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I forgot I wrote an alt ending to the story “Rosco.” Posting the full story again with the alt. Which one do you like better? Sorry if there are spelling and grammar errors. Because this is half a repost and a lot of people already read most of the story, I didn’t go through the whole thing like I normally do. Being lazy, I know. I’m sorry. ;P

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You're Rosco, a dark blue fluffy with a white mane and tail. You've been living under the black rock where bad metaw monstuhs run around. But it's ok because they can't find you. There are steppies that go up to the surface and there is even a metaw doow you can barely fit through that protects you from bad hoomis and barkie munstuhs. It is the best place in the world because it is right under a good sketti place. The hoomis that work at the sketti place are always very loud and don't always talk in a way you can understand, but as long as you go to the metaw nummie boxies after the hoomis go during dark times, it is safe and full of nummies.

You've been living down here for many bright times with your special friend, Buttercup. She's also dark blue but she has a bright green mane instead of white like yours. She also has wingies! She is the most prettiest. She used to have a daddy till she left her housie because she says her dummi daddeh didn't give her all the sketties and toysies she deserved. You think her daddy left her, though. Sometimes she screams in her sleep about her daddeh giving biggest sowwie stickies for bad poopies and asking for too many sketties, and sometimes she will cry and ask to be let back in her housie. She always wakies, so you think her daddy never let her back in.

But that's ok, she is yours to care for now. One day, you gave her special huggies and now she has gotten very big. She hasn't been able to fit through the metaw doow for some time now. But that's ok, too, because you are the bestest stawwion and take good care of her. You bring her nummies, and a hole next to your nest you made gives you good wawas. The only bad thing about your home is sometimes you have to fight off the scary big teefy munstuhs. They aren't very big, but there can be a lot of them. But you are strong. Much stronger than them.

You've spent the last several dark times bringing food down to your special friend because she says she is gonna have babbehs soon! You never had babbehs before, but you remember when you were a babbeh. It was the funnest most happiest time of your life until your mummuh went away one day. You don't know why, and you were very sad, but luckily, she left you all her grown up nummies and you were old enough to eat them. You think she was telling you it was time to be an adult fluffy, and she was right. She must have loved you very much to do that before she left. She must have known you were a strong fluffy. You can't wait to show your babbehs how to be strong and give them love and play with them and give huggies.

"Gimme mow sketties! Da white kin' wif cheesies! Nee' bestest nummies, am soon mummuh. Haf babbehs soon!" Buttercup has been screaming at you a lot lately. You think it is because she has tummy babbehs and she hasn't been able to move much. You hope she will go back to normal size, though, after the babbehs. You miss your good special friend.

Buttercup: "Dummeh Speciaw Fwiend! Go, nao!"

Rosco: "But Buttewcup, I can' wight now. Stiww bwight time. Nee' wait fow hoomis to go 'way."

Buttercup: "Nu! You go nao! Buttewcup desewve bestest nummies aww bwight times. Go get!"

You lower your head and reluctantly agree. You move to the steppies and poke your head through to check for any bad munstuhs. Looks clear. You squeeze through letting go a bit of bad poopies. You didn't mean to, but sometimes when you haven't gone in a while that happens. You walk up the steppies and see hoomis pass by. They don't seem to notice you. You slip by into the darker part of the place they store the metaw boxies. You see a lot of stuff from last bright time. You grab a white soft bowl and load up everything you can. You begin heading back when a door behind you swings open.

You jump and dart for your staircase just as the hoomi starts screaming loudly. You're not sure if it was at you but you know better than to find out. You've seen a lot of fluffies try and fight hoomis before and they ended up taking fowevuh sweepies.

You look back trying to decide if you should just dump the food and run or not. Nobody is chasing you. Good. You push the bowl through first, then shove your way into the hole. This reminds you, you need to make poopies. You hang your poopie pwace over the dirty wawa that flows by your nest and drop a load."

Rosco: "Ohhhh fwuff, dat feews su much bettew!"

You continue back to the nest and your special friend looks upset.

Buttercup: "What took so wong!? Buttewcup hungies!"

You ignore it and push the food under her face. She can't really move since her legs can't reach the ground well, so this is just easier. Plus, she would just yell at you some more if you didn't do this to begin with.

She chows down all the nummies.

Rosco: "Can Wasco haf some sketti nummies?"

Buttercup: "NU! Dese aww fow Buttewcup!"

You were a bit sad because you didn't get any since you ran away so fast and didn’t get to try any on the surface. It depresses you that she didn't want to share any with you. You look at the pile next to her and notice she didn't eat any of the nummies you got her yesterday.

Rosco: "Why you nu eat dose nummies? Wasco awmost get bad hewties fwom hoomi munstuh."

Buttercup: "Dose nummies nu good. Wan fwesh nummies. Dummi Speciaw Fwiend shouwd aways give Buttewcup bestest fweshtest nummies so can haf bestest bebbehs with bestest miwkies."

Well, you can't argue with that logic.

Dark times come and you go to haul in several more bowls of nummies. You have the biggest pile ever of nothing but nummies. So many nummies gonna last you all white time.

You get back through your hole in the door and that's when you hear it.

Buttercup: "Screeeeech! Speciaw Fwiend! Hewp!"

You drop all the nummies and run as fast as you can over to your calling. You catch up to your special friend and there she is, making the biggest poopies you've ever seen.

Rosco: "Buttewcup, pwease nu bad poopies on nestie and nummies. Wosco wowk vewy hawd for nestie."

Buttercup: "B-Buttewcup, wha- nu, nu poopies. Screeeeee! Nu having poopies you dummeh! Having babbehs!"

You look again and notice small little moving thingies.

Rosco: "Babbehs!"

You get behind her and try to hug one. You suddenly recoil in disgust.

Rosco: "Nu, wait. Dew is poopies."

You are fairly disappointed. You were so ready for a good dark time sleep after all that work finding all those nummies. But the disappointment passes, because now you have babbehs!

Rosco: "Wook, Buttewcup, babbehs! Dew a wittew bwue one!."

Buttercup: "Gimme, babbeh, nu can mo-" she doesn't finish. "More, poopies!"

You hope she doesn't keep pooping out whatever came out with the first baby. It doesn't smell very pwetty and looks a lot like bad poopies. Wow, you hope she isn't turning into a bad poopie fwuffy.

Suddenly, she pushes out another babbeh. Then another, than another!

Rosco: "Wow, Buttewcup! Fouw babbehs!"

She seems to look up at something, then responds, "F-fouw? Dat is... b-biggest number. Towd 'jew am bestest mummuh! Nao give meh babbehs!"

You pick each one up, very icky, but it ok. You know it's for the best and Buttercup will clean them up. You set each one in front of her and she licks each one clean. At least began.

Buttercup: “Yuckies. Nu wike taste.”

She pushes them away after just a couple of licks each. They start to peep and chirp. They are so cute!

You reach over to pick one up while Buttercup finishes the last baby. You look right at it and it is so cute and soft. It is a white one, and the eyes are still closed. It can't see you, but that's ok. You are gonna take the bestest care of-

Rosco: *crunch* "Owwies!" You drop the baby and it starts to chirp and peep loudly and fast.

Buttercup just bit you. What the heck, man?

Rosco: "B-Buttewcup, *sniffle* why 'ou bite Wosco?"

She grabs the baby you just dropped and scoops it up into her fluff.

Buttercup: "'Ou wiww huwt babbehs. 'Ou nu have babbehs. Am bestest mummuh babbehs. You nu touch."

Why is she saying that? They are your babbehs, too!

Rosco: "Bu' Buttewcup, *sniff* dey my babbehs, too. Am bestest daddeh. Wiww hewp make big an stwo-"

Buttercup: "You dummeh daddeh."

Rosco: "Wuh? Bu- Gif bestest nummies."

Buttercup: "You aways gif yuckiest nummies."

Rosco: "Bu' build bestest nestie. Tha' you poopies aww ovuh!"

Buttercup: "Y-you! Wha- Guh!" Her cheeks puff out and looks really angry and scary. "YOU AM DUMMIEST POOPIEST WOWSTEST DUMMEH DADDEH!"

Why, how rude! You can't believe this. You are her special friend. She is your special friend. Why is she like this? You just helped her have babbehs. You just helped her find nummies. And she just went bad poopies all over your nestie. Why are you bad? What did you do to upset her so much?

Rosco: You are so sad, "B-Buh, Wosco wuv 'ou."

She sticks her nose in the air and tucks your babies into her fluff even deeper.

Buttercup: "Dummeh, go get nu nummies. Den fix nestie. Den go 'way."

Your head sinks low and you shuffle out to get the bowl of nummies you worked so hard for. Once you get there you see a bunch of big teefie munstuhs eating all your nummies.

Rosco: "Hey! Dat not you'ws!" You puff up your cheeks and stomp on the ground. Many of them scatter but a couple of them sit up. They are challenging you! Those little vewmin!

You charge in with your head down. You plow right into one of them and smash it against the wall. It flops on the ground and limps away. The others all take off, too. But they ate almost all your nummies. Now you have to go back to the surface and get more. You were so ready for sleepy time.

You spend all dark time rebuilding your pile of nummies. You picked all the best nummies last time, now all that's left is the yuckie stuff at the bottom of the pile. You num what you could and stick the rest in your bowl. You drag it down, and back through your hole, and down the tunnel where your nest sits. It is dirty and yucky smelling.

Your special friend is sleeping. You notice the four foals laying on your special friend's back, though. They are incredible. So cute.

You didn't notice this before, but the third and fourth are a bright pink color. Wow! Two pink babbehs! And not just that, but one pink one and the blue one have no-nos! You have two boy babbehs!

You lick each one on the head and curl up behind your special friend. You don't like the yucky smell or feel, but you are so tired, you don't care.



Rosco: "SCREEECH! Whu!" You hold your muzzle and feel it is dripping boo-boo juice. "Why huwt Wosco?" What just hit you?

You open your eyes and your special friend is standing over you.

Buttercup: "DUMMEH! YOU GONE AWW DARK TIME AND YOU NU GET BESTEST NUMMIES?" She rears up to hit you again, but you scramble out from underneath her. She lands hard on the ground and looks like she may have hurt her hoofsie.

Buttercup: "Owwwies! Why stupi gwound huwt mummuh?" She scowls at the ground and gives another big stompie.

Rosco: "B-Buttewcup, why you be meanie fwuffy?"

Buttercup: "Buttewcup nu meanie, 'ou jus' dummi. 'Ou nu know nuffing. WHEWE MAH BESTEST NUMMIES?"

Rosco: "Wosco get bestest nummies but big teefie munstuhs eat it aww when you have babbehs." You are starting to get upset now. "Why you nu wet see babbehs? Why you nu gif huggies anymowe?" You are starting to tear up thinking about whether or not it is because you are a bad fluffy or not. You don't want to be a bad fluffy. You are trying really hard not to be.

Buttercup: "Buttewcup don' wan' dummi fwuffy to make babbehs dummies. Dummi Wosco nu get huggies because am bad dummi fwuffy. An-an- Dummi fwuffy nu speciaw fwiend nu mowe. Don' neejew! Am bestest mummuh and you dummi daddeh. Go 'way!"

Whaah?! But you need to protect your babies! You didn't even get to play with any yet!

She puffs up her cheeks and stomps on the ground, "GU 'WAY! OW GET BIGGEST STOMPIES!"

She rears and takes a kick at you, but she misses as you duck away. You scramble away, crying, sad, confused, and upset.


You guess you weren't a good daddeh after all.


You're Buttercup. The bestest mother ever. You are a wingie mummuh and your dummi speciaw fwiend isn't. Two bright times ago your dummi speciaw fwiend ran off after you kicked him out of your nest after he failed to properly provide for you and threatened your babbehs with his stupi-ness. Doesn't he know it takes the best food to make the best babbehs? And he dropped one of them and tried to hurt it. Doesn't he know they are just wittwe bebbehs?

He was lazy, too. When he wasn't getting you nummies, he was sweeping aww dah time. And his huggies were dummi. And he made you huwt your hoofsie. Stupi boo-boo juice, stupi gwound. And he didn' clean the nest. Now it has yuckies all over it. And poopies all over the nestie and nummies. He must have put those there. He is envious of how smart you are. You know you would never make bad poopies in your own nestie.

But at least you have your babbehs all to yourself. Nu mow dummi daddeh twy to take dem away. You have the bestest miwkies fow dem. Oh, that reminds you.

Buttercup: "Wake up babbhes. It nummies time!"

They all chirp and peep to life. You stick them on your massive teats and let the first two finish. Your bestest babbeh is the blue one. He gets the first miwkies. He better not have a white mane and tail, though, or he will be your worstest babbeh for being so bad and meanie to you and trying to be a dummi like his daddeh.

Buttercup: *singing*"Mummuh wuvs babbehs, babbehs wuv mummuh. Miwkies and babbehs, singies and nummies. Babbehs gwow big an' stwong."*end singing*

You give the rest of your babbehs miwkies and they roll around for a bit. They are getting bigger but they still haven't opened their eyes yet. The two pink ones are very pretty. But pink is for girls and one of them has no-no's. He must be a dummi. Maybe you should take them away and make him a fiwwy so he nu be a dummi like his daddeh.

Just then, you hear a noise. You've heard it before and know exactly what it is. Suddenly, they all jump out.


Two of the munstuhs jump at you and start scratching your back. It hurts really badly.


You briefly remember him leaving after you yelled at him, the thought interrupted by a big bite on your miwkie pwace. You scream and thrash at them, kicking them off. They dart off, but not before you notice that 3 of them are dragging away your pretty white babbeh.

"Nuuuuu!" You stand up and start to charge after it, but your legs don't feel very good. You feel tired from not moving much. And your hoofsie still hurts from when your dummi speciaw fwiend made you give sowwy hoofsies to the gwound.


Its cries of pain stab at your heart as you see the munstuhs tearing into the babbeh's stomach and legs. Its screaming sends shivers down your back.

You muster all your strength and finally catch up. You chase off the munstuhs and grab the boo-boo juicy babbeh back to the nestie. It won't stop chirping. You try giving it huggies but it just chirps louder. Why aren't huggies fixing it? They fix everything!

You lick its boo-boo juice and wince at the nasty flavor. Maybe it should clean itself. That is gwose. You set it on your tummy and let it crawl to your miwkie pwaces. It seems to take a while to get there and is covering you in boo-boo juice. You will allow it for now, but that better not become a regular thing or he will be a bad dummi babbeh. You grab the other three and curl into a ball to protect them in case the meanie munstuhs come back.

You can feel the babbehs all struggling to get at your miwkie pwaces. Eventually, everything settles down and it becomes quiet again.


It is darkie time and you need food. You ran out of food one bright time ago and are starting to get really hungry. Not only that, but you can feel the babbehs drank the last of your miwkies. You scold the three babbehs for taking all the miwkies away from your bestest babbeh. Such terrible babbehs. Must be because of the dummi daddeh.

Buttercup: "Nex' time I have bestest babbehs with bestest nu-dummi daddeh."

But your tummy hurts and you forget what you were upset about. You need food. Stupi-dummi didn't bring you all the food he was supposed to. You think you remember how to get back to the surface, though. You'll have to go get the nummies yourself.

You put the four babbehs on your back and head down the direction your nu-mowe dummi speciaw fwiend went. You remember coming in this way once and going back out a small hole. You couldn’t fit last time you tried. Hopefully the hole won’t be so meanie this time and you can find some nummies up the steppies.

Walking down the dark pwace, you fumble around until you smell and feel fresh air coming from a doow. You see the hole.

Buttercup: "HA!" You knew you were smart.

You squeeze through the hole, feeling pleased about yourself that you can do it again, until you realized each babbeh fell off.


You grab each one and plop them back on your back. They all are in a panic about the sudden removal from their comfortable state.

Buttercup: "Shhhh, dummeh babbehs. Nee' be quiet! In hoomi wand now." For fluff's sake these babbehs are turning out to be dummies like their daddeh, all of them.

The little white babbeh chirps the loudest for a moment more after being placed. You are concerned that this babbeh has too many hewties and turned into a dummi babbeh. She keeps putting boo-boo juice on you and the other babbehs. And she isn't cleaning herself. You can see fluff missing, too. Oh well, you still have your bestest babbeh.

But that's when you noticed it in the dawkies sky baww light; a spec of white on your bestest babbeh’s head. OOOoh, that is wowstest babbeh now. How dare he! He getting miwkies last now from here on.

You puff your cheeks and stomp your hooves until your tummy reminds you what your goals are.

You waddle your way up the stairs and manage to find the place you used to get nummies from. You poke and prod and start ripping up big black nummie holders, but you don't find very much. A lot of it is really bad tasting and most of it doesn't smell pretty. So you don't eat much.

You're really tired. You feel you don't have energy. It was a terrible and scary day. But you are a strong mawe, that's probably why you and your babbehs are still alive. Yea, any other stupi mawes would have taken fowevuh sweepies. But all that fighting and walking made you tired. Maybe you should lay down for a little bit. Maybe the trashie nummies will fill again during the bright time.


The big shiny ball in the sky is up. How long have you been sleeping? You are suddenly reminded of the hunger you couldn't sate last night. You immediately stand up and all four foals plop off your back and start chirping immediately. You don't care, you are just soooo hungry. You check all the black nummie bags again. You still find nothing. Why didn't they refill? How did dummi speciaw fwiend get nummies?

You go back and address all the chirping and find they are closer to you then where you slept. Wait a sec... Their see pwaces are open! You're so happy! They can all see and hewp find you nummies nao!

You roll over to your back and scoop them all up putting them on your teats. They fight for the little miwkies you made last night from those yuckie nummies. The white one gets trampled. It seems too weak to push for its food. Then you see the dummi bwue babbeh. You hold the dummi bwue one back.

Buttercup: “'Ou nu desewve any nummies. You bad dummi and wan' be meanie to mummuh.”

It picks its head up and looks at you and peeps. It seems sad, but you have to teach these dummies not to be dummies.

It starts to push forward again and you pull him back again, this time giving him sorry hoofsies on the head. That will teach him.

He starts to cry and peep and chirp. The other babbehs stop drinking and look around in a panic to see the threat.

Buttercup: “It ok, babbehs. Dummi bwuthuh just being dummeh.”

They go back to suckling the last drops they could from your teats. It wasn't much, but it will hold them over for now while you find the bestest nummies.

You roll back over onto your hoofsies and they all plop off your tummy. They chirp and peep in distress but they are fine.

Buttercup: “Mummuh nee' fin' nummies. 'Ou stay hewe and mummuh be wight ovuh der.”

You waddle away to some other trashie nummies you didn't see last night. They are at the very top of some metaw trashie nummie howders. It is hard, but you manage to climb a couple of near bye nummie holders and get to the top. You are so proud of yourself! And your babbehs saw you the whole time! Maybe they will learn to be better not-dummi fwuffies like you.

You tear into the top most bag and find a few good nummies to eat. But there isn't much. Most of it is yuckie brown stuff that you think used to be like the boxie housie you lived in before Wosco found you. You dig deeper but don't find much more.

How did Wosco find so many nummies? He aways brought back the bestest nummies and a wot of them. You are starting to get upset now. Did he take aww the nummies?

You suddenly heard a chirping from your babbehs. It is the white one. Looks like the other babbehs are biting it and kicking it and pushing it away from the rest. Its chirps aren't very loud though. I guess it isn't hurt, then. They must be playing a game. Good babbehs.

You slide back down and puff out your cheeks. You are so mad at Wosco for taking your bestest nummies. How dare he. You walk back to your babbehs and try to think.

That's when you finally noticed the smell. It was coming from your white babbeh. You look at it and aww the boo-boo juice is now a poopie color and she isn't moving much. She is crying and huu-huuing. She is also away from the other babbehs. She didn't go back to the rest of the babbehs when they were done playing.

You stand over her and lean in closer. *Sniff* Oh yea, it's coming from her.

Buttercup: “'Ou smeww yuckie. Why 'ou nu wickie cweanies? Babbeh nu smeww pwetty.”

She tries to stand up but isn't able to. One of her legs is bent at an awkward angle and you didn't notice this before, but one of her see-pwaces is actually missing.

Buttercup: “'Oy! Whewe 'ou ovuh see-pwace? Gu get eet! Bestest mummuh nu want anymowe dummi babbehs!”

You look around for the see pwace and try to help the babbeh find it. Where did she put it? Why would she take it out? You didn't even know they could come out? Maybe she is a smart babbeh then, like you? Too bad she won't cweanies herself, though.

Buttercup: “Babbehs! Hewp mummuh hewp babbeh fin' see pwace.”

You and your babbehs start looking around. They find lots of little thingies and you try to push a couple of them into the pwace where the see pwace is supposed to be but nothing works. And your white babbeh just screams louder and louder and is crying. Why is it crying? If it didn't lose its see pwace to begin with, we wouldn't have to try and find a new one.

Buttercup: “Oh weww, 'ou wiww just' get huggies, now. We fin' see pwace watuh.”

You go back to your original task at finding nummies. You sniff around and find a few yuckie fwowuhs and grassies but it isn't a lot. You eat everything you see and go back to your babbehs. They are playing again with the white babbeh. The white babbeh isn't moving, anymore.

Buttercup: “Babbeh? Babbeh sweeping?”

You watch as her little tummy slowly goes up and down. Looks like more boo boo juice is coming out of her. This babbeh is getting weawy yuckie smewwing now. You pick all of them up and move them underneath a trashie nummie holder and curl up, but the smell is too strong.

Buttercup: “Babbhe, stop being smewwy. Wickie cweanies, nao!”

The babbeh doens't move. It just sits there crying and breathing.

Buttercup: “Nao, babbeh!”

No response.

Buttercup: “Fin'. You nu stay with fwuff piwe tiww 'ou smeww pwetty 'gain!”

And with one swift motion you bite down on her scruff and swing your head, throwing her out from underneath the new housie. It gently screeches and then *purks* upon landing. That's better. The smell isn't so bad now. And now the other babbehs can get the miwkies you made today. There isn't a lot but it should be fine for now.

It is dawkies time again and you wake up with a strong gurgle in your tummy.

Buttercup: “Owwies, tummeh, pwease nu be meanie.”

You roll over and your babbehs flop onto the ground. They chirp a bit and you lick each ones' head and they fall back asleep. You are so hungry, you have to find food. You have to check one more time to see if there are more nummies somwhere. You think you can smell some, but you can't tell if you are just thinking you do.

You head out and drag each babbeh with you, placing them all on your back while you search. Don' want anymore teefy munstuhs to make more dummeh babbehs.

You scrounge around for what seems like forever. You are so tired that you can't move. You haven't eaten properly for several fowevuhs now. And your babbehs look smaller than they were during bright time.

You think it is really important to find food. So you walk around the side of the big hoomi housie and search for a way in. You scratch at the door to see if anyone was home, first.

Buttercup: “Hewwo?! Any hoomies home?!”

You babbehs toss on your back and peep gently. You wait for a moment. Nothing.

You wonder back to the nummie bags to see if they filled up yet. Just the same yucky stuff. But then you see an opening. Above the trashie nummies you see an open doow. One of those smaller ones that are too high to walk through. But this time, you think you can climb back up and jump through.

Roll over and dump your babbehs back on the ground and begin climbing, ignoring their pleas for warmth. You reach the top after a lot of struggle. It is much more exhausting this time and your tummi won't stop the hewties. But you finally made it. But the doow is still too far away. Even if you stand on your back hoofsies you can't reach. If only you were bigger.

You get an idea. You grab lots of the trashies and begin piling them up. One after another, boxies, yuckie nummies, and other thingies you have no idea what they are, you pile it all up and sure enough, your hoofsies can reach. You have one hoof touching the edge. And you can almost poke your smeww pwace through.

You take a big whiff. Oh yea! There are nummies in there for sure.

That's when the boxies you put the nummies on colapsed. You fell right through, and then slipped down and off the top of the trashie pile, then bounced from one trashie to the next, until you finally landed on the ground. Your head hurts. As well it should, you landed on it.

You touch your muzzle with your hoof and feel boo boo juice. You look and see it smeared on your pad. You are starting to get worried now. You couldn't make it. And now you are hurt. And now you can't get miwkies for the babbehs. What are you gonna do?

You lower your head and slowly mope back to the babbehs. You snuggle all of them and curl into a ball and you can feel them fighting to get to your teats.

Buttercup: “Am sowwy babbehs, mummuh nu haff miwkies. Nu enough nummies.”

Their chirping goes on for a long while. It annoys you but you are too tired and weak to do anything about it. You end up falling asleep listening to their complaints.

The next morning, you are awoken by a loud yell.


It is a huge hoomi. Immediately you piss all over yourself and your babbehs. He is the biggest hoomi you've ever saw, and he is angry, and wooking right atchu.

Man: “WELL?!”

Buttercup: “M-mistuh, mummuh need nummies. Nu have nummies for miwkies. Speciaw fwiend take aww da nummies.”


You glance past the man. You didn't realize it, but last night you did make a really big mess. But that is his trashies, not yours.

Buttercup: “B-Buttewcup make messy wiff hoomi tashies. Dey you'we trashies. 'Ou cwean up messie.”

The man didn't respond, he just huffed and puffed and looked REALLY scary. That's when he kicked you. Really hard. You don't even remember the impact. You just remember opening your eyes and being at the bottom of the steppies. Oh no!

Buttercup: “Babbhes?! Babbhes!”

You try and scramble back up to the top to get them but you have wowstest weggie ouchies. You gasp and scream a little from the pain. You also have more boo boo juice coming down your muzzle. You try and try with all your might. They may be dummi babbehs, but they are your dummi babbehs. And until you can make new bestest ones, they are all you have.

You hear a lot of banging around. You hope your babbehs are ok. You can hear them chirping and peeping, too. That stupi hoomi munstuh must be hurting them badly. You have to get up there.

You manage the first steppie. Just... One, two, three, uh wait, four... fifeteen, nine,... sixetyfouw to go. That is suuuuu much.

You lay your head down and cry. The pain is unbearable. You push yourself up another step, but then you step on your hewtie weggie and it hewt weawwy bad. You scream again but this time very little noise comes out. You push yourself up, everything is going dark, you reach for the next step, half up, and you sleep.

You open your eyes. The pain returns immediately, but it doesn't hewt as much. You look around and see you are only 3 steppies up. How many are left? Ugh, still too many to count. You lay still. You can't hear your babbehs anymore. By now, the munstuh hoomi must have given them fowevew sweepeis.

You cry and cry. But then you hear something. Something scuffling. Is it the big teefy munstuhs? No... It is up top. Then you hear it. A familiar voice.

Rosco: “...bestest nummies and safe pwace. No hoomies can get us.”

Its Rosco! He came back for you! He isn't as big a dummi as you thought he was. Oh, yes. He will save you and get you nummies. Then you can finally feed your bab- Oh yea. Youw babbehs have fowevuh sweepies now.

Rosco: *gasp* “Babbhes! Mah babbehs have sickies. Move babbehs. Why 'ou nu move?”

Then you hear it. Soft peeps and chirps.

Strange girl fluffy: “Dey awive! Speciaw fwiend is bestest!”

You don't know who that was, but she knows you are the bestest so you suppose you can like her.

Rosco: “Whewe mummuh? Why nu giff miwkies?”

That's your cue. You push hard, with all your might you work past the pain, hopefull for a new bowl of sketties from your Special Friend. You don't care how dummi he is. You're so hungies. Step after step, you slowly make it.

All the while, you are listening to the voices speak.

Rosco: “Soon mummuh have miwkies, can giff to babbehs? Babbehs awe Wosco's babbehs befowe meanie speciaw fwiend hewt Wosco.”

Strange girl fluffy: “Of couwse, Wosco. Wuv nu speciaw fwiend. Am bestest and smawtest fwuffy.”


You reach the top steppie and poke your nose up, you can see them. You are so out of breath.

Buttercup: “HEY! Dummi... stupid mawe, ... wet... gu of... babbehs!”

The two adult fluffies look at you dumbfounded. Rosco recognizes you immediately. His confusion turns to anger.

Rosco: “Buttewcup! Why 'ou weave babbehs? Onwy wittew babbehs!”

Doesn't he know you know that? Jeez, he is still a dummi. You push yourself up on the last step to reach the top and crawl with a broken body to get to them. Rosco doesn't even seem to care that you are hurt.

He walks closer to you now, almost to your face.

Rosco: “Why weave babbehs? Teww me!”

He looks very scary now. You've never seen him this way. You start to sob.

Buttercup: “Buttewcup get biggest hewties from munstuh hoomi. Nu wan giff nummies. Nu wan cwean trashies. Den Hoomi give wostest sowwy hoofsies to Buttewcup.”

Rosco: “Wosco teww 'ou stay away duwing bwight time. Too dangwous! 'Ou nu wisten.”

Wait a sec, why is he mad at you? You're the one that struggled this whole time trying to find the food he took. He is the reason you couldn't find any to begin with.

Buttercup: “Shudap! 'Ou awe weason Buttewcup nu haf nummies. 'Ou take aww nummies fow sewf and nu weave any fow mummuh and babbehs. You meanie dummeh daddeh!”

Rosco: “Nu! Hoomis take twashies sometimes. 'Ou da dummi.”

WHAT?! How dare he call you a dummi.

Buttercup: “Nuh-uh! I take cawe of muh babbehs and 'ou twy and keep nummies to sewf.”

Rosco: “'Ou nu haff babbeh anymowe. Wosco take babbehs wif new speciaw fwiend.”

He turns to the other fluffy and she looks really full of tummy babbehs. Her hoofsies look like they barely touch the ground. But behind her, you can see HUGE teats. They must be full of miwkies! You are so angry now. How dare she have bigger teats then you!

You must your strength and hobble over to her and try to kick her, but you are pushed away by Rosco.

Buttewcup: “'Ou dummi! Why 'ou do dat?”

The babbehs seem scared now. But the soon mummuh struggles to craw closer to them. She is going to take your babbhes! And Rosco is standing in your way. You can't do a thing.

Rosco: “Dey not-chu babbehs nu mowe.” He turns to the soon mummuh. “Speciaw fwiend, can 'ou giff miwkies to Wosco's babbhes? Dey have sickies. Nee' miwkies.”

She doesn't even hesitate.

Girl Fluffy: “Of couwse, Wosco. Poow babbehs. Nee' huggies and miwkies.”

She moves around to her back and Rosco drops two on the teats right away. They barely attach to the teats, but manage to drink up a small amount before peeping to life again. Rosco rotates one of them remembers something.

Rosco: “Whewe udduh babbeh at?”

What other babbeh? Oh! You forgot all about that one.

Buttercup: “'Ou mean dummeh smewwy white fwuffy? Dunno. Nu smeww pwetty.”

At that, Rosco follows his nose and in a few short steps, he finds the babbeh. It isn't moving. It isn't breathing.

Rosco: “Babbeh? Babbeh, daddeh hewe. Pwease move babbeh.”

He pokes it with his nose. He sits there for a moment, you can't see much until he turns around. He is crying, but really angry looking. Uh oh, he is coming right for you!

You try to scramble up but the pain is too much. He reaches you and rears up. You close your eyes. You know what's coming next. … … Nothing. You open your eyes. He is just glaring at you.

Rosco: “Wosco take cawe of babbehs now.”

He goes to your backside and bites your tail.

Buttercup: “Scree! Ouchies, why hewt Buttewcup?!”

He is dragging you. Where are you going? He takes you far away to the edge of the blackrock. He kicks you down a tall steppie and now you rest right at the edge, looking up at Rosco. Everything hewts so much. You gasp for breath, trying to look up at Rosco. He just glares at you. He slowly walks away.

You can only hear what happens next in the distance.

Girl Fluffy: “Dat am weawy bad mawe. She hewt aww deh babbehs and won't even giff miwkies.”

Rosco: “Jus' a dummi mawe. Wosco take cawe of babbehs and speciaw fwiend now. Wosco save othuh babbehs and 'ou tummeh babbehs, too. When you smawwew, Wosco take you to nice safe nestie under bwackwock.”

Their cooing and giggling sickens you. You are so confused about what to feel. Betrayed, angry, sad, lonely. You can't do anything but think about the situation you just lived. Your eyes close with images running through your mind. What happened, what you'd like to do to meanie dummi Rosco...

Suddenly, you are awoken by a loud noise. A HUGE metaw munstuh is slowly coming at you from behind. Big pokey thingies are licking the edge of the black rock and swallowing everything in its path. You try and get up but have no strength left. You are tired and still hurt a lot. You can't move. You looke for Rosco.

Buttercup: “Wosco! Hewp Buttewcup! Hewp!”

The monster is baring down on you. It is almost at your tail.


Nothing. You scream his name, but he doesn't come. You can’t believe that stupi dummi is ignoring you. YOU, a fluffy who was so smart and had BESTEST BABBEHS until he ruined them with his dumminess.

The metaw munstah comes closer, its loud noise hurting your ears. It grabs your tail and you are yanked right into the gaping mouth as it tears into your flesh, and sucks you up. The pain goes away quickly after that. You miss your babbehs.


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PaoloAlfa: Wow, join us next time for another installment of "As the Fluff Burns"

Really well done and interesting viewpoints. Poor Buttercup, I didn't know fluffy mummahs got post partum
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Anonymous1: I don't think that's post-partum anything. Buttercup's just a beotch.

"Buttercup: “Nuh-uh! I take cawe of muh babbehs..." reminds me of Chris Rock's "I take care of mah keeids" bit.

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mxpaq: What was the "munstah" at the end?
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