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What will the future hold?
Part 3

Our story fades into a scene straight out of some copy-written bullshit sob-story from the 90’s. Poor mummah Bubblegum and her remaining foals:

-A dark blue Earthie with a black mane: Rain

-A bland green Earthie with an orange mane: Hummer

And her “bestes babbeh”
-A bright pink Pegasus with a sparkling purple mane: Starshine.

Two weeks have passed since Bubblegum had given birth. Her foals we're now playing, talking, and eating all by themselves! All it would seem, except for little Hummer. With the death of his brown maned sister and the subsequent crippling of his back legs at the hooves of his mother, Hummer had never known anything in his short life outside of pain and pity.

Whenever his siblings wanted to play, he could only watch. Whenever he tries moving faster than a slow crawl, a searing pain floods his spine down the the end of his mutilated legs. Even the act of making poopies proved to be much too much of a task for the broken foal. Whenever he felt the need to shit, Hummer forced himself to crawl out of the nest and behind a nearby dumpster; a place bubblegum chose as the “good-poopie pwace” due to it's privacy and hidden nature.

Hummer took, on average, at least 3-7 minutes to crawl to the good poopie place. Once there, (assuming he actually makes it all the way before shitting all over himself), he must then go through the agony of making poopies. An act that is cherished- nay, even WORSHIPED by fluffies far and wide. To Hummer, though, poopies were just another agonizing chore he must endure every day if he doesn't wish to get sorry boopies from Bubblegum.

“Mummah! Nee’ make good-poopies bu’ dummeh weggies haf’ wostes hewties! Pwease take Hummah to poopie pwace, nu wan' mow sowwy boo-”

Hummer’s cries were cut off by Starshine, who had decided she had enough of Hummer’s bitching.

“Shu’up dummeh weggie uhm.. DUMMEH!! Mummah gu fin’ nummies fow giv bestes babbeh bestes’ miwkies!”

Starshine yelled at her crippled brother, straining her tiny fluffy brain trying to think of other not-pretty things to call him. Hummer immediately curled up in a half ball, tucking his face into his chest and using his hooves to cover his head. It looked almost like a fat kid trying to lick a catsup stain off his tittie while simultaneously scratching the back of his head with both hands.

Starshine continued to shower Hummer with a barrage of sorry hoofies while he simply sat half-rolled up sobbing into his own fluff. It didn't take long for Starshine to unwittingly slam her tiny soft hooves into one of Hummers bum legs. There's a sickening *CRACK* followed by a sound that resembled walking over a gravel road as one of Hummers legs once again had been broken in another place.


Hearing the sudden commotion in front of him, Rain springs up from the nest and into action. Before Starshine could react, Rain was already upon her. He slams into his sister's side head first with a soft *OOMPH* noise, almost like a hacky sack landing on a pillow. Starshine hits the ground hard (by fluffy standards) and immediately cries out in confusion.

“ Why hewt bestes babbeh? Am good babbeh! Huuu huuuuu”

She wailed as Rain carefully picked up Hummer with his teeth. In one swift motion, Rain releases Hummer from his grasp, swooping under him to catch him on his shoulders. This was a motion he had taught himself to aid in the transportation of his younger brother.

“Am Hummah otay’? Haf hewties?”

Rain asked in his almost whisper-like voice. Hummer sniffled, tears soaking his face fluff and chest fluff.

“Nee’ make gud-poopies *hic* bu’ dummeh sissie nu *sniff* wet Hummah make good *sniff* poopies”

Hummer choked out between sobs and waves of snot now dripping from his nose. Rain simply sighed and shook his head, carefully taking Hummer to the good poopie place so he could finish his business. Rain was Hummers silent protector, keeping him safe from monsters as well as his family. He also helped him make good poopies and drink milkies.

Once they reached the poopie place, Rain carefully let Hummer slide off his shoulders and onto the ground. Hummer let out a soft peep when he hit the ground, but was soon greeted by the feeling of a typhoon of shit and blood escaping his tiny asshole. He began sobbing again as the pain from exerting the incredible shit wave filled his body. Rain simply took a few steps away from the nearest shit pile and did his usual business.

Starshine sat hunched over in the nest, trying her best to hug away her tummy hurties.

“Dummeh Wain, givin’ bestes babbeh wostes hewties.. Nee’ gif dummah weggie Hummah hewties an’ fowevah-sweepies!”

Starshine said to no one in particular. She let out a few more huu hu’s before finally getting up and crawling out of the nest. Her stomach growled for sustenance she wouldn't be getting until Bubblegum returned from foraging, so she did the only thing she could think of to soothe the pain in her stomach: make poopies. Starshine stood up in the box home, just in front of the nest, and began squatting.

“Maaakee… BIGGES’… POOPIES!”

Starshine strained the words between gritted teeth and she forced out a massive log of shit. Another shit stick followed right after, then a torrent of wet diarrhea that almost immediately filled the box home with the worst stench imaginable. Starshine turned around, nearly toppling over as she blew an obnoxious raspberry at the fresh pile of shit.

It was just about the same time the remaining two foals returned to the box home. Rain piggy-backing Hummer, but suddenly dropping him at the sight of Starshine’s bad poopies. He began shaking violently as Hummer chirpes in distress. Being dropped so suddenly didnt allow him to brace his fall, and as a result causes him to land on top of one of his bad legs.


Pain enveloped Hummers body, traveling from the nerves in his legs all the way up to the connections in his brain stem. Before he can continue to screech in agony, his nerves began sending signals to his brain from the strain caused by the damage. His legs kicked out in every direction, his entire body making spastic movements sending a stray kick right into the nuts of his older brother.

Rain didn't even make a sound, his body just hit the ground, his tiny hooves trying to clutch his special lumps.

“Why… hewt.. wains wumps…”

Was all Rain managed to gasp out in almost less than a whisper before collapsing into a chirping mess. Starshine was watching Hummer with a glare that seemed to be shooting daggers into his tiny pathetic figure.

Bubblegum happily hummed her mummah song to herself as she waddled back down the alley behind the Erotic Book Store. A bag dangled from her mouth, the spoils of a good hunt. She found lots of chewy nummies on the ground near the back window of the shop, a garbage bag full of human mare not-fluff that tasted like fruit and smelled like fishie nummies, and the best thing she found was a birthday cake slice that another human lady was making no-smell pretties on in front of the store!

With renewed energy and a bag full of good nummies to make the best milk for her foals, Bubblegum galloped as fast as she could back to her nest. What she found waiting for her back in her box nearly caused her to scream. Her bestes babbeh giving sorry hoofies to her least favorite babbeh, while her second best babbeh was cradling his special lumps. All this was happening around a huge steaming pile of shit planted right in the middle of their box shelter.


Bubblegum screamed at Hummer, again too blinded by the need to help her favorite child to notice the pain Starshine was causing Hummer. Out of sheer surprise, Starshine reared back on her back legs, accidentally stomping down one final time on Hummers back two legs. Hummer couldn't even make a peep at this point, the pain in his lower half to the point he wanted to beg for death; But something strange seemed to happen.

Hummers legs had been smashed and healed in so many different ways, his tiny fluffy genes had to adapt the the lack of infection and heal his body in anyway it could. His legs seemed to pop into place in his tiny pelvis, but the knee joints ended up healing nearly inverted. A miracle seemed to wash over young Hummer as all the bones in his legs somehow clicked back together. Hummer slowly stood up, his back legs bending in the completely opposite direction a normal fluffies legs would, and he looked directly at Rain.

“Am sowwy wain, nu’ mean tu give speciew wumps wostes owwies!!”

Hummer carefully took the nape of Rains neck in his teeth and carefully pulled him to the nest to give him Huggies. Bubblegum watched everything unfolding before her in utter fluffy astonishment. Her least favorite dummeh leggie babbeh suddenly had leggies that work, Rain is passed out with Hummer and Starshine is huu huuing near a pile of…

“Bad poopies…”

Bubblegum growled to herself as she stares intently at the steaming pile of smelly fluffy shit. Rage began to fill bubblegum as her daughters crying grew louder and louder. She stomped over to the nest and stared down at Hummer and Rain, rage filling her fluffy pink body.


Bubblegum raised her hoof in the air as high as she could reach, fully intent on bringing it down with all her strength on her green baby. She closed her eyes, anger driving her to bring her punishing sorry hoofie down on Hummer to finally rid herself of his burden. Her only thought was that of her crying child Starshine. Hummer made bad poopies and made her cry. He only bothered and hindered Bubblegum, and stole all of Starshine milkies. With a loud cry, Bubblegum threw her hoof down as hard as she could. The final product was a discussing wet SLAP, accompanied by a crunching noise and a fine mist of red.

Bubblegum slowly opened her eyes, lifting her hoof to meet her gaze. It was covered in a pink paste, blood staining the fluff stuck to her hoof.

“Der, nu mo’ dummeh ugwy babbeh to hewt gud babies. Nu mo' steawin’ miwkies! Wight' babbehs?!

Bubblegum turned around to see Starshine asleep sucking her hoof. In all this excitement, she must have cried herself out. Bubblegum decided it would be better not to waste her foals corpse, and she needed miwkies for her two best babbehs. Rather than dig into her supply of food, Bubblegum leaned down to eat and dispose of her now dead foal.

“Dummeh hummah, gon’ be miwkies fo’ bestes babbeh. Gon’ make bestes... miwkie...-”

Bubblegums expression turned to one of utter horror. There before her, was the corpse of her second favorite babbeh, Rain. His upper half flattened under the might of Bubblegums sorry hoofie. His blood slowly stained the tissue nest, leaking into the box and turning it red and soggy as well. His major organs splattered around his dead body, eyes twitching and body slowly succumbing to Rigamortis.

What Bubblegum failed to notice before she killed her child, was Hummer jumping from the nest at the last second away from the blow, leaving Rain in his place to take the blunt end of it. Hummer laid as flat as he could behind the nest, just out of Bubblegums sight. He knew he was done for if his mother found him. Bubblegum picked up the leaking corpse of her once blue and black foal and hugged it tightly to her chest, expecting it to have some sort of effect on him. Hummer quietly snuck away to the poopie place to hide; Bubblegum lamenting over the loss of yet another one of her foals.

What will become of Hummer? Will Bubblegum discover the truth about her stupidity and her bestes babbeh?

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StuffPup: 3rd installment! Lemme know whatcha think and any ideas you may have for the future of our remaining fluffy family!

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Linchpin: bubblegum´s special friend emerges and is not happy what he sees there!
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Anonymous1: hummers fucked with no one to protect him, but at least he can move
you should do the next one building rage as he gets mistreated and then a good revenge/karma the story after that
or just torture them all forever (better)
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Anonymous2: Have Hummer be the sole survivor in the end
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Anonymous3: >slowly succumbing to Rigamortis

Rigor mortis (Latin: rigor "stiffness", mortis "of death")

>best thing she found was a birthday cake slice that another human lady was making no-smell pretties on in front of the store


>like a fat kid trying to lick a catsup stain off his tittie while simultaneously scratching the back of his head with both hands

Lovely image XD
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