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ElCuCuyfeo: Dr.Josef Mengele ain't got shit on you.
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Renaissance: @ElCuCuyfeo: i feel dumb bc i had to look up who that was again to remember.
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Anonymous1: I like the writing a lot, but I'm not getting why they're developing hatreds alo ng color lines if there are still fluffies who share their coloring down in Fluffytown.
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Renaissance: A few reasons:
1) i wrote this in spring 2016. I wasnt good at writing yet and this was my first story
2) theyre being taught that they as a group of 5 are good and others are bad.
3) their color hating is taught to enhance their training
4) the foal mindgames are to test violence and enhance their hatred to the fluffies in fluffytown
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UACMarine: I hope that a lot of the racist fluffies get killed too.

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AnonymousFluffery: @Renaissance: You're wrong, it's quite good for a first story. I think my point stands that it's a bit of a leap story-wise, but the writing quality isn't bad at all.
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