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A Touch of Grey (A Head Games/Hollow tale)

Part 3

By Deadweight

Grey leads the strongest of his herd to the scrapyard after nightfall to retrieve the sled. They marvel at the heap of sharp and angry looking metal and shoulder the strap to drag it home. The herd gathers round and Grey pours over the contents and lays out his plans. But it will have to wait, it is late and they are tired. They all share a meal and curl back into a fluffpile. Caramel nuzzles up to him and coos as they drift to sleep.


Day breaks over the neighborhood and Grey and the others eat a meager breakfast. He chooses 5 of the largest stallions to follow him to the park. The owners have started to fill the park with their spoiled fluffies. Grey stands at the fence and watches them play with balls, large soft blocks and stuffed animals as the owners sit in the little gazebo and text or surf the net. Grey narrows his eyes when he spies Delilah being set in the lush grass by her owner. The spoiled pegasus preens about like she owns the place, taking the best toys for herself as the other fluffies follow her like a loyal entourage. She spots Grey beyond the fence and her violet eyes glare as she puffs her cheeks and approaches.

“What am stoopi Gwey doin hewe? Dewiwah towd yuu, nu bewong!”

Grey remains unimpressed and looks her up and down before meeting her gaze with his cold blue eyes.

“Gwey come tu gif Dewiwah one wast chance. Wet da udda fwuffies in da pawk ow gif aww da meanie fwuffies biggest huwties.”

Delilah looks at him in surprise before she snorts and giggles, shaking her head.

“Teehee, dummeh Gwey. Yuu gun gif us biggest huwties? Yuu justa dummeh nu famiwy fwuffeh! Mummahs and Daddehs wiww neva wet dummies in da pawk! Twy and yuu aww gonna get foweva sweepies!”

She laughs and so does her entourage. She leans close to the fence and blows a raspberry. Grey swipes at the chainlink with his spur and sparks fly as Delilah leaps back in surprise.


He gives a wry smile as piss dribbles down her legs. Delilah grows furious and stamps her hoof.

“Gwey gunna pay fow dat! Gun teww mummah and den yuu be sowwy!”

Grey lets out a genuine laugh and it unnerves all around him.

“Yuu fink mummah weawwy wuv yuu? Wookit hew, am not even wookin. Yuu nuffin but a toysie tu yuu mummah. Dewiwah wiww see, when yuu cwyin fow hew, she nu gunna hewp. Memba, Gwey gave Dewiwah a chance.”

She scowls and shrieks in anger.

“Gwey dun kno nuffin! Gunna go get mummah and yuu see! MUMMAH!”

Delilah runs over to the gazebo and pulls at her owner's pant leg.


“Bad, meanie fwuffies twyna get in da pawk! Huuhuu, pwease come gif huwties!”

Gillian glances up from her phone with a sigh.

“Not now, Delilah. Mommy is busy buying something. Why don’t you go play with your friends?”

Delilah sits dejected and feels a twinge of doubt for the first time. Her heart thuds as she turns back to look at the fence, but Grey and the others are gone.


Grey and the others return to the nest and Caramel runs over followed by the rest.

“Find Dewiwah? She gonna be nicey naow?”

Grey shakes his head and stares with those cold eyes.

“Dewiwah nu gonna pway nicey, time fow hew an da udda meanie fwuffies tu pay.”

The others look around and babble before they give a nod of resolve.

“Aftew da pawk cwose, we go stawt makin twaps.”

They are all nervous, most have never had a violent thought in their lives. But this is now a struggle for a better life and they must do what must be done. Grey gathers everyone for a large meal and sends Green to watch the park and let him know when everyone has left.

Hours pass as Grey pulls pieces from the sled and makes his plans. He has enough here to cause massive mayhem and pain. Green rushes into the yard and races to Grey.

“Meanie fwuffies an hoomins am weavin! Pawk am empty naow!”

Grey nods and looks over his collection and then gathers everything up.

“Wets go, time fow makin da twaps.”

The others follow Grey with the sled and he leads them along the back of the fence where he finds several young and pliable saplings. He grabs some rope and spikes from the sled and leads the strongest to a sapling.

“Take wope and puww down da twee.”

It takes some effort, but they manage to use the rope to bend the sapling over, Grey takes a couple rusty tent spikes and pins the rope in place. He busies the others with slinging some old, ripped nylons over the top of the sapling and loading them with sharp shrapnel. Satisfied, he moves on and they repeat the process with a few more young trees. Grey steps over to a tall tree and eyes it up and down, it’s tall, but relatively thin, thin enough for his plan. He grabs the old chain Roger gave him that came off a chainsaw and calls to Green and a blue pegasus fluffy.

“Howd dis in teefies an wun wound da twee. Gun be wotsa wowk, buh Gwey fine gud nummies fow yuu.”

The two fluffies grab up the chain and begin to circle the tree, slowly making indents into the relatively soft bark. It will take some time to achieve his goal and the rest of the traps will have to go on the inside. Grey turns to Caramel and instructs her.

“Stay hewe an make suwe dey keep goin, Gwey take da west tu get nummies.”

Caramel nods with a determined look and Grey heads out. He leads the herd through the neighborhood, passing from yard to yard. They gather scraps from children who have left their afternoon snacks in the grass, remnants from backyard barbecues and even raid bird seed from the ground. They come across an open car in a driveway with grocery bags sitting on the ground and Grey stops them as a blonde woman walks out of the house.

“Need tu get dat bag of nummies, go tawk tu dat wady an Gwey gwab da bag.”

The others nod and rush out into the driveway, swarming the woman's ankles.

“Hewoo, nice wady! Got nummies? Wan be nyu mummah? Huuhuu, fwuffies so hungwy!”

The woman is startled as a dozen fluffies circle her and becomes quickly annoyed.

“Get the fuck away from me! I don’t have time for you shitrats right now!”

She cusses and pushes at them with her foot as she tries to get to the car. But the fluffies do not relent, they babble, whine and beg. Grey slinks from the yard and snatches the bag quickly, signaling to the others as he rushes into the bushes. They peel away from the woman, leaving her bewildered and disappear into the trees with her yelling after them.

“Godammit! Come back with my groceries you little shits!”


The herd returns to the shed and Grey spreads their bounty out in the lawn, divvying it up for them and taking a share to Green, Caramel and Blue. He finds they have not made much progress, a shallow cut runs across the narrow trunk and Green and Blue are panting hard.

“Dis nu am gunna wowk. Need tu be stwonga.”

Grey looks down at the dog whistle around his neck and sighs as he picks it up and blows hard. The shrill tone makes him cringe and shake while the others remain unaffected.


The others look up as Castor and Pollux peel through the trees and skid to a stop in front of them. Grey shakes his head and blinks his watering eyes before he grabs the chain and calls the dogs over to the tree. They pant and sit obediently as he loops the chain through their collars and gets them to begin circling the tree. It quickly becomes a game to them, chasing each others tails as wood chips begin to fly. Grey nods satisfied and turns to Green, Blue and Caramel.

“Dis gun be much fastew, go back tu nestie an get some nummies and wawa. Cawamew bwing some nummies an wawa back fow Castow an Powwux.”

The three nod and head back to the nest as Grey stays behind and keeps the dogs working, They are quickly tearing through the soft, young wood of the tall tree. Within an hour, they have cut a deep groove all the way round the trunk and the tree visibly wobbles. Grey stops them and pushes at the trunk, some cracking and splitting can be heard as it groans and sways. He unloops the chain from their collars and praises them as they lick him and wag their tails.

“Good bawkie munstahs, Castow an Powwux am stwong.”

They bow their heads and whine as he pets them between their ears. Caramel comes back dragging a plastic bag with snacks and a bottle of water. He slices open the bags and cuts the top off the water bottle, Castor and Pollux gratefully lap the water and gobble up the snacks. Grey beckons Caramel closer and she nervously strokes their heads as they eat, they lick her face and she giggles.

“Teehee, good bawkie munstahs!”

Grey looks up as the sun begins to dip low in the sky.

“Time fow go home, Gwey take bawkie munstahs tu Wogew. Cawamew go home an wait fow Gwey.”

Caramel nods and gives Castor and Pollux a hug around their necks before she takes off for home. Grey beckons the dogs to follow him as he heads back towards the scrapyard to find Roger waiting.

“Grey! I thought it mighta been you. When Castor and Pollux tore outta here, I figured you used the whistle. Everything ok?”

Grey nods as the dogs run over and jump up and down on Roger.

“Yus, Gwey jus needed bawkie munstahs hewp fow settin twap, dey stwong an do good.”

Roger smiles and pets Castor and Pollux as they lick his hands.

“They sure do like you alot, Grey. Everything goin good with the traps?”

Grey nods and accepts a scratching.

“Twaps am awmost aww set, meanie fwuffies gun get biggest huwties. Couwdnt haf done wiffout Wogew, Fank yuu.”

Roger smiles and offers him some jerky as the sky turns orange and pink as the sun begins to set beyond the trees.

“I got one more present for you, Grey. Now this can be very dangerous, but I trust you’re smart enough to use it.”

Roger reaches into his waistband and pulls out an old double barrel flare gun.

“This gun shoots two very bright and hot fireballs, pull one trigger to fire the first one and the other to fire the second. Be careful where you fire these cuz they will burn very very hot! It’s already loaded and these are the only two shells I got so use them wisely.”

Grey marvels at the orange gun and Roger puts it in plastic bag for Grey to carry home.

“Fank yuu, Wogew. Yuu bestest hoomin Gwey evva meet. Bye bye, Castow, Powwux. Best bawkie munstahs.”

Grey heads home, carrying the bag as Roger waves after him and the dogs whimper as their odd friend vanishes.

As he walks along the side fence of the park, Grey stashes the flare gun in the bushes. The moon is starting to rise bright in the sky and he walks back to the sled and drags it to the gate. As his herd waits for him, he enters the park and begins laying out the rest of the traps. He coats the deeper patches of grass in powdered glass he dumps from a paper bag and cuts open the bag of rat poison pellets. He drags the bag around and sprinkles the pellets into the lawn. Lastly, he drags in the small spring trap and using his considerable strength (for a fluffy) sets the trap until it locks. Satisfied with his work, he pulls the sled into the brush and heads home.


Caramel looks up from giving food to a purple weanling to see Grey returning to the yard.

“Gwey! Was gone wong time! Am evyting otay?”

He nods and busts open a package of snack cakes, hungrily devouring them and then cutting open and guzzling a bottle of water.

“Gwey am otay, jus finishin da twaps.”

The others all gather round him as he finishes his meal.

“Next bwight time, fwuffies gettin dat pawk. Aww da meanie fwuffies gun be sowwy fow nu shawing. Nu be scawed of dem, Gwey nu wiww wet dem huwt yuu. Am a good hewd an pwomise if yuu fight stwong an nu stawp, den pawk be ouws.”

They are still nervous, but they all feel the influence of Grey's unique mind at it makes them loyal. They nod and begin to cheer, tomorrow they will have all they ever wanted. Caramel hugs him tight and coos loudly in his ear.

“Gwey am bestest weadew! Su smawt an bwave! Cawamew wuv Gwey!”

Her words give him pause, those emotions are alien to him, but he cannot deny he feels something deep down. He shares a hug with her, but knows that her feelings are misplaced and he will eventually have to let her down.

“Time fow finish nummies an get sweepies, wong day next bwight time. Gwey kno yuu aww gonna do good.”

The herd gathers for a meal and babble back and forth. Grey lets them have their frivolity, for tomorrow will be the grimmest day of their lives. They finish eating and gather in the shed to form their fluffpile, Grey and Caramel getting the prime spot as their king and queen elect. Caramel quickly falls into deep sleep, nestled in close to Grey while he lays their, thinking, calculating.

“Gwey am comin fow yuu, Dewiwah.”

To Be Continued


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deadweight: The time for Grey's revenge is at hand! Stay tuned for the bloody conclusion!
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Anonymous1: A herd of fluffies are transported by a magical accident to an underground stronghold of Dwarves in the mountains of some fantasy rpg world. What do the dwarves do?
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Anonymous2: As much as I hate spoiled brats like Delilah, I'd be fucking pissed if the park specifically for pets got overrun by ferals. It seems akin to opening up a Starbucks and then having it overrun by homeless people asking for water cups.

Just a daily reminder that while fluffies can represent the best of humanity, it can also represent the worst it has to offer.

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guodzilla: @Anonymous: or skeezy teenagers looking for a handout or a grab-and-run...
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Anonymous3: or homos looking to hookup in the public toilet...

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Seriously, I love this story. I can't wait for the end. Good job!
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Anonymous4: Great as usual