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I live in a city, the city I live in is made of is largley hugboxers. I went to a yardsale. The saler is an abuser, who is moving so he can't bring his "toys" with him.

When I got there, there where only 3 other people at the sale, unsurprisingly. I went up to what looked like an over-sized foosball table. Inside it had a hampster ball, a user guide. The poles didnt have any figures to hit the ball.

I picked up the manual. It said it required 26 adult fluffies, and as many foals as you can find. That is easy to get, go to any decently sized city and look in the alleys. It says put the adults on the poles, and a foal (or several) in the hampster ball. The rest is self explaitory.

It looked fun so I bought it for 100 bucks and put it in my truck-bed. When I got home I put the table in my living room. I also put a roof over the truck-bed so I dont kill any fluffies I take. I started to drive on the the city.

I got to Bigcityton and drove next to an alley. I put the car in park and walked into the nearest alley. When I got there a red, unicorn, smarty walked out of a box almost immediatly. "Dummeh Hooman, Give bestest nummies to hewd,"

Knowing a fluffy wasn't smart enough to detect deception, I played along. "Ok smarty, bring your herd with me, for nummies." I started walking to the truck. I made an opening to put the fluffies in. When I turned around I saw the fluffies piling over each-other. I picked up the fluffies and placed them in the truck-bed. After getting all the of the herd in the truck, I started my way home.

When I got home I told the smarty to get his special friends, get his foals, and follow me. When we got to the table, I told them to get on the chairs. I got the rest of fluffies. I picked out 24 of the nicest looking ones and stabbed the foosball rods through them. The smarty started yelling at me to not hurt his herd. "Shut the fuck up, I'm not hurting you." He kept yelling, untill I tossed on of his foals at the wall. "IF YOU DON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP, THAT RED SPLAT WILL BE YOU!" He shat up immediatly.

I told him to pick out his 2 favorite special friends, promicing their saftey. He picked out a pink pregnant pegasus, and a cyan unicorn. I picked up the fluffs of their manes. "Please nice mistuh wet go of fwuffy fwuff." "STOP DUMMEH MUNSTAH, BAD UPPSIES ARE NOT GOOD FOR SOON-MAMA" "Nu wowwy special fwiends, daddeh gonna make suwe u nu get huwties."

I walked over the the foosball table and sat the 2 on edge. I walked back to the smarty, "Now smarty pick your favorite baby." "Dummeh daddeh, this am bestest babbeh" He held up a foal that was red and a unicorn like him. "Ok smarty, I'm going to put the babbeh in this fluffy toy." "Fine dummeh, bestest toys for bestest babbeh" I put a plate of sketty infront of the smarty to distract him. Meanwhile, I called my friend next door (who is also an abuser) and stuck his special friends onto the foosball poles. My neighbor came inside the house and he saw what I was doing. Excited to start he got to other half of the table. I told him to wait, telling him about the smarty on the sofa

After a while the fluffy finished his sketty. When he looked up he saw me toss the hampster ball with his foal inside into the table. "NUH STAP IT DUMMEH MUNSTAH, YOU GONNA HUWT BESTEST BABBAH!" The fluffy then saw his two favorite special friends taking the places as the goal keeps. "STOOPIE SPECIAL FWIENDS, GEW AWAY FWOM DUMMEH MUNSTAH!" His other special friends walked up to him. A yellow one spoke up. "Smawteh, why u no save hewd." "Dummeh Sunfwower, meanie munstuh hewt hewd and nu can save them." I walked up to the fluffies and bent down. "Actually, little fluffy, your smarty traded in your herd for some sketti" The yellow fluff looked at the marinara sauce one the smarties mussle, she was quickly filled with rage. "DUMMEH SMAWTY, YOU NU HEWP HUWD, AND YOU NU WUV SPECIAL FWIENDS, YOU NU WUV HEWD." The yellow fluffy was abut to wail on the smarty, so I grabbed all the mares and put them on the floor.

Now that all the fluffies had their attention on the foosball table, me, and my neighbor, we started to play. As the foal got knocked around we heard snapping of the fluffies bones, along with screeing. After about 5 minutes the hamster ball was clouded by the foals shit and piss. After 5 more minutes, we asumed the foal was dead. We went to the sink, dumped out the contents, tossed the foal at the smarty, and rinsed the ball out. We got another one of the foals favored the smarty. "Pwease nice mistuh, fwuffeh tomatow no am smarteh no mowe, no want hewd forever sleepies." Looks like my actions have knocked the smarty out of the smarty. "Well 'tomato' its to late now. Your demands will have it so your herd gets forever sleepies." The fluff started tearing up. "Actually I will have it so you, a baby, and one mare doesn't take forever sleepies" Tomato started getting a lot happier, completly forgeting the fact that he cause his entire herd to die.

Detailed Version Of The Match (- minus pre-written dialouge)

I tossed the hampster ball into the table. *snap* "Pwease, nu huwt fwuffy,onwy wittwe babbeh." The hampter ball started to have blood, shit and piss pool at the bottom. Me and my neighbor started twisting the poles, continuosly smacking the ball back and forth. The ball hit one fluff in the stomach, causing blood to splatter on the pole and on the fluffs next to it. "SCREEEEE! BOO-BOO JUICE ALL OVER FLUFFY, DUMMEH POOPIE FLUFF, GET FOREVAH SLEEPIES." The stallion started to attack the blood gushing fluffies, but its stubby arms prevented itself from doing so. I used one of my sticks to hit the ball. It hit the stallion in the horn pushing it in. "Dbummeh fbluff, stoobeh poobeh." My neighbor used the stallion to hit the ball towards my goal. The fluffy at the goal was the smarty's special friend. "BESTEST BABBEH, COME TO MAMA." I used the mare to hit the foal away. "SCREE, DUMMEH BABY. NU GU AWAY FRUM MUMMAH." The mare doesn't seem to notice that her foal's actions were out of his control. The hampster ball started to cloud up, so i grabbed the ball and brought it to the sink. I poured the hampster ball out. The liquid was very gloopy due to being mixxed in with the foal's shit. The foal that came out had it's legs broken. but it somehow survived. I grabbed the foal body and tossed it at the Tomato. After we got another of the the Tomato's foals and shoved it in the hampster ball. My neighbor grabbed the ball out of my hand and put it on his end. He quickly spun one of the poles and it went straight for my goal. It was a back and forth with the ball, but after about a minute of back and forth, he hit it into my goal. The rest of the game was close, with the game ending 4 to 3 in his favor. All the fluffies were mangled, with atleast 7 dead foals.

The Aftermath

I had some runt alicorns that I knew would die with in 2 months. So I grabbed Tomato, the foals, the mare that was mad at him, and put him in the spare bathroom. I will make sure you don't have forever sleepies, aslong as you don't hurt these foals. "Buh buh, dis is munstah, gunna eat fwuffy." Well to bad. If the foal doens't live neither do you.
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CaptainAnon: Hey guys, its me CaptainAnon. I you want to know where I've been, I've just been a lazy fuck. I had this for a while, but there was some errors I needed help fixing. Yeah, hold me accountable, I don't care.
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Anonymous1: > He shat up immediatly.

This is my favorite error. Enjoyed the story!
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Anonymous2: @Anonymous: Ha! It truly is, i would even go as far as to say that it is correct to some extent.
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Anonymous3: Anon live dick
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Anonymous4: You got one tag wrong. "Pyschological_abuse". "Pys"
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seldun: smarty doesnt even get abused yet stops being smarty how?
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Anonymous5: Never know about that unicorn!
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