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The Danger Room Pt.1-------------------BoxieFoals
Im driving home from the alleyway. At a red light, I hear a soft yawn. I turn to look at my backseat.
There was a brown foal. I remember that I saved her from a life of eating nothing but shit off the ground.
I figured I might have some time to answer some of her dumbass questions. She stands up and attempts
to jump from the backseat to my seat's armrest. Of course,she fails and only hits her chin on it. The light
turns green, as if my armrest was a button for it. As I'm driving, I hear her whimpering."Huuuuu....Mummah...
Pwease hewp fwuffeh.Only am wittwe babbeh. Huuu..." She stopped whimpering and I wondered what
happened. But I couldn't really investigate at the moment. I make a purposely sharp turn onto my street.
I hear her slide across the floorboard and hit the inner door rather painfully.She screeches and my heart
skips a beat as I hear a familiar sound. "PRRRRTTTTTTTT". The little fucker just took a shit in my backseat.
"EEP! Sowwy Mummah! Nu meen tu make bad poopies! Pwease nu owwies! Huu!" I wanted to punish her
by beating her, but then I had an idea. My new plan : keep every fluffy EXCEPT brown locked up in a
saferoom, except it isn't exactly safe. Then, spoil brown rotten in front of the starving, abused shitrats to make
them slowly become suicidal.Genius! Now, the guest bedroom will become the Danger Room.
Before I brought them inside, I needed to give them names. I looked at the brown foal. "Okay, Mummah gonna give
You a name!" She smiled, then frowned."Bu babbehs name is Poopie." I saw the hurt in her eyes."Not anymore."
She cheered and danced."Tank ou! Wat babbehs nyu name?" I thought for a second."Brownie." She was so pleased
with her new name that she shat herself all over my leather seats. I was agrivated , but that wasn't the plan.
I took the box from my trunk and slammed it on the ground."Skreee! PRRRRTTTTTTTT!" Goddamn, that's alot of
shit for one day. I opened up the box and looked inside, there was shit and piss all over the bottom and sides of
the box.The green one hopped out. " Why ou huwt fwuffeh? Am soon Mummah! I gif wowstest owwies!"
I slapped her and she shut right the fuck up. I pointed at Brownie. "Is that your baby?" She gulped but didn't respond.
"IS. THAT. YOUR. BABY?" She slowly backed away. "Yus" I wasn't surprised. I kicked her face. "Don't ever be mean
to her again! Understand?" She peeped and nodded. "Okay now.... Your new name is.... Grass." She looked
disappointed."But pwetty fwuffies name is Fwoweh!" I gave her a Stern look and she agreed to her new,
less arrogant name. I looked at the black and orange half grown Fluffies. "Your new name is Night, and yours is
Pumpkin!" The smiled and danced. I brought them inside.
I threw Grass, Night, and Pumpkin into the Danger room. I walked inside, carrying Brownie in my arms. I hooked the flat
screen to FluffTV and my camera system. I would interrupt their show with live footage of me spoiling Brownie.
There was also an old couch, a litter box, and some toys. I turned on the light and the TV and left.
The next day, I interrupted their show for the first time. I was feeding Brownie spaghetti. She was happy,
but I heard huuing coming from the Danger Room. I turned off the recording and let FluffTV continue.
I checked into the Danger Room and was shocked. There was a huge mound of shit in the corner and piss along the walls
Grass was on the floor, huuing. I also spotted Night and Pumpkin playing with toys. I then noticed that Night was growing
her mane out already. It was yellow! I walked to her"On account of your new mane, your new name is Bee." She shat in the
corner. I somehow managed to clean up all the shit. I put them in the bag of shit and swung it around. Then I dumped them
out and threw it away. Grass started to scree. "HEWP! BIGGEST POOPIES!" Great. Another fucking group of Fluffies.
She gave birth to 7 foals. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple , and Brown. I was amazed. Apparently, having rainbow foals
is rare. Red and Purple were unicorns, Orange and Green were earth ponies, and Blue and Yellow were Pegasi. Brown was an
alicorn. Then I thought, Holy shit! What if Purple was a Twifluff, Orange was an Applefluff, and blue and yellow were Rainbow
and Flutter fluffs? Grass almost instantly called the Green her bestest babbeh, while she was fond of all the others except brown.
"Scree! Munstah babbeh! Take wowstest owwies an sowwy poopies!" She was about to kill it, but I grabbed her by the throat
I pulled out my pocket knife. I stabbed her eye. "EeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
she fell to the ground. I went to the store and picked up a milk feeder and screwed it into the wall. I dragged Grass out to
Brownies spoil table. Then I had an idea. I could dissect the bad Fluffies alive while the others watch! I tossed Brownie in the
Danger Room. No more miss nice Mummah.

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Anonymous1: Nice idea, just the formatting seems a little rough. But nice!

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BoxieFoals: @gr1m_1: how could I improve it? I'm open for ideas!
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Anonymous2: Do fluffies stay alive and feel everything through an entire dissection? It would be interesting if you had an immortal fluffy, one where it can be killed multiple times and still able to feel all the anguish and pain and then heal, even from complete annihilations or being burned alive

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Yiss: Also, Another idea for Punishment is when a smarty Comes along (one of the babies) bring them out and give them treats, and every time the Smarty baby says "smarty" Use the pocket knife and Make a Mark on the mother, just a small but rather deep cut.

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guodzilla: @BoxieFoals: don't harm the alicorn!!! If you do, you'd be throwing away some major cash (even crap-colored Ali's are worth mucho dinero).
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: So... William?
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KazumiTheSmarty: Ahem.........WALLL OOOOFFFFF TTTEEEEXXXXTTTTSSSS but I like poopie babbeh cliches so keep going do ur thing

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Ramennoodles: nice story!
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