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BranF1akes: Awww yeah.
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Loserton_McAutism_The_Third: Welcome to Blue, it's a story. About fluffies. As one would expect on fluffy booru. Criticism of all types is welcomed, from actual analysis to "suck dick figit". I hope I can entertain you all with my stories. Thank you for your time.

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Derpbastian: Woop! Glad you finally post here! Will keep an eye on your great job at writing.
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Anonymous1: Put full story in, this wastes space... Use ms paint and attach em all if you need to, this will be torture if you do it in such short bursts. The story's not bad though. Just edit it up.

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Dirtbiker989: @RevMe:
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UACMarine: Welcome fellow Autist! Glad to see a fellow sperglord from the Imperial Cult of the God-Emperor Trump.
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