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==For whom the Belle tolls, pt. 3==

The church bell rang.

Belle closed the door behind her and slumped against the wall, exhausted. "Oh, god, what an awful day..." She glanced up, her tired eyes expecting to see Milo running down the hall, begging for attention, and a pile of shit on the dining room floor, as usual... but it was empty, and Milo was nowhere to be seen. She blinked. "Maybe... he's already asleep?" She muses aloud. "It is very late... but... no shit pile?"

Then she heard an all-too familiar squeaky voice from down the hallway. "Mummah!! Wook, Miwo made good poopies!"

Belle blinked again. The litter box was in the living room, she could see it from where she was standing, and it was clean and unused as always. What the hell was Milo talking about? She dropped her pocketbook on the floor by the door and made her way down the hallway, while Milo continued to babble about how he was the "bestest fwuffy" and made "bestest poopies". The voice was coming from her room.

Belle groaned, "Not the fucking rug now," she muttered under her breath, reaching the doorway to her bedroom. She peered inside and saw Milo sitting there, a big, proud smile on his stupid face... sitting amidst a pile of ashes, broken porcelain, and now fluffy shit. He had defied her, gone on the dresser, the one place she told him was forbidden, and somehow... not only broken the urn, but added the ultimate insult by tainting the ashes irreversibly with fluffy shit.

Belle stood there in stunned silence for a few moments, processing the situation. Her cat. Her precious, sweet, loyal cat, who had been her friend for 20 years... All she had left of him were the ashes, and now she didn't even have that. All because of this useless, shit-filled little blue test tube hairball.

"YOU FUCKING SHITRAT!" Belle roared, swooping down and snatching up the fluffy before he could move. Instantly, Milo began to sob, and Belle drew back her fist, her eyes ablaze, ready to pummel this patheic creature until he stopped breathing. She could barely restrain herself, her arm shook from the effort of simultaneously holding back and trying to muster all the force it could... and then something inside Belle snapped. Her kind side, her sympathy and pity for this creature, evaporated; along with the burning rage. No, she wouldn't end this lab-grown abomination's life in a single act of rage-fueled violence... he deserved so much worse than that, and for the first time, she would have no restraint and no regrets about letting all of her desires out. Her raised fist dropped to her side, but she did not let go of Milo with her other hand.

"Huuhuuuu!!! Pwease Mummah, nu huwt Miwo! Miwo am gud fwuffy, make gud poopies! Pwease Mummah, Miwo wuv you! Miwo just wan huggies and wuv! Mummah PWEASE!"

"Shut. the fuck. up." Belle hissed, clamping the fluffy's mouth shut with her other hand. "You ungrateful little fucker. I should have left you to die in that cage, at least then it would have been quick, and I could have spared myself this suffering... no, no, you've been a burden on me for far too long, I'm going to squeeze every ounce of fun out of you that I can, I'm not going to let you die quickly."

She carried Milo back into the dining room, yanking the table and chairs out of the way and grabbing her pocketbook. She fished around in it with her free hand, and pulled out a hairband, which she bit apart and then used as a makeshift string to tie Milo by his tail to the ceiling fan.

"Mummah pwease nu mo huwties... nu mo bad upsies..."

Belle backhanded the fluffy, knocking a tooth out and sending him spinning around the room. "I didn't say you could speak, you filthy fucking cretin." She flipped the switch on the ceiling fan to turn it to low, continuing the fluffy's upside-down orbit around the dining room. "I'll be back with fun toys to play with... well, fun for me. You just... hang out here until I get back." She giggled a little to herself at the pun, but it was a cold and humorless laugh.



Belle was only gone for a half hour, but by the time she came back, Milo had vomited three times around the dining room and was now just making a continuous, low screech. The sounds of his suffering were music to Belle's ears, and she opened the apartment door humming a little tune to herself. "Ah... here we are," she said, dropping two bags on the floor. One of them made a loud mechanical clank, the other a dull thud. "I've been doing research on you vile little creatures," Belle said, turning off the ceiling fan and smiling coldly at Milo as his spinning gradually came to a stop. "And I'm going to have so much fun with your reset feature. From what my... friends on the internet have told me, if you experience enough suffering, psychological or physical, you'll revert to the mentality of a tiny chirping foal, unable to do anything but sit there and suck on your hoof. I think that sounds rather cute, don't you? I'd LOVE to see it for myself!"

"Mummah... pweas... nu mo huwties..."

"You really don't get it, do you?" Belle asked. "I'm not your mummah. I never loved you, you useless little flearag. Nobody ever loved you. You were left in a shelter to die, and I picked you up, and now I'm going to kill you myself. I HATE you."

"M...Mummah hate Miwo? Mummah...g-gonna gif miwo wowstest huwties and fowevah sweepies?" The fluffy stammered, having finally run out of tears. "Nu... nu one cawe about miwo?"

"Nobody gives a shit about you, Milo. Nobody ever did, and nobody ever will. You're only good for inflicting pain."

"Miwo... huuhuu.... miwo wan die..."

Belle snorted in disbelief. "That was fast. No, Milo. You don't get to die, not yet. I haven't had my fun with you. I wonder just how much pain I have to inflict on you before you revert to foal behavior... I would crush your "special lumps", but the shelter removed those a long time ago. I'll have to be more creative..."

Belle reached into one of the bags and pulled out a pair of pliers. "Ripping fingernails out is one of the most painful things a human being can experience. I wonder if your hooves work the same way?"

She was expecting Milo to flail, protest, anything, but he just hung there, sobbing quietly as she approached, as she grabbed ahold of one of his back legs, and as she got a good grip with the pliers on that back hoof. It was only as she slowly, carefully started to rip the hoof away from the rest of Milo's foot that he began to scream again.


Belle took her time, ripping the hoof off millimeter by agonizing millimeter, until Milo had screamed himself hoarse and was now just spasming in pain, his eyes rolling back into his head and his mouth wide open in a silent screech. Belle dropped the pliers and hoof onto the floor and went into the kitchen, coming back out with a funnel and a small glass of water.

"Here you go, Milo," she said, holding the fluffy upright and shoving the funnel into his mouth before slowly pouring the water in manageable mouthfuls and massaging his throat to make him swallow. "It's no fun if I can't hear your pain."

Milo sputtered on the last gulp of water, the pain finally having dulled to the point he could regain his senses.

"Good, good. Now, we wouldn't want that exposed foot to get infected, now would we, Milo?"

Milo did not reply in any kind of coherent word, just babbling and sobs. Belle smiled, she took that as a sign she was getting close. She took a large bottle of vodka and a bowl out of the bag, poured the vodka into the bowl, and without any sort of warning, submerged the fluffy's hoofless foot in it.


Belle set the bowl down and watched with a sadistic glee as the pain was too much for the fluffy's mind, and it broke. Milo had now completely reverted to a foal state, unable to vocalize anything but pathetic chirps and sucking intently on his front hoof like it was a mother's teat. "Oh, how cute!" Belle cooed, her mouth forming into a deranged grin. "He's finally broken! That means... it's time for my other special toy..."

She pulled her last item from its bag, a high-powered taser.

"This... this will reset you. You won't remember any of this pain, suffering, or misery, so I'll get to inflict it on you again, and again, and again... though they did warn me it was dangerous to use more than once every 24 hours or so..."

She placed the taser against Milo's forehead and sent countless volts of electricity coursing through his brain and feeble fluffy body, then leaned in very close to make sure he heard her next words.

"Every night, when you hear the bell toll, know that it tolls for you, Milo. When you hear that bell, you will experience pain so great it breaks your pathetic little mind... so great you'll "wan die"... and eventually, you will. Oh, yes, you will, my little shitty blue friend."


Belle tucked the unconscious fluffy into his bed, careful to avoid touching his now-bandaged but still very hoofless foot, and set a bowl of warm milk and some kibble next to him for when he woke up. Then she left, quietly closing the door behind her as to not wake him. She would come back tomorrow night, and every night after, just in time for the tolling of the bell... but for now, Belle had more pressing matters to attend to. Looking for a new apartment, for starters; and she was awfully hungry... her sadistic streak apparently worked up quite an appetite. She smiled, and decided she'd pay a restaurant a visit that she hadn't before, a new off-brand chain that had opened up. A 24/7 diner called Waffoal House.
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Malvolia: The thrilling conclusion to Belle's introduction story. I did warn you this tale would not end well for Milo the Fluffy.
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Anonymous1: cheesy, but good writing

there's a reason we don't use resets much anymore
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Anonymous2: @Malvolia: I honestly didn't really care for milo.
I mean, he disobeyed some his owner said was forbidden, and had a stomach problem that caused him to shit everywhere.
The weirdest thing is that he seem to think shitting on a forbidden place is a good idea.

In any case, can you do another one where she finishes off the torture?

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deathproofpony: Well done. I'm not a fan of the resetting trope, either, though.

>Waffoal House

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Anonymous3: kind of an anticlimax but the ride was fun nevertheless. keep writing, you're good at it

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FluffyPuncher: I'd eat there.

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The-Amazing-Anonymous: Little shit deserved it. Good job.

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nuke_the_fluff_pile: I actually love this! Good job!
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Anonymous4: This was really good up until now, throwing in random recycled abuse by an owner who has a history for loving a pet, would have been much better had she thrown the thing outside and then continued on that route, this whole chapter of abuse felt forced and unreasonable. When you guys write this shit you seem to have no understanding for how things actually work. Maybe consider suicide
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