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Sunshine Strudel and her Nuw daddeh


Sunshine Strudel was busy chowing down on her plate of sketties, happy her nuw daddeh gave her plenty of good nummies to feed her foals. Daddeh walked in as Fernando and Freddy had just started watching another show on FluffTV. The happy mare didn't notice until her daddeh's slippers gently nudged into her fat side. This got her attention, as Sunshine lifted her head from the plate, with spaghetti sauce stuck to her muzzle, and a single noodle dangling from her mouth.

"Say...we never named your foals, did we Sunshine?"

The happy but hungry mare thought about it for a second, rubbing her dirtied muzzle with her soft heart-shaped hoof prints. She then perked up, as this meant the first thing every fluffy parent was proud of when their foals were first born.

"No daddeh, babbehs nu hab namsies yet!"

"Well we can't exactly take them to daycare without names, can we?"

Daddeh had a point. The foals needed names if they were to make lots of friends and have tons of fun! After all, how could someone have fun if they didn't have so much as a name? It'd be like if daddeh didn't have a name and everyone just addressed him as "Hoomin", and he wouldn't like that. Taking a look at her babbehs, Sunshine noticed they were already opening their eyes, and some were even slowly standing up, and waddling. This was another milestone in fluffy parenthood, as her babbehs would not only get names, but were now walking, and seeing. Soon they would be talking too, and then Sunshine and Fernando's parenting would be complete. There were eight foals, four belonging to Freddy and Matilda, and the other four were Sunshine's own litter consisting of a purple Earthie colt, a hot pink unicorn fillie, an apple green pegasus fillie, and another pegasus who Sunshine liked because this fillie shared the same shade of atomic tangerine-colored fluff as her mummah. Sunshine first picks up the Earthie,

"Daddeh...hewp Sunshine Stwudel name babbehs?"

Daddeh nodded, picking up the chirping colt as it cooes and hugs his thumb. The colt nuzzles Daddeh's trimmed fingernail, and peeps happily, having finally seen his mummah's daddeh.

"I'll name this little guy....Cupid!" He says, handing the happy foal back to his mother. Sunshine then picks up the unicorn,

"Next name da hownie babbeh?"

Daddeh picks up the unicorn and looks her over. The unicorn looks at him and curls, seemingly afraid of the big daddeh looking over her. The chirps of distress put Sunshine on edge.

"Daddeh, gib babbeh back! Is too wittwe..."

"Now Sunshine, if you want me to be able to give her a proper name, you gotta trust me. I think this little one is just really shy is all, and that's normal in little ones who have just opened their eyes for the first time."

Despite her foal chirping in fear, Sunshine simply lowered her head after seeing her daddeh's point.

"Nu...daddeh wight. Pwease gib babbeh bestest namsie?"

Daddeh nodded, looking over the fearful foal before finally giving her a name.

"I name this one...Scooby!"

The foal starts to calm down, as if it now understood that it was given a new name. Daddeh hands her back to Sunshine, who hugs her and sets the scared foal on her miwkie place. The next one was the apple pegasus, who was already run-waddling to explore it's newfound freedom. This one, daddeh had to catch. The foal was chirping in annoyance, as it was trying to climb out of his hands with her wings flapping frantically so she can fly down and start running more. It went so far as to gum his thumb in a feeble attempt to let go.

"Jeez Sunshine...this one better be a good babbeh, because if she isn't then she's gonna have to spend her life in the sorry box. Alright?"

The threat was enough to make Sunshine's mood suddenly drop, as her ears and tail drooped in fear.

"Nu...babbeh be gud! Sunshine pwomie daddeh!"

"Okay, well I'm gonna hold you to this. Her name will be a constant reminder of your word, and thus I name her...Promise!"

Though Daddeh felt a bit unoriginal with the naming, it was enough to make Sunshine happy. The mare took the apple pegasus, and then looked to the foal who closely resembled her.

"Daddeh...Sunshine wanna name dis one."


"Sunshine name bestes babbeh...Bestes babbeh!"

Daddeh raised a brow, and sighed a little.

"Sweetheart, you can't name your baby 'Bestes babbeh', or it'll offend all the other good mummah's and daddeh's with
good babbehs. See what I mean?"

"Buh daddeh, dis am bestes babbeh, an bestes babbeh nee namsie to show am bestes babbeh!"

Daddeh's brow twitched for a sec in frustration, but that was something Sunshine wouldn't be capable of picking up, since she like most fluffies were bred to understand only happy, sad, and dissapointed faces so they could cater to their owner's emotional needs.

"Sunshine...I know you don't understand, but naming your favorite foal 'bestes babbeh' is only asking for him to not make any see?"

Sunshine went derp-eyed, trying to process the information as her tongue stuck out, and a short fart escaped her.

"Buh daddeh, bestes babbeh hab brothas an sissies to be fwiends!"

Daddeh sighs in frustration,

" your foal something else or I will pick a name myself."

"O-otay daddeh...Sunshine name babbeh...Owange Stwudel."

The name was a surprising stretch for a fluffy, considering not even ferals are capable of naming themselves due to their heavy dependence on humans for everything. However, the smile returned on Daddeh's face.

"I think Orange is a good name, sweetie. You wanna go tell Fernando you named the babbehs?"


Sunshine Strudel waddles to Fernando, who was watching as an Alicorn was being shared a ball, and a sweet, syrupy lesson on sharing being caring played on the TV in song form. Fernando seemed to be happy the alicorn wasn't a munstah at all, but was a fluffy that merely was blessed and wanted lots of huggies and wuv like every other fluffy does.

"Speciaw fwiend, daddeh an Sunshine gib walkie babbehs namsies!"

He gasps, doing his happy dance while Sunshine joins.

"Dey gonna make so many fwiends at daycawe! Fernando wub speciaw fwiend an babbehs!"

Daddeh meanwhile smiles, having prepared the carrying cage for them to get into.

"Whose ready to go to daycare and have a nice...celebration?"

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CalifornianCuller: Did you guys know Atomic tangerine is an actual color? I just found that out as I was typing this up XD

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Fatalsirenz: That's actually a pleasant color. My only problems with this is how some parts you make the human sound like hes talking to the fluffy in fluff speak while its the fluffy technically talking. Not a proper 3rd person. Mostly the whole human putting the foal back on the moms tit how it referred to it as her miwkie pwace. I had to reread what perspective it was coming from.

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Fatalsirenz: Other than that I enjoyed this quick little read. Interested to see where it goes... Please don't make it generic kek

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CalifornianCuller: @Fatalsirenz: I'll try not to! :3
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Anders_Breivik: How wong until babbeh get waped to death with an immewsion bwendew?
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Loserton_McAutism_The_Third: Future_Smarty... God I hope that means "Smarty friend" and not "Dummeh hoomin! Smarty."
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