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On the flip Side

Hummer's story
Part 1

>Meet Hummer!

> A drab green fluffy Stallion with an orange sherbert mane!

>Back legs are also backwards, meaning his knees bend the opposite direction

>Some fluffies call him a dummeh, or a munstah, but he doesn't care

>His backwards legs give him an extra springy boost with every step

>Making him the fastest fluffy around

>But that's another story for another time, so let's get back to this one

>Our story begins with Hummer hunkering down under his hidey bush for the night

>After a long day of foraging around dirty park benches and between alleyways behind the local restaurants, he needed a nap.

>Hummer moved to a small pile of dead grass at the back of his burrow, carefully moving it aside to reveal a small hole beneath

>Carefully, he dumps his small bag of scavenged goods and food into the hole

>Over ripened fruit, pizza crusts, thick blades of grass, and a medley of expired snack foods that had fallen onto the ground around the city filled the little storage hole

>You see, Hummer was smarter than your average everyday fluffy, making survival secondhand nature to him.

>fortune also seemed to follow him around anywhere like flies on a pile of poopies, making him quite possibly the luckiest fluffy in existence.

>Thanks to his increased brain power, Hummer knew that Summer was soon coming to an end

>Days became shorter, nights grew colder and longer, and food was starting to become scarce

>Luckily with his extra intelligence, Hummer noticed this sooner than a normal feral fluffy would

>He would stock his burrow up with as much food as it could hold

>Once his storage was full, he would begin making improvements to his home instead of foraging, making it as safe, warm, and comfy as possible.

>This had been his routine for the last month or so now.

>His bush-home behind an abandoned parking structure soon became a small fluffy paradise hidden superbly by the encroaching Flora.

>By the time the leaves had finally began to fall, Hummer had made quite the fluffy hideaway.

>Located under a large bush completely hidden by vines, he had dug out:

>A main living area with a soft floor to play and sleep on

>A food burrow big enough to feed a small herd (that he made sure was always filled)

>Another small hole leading out to the good poopie place

>And finally, through a tunnel leading to another thicker bush covered dugout, a cozy nest area Hummer had lined with bits of old tape, cloth, and chunks of his own fluff.

>All the added nest insulation made the nest room Hummers favorite place to be during the colder fall nights

>Hummer was awoken later that night by a voice

>Soft at first, but slowly growing louder with every passing second

>Hummer shot up in his nest, his ears perking up trying to determine what the noise was

“Dis’ way hewd! Smawtie fin’ mowe dwinkie wawa’s!”

>Hummer knew immediately what he was dealing with

>He looks over to see an all yellow smarty with a small horn jutting from his face, a small group of fluffies following close behind.

>Herds of ponies always venture back here once or twice looking for anything they could eat

>Hummer simply watched them silently through the thick bushes his home was located beneath, not wanting to attract any attention to his hiding place

“Smawty nu fin’ nummies fow mummah! Nu wan’ wawa’s! Nee’ bestes nummeis fow make bestes miwkies fow mummahs Babbehs!”

>Hummer shifts his gaze to the source of the voice

>There, standing before the smartie, was the most beautiful mare he had ever laid his eyes on

>She was a dark wine-colored fluffy with a longer than normal sparkling white mane and tail

>It was too dark for Hummer to see any other details, but something else DID catch his attention

>Did she say babbehs?

“Shudup stupie mawe! Smawtie nu cawe about dummah nu speshew-fweind having Mawes dummah nu-daddeh havin’ babbehs!”

>The smartie Rams his horn into her side, piercing the frail skin of the poor fluffy mother and knocking her to the ground

>Blood begins pooling around her as her foals peep in distress

>The sudden force of the smartie ramming into her, on top of the pain from her new flesh wound prevented the mare from standing back up on her feet

“Dummeh mawe shewd haf’ taken foweva sweepies wif poopie speshew-fwiend! Smawtie take aw yo’ dummeh babbehs fo’ make enfie babbehs!”

>The mare can only watch as the smartie and his toughies flatten her baby stallions and rape her little fillies. Tears begin flooding from her eyes, her vision slowly fading

>The last thing she sees before passing out is a green blur, followed by a splash of red and a chorus of screams

>Then, finally, darkness

>Light fills the nest as the sun rises over the abandoned parking structure

>Slowly, the wine-colored mare opens her eyes, realizing she wasn't dead yet

>Still in a haze, she slowly climbs to her feet

>A sudden flash of pain shoots through her side and she falls back to the ground

“Huuuu huuuuu haf’ wostes hewties..”

>She cries, trying to hug her injured side

>Instead of hugs though, she notices a leaf stuck to her fluff on top of the hole the smart poked into her

>It was stuck to her fluff with a sticky plant residue of some sort

“Am pwetty mawe awake?”

>The wine-colored mare jumps and screams at Hummer as he pokes his head into the nestie place to check on her

>Hummer almost jumps out of his skin at the sudden loud noise

>But he does seem to notice a few things he couldn't in the dark

>The mares mane and tail seemed to be white, but the tips were the same color as her normal fluff. She also had wings on her back of the same coloration!

“Whew hewe? Whewe mummahs Babbehs?!”

>The mare shot up in an instant, completely ignoring the pain shooting through her side as she desperately searched around the nest for her young.

“Dew.. in hewe..”

>Hummer said as he slowly pulled a basket toward the mare

>Inside lay the dead bodies of her once chirpie babbehs

>At least the ones Hummer could collect anyway

>The mare begins sobbing and lamenting all over again, the sight of her dead children overwhelming her to the point that all she could do was chirp herself

>Tears rolled down Hummers face as he pulled the dead foals back outside the burrow. Their mother not even reacting at this point, simply just laying in the nest sobbing to herself

>An hour or so passes before the mare ventures out of the nest. Hummer is playing with a small rock he had found earlier, bumping across the burrow with his nose

“Scuse..me.. tank yu fo’ findin mummahs Babbehs an’ hewpin mummah. Mummah am siwky, who yu?”

>Hummer simply stares with his head cocked, too distracted by the mares beauty to say anything

“Fwuffy am.. am.. h-hu-hummah”

>He says in a shaky voice

>Silky giggles at Hummers response before replying

“Dis am hummahs nestie? Haf nummies?”

>Silky asks as she feels her empty belly rumble in hunger pain

>Hummer simply nods and steps over to his food storage, grabbing a few stalks of limp celery and placing them in front of silky

>Silky greadily bites into the greens. She didn't care if they didn't taste pretty, she was just relieved to have some food in her belly.

>Hummer simply watched silky eat. He couldn't believe such a pretty fluffy wasn't calling him bad things. In fact, she was just plain nice to him

>A few uneventful days pass. Hummer caring for a wounded Silky, changing her leaf and bringing her food.

>He had to show here where the good poopy place was after a few accidents, but silky was a quick learner eager to please her kind host

>Soon a second week would pass since the smartie fiasco. Silkys side was all healed up, as well as the memory of her dead foals

>hummer was just glad to finally have a friend

>But one day, Hummer noticed silky acting kind of strange.

“Whas’ wong siwky? Fwuffy nee' nummies? Huggies?”

>Hummer offered as he held his stubby little hooves out to her for a tender embrace

>Silky smiled and happily hugged Hummer back before letting out a big sigh and looking down at the ground

“Hummah, siwky wan’ be honest. Befow’ siwkie met Hummah, siwkie in hewd wif’ speshew-fwiend n’ babbehs!”

>Silky paused, the memories causing tears to build in her eyes

“Bu’ one day speshew-fwiend Tew’ smawtie to stop bein a dummeh to the hewd. Smawtie an-an-*sob* an toughies stawt givin’ wostes hewties to *sniiiiif* speshew-fwiend! Den’ speshew-fwiend nu wake up, haf wonges’ sweepies…”

>Both Hummer and silky we're now openly balling. Silky from her darkest memories, Hummer out of sadness for his best friend.

>Hummer slowly shuffles next to Silky, wrapping her in the biggest hug he can muster.

>Silky returns the hug, calming herself down before softly continueing

“Den', smawtie gif’ babbehs foweba-sweepies… But Hummah save Mummah! An hewp mummah an.. an.. gif dah’ bes’ Huggies.. an..”

>Hummer began shaking softly, he could feel something was about to happen

“An siwky jus wan’ Hummah to know dat siwkie wuvs yu! Wiww Hummah be siwkies new speshew-fwiend?”

>Hummers heart nearly exploded from his tiny fluffy chest as he tackled silky in a playful Manor, hugging her and giving her lickies

>The next few days were complete fluffy bliss to the happy couple. The days were spent frolicking together and eating until they thought they'd explode

>The nights were spent cuddling and enfing the hours away

>Life was perfect for Hummer, and he never wanted it to stop

>Until one day, silky flipped his entire life upside down

“Speshew-fwien’! Siwky few babbehs! Am mummah soon!”

(of part one, yes.)
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StuffPup: Had this idea in the shower! A little dry, but most beginnings to most stories are. Introductions n' shit. Go ahead and leave some ideas and thoughts about whatchu think! Credit given to any ideas I use in next story?
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Anonymous1: Babbies in the cold times is bad. Even if the fluffies are smarter than average they rarely ever save their babbies from the cold.
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Anonymous2: The new hit single "Enfing the Hours Away" is available now on iTunes Music, Spotify, and other streaming music services.
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PaoloAlfa: @Anonymous:

Hummers not just your average fluffy though
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Anonymous3: @PaoloAlfa: Could still be as useless
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Anonymous4: >Both Hummer and silky we're now openly balling.

*bawling - LOL, the balling comes a little farther down ENF ENF ;)

>Hummers heart nearly exploded from his tiny fluffy chest as he tackled silky in a playful Manor, hugging her and giving her lickies

*a playful manner

playful Manor sounds like a place, like Wayne Manor, secret hideout of Batman.

Liking the story & characters, though. Look forward to more!
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Anonymous5: If all fluffies were like hummer, Mabey humanda would actually enjoy the majority of fluffies. Good post though, I look forwards to more
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