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Internet star Fluffpool records an episode with his special friend and then trips some serious balls. Credit to AnimalControl (I think) for the original idea. I saw the story, and Fluffpool's concept was lurking in the back of my mind, so I slapped them together and bashed the keyboard until this came out.

The Berry Mare

Am Fluffpool! Fluffpool am boy wingy-pointy-fluffy with red fluff and black manesie and black leggies and black spots on eyesies and white eyesies. Fluffpool am recording with Daddy. Recording am when Fluffpool do stuff and Daddy hold camera-friend. Camera-friend keep videos, but only for little time. Videos am like TV, and show what Fluffpool do after Fluffpool do stuff! Camera-friend give videos to Youtube-friend, and Youtube-friend keep videos so lots of two-leggie-smarties and fluffies can see! Right now, Fluffpool am hiding and looking at special friend. Special friend am Salty! Salty am pretty girl pointy-fluffy with all white fluff and blue eyesies. Sometimes Daddy record with Salty, and Salty say meanie things. Salty am nice fluffy, though! Daddy say viewers love when Salty say meanie things. Viewers am two-leggie-smarties watching videos with Youtube-friend.

Fluffpool do lots of things with Salty! Fluffpool jump out at Salty, and Salty say meanie thing. "Wha' you want, Fwuffpoopeh?"

Fluffpool know Salty am just pretending. Recording am weird like that! Fluffpool pretend, too. "Nu be wike dat, pwetteh guw!" Salty give fake sorry hoofie. Fluffpool and Salty do stuff like that for rest of recording-time. Recording-time am over after forever. Salty and Fluffpool mess up lots, so it take lots of time to make little time for Youtube-friend.


A hundred cuts later, I finally had maybe five minutes of good footage. The fluffies kept breaking character and/or hugging. Now that it was time to stop recording, they were fucking. They were both fixed, so I guess they just did it because it felt good. I would have gawked like a creepy psycho, but then the mail came. I left them to that and went to get it. Pretty heavy. I cut the tape with scissors, and... Sweet, the boysenberries were here. Apparently, they were supposed to be some kind of potent psychoactive drug to fluffies, with no long-term harm. I figured it would be hilarious to see them both tripping balls, so I went and ordered a shitload of canned boysenberries. I put two berries each in two tiny glass bowls, then went back to where they both were. They'd finished by then, and there was fluffy jizz all over the floor. Ignoring that for now, I set the bowls down a reasonable distance apart. "I brought special berries for both of you!"

"Bewwehs! Sahdeh wuf bewwehs!"

"Wha' kinda bewwehs?"

"They're called boysenberries. Try some and tell me how you feel!"


Daddy bring boysenberries for Fluffpool and Salty! Fluffpool never num boysenberries before. Fluffpool wanna try some! Fluffpool run to little bowl and num boysenberries. Boysenberries am good nummies! No am very many, though. "Can Fwuffpoo' haf mo' boy-zin-bewwehs?"

"Only two for now, bud. Boysenberries are special. I won't spoil the surprise for you. All you need to do now is wait."

"Sahdeh wan' nu wha' am supwise!"

"Fwuffpoo' wuf supwises!" Fluffpool sit down and wait and bounce a little. No can help it! Fluffpool am excited for surprise! Fluffpool hope it am good surprise. Then, everything get really bright! Colors am so bright and pretty... "Pwetteh cowahs!" Colors am moving! Now it am even more pretty. Fluffpool look around and see so many pretty things! Fluffpool wonder where Salty and Daddy went, but that no am important now. Then, Fluffpool see big blue wingy-pointy-fluffy girl. Fluffy am really pretty! Am bigger than any fluffy Fluffpool ever see, even in videos, and wingies am like birdy wingies, not fluffy wingies! Fluffy also have berry cutie mark. Fluffpool never see fluffy with cutie mark before! Fluffy walk to Fluffpool. Fluffpool try to talk, but no can make mouthie move. Then fluffy talk to Fluffpool, but not with mouthie.


Oh my god, this was priceless. Fluffpool said something about pretty colors, and now they were both on the floor with their eyes wide open and their pupils dilated. I watched for a little, but it got boring pretty fast, so I cleaned up the giant cum-stain on the floor and went back to screwing around on the Internet. A few hours later, I heard them both chattering about God-knows-what. But it wasn't the usual God-knows-what.

"Sahteh see pwetteh cowahs?"


"An' Bewweh Mawe?"


What the actual fuck. "Who's Berry Mare?" They both looked at me at the exact same time. Fluffpool spoke up, while Salty just stared at him.

"Bewweh Mawe am big pwetteh bwoo fwuffeh with wingehs and pointy and bewweh cuteh-mahk! Bewweh Mawe tew Fwuffpoo' wotsa things!"

And then he started babbling about being one with everything, or at least I thought that was what he was trying to say. Salty joined in, and they pretty much both started talking at the same time. I just stood there and tried to focus on Fluffpool. I failed. They finished, in unison, with "Can Fwuffpoo'/Sahdeh haf mowe speshah bewwehs fo' go see Bewweh Mawe again?" I think my fluffies are spiritual drug addicts now.
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