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Blood Lilly

By: FuzzyTheRed

>you are an anon walking down the street
>you pass an alleyway and hear screaming
>You look down the alley way and see a tallion ramming a small purple foal, a dead one is just by it with blood and shit all over
>you hate these kinds of fluffies
>picking up a 2x4 that is laying against the alley wall you approach the fluffies
>the mare notices you first
>"be nyu daddeh fo gud moomah an bestest wastest babbeh?"
>the stallion just rammed its cock through the foal and it has died
>semen all over
>you bring the 2x4 swinging down and crush the mares skull
>brains and blood flying everywhere
>you notice a small white fluffy with a green mane in the nearby cardboard box
>the stallion ignores you
>"Smawty wan mo good feews.. ou am wast enfie babbeh nao!"
>"NUUU fwuffeh babbeh nu wan be enfie babbeh to munstah fwuffeh!"
>you pin the smarty down before it can get to the last foal
>"Wet smawty up nao! wan bestest enfies wif dummeh mawes wastest babbeh!"
>you ready up the bloody 2x4
>with a swing you smash the bottom of the smarties head so hard it breaks the 2x4
> the smarties head goes flying off like a bloody rocket,
> it smashes against an alley way dumpster exploding from the force
>one of its eyeballs comes rolling back and stops infront of the foal
>the white foal practically shits itself from fear
>you approach it
>"hey little guy"
>"pwease nice munstah nu huwt babbeh pwease, owny wittaw babbeh!"
>" am good babbeh! wan to gib munstah smawteh fowebah sweepies wen monstah gib wittah sisseh foweba sweeps"
>"buh babeh am owny wittah babbeh.. mummah gib babbeh sisseh and bwudah to monstah.."
>"hachu mummah... hachu mummaaah!!"
>woah.. you have never seen a fluffy unload like this
>it is sobbing and crying, not out of fear but for its siblings
>not much of a surprise, it likely saw both of them die from being raped.

>you pick up the small baby foal
>"hey easy there, you are safe now"
>"babbeh am nu safe... munstah gun gib babbeh foweba sweeps wike mummah an munstah fwuffeh."
>"wan bestest bwuddah and sisseh back! huu huuuu...."
>you gently pat the little foal as it cries itself to sleep in your hand
>you check to see if it is male or female
>it is a female
>you decided you are going to name her Lilly when she wakes up
>when you get home she wakes up in a few hours, and surprisingly is still crying for her siblings
>usually fluffy memories are brief and she should be surprised about where she is
>she must have really cared for her siblings
>"huuu huu... nu wan be wittaw babbeh nu mowe.. wan be big fwuffeh.."
>"if babbeh wa big fwffeh cou hab sabed bwuddah and sisseh huu huuu.."
>poor thing...
>"hey, you got a home now.. would you like a name?"
>"huu huu.. wah ebah hoomin wan.."
>"okay... how about i anem you Lilly?"
>"huu... otay.. babbeh am Wiwweh... huu"
>"can you eat solid food yet Lilly or still milk?"
>"wiwweh ownee hab miwk... nu can hab big fwuffeh nummies soon.."
>you went out and quickly got your new young foal some formulae, about a weeks worth.
>she is unenthusiastic about it when you feed her
>about a week goes by and she can now eat solid food
>you try to surprise her with sketti
>however she does not want it
>"huu... bwuddah an sisseh wou hab wiked sketti..."
>you try to come up with an idea to try and breath a bit more life into your fluffy
>"hachu mummah an munstah smawtie fwuffeh..."
>you could practically hear the lightbulb turn on in your head.

>"you want to be a big fluffy right Lilly?"
>"yus... Wiwwee wan be big fwuffeh.. bu no know how.."
>you sit next to your fluffy
>"well you gotta eat a lot, and i can help you be the strongest fluffy around."
>"eben stwonga den smawties?"
>"strong enough to give them and other bad mummah fluffies forever sleeps, but you will have to do as i say."
>"Wiwwee wou wike dat... munstah smawties desewbe foweba sweeps.. buh how can Wiwwee know who am bad mummah and munstah smawtie?"
>Smiling to yourself, you decide to teach your fluffy the reality of the world
>"all smarties are monsters Lilly, as for bad mummahs, they are the ones who do not love all their foals and do not protect them."
>"wike wah Wiwwees mummah did tu Wiwwees bwuddah an sisseh?"
>"yup good mother fluffies love, care and protect all their babies, regardless of how they look"
>you notice how deep Lilly is thinking on this
>you are a bit surprised, Lilly is an earth fluffy, but she seems smarter than most
>it is likely she may be one of the rare occurances where very few fluffies can actually learn far more than a normal fluffy and end up even smarter than alicorns
>however they were even rarer than even the most rare colored alicorn
>"Wiwwe wan gwow big an stwong, an gib aww bad mummah fwuffies an smawties foweba sweeps"
>she starts to dig into her sketti
>"tank ou fow sketti... daddeh... cooo"
>"You are welcome Lilly, eat up"
>she coos as you pet her, but gets back to eating
>during the following weeks you gave her a diet to strengthen her bones and add some weight to her
>you made sure to do this before she hit the peak of her growth so she could have a good foundation later.
>after she became a full grown mare she was larger than the average fluffy, even more durable.
>her hoofs were also harder, but not by too much.
>almost every other day you would put her through exercises to build up her muscle
>she ended up becoming the most bulky fluffy you have ever seen.
>"want to go for a walk Lilly?"

>"Wiwwee wou wub walkies daddeh!"
>you put Lilly in a harness and take her out for a walk through the city.
>there are many astonished looks that are directed at Lilly
>Most of their audible whispers were along the lines of "i did not know fluffies could get that big.."
>you come across an alley and Lilly stops
>"come on Lilly"
>you soon hear something that pretty much explains why lilly stopped
>"gib Smawty dummeh poopeh babbeh fow enfies nao!"
>"NU! am gud mummah, wub aww babbehs!"
>you take the leash off of Lilly's harness
>"go ahead Lilly"
>she charges down alley and smashes into the smarty causing him to roll
>"wai gib smawty biggest owies dum...meh... big.... fwuff...eh?"
>the smarty is flabbergasted looking at Lilly
>however this does not slow her down
>"biggest fwuffeh mawe beh smawtie speciaw fweind? pawt ob hewd?"
>she is ignoring him
>as soon as she is near she rears up
>"aww smawties am munstahs, munstahs get foweba sweeps"
>Lilly wasted no time, in one movement she crushed the smarties head
>nothing but a bloody mess of brain matter, and some bone fragments were all that were left of the smarties head
>Lilly turns and looks at the mare and the foals she just saved
>"stah good mummah"
>Lilly returns to you, with a triumphet look on her face
>"you did good Lilly, you get sketti tonight"
>"YAY! daddaeh am bestest dadeh!"
> this almost became a weekly occurrence
>it would sometimes be bad mother mares and their stallions survived
>or it would be smarties and mares survived
>sometimes it would be all the above
>eventually you heard of feral mares and stallions killing smarties, and beating mother mares for being cruel to their foals
>when you asked a stranger about it all he said was
>"apparently your giant ass fluffy had an impact on them"
>you honestly could not come up with any complaints to this.
>you even felt a large amount of pride for Lilly
>she is a good fluffy

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FuzzyTheRed: another short story i did quickly on 4chan, enjoy.
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Anonymous1: The smarty saw Lilly's huge ass and instantly asked her to be his special friend.
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Anonymous2: The bitch said "onwy wittwe babbeh," should have killed it righ on the spot.
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ElCuCuyfeo: White Knight story.....gads.

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Uncle_Yuri: Ey! Nice story Fuzzy! I liked it a lot! More adventures of Lilly and Anon?
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TheFoalFryer: @ElCuCuyfeo: its not that bad actually. I've read some cringy stories but this one wasn't as bad as the others
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orlyowl: really enjoyed thanks for posting
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Anonymous3: fucking gay go fuck your fluffy
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