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In the Dark

You are a pointy babbeh.
You have three or four siblings and a mummah.
Its not that you haven't opened your see places yet.
You and your entire family are all blind.
But mummah did once see.
You loved mummah, even her raspy voice and weird tongue.
Daddy told you all that a mean man spilled acid on her face.
Luckily he found her immediately after.
Whatever 'acid' is, some no-see owies juice?
But life is ok. You love sniffy tag with your littermates.
Also Fluffy Radio is decent stimulation to a fluffy.
And there's a magic thingy in the center on the ceiling.
Its really tiny but you know where it is in relation to you.
It makes finding mummah and food and litterbox easy.
She doesn't seem to notice it though.
You talk to mummah lots but she doesn't like to play.
She just sits between the litterbox and food.
Daddy comes in every 24 forevers to feed mummah.
Bestest daddy help mummah make bestest milkies!
None of you have seen him, but you feel compelled.
You love him almost as much as mummah.

Mummah would tell you all sleepy time stories regaling us of the outside world, sights, delights, but would have trouble telling you about her previous daddy and when she was known as...

- To be continued with, "Marybeth: The Eat Fluffy More Mare"

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sugarnacid: Obvious stuff out of the way, this will begin as a saga of Marybeth, the mummah, leading to the present, then yada yada, the main unicorn foal becomes the focus. No the foals don't realize daddy visits them in an old dark room with night vision goggles and was the acid mista. Still need a name before I switch from second person.
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Anonymous1: I'm excited to see the rest!
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