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Vaggat Förälskat


What a crazy, long year it's been. Can't believe I made it here as a semi respected author. It's a nice feeling, but at the same time I couldn't have done it without the friends I've made here, and all the people that have supported and liked my work over all this time. It's been a long strange trip for sure... Fluffies n all. Lets see how far I can take this. Thank you to everyone.


*Chirp, chirp, cheep!* "Shhh dey're, dey're bestest babbeh... Nu make chiwpies! Mummah am hewe tu giff miwkies an huggies!" Annalea picked up her tiny red foal, an unnamed colt and set him on her breast. He quietly began to suckle at her breast kneading with his hooves to get as much of the sweet warm milk from his mother that he could. Stomach finally full he detached with a small burp and a happy peep. Annalea couldn't help but laugh at the burp. Her bestest baby was sooo cute! She set the little one in her chest fluff as he fell into a deep sleep. Soon the rest of her offspring would take their turns nursing.

Weeks passed and the foals grew older and older. They learned to walk and talk, even when the red little colt was the third out of five to open his eyes and the second to say his first words, he was still his mummah's favorite and bestest babbeh. He had his mummah's crimson red coat, and his mane and tail were coming in as a pretty raven black, just like his father's coat.

The store the little family grew up in was pleasent, a locally owned fluffy specality shop dedicated to hugboxers and their types. The owners worked hard make sure every fluffy found a loving home. Most did thanks to the efforts of the city to curb abuse and culling of feral populations. That's not to say that every story ended happily for the fluffies in the store. Some ended up as broken toys, made to be abused and enduring a life of pain for a sick laugh. What does life have for little red?


Brian sighed and walked into the store. He knew about fluffies and heard that they were excellent companions. But he knew just as well how terrible of pets they could be. They for the most part were easily disposed of. He figured he'd give one a try at least. The past few months had been terribly lonely.

He walked into the store, surprisingly the smell of feces was minimal. The owners knew all too well about the stink fluffies were capable of producing. Incents, air freshners, and candles littered the store.

Brian wandered over to the first pen he saw, it was labled. "Weanling foals. Great for beginners!" He leaned over the tall clear wall watching the small little pig hampsters run around on the soft carpeting with various toys spread about. A small fluff pile was in the corner with a few foals sleeping.

"Hello sir! May I help you! And welcome to Fluff N' Stuff! I don't believe I've seen you around before!" The middle aged man spoke with a warm smile. "I'm Bailey, co founder of Fluff N' Stuff. Nice too meet you!" He offered his hand to Brian who took it and shook it firmly. "Oh my! Strong grip you've got there friend! Clearly you'll be a great hugger for one of these lucky little guys or gals!"

"I'm Brian, nice too meet you as well." Brian spoke awkwardly, finally getting a few words in. "Yes, I'm a first time owner. I uhh I see that foals? Foals they're called? They're good starter pets?"

Bailey smiled wide and nodded. "Oh yes! Foals are excellent starters! Weanlings especially!" He said pointing into the pen. "They're grown enough to where you can still teach and train them and bond, but young enough to still have that adorable little baby phase for a few more weeks! I can pick one out for you if you'd like! We keep a record of the observed tempermants of all foals! Since you're a first time owner I think an easy goer would be perfect for you! Some foals can be quite rambunctious. Nothing wrong with that of course! Some people loooveeee them that way! Follow me over to the computer and we'll find the perfect little guy or girl for you!" He said heading over towards the counter.

Brian wasn't completely sure if he even wanted a fluffy in the first place. But he didn't want to seem rude so he followed the overly cheery man to the counter.

Bailey stuck his tongue out of the side of his mouth punching away at keys occasionally looking up at Brian with a smile and simple enough questions.

"Prefered gender?" "Uhh male I guess." "Any color preference?" "Uhhh no, I don't really care. "Hmm hmm we've decided on an easy going tempermant... Old enough to say his first few words... *Click click click* Gotchya! I've got tthe PERFECT little fella for yah!" He said with a smiled and ran from the back of the counter towards the back.


You're Little Red! You're the happiest fluffy in the whoooolllleeee world! You live with your mummah and daddy and brothers and sissies in a nice cozy store. You're not sure what a store is, but it's really nice! You're mummahs bestest baby! You look just like her! She's the pretties fluffy in the whooollleeee world! You're an earthy colt! Mummah is a winggy fluffy and daddy is a pointy fluffy. Mummah always gave you the most milkies and hugs and love! But you always made sure she gave your brothers and sisters just as much love too!

But then suddenly mister Bailey came back to you cagie! He smiled at you and your family like he did every morning! You love Mister Bailey! He's so nice! He always makes sure mummah and daddy have enough food so she can make lots of milkies! But today he said that he needed YOU! Both mummah and daddy started to look really sad! Even mummah started to cry! You weren't sure why though. Clearly he needed YOU because you were the bestest babbeh! A human needing a fluffies help? What could be better?!?!

You walked out from the small fluff pile that your brothers and sissies had made stretching your legs some. Making sure to give every one of them a big huggy! And then mummah and daddy both gave you suuuuppppeeerrrr long hugs!They aways give the bestest hugs! you couldn't help but think to yourself. Then Mister Bailey took you out ever so gently. He's so silly! He gave you tummy tickles! You couldn't help but laugh and laugh. Then he carried you to the front of the store! Mummah and daddy always told you that meant you get to go to the other foal pen! They said there were more foals than your see place could count! And that meant sooooo many friends!

Brian shuffled where he stood awkwardly. He figured might as well give fluffies a try, and Bailey did say the compatability WAS perfect... Still thoughts of doubt lingered in his mind. But they were interuppted by Bailey returning with a both babbling and pepping, cheeping little "foal" as they were called.

"This here is Little Red!And don't worry too much about the name! Fluffies often name themselves and or parents who remain together will name their offspring uncreative simple enough names. But when a human, especially a new mommy or daddy does it becomes ingrained and they refuse to change it!" Bailey said with a warm smile. "Go ahead and give him a name!"


You can't believe it! You're getting a new human daddy! It's every fluffies dream! AND a name! This is the best day ever! You can't help but think to yourself. You'll be sure to tell mummah and daddy when you go back to the pen! You Cheep a few timesand say a few simple enough words because you've always been told that makes humans really happy! Sure enough the super nice Mistah Bailey gave you a few head scratchies!


"So! Any ideas for names for the little guy? Or are you gonna keep it as Little Red? I don't think that's actually a bad name, but that's just me." Bailey chuckled abit.

Brian half sighed. He didn't care for being put on the spot and the first name that came to mind popped out of his mouth.

"Uhhh Maxon! Ahh shit..."

"Chirp! Chirp! Babbehs name am Maxon! Maxon wuv nyu name! Fankyoo nyu daddeh! Maxon wuv yew!" The tiny foal shouted up at his new owner excited as can be. Reaching out for a hug.

Brian gently reached out and picked the little red fluffy ball from Bailey's hands and hugged it to his chest. Immediately the fluffy nuzzled his face into Brian's chest and fell asleep awhile the two men began to talk once again.

"I... I uhh I'll take him. He seems pretty attached already." Brain said while rubbing his new foals back with a few fingers."

Bailey lowered his voice to just above a whisper as not to awaken the little fluffy. "Do you have a safe room set up? Do you have toys and food and water bowls?"

"I've got a room set up, and I've got plenty of toys he can share with my son. I'll need a food dish and a water bowl and food however please!"

Bailey smiled and nodded leaving the counter disappearing into the back of the store for a few moments to fetch the needed accessories.


Maxon like all young fluffies was sad to be away from his family. He cried and cried thinking he would be allowed to go back. But when he awoke he was no longer in his warm cage! He was in a nice warm bed, covered in blankies that he didn't have to share! And there were toys everywhere! But... His family wasn't there and he became very scared. He started cheep in distress! Where was his new human daddy!? Humans always have the answer!


Brian was sitting in the living room reading the local sports section before he heard the chirping. It didn't sound like the happy warm ones at the store He jumped to his feet and ran to Maxon's room, finding the distressed little foal, who has peed himself in fear. He gently scooped up the crying foal and hugged it to his chest patting his back.

"Shhh... There there. Daddies here. Daddies here..."


Maxon naturally grew quickly. Though the being away from his family broke his heart. Somewhere deep down he wished daddeh had a special friend... Or at least another baby whether human or fluffy to play with. But daddy says that he DID have a special friend and even a baby! No matter how hard the little fluffy looked when daddy wasn't around. He could never find them. Daddy wouldn't lie to him would he? Of course not! Humans never lie!

Brian followed the same routine every day. Wake up and eat his breakfast, wake Maxon for "school." In reality just a fluffy day care that taught them various things that were programmed but fluffies were designed to "learn." He would feed Maxon kibble mixed in with eggs and smile down at him as he watched his little friend munch and thank him for the food. Max was a good fluffy. But even then, part of Brian was missing. A part of him that would never be filled.

One day the subject of babies came up. While Maxie was a male, the desire to sire offspring was still strong within him. He wanted desperately to be a father! He wanted to prove to his own daddeh that he could be a great daddeh too!

He told and begged his daddeh. But daddy would just shake his head and solemnly say No." Maxie not wanting to be a bad fluffy didn't want to push the subject. Even when it broke his heart.

Every night after Brian put Max to bed, he would retire to his study to write quietly. Always notes to his ex wife and son. He would never send these letters, for his son had passed several months back, and his wife left shortly after for another man. Life moved slowly for Brian. But Maxon brought a sort of relief that his own child once brought. But some nights, that relief didn't stop the tears.

Months and even a few years had past. Brian grew more weary, while Max stayed the same. He was a good fluffy. Gentle, kind, loving, easy going. Never begged and rarely cried, always listened to his owner. He was everything a fluffy was meant to be. But even then, he would never outgrow the child like mindset he was made with. Brian would never watch him grow, never watch him accomplish anything, and sooner or later. He too would leave him behind. It was time to go home.


Brian sat alone in his dark living room. An empty bottle of Jack Daniels lay on the table stand next to him. In his lap he holds an album of various pictures. Pictures of a young boy, some with Brian, some with an unknown woman, some of just the boy. But the boy is smiling in all of them, as was Brian. Years have past, the burden resting on the man's heart have worn him down. Slurring his words he yells.

"Maaassshhhhxxxx! Maxxx! Come teh daddeh!" After a few moments a deep red earthy stallion with a raven black mane walks in.

"Y-yus daddeh? Why make scawy noisyes? why you yewwin fow Maxon? Am gud fwuffy!" The pony looks up with sad eyes at his usually kind owner. Brian pat at his lap.

"S..surry Max.. Daddeh didn't mean.. Mean teh... Yell... You're a good fluffy d-don't worry."

Maxon immediately began to perk up.

"Weally? Daddeh nu mad at Max?" He claps his hooves together while sitting on his haunches and begins to do Brian's "favorite" "Dancie fwuffy" routine. Brian cracks a smile for a moment, but eventually his face relaxes back to it's softened state.

"Maxon.. Daddehs sorry..." Brian says softly, as he opens the side table's drawer and pulls out a Colt forty five caliber hand pistol, and lays it next to the bottle of jack, closes the drawer before staring back down at the little pony before him. A soft sigh escapes his lips

"Wat daddeh sowwy fow? Wat dat tingy daddeh?" Maxon ask, clearly confused. "Daddeh du nuffin wong... Daddeh smeww wike yucky wawa but dat otay!"

"Max." Brian interrupts. "Daddeh... Daddeh was stupid. I... I got you when you were so small... after Maxon died." Even more confused getting angry for nearly the first time in his life Maxon himself interrupts Brian.

"Daddeh nyu! Nyu say dat yuw am doopid! Dat da wowest ting yuw can say! Fwuffies nevew say dat! Daddeh nyu say dat! Daddeh nyu am doopid! Yuw am bestest Daddeh evah!"

"Ma-." Brian begins but Maxon once again cuts him off and begins yelling even louder.
"Daddeh am bestest daddeh evah! Awways give bestest toyies and bestest nummies, and daddeh gives da bestest huggies in da whowe worwd! Daddeh nevah yeww at Maxie! Eben when Maxie made bad poopies outside da wittabox on axident!"

Brian leans back into his chair and states down helplessly at the little fluffy. Maxon, scrabled out of Brian's lap so he could get on all foursand began to puff out his cheeks and stomping his hooves, fat tears rolling down his fluffy puffed out cheeks.

"Pwease daddeh... Nu say dose meanie tings. Wuv daddeh suuuu much." He cried choking back a few sobs.

"Oh Maxon... Come here, come to daddy." The sudden outburst startling Brian sobering him up mentally to an extent. He leans forward and holds out his arms towards the angry fluffy. Maxon beyond all confusion especially for a fluffy, while crying couldn't help but walk to his daddie's arms and waited while he was lifted. Brian gently patted Maxon's fluff. Even now it was the softest thing he had ever felt.

"Max, you know about babies and children right?" Still sniffling but hugging Brian's chest.

"Yus daddeh. Maxi wuv wittwe babbehs, but daddeh say nu. But Maxi am good fwuffy and no ask no mow... An-an daddeh say dat yew haff babbehs an spechow fwiend. But Maxie neba see dem!"

Brian stroked the soft fluff along Maxon's back gently patting his rump. "Shhh... Yes... yes I do. I also had a special friend at one time. But my baby had an accident one night. And he's taking forever sleepies now. And my special friend eventually left me all alone. Daddies not sure the last time he saw her.

Maxon gasped. He couldn't believe that daddy did have a special friend and a baby! But his baby took forever sleepies, and his special freiend just left! Maxon could only begin to imagine the pain of losing his whole family! It would almost be as bad as losing his human daddy! He began to cry harder for his own daddy.

But Brian kept stroking the fluffies back calming him down. "Shhhh... Maxon. You wanna know my babies name?"

"Huuuhuu.. Y-yus..."

"His name was also Maxon."

There was silence before thefluffy spoke

"W-weawwy? Dat am bestest name evah. But why name fwuffy aftew yuw babbeh? Daddeh wuv fwuffy dat much?" Maxon says as he looks up towards Brian with a tear stained smile.

Scratching behind the pony's ears. Brian continued.

"In... A way. Maxon... After my son died I was lost. I didn't know what to do. I... I wasn't thinking straight. I thought a fluffy would be so similar to a child. I thought I could replace him in my grief. But I was stu- I was super silly. I love you Max.. I do, so much. But you'll never replace my little man.

Part of Max felt hurt at those words. But he remembered the most important rule a fluffy can know! Huggies fix everything! Maxon thought of giving Brian the best hug possible! One surely that would cheer him back up! The kind that a mummah would give to her bestest baby!

Brian smiled down at Maxon. as the red little pony stood back up hugging at his chest. Yes fluffies are dumber than a box of rocks, and maybe their love is just programmed and they'd love anything. But... Maxon... Maxon is special. Even then as he stood there hugging Brians chest almost too tightly, Brian knew deep down. He was truly loved. Tears began to roll down the man's face and he returned thehug. Maxon naturally began to coo. Positive the hug was working.

"Wuv daddeh!" He mumbled as his face was buried in Brian's chest. Brian continued hug for a moment. But to him, it felt like forever. And to him, that was perfectly alright.

"Maxon... Would you like to go to Skettiland? I hear it's the best place in the whole world. Never ending sketties, more toys than you could ever play with, and lots and lots of fluffy friends, and of course daddy." Maxon almost forgetting about the tears just seconds ago processing all this starts to look woozy.

"W-w-weawwy? M-Maxie am su good he get aww dat?!? Fank yoo fank yoo fank yoooo!" He screams his voice almost giving out due to excitement. "Yu bestest daddeh evah! Nu betta daddeh in da whow wowed!!! Maxie an wuckiest fwuffy evah!!!"

"Alright, you gotta close your eyes now Maxon... You don't wanna get lost on the way there. Daddies gotta give you a super magical hug to take you there."

"Otay!" sCame Maxon's reply as he closed his eyes as hard as possible.

"I'm so sorry... I do hope you're there wherever I'm going. Thank you so much for the comfort." Brian muttered through the tears. Gently he grabbed the sides of Maxon's head. He could feel Max shaking with excitement.

"Don't worry little man... Soon you'll be cradled in love..."

And with two quick twist left and right. Maxon's neck snapped with a quiet crack.

"EEEEeee...!" Is the only noise that escaped the fluffies mouth as his eyes bulged and his body convulsed for a split second before it stopped moving. Brian gently flipped the fluffy on his back and laid his hands over his stomach and two fingers over his heart. Neither were moving, Maxon was gone.

"I hope it didn't hurt too bad." Brian whispered to himself. I just couldn't rest in peace knowing you'd possibly go to some shelter to be picked up by God knows what... I just hope you're there with us. I know he would have loved you, as much as you would have loved him.."

Bending over the side of the chair, Brian picked up Max's favorite blanket off the floor, gently wrapping him inside of it and closing his wide eyes. He hugged Maxon to his chest one final time, kissing his forhead and resting his own against the fluffies before setting him back down, cradled in his lap.

"Well, this is goodbye..." Brian reached for the table and grabbed the handgun. He held it in his hand staring down the barrel for a moment, before putting it in his mouth. A loud bang, then silence and darkness.

Goodbye Little Man


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Fatalsirenz: Well. This was originally my first story I kind of reworked. I gave it a new beginning. I'm probably about a month late now hah. But this was meant to be released on my one year anniversary. Oh well. Thank you to everyone who's followed me this year and I hope this new one has lots more sad and weirdbox!

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gr1m_1: The saddest of sadbox in thinking a fluffy could fill that kind of void.
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Anonymous1: amazing story m8, as always!
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Arazur: Well shit, I remember reading this a while and it still makes me as sad as it did the first time

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Fatalsirenz: @gr1m_1: @Arazur:
Thank you my friends. I appreciate it.

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guodzilla: Whoah...This is DEEP, dude. Well-done!

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Fatalsirenz: @guodzilla: Thank you.
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Anonymous2: Nice work.
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Anonymous3: ...Jeebs man. Beautifully written.
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ProctorBanway: C-
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Anonymous4: @ProctorBanway: Do you have any of the foal egg story?
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ProctorBanway: @Anonymous: The foal egg / anal birthing story? It's on BENWAY's safe space blog.

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dust_collector: Great story, though also super sad. Makes me want to give you a big hug.