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Take It
All Away

Part 03

By Hornlarry


For the next few days, I watched with glee as Bruno made the other fluffies lives a living hell.

Bruno would "play" with the foals, kicking balls into their faces, burying them in the litterbox, and crapping on them indescriminately. Whenever his urges struck, he would mount poor little bluey, whom he had renamed "Enfie babbeh" and slake his lust upon her poor little broken body.

"Nuuuu! Nu wan speciaw huggies!" she cried as he chased her down one Tuesday morning, "Huggies huwt babbeh! Pwease! Am onwy wittew babbeh!"

"Haha! Bwuno catch fwuffy, an den Bwuno gib speciaw huggies!" Bruno roared, chasing after her, and cornering her in front of a fort made out of blocks. Then, biting her mane, he held her down, as her brother and sister looked on helplessly.

"Nuuu! Babbeh nu wan! Hewp! Daddah hewp!"

Enfie looked over at her father, still trapped in his litterpal box, dried excrement matted into his fluff. Legless and imprisoned, all he could do was watch as his foals were tormented and raped by the brutal Bruno.

"Daddah! Pwease! NuuuuuUU! SCREEEEEE!" Enfie wailed.

"ENF ENF ENF!" Bruno cried out with glorious enthusiasm.

"Babbeh... babbeh..." was all Shitbrick could moan, unable to do a thing to help her. "Huuu huu huu... Shitbwick am wowstest daddah..."


Eventually though, Bruno took things too far. As much as it would have been amusing to watch him stomp the entire fluffy family to death, that was far too quick for my liking. I wanted to milk every drop of their misery, and feed on their delicious suffering.

For some unfathomable reason, today was the day the fluffy mother decided to try and defend her babies. Bruno had tired of his first enfie baby, and had moved on to the brown foal, whom he had named "dummeh", clearly demonstrating his superior vocabulary. Poor "dummeh" was missing his rear legs, amongst other things, so was easy prey for the rampaging Bruno.

"Nuuu! Nu huwt babbeh! Bwowny babbeh nu am mawe... nu am mawe... NU AM MAWE! SCREEEEE! SCREEEE!"

The brown foal shrieked in agony as Bruno ripped into his feeble and half crippled body.

"Haha! Dummeh am enfie babbeh too! Bwuno ENF ENF ENF!" his tormentor roared in victory.

"Nuuuu! Mummah! Daddah! Hewp!" the brown foal wept.

"Weave bwonwy babbeh awone!" Greeny cried, stomping over to Bruno, "Ow get wowstest huwties!"

I watched in awe as Bruno stopped humping her crippled foal for a moment, and stomped over in to face her. Standing directly in front of her, he stood, towering over the much smaller pegasus mare. She quivered, but stood up to him.

"What dummeh mawe say to Bwuno?" the monster asked her, menacingly.

"Fwuffy say, nu huwt babbehs, ow get wowstest huwties..." she replied, perhaps a little less sure of herself.

Bruno looked at her for a few moments, then reared up on his hind legs, and brought both of his hooves down onto Greeny's snout, before she could even think to move out of the way.

"SCREEEE! AIEEE!!" the mare squealed in agony, spitting out two of her teeth in a spray of blood. "Huu huu huu... Why huwt fwubby? Fwubby am gud fwubby!"

I laughed my ass of and clapped my hands, rubbing them together with glee. Greeny's injury made her sound even more retarded than fluffy pony's regular vernacular. I very much hoped that her impediment would be permanent.

"So, if dummeh mawe nu wan Bwuno enf dummeh cwippew babbeh, den Bwuno wiww enf... Bestest babbeh! Come hewe stumpie!"

The green pegasus foal fluttered her wing stumps for a moment, then crapped herself with fear. Backing away, she tried to turn and run, but the brute was on her in seconds.

"Nuuu! Daddah!" she cried out in desperation.

"Gweeny-wingie babbeh!" Shitbrick wept from his prison of despair.

I wished I had some popcorn, so engrossing was the fluffy family tragedy unfolding in front of me. Bruno was pinning "Stumpie" as he had called her, down by her growing mane, and preparing for some special fluffy loving. The green foal was flapping her wing stumps and begging for mercy... No, she was begging for her wings to come back!

"Pwease wingies! Come back to fwuffy! Hewp fwuffy escape meanie munstah!"

I roared with laughter! The creature was an utter retard! She truly believed in magic and rainbows, that her wings would suddenly return to make her escape to a land of freedom, where suffering did not exist. Bruno's cock would rip that hope out of her, or so I thought.

But suddenly, an unexpected savour appeared, in the form of her blue sister, whom Bruno had named "Enfie babbeh"

"SCREEEEEE!" screamed Bruno, suddenly rearing up in agony "SPECIAW WUMPS!"

I looked on, enrapt, to see that the blue foal, so often ravaged by the rampaging Bruno, had taken her revenge by fastening her growing teeth on to Bruno's left testicle, and chomping down as hard as she possibly could.

"SCRREEEEE!" Bruno screamed again, "MUNSHTAH!"

He pranced around the room, bucking and kicking, until he finally shook her loose. A lesser fluffy would take some time to rest or lick his wounded testicles, but not Bruno. No, he immediately reared up, and brought both hooves down on the blue foal, smashing her into the carpet with his signature attack. Then he did it again. And again... and...

"Bestest babbeh!" Cried Greeny, blood still dribbling from her nose and mouth.

"Babbeh! Nuuu!" wept Shitbrick, still unable to defend his herd.

Bruno stepped back, and the fluffy family looked on in horror, as the blue foal's stuggled to move its utterly crushed and mangled body.

"BESTEST BABBEH!" cried the mother, running over, trying to revive it with the magic of hugs, but it was far too late for that.

"Nuuuuu! Huu huu huu huu huuu..." cried Shitbrick, his tears mingling with the dried shit of the litterbox.

It was then that I decided to act. Bruno had amused me for the last few days, but if he killed the fluffies to quickly, my fun would be over.

"BRUNO!" I roared with fake anger, "YOU ARE A VERY BAD FLUFFY! DADDY IS VERY ANGRY!"

"Wh-wha?" asked a confused Bruno, "Wha fwuffy do?"

"You killed a foal, that's what you did!" I yelled back at him.

"Bu-but Bwuno kiwwed wed-babbeh, an daddah nu cawe?" he replied, genuinely puzzled at my sudden rage, "Why daddah cawe naow?"

"Because..." I said, towering over the fluffy, to remind him that even the largest of their kind is small, weak and pitiful in comparison to the world's apex predator, "Fuck you. That is why!"

"Wha? Nuuu!" Bruno cried, as my first kick connected with his rib cage, and made him fly across the room.

"Nuuuu! Daddah! Nu huwt Bwuno! Bwuno am sowwy! Nu huwties! Nuuuuu!"

I kicked him and kicked him, chasing him around the pathetic parody of a child's nursery. He scattered toys and trains, running as fast as he could, but the creatures had been designed to be unable to outrun a child. I could have caught him even if I'd been in a wheelchair, but there was nothing wrong with my legs.

"YOU KILLED A BABY!" I roared again, kicking him so hard I heard ribs snap this time.

"SCREEEEE! Nuu! Daddah! Nu huwt fwuffy!" he begged again, running more slowly now, as I paced and stalked him, lining up my next kick.

"SCREEEEE! SPECIAW WUMPS!" He wailed, as I kicked his testicles so hard that his scrotum was torn open, bloodying my shoe and leaving a trail of crimson gore all over the plush saferoom carpet.

"Nuuu! Daddah! Stahp! Stahp!" he begged, but I just lined up another kick, this time connecting with his front leg, snapping the bone so that it tore open his flesh and protruded like a broken pillar.

"SCREEEEE! Weggy! Weggy! Nuuuu!" Bruno cried out, starting to weep, just like the fluffies he had tormented.

"You little BASTARD Bruno!" I told him, "You were supposed to make them suffer SLOWLY. Now I have to KILL YOU!"

"Nuuu! Daddah! Nu mowe huwties! Nu fowevew sweepies! Bwuno wiww be gud!" he begged.

But it was too late for him. Reaching toward the fire place, I grabbed an iron poker, and prodded the burning logs with it. Pulling the fireguard to one side, I invited Bruno to look his death in the eyes.

"Fire Bruno. It is the fire that will finally kill you. I am going to burn you alive."

"NUUUUU!" Bruno shrieked in abject horror. Shitting himself, he desperately tried to limp away from me, but there was no escaping his fate.

"You. Must. Learn. Respect." I said, repeating the words an old headmaster had said to me during a caning, as I beat him with the iron poker. It was a curious memory to have resurfaced at such a time, but I cared not, for the poker was smashing the fluffy to a pulp, severing his spine and crushing one of his hips.

"SCREEEEEEEE! SCREEEEEE! SCREEEEEE!" screamed Bruno, and he kept on screaming, and trying to crawl away with his last working front leg, even as his back legs stopped moving.

"Its no use trying to escape Bruno. The fire awaits you." I informed him.

"Nuu! Nu wan buwny huwties! Nu wan fowevew sweepies!" he begged, still desperate to taste the pleasures of life.

For a moment, I thought about keeping him alive. Let him see how it feels to live as a cripple. I had an image of reuniting Shitbrick with his fluffy family, of making Bruno the litterpal, forced to survive by eating the shit of the fluffies he had tormented.

But that would have been too much like Justice. And Justice doesn't exist in this world. Not really.

I threw him into the fire.

For a moment, he just lay there, wheezing and trying to catch his breath. Then the flames started to catch at his fluff. Smoldering at first, then catching. Then his fluff started to act like a wick, drawing his fat from his flesh like a candle consuming wax.

"Nuuu! Nu wan buwny huwties!" Bruno cried, and amazingly, managed to wriggle out of the fire, with his last working leg.

I kicked him back into the fire, then smashed his nose with the iron poker.

"SCREEEE! AIEEE!!" he wailed as the flames began their horrible work. His fluff began to smoke, then... It lit! A bright golden flame ripped across his body, as his crippled front hooves blistered and struggled on red hot coals.

"AIIIEEEE!!! AIIEEEEEE!!" the fluffy shrieked, desperate to escape, wriggling, trying to get some traction with his last working leg. "AIIEIEEEE!!! AIIEEIEIEIEIEE!"

By now his flesh was bubbling, and a bright orange flame was consuming him. It devoured his back, his fluff burning away in seconds to reveal raw flesh, red, black and blistering as the flames turned his fat into fuel.

"AAIIIEEEEEEEEE! SCREEEEEEEEE! SCREEEEEEE!" He screamed like a banshee, before somehow managing to roll out of the fire.

I kicked him back into it.

"Daddah! Nuuuuu! AIIIEEEEEEEE!"

This time I impaled him with the poker, forcing him down into the fire. The burn on his back was horrific! It would surely be fatal on its own, but he was not dead yet. This time I forced his hind quarters down into the fire, making the flames consume his crippled back legs and torn open scrotum.

"SPECIAW WUMPS! AIIIIEIEEEE!" Bruno wailed as the fire consumed them, eating them with its white hot cruelty, as I watched and laughed.

"AIIIEEEE! AIEEEEE!" He wailed again, as I pulled the poker from his body, making him fall off the flames, for a moment of respite, where he wheezed and gurgled.

"Existence hates you Bruno. I hate you."

I pushed him back into the fire, this time ass first, so I could look him in the eye as the universe robbed him of life, in the most painful and agonising way I could imagine.

"There is NOTHING Bruno. NOTHING."

"SCREEEEEEE! SCREEEEEEE! SCREEEEEEEE!" was all Bruno could say in reply, as the flames consumed his legs, his flank, his belly. They crawled all over his face, until there was nothing he could do but scream.

After a while, the screams became gurgles.

Then, he stopped struggling.

I left his corpse in the fire, but watched for a good while longer, as the flames continued to feed.

One of his eyeballs sizzled and popped.


For the final act, I decided it was time to give Shitbrick a temporary reprieve from his endless torment. As I turned away from the fire place, I looked over at the shit-encrusted pillowfluff that was weeping in the corner.

Reaching down to Shitbrick's prison, I opened the top of the box, and hauled the pillowfluff out of his den of torment.

"Scree!" he screamed in fear, rather than pain, "Bad upsies! Pwease daddah! Nu huwt Shitbwick!"

"Its OK Shitbrick, I'm not going to hurt you."

"N-nu huwties?" Shitbrick asked, unable to believe my lies.

"No. I won't ever give you any more hurties. Ever again." I told him.

"Nu mowe huwties? Weawy?"

"Yes," I lied, "You see, I've realised that, you ARE a good fluffy after all. Bruno was a very bad fluffy, and needed to be punished. Do you agree little Shitbrick?"

The fluffy looked scared, but was clearly too smart to disagree.

"Yes... Bwuno was bad, but... Buwny huwties am wowstest huwties..."

My eyes widened in disbelief! The little fucker had empathy for the brute! Empathy! For the fucker that had raped his family and murdered his children. Oh, the final suffering of Shitbrick would be exquisitely sweet.

I carried Shitbrick through to my kitchen, and dropped him into the bottom of a large sink.

"Owwies! Daddah say nu mowe huwties!" the little fucker complained.

"Sorry Shitbrick, but I simply have to wash all the shit out of your fluff. If you are going to be the daddah for little browny and greeny again, and be big Greeny's special friend, we can't have you covered in poo, can we?"

Now it was the fluffies turn to open his eyes wide in disbelief.

"Fwuffy can be fwuffy daddah again? Wib babbehs? An Speciaw Fwiend? Weawy?" he asked me

"Yes!" I told him, "Just as soon as I hose you down."

"Aiiiiee!" He wailed, as I applied the icy cold pressure washer to his matted fur. "Wawa am bad fow fwuffies! So cowd!"

It took a long time to get him clean. Then I left him in a box for two hours, just to keep him on his toes.

Not that he had any toes, or legs, for that matter.


"Huu huu daddah, why take fwuffy fwuff? So cowd naow."

I looked at the nearly bald fluffy. I had had immense fun in defluffing him as I had called it.

"I'm sorry Shitbrick, but the crap was just too matted into your fluff. That was why I had to tear it all out. Even the fluff on your special lumps. But don't worry, if you are a very good fluffy, it will grow back again."

"Huu huu..." snivelled Shitbrick, "If fwuffy am gud, wiww weggies an no-no stick gwow back?"

I had to bite myself to stop from laughing out loud.

"Um.... yes... I think so. But you will have to be VERY GOOD.

"Daddah..." Shitbrick asked me, looking up at me with eyes as innocent as the day I bought him, "If fwuffy am gud, can hab huggies again? Do daddah wub fwuffy again?"

"Oh, of COURSE I love you Shitbrick, you are a good fluffy after all. Now, wait here on this table in front of the TV. I have a surprise for you."

I left the nearly bald pillowfluff sat on a cushion, a real luxury for him, compared to the cold hard floor of the litterpal box. Darting out of the room for a moment, I returned with his gift.

"What am it daddah?" Shitbrick asked me.

"Why, its a blanket little Shitbrick, to keep you warm, now that your fluff is gone."

"Daddah am gib... bwankie? To fwuffy? Weawy?" he asked me.

"Yes! Its really comfy, here, try it on."

Placing the blanket over his body, he snuggled in it luxurously.

"Fwuffy weawy wike nyu bwankie daddah. It am nice, an feew wike fwuff. An it am gween, an smeww wike... speciaw fwiend!"

"Haha! Yes, that's right, I had her wear it earlier, so it smell of her. And I have good news. Your special friend gave her very best, bestest, bestest huggies to bluey baby, and... Bluey baby is better now! No more forever sleepies!"

Shitbrick gasped, "Nu mowe fowevew sweepies? Weawy?" he asked

"Really. And Shitbrick, I have one more treat for you. Its... its... Sketties!"

Shitbrick pissed himself with joy. "Sketties! Fow fwuffy! Weawy?"

"YES REALLY!" I cried, brimming over with excitement.

I quickly brought the pot of steaming pasta and bolognese sauce, and ladeled it into a porcelain bowl in front of the deleriously happy pillowfluff. Having subsisted on a diet of his families shit for the last two weeks, the bowl of spaghetti was like mana from heaven for him.

"Sketties! Sketties!" he cried, wagging his tail like a dog, "Daddah! Fwuffy wub you!"

I watched with building anticipation as he devoured the spaghetti in front of him. He ate every last morcel, and licked the bowl clean. When he was done, he belched loudly.

"Fankyu fow sketties daddah! Fwuffy wub you!"

I smiled smugly. It was time for the final part of the show.

"And now Shitbrick, I have a special FluffTV show, just for you," I said, pressing the button on the TV remote, making the screen flicker to life.

"Speciaw show? Fow fwuffy?"

"Yes, that's right Shitbrick, all for you!"

"Hey! Dat am speciaw fwiend! An babbehs! Dey am on fwuff teebee!"

"Its true!" I agreed.

My only regret was that I did not film Shitbrick's reaction to the unfolding reality in front of him. It was not possible to see his face, and the fate of his family at the same time, but his eyes, and his speech, slowly revealed his soul to me, as the drama commenced.

"Nuuuu!" Greeny was crying on the TV, "Babbehs! Babbehs!"

Shitbrick watched as a chef picked up his last remaining foals, and the mangled remains of his blue foal, and prepared them for dinner. First, he squeezed them very hard, removing any shit from inside them, along with a little blood. Then, he quickly ripped the fluff from their bodies, occasionally ripping their skin in places.

"Nuuu! Babbehs!" Shitbrick cried out, echoing his special friend on the video, "Pwease daddah! Fwuffy nu wike dis show!"

But it was too late, the deed had already been done, and poor little Shitbrick could do nothing but watch. For the next step, the chef threw the fluffies into boiling water. Not so deep that they would drown, but hot enough to sear their flesh and cause extreme agony to the little creatures.

"SCREEEEEE! Mummah!" the babies wailed, but their torment was just beginning.

"Babbehs! Nuuuu!" Shitbrick screamed, starting to weep again.

For the next stage, the foals were scooped from the boiling water, and placed on a chopping board. The chef then used a rolling pin to slowly crush them, feet first, so that their bones would puree later on. At this stage though, he left the lungs and heads intact, allowing the foals to experience the last few moments of agony, before he placed the grotesque pink pancakes on their backs into a red-hot frying pan.

"Babbehs! Babbehs!" Shitbrick wailed, trying to wriggled off of his cushion, as though he could save them if he could only get close enough to the TV.

"SCREEEEEEEE!" the foals shrieked as their bodies began to fry.

The chef flipped the frying pancaked foals onto their backs. After about a minute of frying, their screams finally stopped.

Then, the chef tipped the cooked foals out of the pan and back onto the chopping board, and sliced them into very fine slices, before dicing the slices into even finer morcels of meat. Then, he poured these onto a plate of pasta, and added a tomato sauce, before grating some cheese on top.

He set down the pot next to a porcelain bowl. The very bowl that was now in front of Shitbrick.

I watched as the realisation slowly dawned on him.

"Thats right Shitbrick! You ate your own BABIES!"

"Sk-sketties am babbehs? Babbehs? Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" he cried out, before vomiting all over his cushion.

"Yes! and you ATE THEM!" I roared, with sudden malevolence. "But that is not all! Look at what happens to your special friend!"

Shitbrick wailed and watched the final part of the video. In it, the chef took an extremly sharp knife from the rack, and made a small incision, just above his special friend's crotchboobs. Cutting up quickly, it took a second for the pegasus mare to realise that he was cutting through her fluff and skin both, he had cut past her sternum and was slicing down one leg before she even started to scream.

"Nuuu! Huwties! Nuuuu! SCREEEEEE! SCREEEEE!"

But it was too late for the terrified mare. The chef quickly cut along her legs, before finishing his cutting. Then, he reached down, and grasping her fluff in his clenched fist, he ripped the skin and fluff from her body in one smooth motion, removing it as easily as one would a glove. Still, a hideous ripping noise was just about audible beneath her cacophany of screams.

"SCREEEEE! SCREEEEE! SCREEEEEE!" the mare wailed in utter agony.

The chef held up the skinned fluffy to the camera, admiring his handywork. The bright red flesh glistened in the light, and in the other hand, he helf aloft her skin and fluff, letting her see what he had done, before showing her a reflection of herself in a mirror.

"SCRREEEEE! SCREEEEEEE! SCREEEEEE!" was all she could exclaim. Then the chef held up her hide to the camera.

"Thats right Shitbrick, your new blankie is... your special friend!"

"Bwankie am... speciaw fwiend?!" Shitbrick cried in disbelief.

"YES! Your blankie is your special friend! and your sketties were your babies! Isn't it AMAZING?" I asked him.

"Nuuuuu huu huu huu huu... babbehs! Babbehs! Huu huu huu," wept Shitbrick. "Bwankie am speciaw fwiend... an sketties... sketties am babbehs... huu huu huu huu huu..."

I set the TV to play the video on a continuous loop, and left Shitbrick wailing in his saferoom, all alone, for days on end, with a never ending supply of spaghetti. Every so often, I would enter and laugh at him, but by now my hunger had moved onto... other targets.

"Huu huu huu..." Shitbrick cried, "Fwuffy nu wan num babbeh sketties... nu wan speciaw fwiend bwankie... Fwuffy wan die... wan die... huu huu huu huu huu..."



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Interesting, go on....
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hotrod: "Bu-but Bwuno kiwwed wed-babbeh, an daddah nu cawe?" he replied, genuinely puzzled at my sudden rage, "Why daddah cawe naow?"

Bruno killed the red foal? In the last one, it said the red foal was crushed by the abuser's iron fist? Still a good story! I'm always excited to see new uploads from you.
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