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By FoalOut4


Kevin, a man in his mid-20s, sits at his desk at home with his laptop open, watching a video he saved.

In the video it shows his mare Bluebell, a light blue colored pegasus mare with a dark blue mane, licking her newborn litter of chirping peeping foals, who are squirming around in her "nestie" in the saferoom.

Bluebell smiles at her litter of five foals with tears of joy in her eyes, giving them the most loving motherly look imaginable.

*Sniff* "Mummah wuv hew widdew babbehs su muchies. Tank ou daddeh fow wet bwuebeww haf widdew babbehs!"

The foals squirm around in her nestie, chirping and peeping constantly, blindly exploring the nest around them.

The five foals are a light blue earthy colt, a pink pegasus filly, a dark blue unicorn colt, a light green earthy filly, and a yellow pegasus colt.

Two of the foals crawl up to her crotch tits and attach their little mouths to her nipples, and begin rapidly kneading her crotch tits with their little hooves while adorably suckling milk.

Bluebell coos at them, and they react fondly to their mother's voice, chirping and peeping happily.

"Mummah wuv babbehs, babbehs wuv mummah. Babbehs dwink miwkies, gwow big an stwong fow mummah!"

Mother and foals are as happy and as content as can be.

Kevin grins, and shuts off the video on his laptop. He quickly loads up another one to watch.

The second video has Bluebell reacting in awe as each of her foals first open their eyes.

"Daddeh, wookies! Mummah's widdew babbehs haf see-pwaces open fow mummah! Mummah wuv hew widdew babbehs su muchies!"

The foals fixate their newly opened gaze on their mother, while rapidly chirping, peeping, and squirming.

Bluebell tears up with joy as she realizes that the first thing each foal ever saw is her.

*Sniff* "Mummahs widdew babbehs can see mummah. Mummah haf su many heawt happies fow babbehs!"

Kevin, grinning, shuts off the second video, and quickly loads up a third one.

The third video has Bluebell excitedly telling Kevin that her foals have started "making tawkies fow mummah".

"Daddeh, daddeh! Wookies! Mummah's widdew babbehs am tawkie babbehs now!"

The foals, squirming around in her fluff, say random simple phrases such as "Wuv!", "Mummah!", and "Miwkies!", while still chirping and peeping quite a bit.

Bluebell tears up with pure motherly love in her eyes, looking so proud of them.

Kevin smirks, shutting off the video. He closes his laptop, gets up from his desk, and begins walking down the hallway to the saferoom.

Kevin enters the same saferoom from the video, but something is different.

Bluebell is laying in her nestie, all alone, with no foals in sight, and she is looking very sad and depressed, staring down at the floor with a big frown on her face, while dried tears mat her eyes.

"Mummah, it's time to see your babies!" says Daddeh cheerfully.

Bluebell keeps staring down at the floor, while fresh tears well up in her eyes.

"Huu Huu Huuu! Mummah's widdew babbehs am fowevew sweepies! Dey nu wakies or make bweavies nu moaw fow mummah! Pwease Daddeh, Bwuebeww nu wan see babbehs, pwease!"

Kevin sighs, "Looks like I'm gonna have to carry you out there again then!"

Kevin roughly picks up Bluebell and tucks her under one arm, and walks to the sliding glass door in the kitchen, opens it, and walks out into the backyard.

Kevin sets Bluebell down in front of a mound of fresh dirt in the backyard.

"This is the fourth day we've been out here Bluebell. Maybe today your foals will wake up and squirm around in your fluff again! Let's see."

He sits down beside Bluebell and begins digging in the fresh dirt with his bare hands.

Bluebell shudders and closes her eyes, tears pouring.

"I see your little babies! Awww, they sure missed their mummah!"

Kevin pulls out the decomposing corpses of Bluebell's five foals from the fresh ground.

Each of them are crawling with ants and maggots, and flies are quick to buzz around them as Kevin lays each of them in front of Bluebell, who still has her eyes tightly closed, shuddering and weeping.

"Look Bluebell! Your babies have made new buzz buzz friends!"

Bluebell slowly opens her eyes, seeing the horrific decomposed state of her deceased foals, and tightly shuts them again, bawling and loudly huu huuing to herself.

"Pwease daddeh, nu moaw! Dis am tu many heawt huwties fow mummah! Huu huu huuu!"

Kevin pulls out a device from his pocket and presses it. The sounds of chirping and peeping emerge from the bodies of the dead foals!

(Kevin had stuffed a mini audio recording of foal sounds down each of their throats, shortly after he had slowly tortured and strangled them, while their mother was locked away in another room.)

Bluebell is startled and alarmed at the sounds of chirping and peeping coming from the obviously dead foals.


Bluebell, tears in her eyes, very confused, but with a newfound look of hope in her eyes, slowly walks over to each dead foal, softly nudging them with her nose, trying to wake them up.

"Babbehs am making chiwpies! Bu-bu-buh dey nu am making bweavies! Babbehs nee tu make bweavies!"

Bluebell softly taps each of them with her hoof, trying to rouse them.

"Move fow mummah babbehs! Mummah heaw ou chiwpies! Move fow mummah!"

Ants and maggots crawl around on them, while flies buzz around them. But the foals remain still. Chirping sounds still emanating from them.

"Babbehs? Babbehs?! Babbehs! Huuuuuu, make wakies and bweavies fow mummah! Fow mummah! Huu Huu Huuuu!"

The false hope is tearing her up inside all over again.

Kevin stands silent, grinning. Then he says, "Try to feed them milk, maybe that will wake them back up!"

Bluebell, looking distraught, picks up the foal that looks the least decomposed, and places it on her crotch tits.

"Pwease babbeh, make dwinkies, fow mummah. Fow mummah!"

The foal doesn't attach, and some of the ants from the dead foal start crawling over onto her crotch tits, and bite down on them HARD. Bluebell screams in pain.


Kevin laughs his ass off.

"Oh Bluebell. Come on, let's go back inside. You can see them again tomorrow."

Kevin takes Bluebell back inside, to the saferoom, and turns on her TV Set.

But the TV isn't tuned into Fluff TV, it's a precorded video loop of the three videos that Kevin watched earlier, of Bluebell's foals in happier times. He sets the videos on endless repeat and leaves her alone.

He hears Bluebell wailing in sadness over the videos all night long.

Kevin repeats this daily until there is nothing left of the foals. Shortly afterwards, Bluebell enters the wan die loop and starves herself to death.



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FoalOut4: I finally got off my lazy ass to write again. I hope people enjoy it. It's more psychological abuse based than what I usually write.

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guodzilla: More details on how the little shitbabbehs got tortured and killed.
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Anonymous1: Psychological abuse is the best.
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Anonymous2: so good
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Anonymous3: Do a story about an anti-fluffy man who massacres a bunch of fluffies and their foals at a Fluffy Park in front of their owners.
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Anonymous4(3): Or even better, fluffies being traumatized on a mass scale by a hacked broadcast on FluffTV of a celebrity fluffy foal being pried apart by chains Hellraiser style by a edgelord, and thousands of domestic fluffies end up being treated badly when their chipper nature turns to woe! The betrayal of their owners as they are placed in fluffy shelters and incinerated en masse, others just killed and tossed in the street!
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dirkdickler: That song...is that a parody of "I like to watch"?

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FluffyPuncher: Enjoyed it. Was this pure torture, or was it a case of "I told you no babies!"?

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Guzziman: I liked it FoalOut, but when fluffies get picked up roughly can there be more squirming and pain? I almost thought it didn't hurt her.
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Anonymous5: Nice
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Anonymous6: Does it feed?
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Anonymous7: You're a God.
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Anonymous8: @Anonymous:
Does it feed?

What time is love?
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PaoloAlfa: Why would Bluebell wait so long to enter the wan die loop. I understood the loop was to keep grieving fluffies from hanging on once the owners, usually thought to be spoiled children, grew tired of them
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FoalOut4: @PaoloAlfa: Because everyday her daddy would pull the chirping trick with the audio recording, fooling her into the false hope that the foals may still be alive somehow, but don't love mummah enough to move for her anymore. Once the foals turned to dust, she knew there was no more hope for them to come back.
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PaoloAlfa: And shortly after Bluebell dies her ghost returns in Kevin's dreams. She is happy with her foals in the afterlife and informs Kevin that he will soon die and relive her recent experience with him as her over and over for eternity. Unlike her, death will not be the end of his suffering but only the beginning.

He awakens in terror and the dream returns every night thereafter. Is it real or just his conscience? Who knows?

He dies about a year later, a broken man who screams out his final words. "Bluebell, leave me be..." after even the priest refused him absolution once he explained the dreams

Please excuse me, your story is your story but some alternate endings just beg to be told.
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TheDarkestNight: @Anonymous: Wait, what.
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TheDarkestNight: @PaoloAlfa: But human suffering is shit. C:
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PaoloAlfa: f@TheDarkestNight: Bluebell doesn't think so, Fluffys find their only real happiness in making their masters happy and if their masters are happy making them suffer then the fluffy is happy in its suffering. Additionally Bluebell has latent unicorn psychic powers and can implant a post hypnotic suggestion that will take effect after she dies. Bluebell is really only trying to let Kevin feel the happiness she felt in her final days through her suffering. Bwuebeww stiww wuv daddeh
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FoalOut4: @Anonymous: She starved herself to death in the end, so no, she didn't feed.
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Anonymous9: Short and to the point. Thumbs up from me.
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FoalOut4: @FluffyPuncher: Just me writing pure psychological abuse.
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