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Forest Fluffies Part-2

The Green fluff happily waddled through the thick brush, content with her sucsessful raid. The dense foliage started to part and as it thinned she began to hear the sound of fluffies at play, it was a noise that filled her with joy regardless of how many times she heard it. Urging her legs onward she ran through the last of the brush.
Before her lay a small clearing in the forest, wizen apple trees ringed it the only reminder of a long forgotten apple orchard. The base of the tree's were teeming with fluffs of all manner of description, most playing but a few eating the tender grass that grew in this idyllic glade. Holding her head up high she let the bandana flutter in the soft breeze as if it were the most gorgous banner that had ever graced the earth and trotted into the glade.

"WOOK! Joon haf pweddy fing!" a white unicorn exclaimed as the fluffies rushed her. Each fluffie in the small herd crowded around excitedly sniffing her and the rag. Several of the mares gently touched the fabric cooed to each other, eventually coming to a mutual agreement that it was indeed fine nesting material. Several of the other fluffies hugged her in greeting. The attention made her chest puff out in pride, but she had more pressing concerns

Slipshod nests made by first time mummahs lay cradled in the gnarled roots of the apple trees, shielded from the brunt of the wind and most of the rain. Several of them filled with peeping babbehs while others contained foals playing and singing with their brothers and sisters. She had stopped at each and every nest she came across to greet the small fluffies and the occasional nurse maid attending to the nests.

Eventually she came to where the larger and well maintained burrows were located. Most were dug out of an old rabbit burrows that had been expanded over generations, soft hooves removing dirt and stones to make a safe haven for the fluffs during the cold months and as a vault for the communal food supply, but not even this was her final destination.

Ahead of the warrens was a hollowed out log resting in the shade of an old apple tree. A few nervous fluffies walked past it as she approached, they turned and walked away from her seemingly out of shame. Nearing the entrance she heard a sound that she hated more than any in the world because of the pain it caused her.

"Huuuuuuuhuuuuuhuuuu" she heard as she slipped into the spacious log

Laying on a vast nest made of dried grass, pilfered feathers, green and red fluff, lay her Speshul Fwend and his twisted and broken body. His remaining front leg covered his eyes as he cried, fluff damp with tears. Creaping close June whispered "Hewwo speshuw fwend" between her clenched teeth. The Bright red unicorn continued to lay there seemingly oblivious to her. Placing the rag infront of him she then delicately touched her snout to his

"No be sad Speshul Fwend. Joon bwing pwesend fo' you an' soon babbehs" she whispered to him as she stroked his fluff.
Removing his leg he gave her a sorrowfilled look before glancing at the object before him. Tenatively he reached out and touched it with his hoof, the novel experience breaking him from his reflections. The Stallion's tail wagged weakly before slumping down again

"Faww sorry fo bein wowst speshuw fwend.... huhuhu" the Red pony cried out, tears running down his face "S-soon mummah shud be in cozy nestie, STAWWION shud be cowwectin nestie stuff! Daddeh shud be feedin soon-mummeh!" June pulled the bandana over him as he babbled and then curled up next to him.
"Joon no mind, Joon wuv Faww. Joon wub speshul fwend, an Joon know Faww gonna be gud daddeh to soon babbehs" she loveingly whispered into his ear. Both fluffs started cooing to each other as they both tenderly drifted off to sleep underneath a red bandana and the promise of a bright future
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Vye: Hope you guys like a heaping dose of sadness and even more emotional sadness.

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Derpbastian: Emo stallion. I like the direction this is taking. Keep up the good work!
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Anonymous1: reads well.
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Anonymous2: Nice work, diving deeper into the experience of the wild fluffy life is an interesting take. Please, continue.

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guodzilla: I hate to do this, but:
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Vye: @guodzilla: Thanks, I love your creepy insect fluffie drawings by the way.
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Anonymous3: *whips a lonely manly salty tear. THE ABUSE!! WHERE IS IT?

*clears throat. Overall, nice story, pal.
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