babbeh time! You need hewp and this hoomie can hewp!

You get on your hind hoofsies and start to dance. You've never danced so hard in your life. The hoomie looks right at you and taps on the other-housie. He laughs and smiles. It must be a good hoomie. He goes to the other side of the other housie and picks one of your bwudduhs or sistuhs. He picks it up and opens it up. The hoomie isn't looking at you anymore.


But the hoomie walks away with one of your siblings. No... Your tummy hurts so badly. And you just remembered, YOU HAVE NO MIWKIES! You start to cry and shout really hard. You start to chirp at nothing in particular. You just feel like you need to do it.

… You can’t take it anymore…


You start banging your hoofsie against the housie and a lot of your bwudduhs and sistuhs look over at you. They all start to scream, chirp, and bang, too.


You banged so hard that the housie hurt you! Your weggie hurts and boo-boo juice is coming out of it. It hurts so much. You need huggies. Why mummuh nu hewp? Doesn't she wuv you?

She must. She wouldn't have taught you all these things if she didn't. She wouldn't have sang to you. She wouldn't have taught you about colors and no-no's and miwkies.

Ooooh, you wish you had miwkies. But your tummy hurts so much. More miwkies made your tummy hurt. Maybe that is why the miwkie pwace stopped giving you miwkies. It knew you were hurting. That is a smart miwkie pwace. This realization helps you calm down. Something here IS helping you.

"Am sowwy housie, sowwy miwkie pwace. Nu mean to say meanie thingies. You awe onwy hewping wittow babbeh."

All that screaming hurt your mouthie sounds. You need to rest. You are so sad. You don't feel like sleeping. But it comes surprisingly easy.


You wake up. But don't move. You don't feel good at all. You are actually really tired still. You feel really weak, but you also are in a lot of pain. Specifically your tummy. You just lay there, looking around. You can see all the other bwudduhs and sistuhs that you didn't talk to much, if at all. It is hard to hear and see most of them. But you can tell most of them are just as sick or in pain as you are. You wish you stayed asleep. It doesn't hurt when you sleep.

You can suddenly hear it. Crying. Lots of it. From everywhere. Your siblings are all in pain like you. But they are crying or chirping. The sound hurts. It hurts your head. It starts to scare you so you cry, too. Their crying won't stop. It won't get out of your head.

You put your hoofsies to your hear places and try to block the noise. You can see something above you kind of far away. It is red. Red all over. One of your bwudduhs or sistuhs is banging their head against the housie. They won't stop. THEY WON'T STOP!


You can see another housie full of that brown stuff. Maybe they tried to remove that thingy in their rear end, too. This is horrible. Why is this happening? What did you all do to deserve this? All you wanted was mummuh to keep teaching you things, and to drink miwkies, and to try huggies with someone other than your miwkie pwace. And hoomies. Why won't one of them take you?

Just then, another hoomi shows up and puts in more shiny things. They put in a lot. A BUNCH of your bwudduhs and sistuhs go! They are so lucky! That's not fair! You can't tell if you are happy for them or angry at them. They get to go and you don't.

You look down at them as the man lets them all out of their housies. Each one gets squeezed after that thingy is pulled from their rear end.

"No! Don't do that! They take fowevuh sweepies if you do dat!"

But... This time they didn't sleep. They started smiling. They laughed and cheered with... their daddy! You can't count how many he has, but maybe he can take one more!

You muster all your remaining strength and start to dance. Your front hoofsie still hurts but you have to try!

"Daddeh! Pwease hewp! Daddeh, wook at dancie-babbeh! Pwease be nyu daddeh!"

You dance with all your might. It has to be the best dance ever! Even with your hurt hoofsie! This has to work!

But then... It doesn't. The daddeh walks away. And takes all your bwudduhs and sistuhs away.

You lay down. Too much pain to continue. You are on your back. You didn't realize before but your belly is really big. You look around. There aren't as many housies left. Just you, your red forever sleeping sistuh below, that one with all the brown stuff in it, and your yellow danci-bwudduh. Wait! Your danci-bwudduh!

You look up and see something strange. He is looking at you. But he is scared. His face has so much pain on it. He is breathing really heavy, too! You can't do anything but stare. You are in too much pain even to hide under your hoofsies.

He tries to tap his housie. But you can't hear. Then... He smiles. He smiles at you. You raise your hoofsie and start to cry. Then he turns around. He can't move very well. His tummy is moving really fast. And it is big like yours.

Then, you see it. His fluff. It starts to show red stuff and come apart, off of him. His tummy is getting bigger. Much bigger!




You... You can't believe what you just saw. He... He... was there a moment ago. Now there is nothing but red and brown and green. You can see through some of it and... He's gone. He... turned into yuckies! NO! Please no! Not your dancie bwudduh!

Then it hits you. Your tummy. It is almost as big as his was. Oh no! Is that going to happen to you? No! You don't want to be yuckies! You don't want to make loud scary sounds and turn into yuckies!

But you can't do anything. You can't do anything at all. All you can do is listen to the huu-huuu'ing cries of your remaining siblings. And all you can do is listen. Maybe you can scream, too? But it hurts to scream. So you sit there, listening. Listening...


You don't know how long it has been. But it is bright again. You haven't slept. You feel like if you sleep, you will never wake up again.

Your tummy hurts so badly and all you can think about is your dancie bwudduh. The pain in his face. It must have been so horrible. And it is going to happen to you. And there isn't anything you can do about it. You try and think how you can solve your problem. There has to be something! The desperation you feel is giving you terrible feelings.

You suddenly realize. There isn't any crying. Only yours. You look around. Other housies are either filled with brown or red or both. You know what happened to them. But why, why is it happening? Why is this happening to you? Why did it happen to your bwudduh? He was so nice. He was a dancie bwudduh! Like you! And you both were able to make music like mummuh. Why didn't she help him? Why isn't she helping you? What did you do wrong?

Oh, your tummy hurts so much.


What the heck was that?! It scared you so bad, your tummy started to hurt so much worse! You look around, but you can't move. It's... It's a HOOMI!

You try to move, but nothing happens. It hurts too much. The hoomi, it's a daddeh! Please help! You try to talk but all that comes out is a single small squeak. If you open your mouth any wider, you feel like you are going to have sickies.

*cough* "D-da-de-?"

But, he noticed you! He is looking right at you! But what is he doing. He just keeps tapping on the other-housie. Come on! Can't he see you need help?

You wiggle your hoofsie to try and tap but it just puts something in front of the other-housie. It has a HUGE eye. One big eye. And has a little red light on it. It is just staring at you. What is it going to do? Is it a bad thingy?

He taps on the other-housie again. Why? It starts to hurt your hear places. Everything hurts, actually.

He taps again.

STOP. PLEASE STOP! It is making everything hurt so much! You can't... You can't!

Your stomach is getting bigger! It hurts so much! You can see your fluff. It is tearing. It is happening! IT IS HAPPENING! OH, IT HURTS SO MUCH!

The look of your bwudduh’s face flashes before your eyes. Then you think, do you look like this?


You hear it. You heard your own fluff as it turned into yuckies. And the smell. It is so bad. This must have been what happened to your other bwudduh that took out that thingie from his poopie pwace.

But wait... Only a small part of you hurts now. That isn't so bad. You can't really breathe anymore and you notice nothing but a terrible smell. But you don't care. Because there is a lot less pain now. You can live with this. It feels much better.

But you feel so tired, too. You don't think you ever felt this tired before. You try to breathe more but you can't. You feel like you should be screaming and scared, but you are actually really calm. You feel like it is ok. Maybe... Maybe it is ok...



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Nummehnese: Amazing story with excellent writing. Keep'em coming!
Just a little question: was the mummuh a screen in the machine or the foal's imagination as the programmed learning started to kick in?

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Linchpin: i hate this fucking vending machines!

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Linchpin: @Nummehnese: I believe the foals think the machine is their mother?
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Nuuu: Wonderful read. I enjoy stories from the perspective of newborns a lot.

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deathproofpony: @Linchpin: why?

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Linchpin: @deathproofpony: vending machines with small (bio) lifeforms inside the nice suffer a long time makes me angry! in reallife i hate the machines every time what i want is empty! ><
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Anonymous1: Great work.
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Anonymous2: @Linchpin: Fuck off retard.

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Linchpin: @Anonymous: bla bla bla!

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FluffyPuncher: @Linchpin: Japan has plenty that you can browse.

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Linchpin: @FluffyPuncher: I now!

The Story is good it makes me angry and sad at the same time!
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Anonymous3: the horror
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Gardel: @Nummehnese: seems like it was a speaker with prerecorded messages

That's a good idea, to keep the foals from being too emotionally stunted
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: Huh, I don't think that a way to remove cork was ever mentioned. I remember stories with foals that drowned in their own shit in the can after remove it, but I don't think exact way was described. Clever.

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Linchpin: @Gardel: but only so long until the milk empty is and the can full with shit and piss!
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Anonymous4: I don't get it, why is there never piss in the cans?
I mean, it is never mention that they shove something into their urethra, but even if they did, their life would be cut a lot shorter, after all, the bladder is a lot smaller then where the shit is stored.

Still, the fact they just shove a cork in their ass means they will be permanently damaged after a few days.
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Anonymous5: I laughed really hard at the fluffy that uncorked its ass then died immediately to its shit fumes.
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Anonymous6: @Anonymous: The soft cushion below them absorbs the piss.
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Anonymous7: GAYYYYYYYY
stop using 2nd person you lazy phaggit
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Anonymous8(7): @Anonymous: im sorry i actually meant to call you an unoriginal phaggit
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Anonymous9: I love this story so much
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AetasX: @Nummehnese Sorry for the late reply, but the mother is a recording that is designed to educate foals during their stay in the machine. The vending machine also uses glow lights and other recordings to introduce good behavior and key communication words to potential owners.
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AetasX: @Nummehnese: Sorry for the late reply, but the mother is a recording that is designed to educate foals during their stay in the machine. The vending machine also uses glow lights and other recordings to introduce good behavior and key communication words to potential owners.
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Anonymous10: If they can remove the piss they can remove the shit too. Animals of any kind produce a LOT more shit than piss so corking the fluffy would give it a lifetime in hours. Also WHY would you sell fluffies in vending machines anyway? unless the whole purpose of even having them at all was to kill them in the cruelest way poss....oh, wait...
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Anonymous11(10): The story is good but you miss a possiblity at the end, Since the fluffy's consciousness was still functional even after it blew up than maybe it could be beginning an eternity of undeserved suffering. Just a thought.
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