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FluffiesAreFood: > Put a camera on a liter pal
> record everything that happens
> including the shit eating
> including the raping
> post on 4chan/b/ and 8ch/pone/
> beta neckbeards wank so hard they blow out their prostates and develop dick ulcers
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BigSmoke: G U D F E W S
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Anonymous1: PETA: Behind the scene footage.
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Anonymous2: That fluffy used the letter L. Minus a million points.
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gr1m_1: @Anonymous:
Maybe in moments of extreme terror or ecstasy fluffies can pronounce things properly
Note: "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE" when it probably should be "SCWEEEEEEEEEEEEE" (even more annoying)
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Anonymous3: @FluffiesAreFood: Projecting much?
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Anonymous4(3): @gr1m_1: Well, no... because "SCREEEEE" is pretty much an onomatopoeia. They aren't actually saying SCREEEEEE, it's just the word used to describe the terrible tiny horse-like screeching sounds they make when in extreme pain.
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Anonymous5: Fwuffy wub dis