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Anonymous1: Its that bird from 4chan, eh? they post it in Fluffy Threads.

Btw, why?
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Anonymous2: @Anonymous:
Btw, why?

They're attempting to deter posters from participating in and to deter lurkers from enjoying the threads. They're also trying to add unwanted images to the thread so that fewer fluffy images can be posted before the thread reaches its limit on images. People like that just hate seeing people enjoying something they themselves don't enjoy. It's a waste of time, ultimately.

Others use images from that Spiderman cartoon from the 1960's to spam threads they don't like. Very few people think 60's Spiderman images are funny, and those people are usually underage/immature/stupid.

For some people, browsing and posting on /b/ is actually all they do, every waking hour, so they get unreasonably angry when they see people posting "cancerous" material on "their /b/." It's best to just ignore them completely.

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JellyBellenheimer: @Anonymous: that is why chocobros is a faggot.
He spams only fluffy abuse.

But sits back and probably enjoys the furry yiff porn threads and trap threads.

Where are those heroic men that used to frag gay yiff and trap threads with spiderman?
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Anonymous3: @JellyBellenheimer: They probably gave up. Just like the shitposters on our threads will, inevitably, give up. I mean, if the mods can't keep us off /b what hope do they have?
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