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Summer Break Ch. 3

Rosegold wakes up, her best baby held tightly to her chest, "Dis am aww bad see pictah, nu am weaw." She sets her best baby down on the floor, careful not to wake it up. She gets herself ready for whatever happens next, no matter what happens shes ready to run. The room is quiet, only the sounds of her footfalls can be heard.

The walk feels like an eternity (to a fluffy) her 11 foot walk ends and the vent is in front of her. slowly she lifts it with a hoof, the tears come, the heartbreak, the guilt, and the feeling of absolute anger hit her all at once. There Humphree sits, hus head is detached from his body, theres no fluff, just bits of flesh blood and claw marks. one eye dangling from its socket, his body is worse for ware, he looks nothing like the handsome stallion she once remembered.

The shock sets in and she screams, the bloodcurdling "Screeeeee!" wakes everyone in the small trash room. when she stops yelling she can hear the sounds of movement in the vent, she slams it and runs to her now crying baby. "WAAAAAAH HU Hu HU! why mummah make scawey noisie, huu huu -sniffle- babbeh am sweepy. ou bad mummah!"

It's true she is a bad mummah, she should have killed the poopie baby when she had the chance. None of them would be in this mess. Were is the poopie foal, its alive but where is it hiding. That's not too important right now, she needs food for milk her best baby will be hungry any moment now. The dumpsters are gone, thats fine there has to be food somewhere else right?

There isn't food anywhere, she has water, from a pipe that comes from a wall, its not much but its something. There isnt food though, "Mummah babbeh nee miwkies, am suu hungie, tummy haf wostes owies." Oh no, she has some milk but its not enough she reluctantly walks over to her baby and sits down. "Babbeh, mummah am sowie buh we no haf nummies, mummah haf no much miwkies, so babbeh can onwy haf a wittow so babbeh can haf nummies befowe dawkies."

The foal suckles for a few seconds barely able to get more than a few drops, then its taken off the teat and throws a tantrum. "BABBEH HAF TUMMIES OWIES DUMMEH MUMMAH GIF MOW MIWKIES!" The brown foal walks out into the open, it glares at its mother, laps some of the water up then stares out the window.

"Wosegowd no haf nuff miwkies bestes babbeh, no haf nummies, an no be meanie to mummah." She boops her foal on its nose and leaves it to cry.

"Wosegowd can num poopie babbeh, buh if num poopie babbeh wha mummah do fow nummies?" Rosegold thinks to herself. She could eat it to give herself and her best baby another day of life but what then? She need to wait, eater her other foal will have to be her last option, she feels a pang of guilt in her heart thinking about eating her foal.

"Bad mummah, poopie mummah, wostes mummah ebbah, nu wuv aww babbehs wike good mummah. babbeh can get nummies buh babbeh am too big. babbeh haf pwan buh nee wait. Babbeh am so smawtie." The brown foal walks back to his nest with a wide grin on his face.

The rest of the day passes by much the same, Rosegold's best foal throws tantrum after tantrum, calling her the worst things ever and feels nothing but heartache. The Brown foal lays in his rags and sleeps, and the rats in the vent stay silent.

the second day passes much the same, both Rosegold and the foal get water at separate times, they glare at eachother as the best baby cries and curses its mother.

Day three comes, everyone is starving, Rosegold attempts to run after the brown foal but it gets away and squeezes into its safeplace. its mother is too fat to go after it and get in between the boxes to grab him. So she lays there and cries, her best baby attempts to walk to her mother and drink only to be pushed away by Rosegold.

"WHY MUMMAH AM MEANIE!? BABBEH HAF TUMMIE OWIES GIF MIWKIES!" in the best foals anger she latches on to her mothers nipple and bits down with her only baby tooth. Rosegold leaps up and screams trying to run as her best baby holds on for dear life.

"BAD BESTES BABBEH NO GIF BITIES TO MIWKIE PWACES!" she bites down on her foal causing it to scream and let go of the teat.


At these words Rosegold cries, she is a bad mummah, a terrible mummah for not eating the poopie baby when it was born. She would have been happy forever her daddy and Humphree would have been in a nice home, having sketties, and playing with toys or watching TV. That was all she wanted in life, but now shes stuck in this room forever. She remembers Humphree's words when he realized what was about to happen.

They were going to starve, they were going to die, slowly and never get help. Humans took their food away, they must have known they were in their home. Thats why they took everything away.

"...fwuffies nu haf nummies... safepwace nu safe... nu can weave no can fin nummies... Why hoomins? fwuffies nu wan be bad, no wan be stweet fwuffies no mowe! want nice housie, wan nummies, nu wan dummie mawe ow nu smeww pwetty home!" Humphree's words echo in her head. over and over again, she lays down in defeat, as her best baby nips and bites her, hits her with its tiny hooves, and cries blaming her for all of its pain.

Day four, every fluffy looks visably thinner, its the early hours of the morning and only the brown foal is awake. He walks to the hole in the door frame and squeezes through hes only slightly stuck, "fwuffy can go in howe buh nee wittow push..." he retreats back to his safe place and waits. "hehehe, fwuffie am su smawtie."

Rosegold wakes up some hours later, walks to the pipe for water, which has now dried up. "No wawa... huuu-HUU HUU HUU! why bad tings happen to Wosegowd no wan mow heawthewties! nu wan bad poopie housie! WAAAAAAAH HUU HUU HUU."

"mummah? babbeh can get nummies fow famiwy buh need mummah hewp..." Rosegold practically breaks her neck when she hears the word nummies. Its The poopie baby, and hes being nice? "Whewe nummies poo-bwown babbeh? mummah haf wostes tummie owies."

Rosegolds mind is going a mile a minute, questions fill her tiny fluffy brain "why is brown baby helping me now?", "Des he realize that without me he would be dead?" , and "can he really get nummies?" All these questions float around in her mind but the loudest thought for bother her body and brain is "WHERE IS THE FOOD!?"

The brown foal walks to the hole in the wall and sits by it. "Nummies ouside, buh babbeh am too big, if mummah push babbeh, babbeh bwing gwassie nummies fow famiwy."

"GWassie nummies... nu am good nummies but it am nummies, -gasp- maybe babbeh fin sketties! ok mummah hewp babbeh!"

The brown foal has the biggest grin on his small fluffy face and starts to crawl though, hes lost weight over the past 4 days and is able to easily fit through the hole in the door frame. His mother gives him a small push and out he goes into the warm summer morning. "Fwuffie am ouside!" To he left at the bottom of the slope sit the dumpsters full of hot rotting trash, at the top of the slope he can see long grass.

"Good babbeh! bwing mummah nummies, pwease mummah nu wan mowe tummie owies..." Rosegold almost screams in joy! the thought of food makes her stomach grown loudly and wakes her best baby who is unable to move. Her injured hoof is turning green though her fluff, Rosegold runs over to her and hugs her, "mummah get nummies soon babbeh, den you haf miwkies!"

"babbeh get miwkies? babbeh am so happies! -kaff kaff-" the white foal wiggles its legs in joy, unable to move fully due to it being so hungry, it does its best to show joy the only way it can.

Meanwhile the brown foal having scaled the incline has made it to the peak. his eyes wide in awe, grass, grass as far as the eye can see, with great joy he runs into the unclipped grass and rolls around in it. Feeling the warm sun on his back the smells of the law and the flowers bring him so much happiness. His little nub of a tail wiggles in joy as he eats and fills his belly to burst. "fwuffie am so happy! am fwee! haf so many nummies no mowe twashie nummies!"

"Pwease babbeh mummah nee nummies mummah nee nummies!" Rosegold tries to look out the small hole but can barely get low enough to see anything but concrete. Her best baby continues to cough, she sits by her child and licks it wound, it doesnt taste good, and it looks very green.

"Mummah! Babbeh bwing nummies fow ou!"

Rosegolds ears perk up and she has a wide smile on her face, her tail wags, and she dances for her baby outside, her saviour, her not poopie baby, but her good baby!
"Good babbeh bwing nummies! mummah am so happies!" She looks down into the hole waiting for anything spagetti, kibble, even grass, anything will do ANYTHING!.

A single blade of grass is pushed through the hole. "Nummies fow mummah!" says the brown baby in a singing voice. Rosegold's face flips through her list of expressions. first joy, then her brow furrows into confusion, then concern, then anger, and finally rage. "Dis am aww nummies bwown babbeh fin? One gwassie nummie?"

"No siwwy mummah, dewe am many gwassies, Fwuffie num so many! tummy haf many happies an no mowe hewties! hee hee!"

"Den why bwing onwy one gwassie nummie fow mummah? mummah nee mowe nummies. Babbeh say bwing nummies fow famiwy..."

"Siwwy poopie mummah, fwuffie hab no famiwy, mummah no wuv fwuffie, mummah aways say poopie babbeh nee fowebah sweepies. hee hee. So if mummah no wuv babbeh and babbeh no get huggies and wuv fwom mummah ow daddeh fwuffie... DEN BABBEH NO HAB FAMIWY! HEEE HEEE HEE!" The brown foal jumps and dances with joy, his plan was perfect and his formor mother fell for it.

"Ou... ou am munstah... ou am wostes fwuffie ebbah!"

"Nu dummie mawe, ou am munstah mummah, ou no wub aww fwuffies, ou gif babbeh hewties, you make hoomin daddeh hate fwuffies. gif fwuffie many owies, and many heawt hewties. So babbeh gif heawt hewties to mummah! fwuffie am best fwuffie am smawtes fwuffie ebbah! NAO EAT OU NUMMIES! hee hee hee!" as he says that a stream of shit comes out of the hole towards Rosegold's face covering the blade of grass with the worst smelling shit she has ever smelled.

"Mummah num fwuffies poopies wike fwuffie had eat mummah's poopies! heee-heee-hee!" The brown foal rolls and laughes and keeps laughing. Rosegold cries harder than she has ever cried before.

"Oh an dummie mummah, da wawa nu am gone, fwuffie had wawm bwankie so put it in safe pwace, in wawa howe so nu mowe wawa! Nao see up waww, see dat bwockie see few pwace? Fwuffie watch ou nao, watch ou take fowebah sweepies wif sissy, ou go hungy or mabbeh bitie squeekie munstah make ou nummies! Fwuffie nu cawe....Buh fwuffie watch! HEEE-HEEE-HEEEE!"

Heartbroken, shocked, and filled with so much anger, all Rosegold can do is thrash about bang her body on the metal door trying to get at her foal her mouth foams and she cries and screams and keeps screaming until she passes out on the floor. The brown foal having watched everything from under the bush by the window, his sister slowly drags itself over to hug her mother.

As the show has ended for him he walks around his surroundings, exploring and enjoying his newfound freedom. With luck he finds a big red rubber ball the children of the very last after school program left behind. when the sun gets to be too much for the little foal he goes back to his safe bush and watches his family again.

His formor sister, long since given up hugging her mother has attempted to eat the sorry poopies and the blade of grass. She is working on another liquid nugget of shit, she stands there for a few moments then throws up. If the brown foal could achieve an errection, it would be the consistency of diamonds right about now. He grazes on the delicious grass then takes mercy on them, and brings them a half clipping and another mound of shit to go with it.

That night is calm for the brown foal he keeps watching his family until the darkness swallows the room. Rosegold however has the worst nightmares of her life.

"Rosegold, i've told you hundreds of times, give that foal millk!"

"Buh it am poopie babbeh!" Rosegold turns around to find her best baby is thin and on the verge of death, its legs are missing, its teeth have been smashed, and its eyes are bleeding roaches. Humphree is there, the half eaten fluffy he was, being eaten by rats even in death. She looks up to her daddy and its the poopie baby, he reaches over with a human hand and grabs her. "HEEE-HEEEE-HEEEE Ou am bad mummah, buh ou make good nummies!" He opens his mouth Rosegold looks in and see thousands of rats squirming and wiggling around and he falls, falls forever into his mouth.


Day 5, Rosegold sees her poopie baby in the window, hes awake and watching her, she cant see it, but hes smiling at her. She finds the blade of grass covered in shit and scrambles to eat it. After her "meal" she throws up and her best baby struggles to speak, its leg and part of its body having turned green. She cries and asks the poopie baby for food once more.

After his meal and a brief play break, he brings her meal, feeling generous he slips two blades of grass through the hole. she eats them quickly then goes back to crying, Off to play with the ball now, off he trots into the shade of a nearby tree.

Rosegold looks up to the window and the poopie baby is gone. She walks to whats left of her best baby, its covered in vomit and shit, its eyes are red and puffy. it can barely speak much less move, bad thoughts race through her mind. thoughts of rats eating her, of dying without seeing her pretty baby ever playing again, of her daddy. Life stops for Rosegold, deep down she knows she caused this, Humphree knew their fate, and she was too dumb to see it at the time.

She picks up her best baby and hugs it, she sings a quiet mummah song. "Bestes babbeh, can ou get mummah nummies? Can ou go in howe and get gwassies for mummah so ou get miwkies?"

The softest voive shes ever heard comes from her last child, like the ghost of nails on a chalkboard from years long past. "Ou... am bad mummaaaaah... ou wet babbeh take wonges sweepies... babbeh..." The foal cries no tears come from its eyes but profound sadness is in her voice. "Babbeh... hatchu... mummah..." with a last gasp of air, it stops moving.

The Brown foal laughs as its mother gets up with its baby held in her mouth, she walks to the vent she crawls in and dissapears."Fwuffie am bestes fwuffie ebbah! nu mowe mummah, nu mowe daddeh, nu mowe sissy!" He jumps for joy laughing and giggling for the next few hours.

Its sunset of the 5th day, having enough energy to the the equivalent of a fluffy mile, he walks away from the school crossing the road. The feeling of pride or complete happiness is so strong in him he laughs and sings, new thoughts fill his head. He thinks of being a big fluffy and leading a herd, of finding a new human to love him and care for him and never make the mistakes his parents made.

The thought of being a house fluffy warms his heart, he would never ask for spagetti, or toys, never make bad poopies. all he wanted was love from some human, any human just for a day. He could also explore the whole world and just find someplace to be happy!

He could have had these things, and more, he would have been true to his word, if it wasnt for the car that ran him over as he crossed the road.

The End


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The_Enygma: I wasn't sure if i wanted a happy ending or not, i kinda felt like everyone needed to go. But hey i had fun with this one and i hope you guys enjoyed it.

let me know what you think. Cheers.
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Anonymous1: Nice work.

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The_Enygma: I'm also sorry about spelling errors, i see a few here and i wish the site had an "Edit" button so i could fix the mistakes.

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Linchpin: too bad! but fluffy´s and street´s ends never good!

- Reply
The_Enygma: @Linchpin: was it at least worth the pay off?

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Linchpin: @The_Enygma: There is sadly not no Edit function! -_-

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The_Enygma: Also i wanted to thank the Anon on 4chan who gave me the idea!

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Linchpin: @Linchpin: Yes but poopie became a little too arrogant in the end!
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Clockworkfluffy: Fluffies die all the time, so people shouldnt be surprised that the brown babbeh died in the end. What makes this story satisfying to me was the fact that the shitty mother and spoiled bet babbeh got their just deserts and the brown babbeh got his revenge!

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The_Enygma: my original vision is after he left the blade of grass brown foal would run away and he would have come across a herd and live with them. Rosegold would be eaten by rats.

i didnt want anyone to have a happy end, and i wanted to show the brown baby having signs of smarty syndrome and die an equally painful death.

but i said screw that then gave us this ending.

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ripoffMcgee: @The_Enygma: except death is sweet releases while life is suffering

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The_Enygma: he could have suffered more, or he could have been happy until he died naturally. It could have played out either way. Unlike his mom, oh man if i wanted to go into detail, the rats would have started with her eyes and face.
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Anonymous2: Well, it's an happy end. Getting turned into a pancake by a car is one of the least painful death for a fluffie. Too bad, he was a genius compared to other fluffie. Excellent job, but "erection", not "errection". Don't you have a spell checker in your Word writer?

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The_Enygma: @Anonymous: To be fair, i did a quick sweep through, since my bosses were around my desk all day, hence why i was lamenting lack of an edit button. sorry. :/
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Anonymous3(2): @The_Enygma: Do not worry, just keep up the good work.
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Whimsicaltomcat: From start to finish this was great

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FluffyPuncher: Wonderful ending
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Gardel: @The_Enygma: nice one, the mare being a dumb selfish piece of shit to the very end was typical fluffy behavior. The stallion was kind of a dick even if the realized (too late) the brown foal needed help

However the ending was a bit much specially with the brown foal not actually turning smarty but being a good fluffy overall

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The_Enygma: @Gardel: it was difficult for me to decide his fate. I wanted him to have his revenge and be justified but still be ice cold and equally as bad as his parents. However halfway through I kinda wanted him to be happy, then I threw a car at him.
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Anonymous4: Thanks for killing the poopeh babbeh in the end.
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Anonymous5: FUCK YES

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The_Enygma: @Anonymous: You're welcome.
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BranF1akes: I saw that ending coming, to my displeasure. The rest of the story was awesome though, you're pretty good at this.

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The_Enygma: @BranF1akes: i was going to let him have a happy ending, i wanted to honestly. i just didnt know how the community would have taken it.

the alternate version would have been he leaves the school and walks into the near by woods and joins a herd. that would have been the ending. i just felt like people wouldnt have liked it.
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nono_stick: Huehuehuehuehue...
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BranF1akes: @The_Enygma: I would've left it ambiguous.
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