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An Evening of Fun
By: Kuncklebone

After stopping off for a quick bite to eat (and doing a favor for a local restaurant owners) it's time to get to work. Seems the local burger joint had a couple mares had a couple mares out back with their foals. Threw in a few more mares (one is pretty close to crapping out some more foals) and four foals. When people say there is no such thing as a free lunch, I know they haven't dealt with fluffies. Lots of places are willing to trade off some off-the-books fluffy removal for free food. Also left a couple fluffy traps out back to get the stallions that are running around. Should be able to grab those in the morning.

Nothing beats getting home after a long day of cleaning up the neighborhood. Pulling up to the big barn, i back up to the holding pen in preperation for the new arrivals. Back into the pen, set up the little corral and send the fluffies to the new arrivials pen. Pretty much open the back door, set up a couple small nets to guide them into the pen, and a few swats of the sorry stick gets em running. Carefully I check any remaining fluffies, to see if they are dead. Looks like a couple didn't survive. They will go in the trash later.

"Huuuhuuu. fwuffy no wike owwies"

"Ok fluffies, welcome to skettiland. You are all getting a bath because you smell bad"

Which naturally erupts in the typical calls of "wawa am bad for fwuffy." When I started this i realized that hand washing fluffies just wasn't possible. There were too many to deal with. That's why I got a fluffy auto washer - the deluxe model. It poops, washes, and gives a booster shot all automatically. Just push them through, and it's a quick operation. Once they are cleaned, check them with the RFID scanner and check their teeth and give them a quick look over. Want to be on the lookout for new mutations or cannibal fluffies. Cannibals are rather interesting and very valuable fluffies to find in the wild. It does take time, but it is generally worth it. Also, it's a good way to pull any alicorns out of the mix. It's amazing how often I see a "pegasus" who has had their wings ripped off.

With the worst of it done, and the crying seeming to die down now that they realize they have food, I decide to address them.

"Ok fluffies, you have food and water, share the cloth for bedding, and I will check on you in the morning. Good poopies go over in the litter box. Good fluffies have good poopies in the litter box and good fluffies share with other fluffies. Bad fluffies get the sorry stick. "

The replies of scared fluffies is normal. I've done this too many times. Now, off to the second barn where I keep the pregnant mares and foals.

Arriving at the barn, I start unloading the foals out of the trailer. Most are sleeping, some are chirping and wandering around. I separate out the half dozen or so dead foals (it happens), and put the rest into a couple boxes for the next part of the fun.

There are three main classes of foals that I use. Chirpies, seeing chirpies, and weanlings. Each one has it's own value, and I treat them accordingly. Starting off with the weanlings, I run them all through another auto washer, designed specifically for foals. It is another handy labor saving device. It saves a lot of work by giving them a squeeze for their poop, a quick wash with a general tick and flea treatment, and a booster shot. Don't want the little guys getting sick after all. When it's done, It deposits them into a large pallet sized tote I designed for transporting foals around the barn. It has some food for them (same as I give the fluffies, fluffy kibble and alfalfa) and a few water bottles. Running them through, giving them quick checks (teeth, back, etc) and give them a cleaning.

This gets repeated for the chirpies as well, except instead of dry food, they have some milkie dispensers, and one of my nurse maids, Maybeth who cares for the foals. One of the nurse mares I have taken in. She was a enfie mare who a smarty broke her hind legs. She gets around somewhat ok, and is fine in this little pen.

"Hello Maybeth, how are the babies"

"Hewwo daddeh, Mawbewth good daddeh. Giv huggies and wub to widdle babbehs!"

A quick scratch behind the ears, and she gives a little coo. I don't even worry about her, she is barren from being repeatedly raped, but loves being around the little foals. She is also quick at picking out "bad foals" and putting them into the little box for the bad foals on the side. Watching the little foals curl up with her in a giant fluff pile is rather cute, with her singing her mommah song to them. I put the two totes of foals side by side in an unused pen. Best to keep them seperate from the general population to make sure they are all ok.

There is one that I saved for last, the little box of poopie & enfie babies. These guys need some special care. I take these to the little wash station and hand wash them. Most are good, a couple are dead. They require some extra effort to get clean. A quick squeeze by hand to poop them over a bucket, and a careful hand wash in warm water (with lots of chirping), and they are clean. Surprisingly, they are generally pretty easy to bath. Put them in an incubator with a formula dispenser and leave them be.

Now, for the last part. The pregnant mares. This is the worst part. They all have to be hand washed, and are rarely, if ever pleasant. I put them into yet another fluffy tote, this one with higher sides so they can't get out. Surprisingly, none have given birth. A quick wash, shots, and off to the area with the pregnant mares.

One of the things with pregnant mares, until you know the temperament, it's best to keep them immobile. One of the companies i buy from has wonderful birthing harnesses in them. It allows the crotchboobs to stick out, and gives pressure so that they can birth easier (and so they can't stomp foals). I already see a couple have given birth, the foals look good. Oh look, couple of foals in the place reserved for "special foals." An Alicorn, and a earthy? That's odd. Picking it up, one of my nursemaids Voilet waddles over.

"Hewwo daddeh, Viwoet found some bad babbehs."

"Yes, I see, what's wrong with this one?" I say holding the strange earthy foal with a dark red coat and a deep purple mane.

"Babbeh nu smeww pwetty. Babbeh dwink lawts ow miwkies and go sweepies. Monsta babbeh hab miwkies and sweepy too."

Scratching Violet's head, she starts cooing. "Your a good fluffy Voilet. Where is Shorty?"

"Shawty is sweepies. Bad mommah giv Shawty bad hoofies wen hewp nu mommah with widdle babbehs." While looking directly at the offender. Slowly I walk behind the offending mother. My hand move to the "bad mommah" and little Violet nods at me. Quickly I detach the waste tube from her rear end and move her to another part of the area, away from the regular fluffies. This area has a different type of harness, that also immobilizes her legs. No more kicking anyone else. Also, I quickly stick a red tag on her, she's not going to be used for breeding again.

The immediate wailing of the bad fluffy and "bad upsies" startles the other mares in here. They have all seen this before, and know kicking a nursemaid is a bad thing. I had a feeling that this was a "smarty mare" when the other mothers start giving her raspberries and going "dummeh smawtie mummah get sowwy boxies." Yup. This one is a troublemaker. Definatly a red tag.

Time to bring in the "new mommahs."

"Ok fluffies, I got some new friends for everyone."

The calls of "nu fwiends?" and cheers of happiness seem good. They are all really well behaved mares for the most part. Quickly, i hang up the new mares, and insert the waste disposal tube into their anuses. As always, most of the fluffies are crying, but i pat them and let them know it keeps them from having bad poopies. None of em seem to mind too much after that. Also, remembering to tag them with a yellow tag with a date on it. These are new mommies after all.

Next I remove the couple of mothers who have had their foals, and take them back out to the pen with the rest of the mares. I will get the foals in a minute or two. They know their foals can't go with the rest of the mommas, had too many foals get killed in the beginning that way. They can go into the foal pens, and have lots of other little foals to play with.

Now that that's done, the only thing left is the enfie mares. I put them in a cart, and wheel them into the little infirmary that I setup. This place gets used far too often, now that the volume of incoming fluffies has gone up.

There is only three of the enfie mares that I have to deal with tonight, which is good for a change. Slowly petting them, I assess their injuries. Only one looks like it has had broken legs. They are all quiet and incredibly submissive. Even with petting, they only lightly coo. Damn smarties.

"Ok ladies, how is everyone."

Looking at the mares, Looks like two earthies and a unicorn. Quick check, and it's not a unicorn, an alicorn. Looks like it had it's wings ripped off at an early age. Not bad colors either, Pink with a light blue mane. The other two, one is a Light brown & puke green, and the other is a light blue with Dark blue mane & belly. Not bad too bad then. About this time Mike & Jake come over. Must of seen that I got home.

"Hey guys, you start the bad fluffies yet?"

"No, we were waiting for you to get home."

"Jake, you ready to help me with these fluffies?"

"Sure Ash, these ones hurt bad?"

"Just by bad fluffies." Slowly petting the mare, I look at her and say "don't worry, your safe now. The bad fluffies won't hurt you anymore."

Carrying the fluffies to the wash area, we get to work and give them a bath. Most are dirty and have crusty love juice all over their fur. Taking time using a fluffy safe soap we get them clean and dry them off with a couple towels. They look visibly relaxed.

Taking the first mare, I put her on the examination table, and check her over. Looks good so far. Roll her over onto her back, and check her legs, all seem pretty good, except one back leg that looks freshly broken. A quick splint for the leg, and temperature check... Yup. She's pregnant. Quick Trim of the fluff around her bum and put her on a clean cart. Repeat the process for the second one, who is also pregnent. No major injuries so she gets a quick trim and put in the cart.

The third one, on initial examination isn't as good. When I brought her in, i knew she had a bad back leg. Further examination, and both back ones are bad.

"Mike, you want to put these two with the rest of the pregnant fluffies? I am going to get Jake to help me with this one."

Mike looks at me and nods, then takes off with the fluffies. Jake asks me "What's wrong with this one?"

"Two broken back legs and some other damage. Your going to help me with this one."

Now, Jake has had a lot of interest in what we do, and realizes that generally most of my nursemaids are enfie mares. They usually have the right temperament and don't get mad and hurt foals. He also wants to be a vet when he gets out of high school, and this is some good training for him. Looks like this one is going to be a huggie fluff. Front legs are all good, but the back ones are broken and healed in several different angles, with what looks like gangrene on one.

Once the other two are safely out of the infirmary, i look at the mare. "Hello little fluffie, do you have a name?"

"Fwuffie nu hab namesies. Odda fwuffies cawl me dummeh mawe and enfie mawe."

"That's ok, how about I call you Rose."

"Weally? Thank you daddeh, Rowse wub new name."

That pre-programmed response gets you every time. Scratching her head, she starts cooing and looks happy for once in her miserable little life.

"I also see you are a wingie pointy fluffy. Do you like other wingie pointy fluffies>"

"Yes daddeh, rowse is awlcorn. Mummeh wipsies widdle wingsies off wen ownly a widdle chirpy babbeh. Mommeh teech fwuffy to do it to othaw wingie pointie babbies so they no get bad stompies from smawtie"

Good, she knows. That's half the battle. "Ok, that's good. Can you do something for daddy though? No more ripping wings off other wingie pointy babys. All alcorn fluffies go to a special area away from the bad fluffies who want to hurt you. That means no ripping wings off other fluffies with wings and horns."

"Ok daddeh. No rip wingies off other wingie pointy babbehs."

Jake is busy watching and taking it all in, and had begun petting her as well. She seems really relaxed and cooing at his touch. He's learning how to handle fluffies, which is more than half the battle of working with them.

"Rose, I have some bad news for you. I'm going to have to take your back legs and make you a huggiefluff. They are broken and i can't do anything with them. If I don't take them off, they will give you forever sweepies."

"It otay daddeh, Rowse weggies huwt weally bad. Nu wan fowebba sweepies."

I nod at Jake, and he brings over the ether, and I put her to sleep. Don't want her awake for this one.

"Ok Jake, this is going to be your first amputation. I know you have watched me do this, but I am going to walk you through it. It's really not that bad. She trusts me well enough, and knows that it's the only option. See the gangrene here and the little white spots? That's the bone sticking out of her leg." I say pulling back the fluff.

"Yeah, I see that. Kind of figured it was going to happen, her legs looked really bad."

"Their bones are really brittle. She was an enfie mare, and they probably stomped em to keep her from running away. I have a feeling she will make a nursemaid, and if you see the little nubs here, she is an alicorn."

"I would of missed it. Those are really small."

I grab his hand, and run it over the little lumps. "Do you feel those? That's usually my first clue. A lot of ferrals will rip the wings off so their babies don't get found and killed."

About this time, Mike walks in oblivious to the conversation.

"Dad, I never even noticed this one was an alicorn."

Mike looks at him and says "yup. Gotta watch out for that. They are worth a lot more than the rest of them. Even as breed-able mares, they are still worth a huge chunk of money."

Jake has been well indoctrinated into this business, and works for us as a helper when he's not at school. We have also unloaded a lot of barn duties to him as well. Kids are great.

"Mike, your going to watch Jake do his first amputation."

Mike has a huge smile on his face. We have both done it, but now Jake gets to learn. This will show if he has the stomach to do this stuff. It's not overly hard, the fluffies clot fairly quickly.

Jake brings over all the tools that have been cleaned and sterilized. Don't want to risk an infection going from fluffy to fluffy. By this time I have her in the fluffy holder with her legs up so it's easier to work on her, with her strapped down and her leggies splayed out. A quick shave to the effected areas and it's ready for the surgery.

Jake starts by making a small incision cutting off the damaged part of the hoof. It's been broken so badly that it's not even together. Carefully slicing the tendons as he has been taught, freeing it from the fluffy and sticking it into a little container. After this, a quick cut and cauterize the arteries in the leg. Now for the fun part, pulling out a small sharp bone saw, he cuts the bone off until it's at a good length so the skin can cover it. Then, folding some of the meat and skin back over, and giving it a couple of desolving stitches, and a little super glue to keep it from bleeding and making a mess. Repeat for the second leg, and it's all done. Another huggie fluff.

"Well Jake, it looks like you did a successful amputation. " Mike nods in agreement.

"I was really nervous, but it wasn't that bad. I just did it like you taught me."

Mike looks at him, gives him a pat on the back. "Better than my first time, the fluffy almost died."

Nothing like a high point to a night. Should give him a definite boost in confidence. These things are easy to do this too. Most people don't go to the effort, but this gives them a nice furry stump that still looks good.

"So do you still have your trailer to do Mike?"

"Yup, probably should get them all in and cleaned out." Jake nods in agreement.

Slowly we go over to the barn, looks like Mike is already backed in. We quickly get the gates setup so that we can get the fluffies out. Looks like the mares have been raining crap down over them. That should do wonders for the fluff washer. We quickly repeat the process, pushing them all through the auto washer. Stallions first, and into a pen, then the mares into a separate pen. These were all home invaders, not much use in keeping them together. I had all the foals and enfie mares with me, so this part goes fairly quick anyhow.

With that finished, none of the fluffies are too angry right now. That will change in the morning, the smarties are subdued into silence surprisingly. Make sure they have food and water, give the good poopies speech and leave them for the night.

With that Jake goes off to do a barn check and make sure they all have food. Mike looks at me still happy from seeing his son's first amputation. "Kids grow up fast. Seeing him perform that amputation like that makes me feel better about saving up to send him to veterinary school."

I stifle a small laugh, and say "Looks like he will be a fine vet. What's on the go for tomorrow?"

"Nothing too serious, gotta hit up the shelter and clean them out for Wednesday, all the excess fluffies are being picked up early. Couple med labs need more for their work. Still amazes me at the price we get for em, good thing you have all those contacts."

"Yup. Lots of labs got sick of paying the huge breeder and fluff factory fees, and most of their experimentation works best on the ferals anyhow. They give me a good rate on the fluffies."

It's one of the wonderful things about this little venture, the sheer money to be made. Looks like we will be shipping around 400 or so fluffies, at around $100 each. Who says catch & release isn't worth the time and effort.

After finishing another beer, and having some shop talk and usual banter we head off. Jake will finish his barn checks and head home. Now off to the house. Have a shower, and deal with the micro fluffies.

One other little thing I do for fun, is breed micro-fluffies. They are kind of cute because they can't fire feces three to five feet away from themselves. Walking in the living room after my shower, all the little micro fluffs turn and look at me. They start waving and cheering. These are the best of the bunch. They are all nice and friendly, and no smarties. Looks like a few more micro foals are in there too now.

Slowly they start coming to the top and looking at me, I throw in a handful of treats to each cage. They all start taking them down below to share with the ones who couldn't make it up. Looking at the third one, i see they have started to eat themselves into a "Death Drop." These aren't small cages, they are about 4' by 4' and around 12" thick. Lots of room for a large herd of microfluffies. So when they tunnel straight down, I start to get worried. They still have a day or two before it gets really bad, I'll knock off early tomorrow and change it.

Now, off to downstairs, where the not so presentable microfluffs are. These guys are all in large fish tanks I picked up cheap from a pet store. I take in a lot of rescue microfluffs. The shelters don't like dealing with them, and generally bring them to me. There are a few large fish tanks filled with fluffies running around. They are around 6' by 4' with 3' high walls on them. In each one, I put a foot of nutrigel and a bowl of microfluff kibble. I make sure they all have food and water, looks like most have figured out the nutrigel and are eating away at it.

There is another tank, that is considerably smaller with a charcoal filter top on it with crap covered walls on it. Looks like the micro smarties have been busy. Carefully I lift the cover and dump in some food not even worrying about the bowl and fill the water back up. Little pigs want to wallow in their scat fest, they can have fun. The charcoal filter stops the smell. Needs to be cleaned though, and badly.

I start by checking on the new arrivals that came in the other day from a fluffy shelter. My eyes are immediately gravitated towards 3 micros squaring off with one fluffy crying. Before they can give sorry hoofies I pull them out and stick them in a small plastic tub i keep for this purpose. Then, carefully I pick up the sobbing little microfluff and start rubbing it's head with my finger. Quick check, and it's a little colt.

"Hi little guy, what happened?"

The sobbing colt replies "Smawty give bad huggies to spewiaw fwend."

"Are there any more toughies in there little guy?

He points at a little microfluff, puke green and brown highlights. I put the little colt down and pick up the little puke turd.

"Are you one of smarties toughies?"

The little fluffy starts crying and says "Smawtie make fwuffy give sorry hoofsies to odda fluffies. No wan be bad fwuffw."

Heard this one before, but if he isn't going to be a little jerk, he will be fine. I'll keep an eye on him. I notice there is a fluff pile around the little colt I put back in.

"If i see you give stompie hurties to any fluffies I will take your leggies and make you an enfie mare." I say dodging the scardie poopies. Good thing I am holding him over the box with the smarty.

"Nuuuu. No give bad hoofies to otha fwuffies. Be good fwuffy."

I nod and put him back in with the rest. Then I adress the tank. "Are there any more bad fluffies in here I should know about?"

The little micros all look at me and start shaking their heads in a no. Looks like the smarty is now gone. These guys were ferral, so it's going to take them a bit to get used to things. I dump in some more food and see the untouched nutrigel cubes i keep in there. i move the little turd I just put back in, and point at the nutrigel cube and go "nummies."

He gives me a funny look, and chomps into it.

"Bestest nummies! Fwuffie wub bwu nummies."

This gets the attention at the herd heading to the bowl of food, and they walk over to the gel. Defiantly feral. I add some more nutrigel cubes once I see they are enjoying them. Close it back up, and now to deal with the three bad fluffies.

I pick up the box and walked back to the poo palace. Time to let the fresh meat get a taste of what is to come. Looks like I have to clean this thing. It's really bad and the charcoal filter isn't doing anything anymore. I pick the small fish tank up and head over to the laundry room, being sure to roll the new recruits around to get a good coat of poo. Everything in here is covered with crap. I don a nice set of chemical resistant nitrile gloves and turn on the faucet, and pull the little tote with a mesh bottom I keep for exactly this purpose over.

Slowly and carefully I pull all the micro dicks out and put them into the mesh tote. They are all brown. As always the litter box is completely untouched. I start by spraying them with a special microfluff soap and let it soak into their fluff. They really aren't happy. While the soap is doing it's work, I take the cage and dump it's contents into the garbage can. There is a small slick of poop and hamster bedding that rolls out. A quick rinse and a scrub with the foal soap (this stuff removes poop like nothing else), I dry it out. Put in some hamster bedding and shop rags. Clean their food bowl and water bottle and it's as clean as it can be for a while.

Now for the fun part, washing the micros. This isn't so nice. I give them another spray of soap, and make the water so it's a little colder. They want to be dicks, they will be treated like dicks. I take the mesh tub and bring it under the running water. The misting head i have on here is doing it's work. It's actually a commercial kitchen faucet with a mist attachment. It works great for washing these little pricks. The cacophony of fluffy voices screaming about how water is bad and cold water is almost funny. They brought it on themselves. Once I repeat this several times they are clean again (mostly - I'm not hand washing them). Some hot air from the blow dryer, and get them dried off. It's funny trying to see a giant poof ball trying to be mad at you. The hot air is exceptionally well at making them look like oversized cotton balls.

"Now, are you guys going to stop pooping everywhere, or start pooping in the poopie place? Next time I have to clean you guys, it's cold water and now hot air."

A couple decide to give raspberries which is quickly fixed by a quick pinch to the cheeks and a flick on the nose. They all calm down, and I transfer them back into the now clean poo palace. Sitting them each into the litter box and telling each one poopies go there.

"Ok, if I see poopies on the walls again, you will all be litter pals or enfie babys. Who wants to eat poopies or take a big fluffy dick?"

They all start crying, I think they got the hint. Even the new ones know they aren't going to have a good life in here. There are some good colors in here, but dealing with the smarty tendency isn't really worth it. Better to turn em all into litter pal jr's.

The poo palace gets returned to it's original place with the rest of the micro fluffies with food and water. No treats for these pricks. Checking in on the rest of them they all look happy, and I had out some treats to them. Most have adjusted well to living here, and are good fluffies.

Getting ready to leave, I go back to the poo palace for another look. One little Lime green and shit brown microfluffy starts looking at me and giving me a raspberry. For fun, I decide to stop and watch him. Should be interesting. it usually is. He starts turning around to spray the sides of the tank with crap, and another micro walks over and horse kicks him in the head. Looks like they are starting to learn. Slowly the little prick walks up and waddles over to the litter box he was standing litterally 3 inches from.

With that, I turn the lights back down and head back upstairs. Crack another cold beer, and warm up some BBQ then off to bed. Should be good tomorrow.


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