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´╗┐Suzie & Xibalba’s Excellent Adventure (A Head Games Tale)

Part 1

By Deadweight

Royal Oak, a large suburb of Detroit. A city of 70,000 packed with rows of houses, parks and businesses. Xibalba wheels overhead, the breeze in her face. Her recent adventures have left her a changed creature, her mind has expanded and so has her power. But more importantly, she has gained new found emotions that were bred out of her by Dr. Elmwood. She feels contentment as she reels down into the grass of Oakview Cemetery to sip from the pond. As she laps from the pond, Xibalba hears a gentle humming. She peeks through the bushes and sees a little blonde girl cutting flowers on a big marble headstone.

“Hmhmmhmm, pretty flowers, smell so sweet, give the resting a special treat.”

Xibalba looks at the odd little girl and watches her quietly. She trims the flowers with a pair of pink scissors as she sits in her yellow dress and sets them in the vase at the base of the headstone.

“There we go, nice and pretty!”

Xibalba is about to leave when she senses something. Just then, a blue and white earthy stallion emerges from some bushes and approaches the girl.

‘H-hewwo, wittwe hoomin. Fwuffeh vewy hungwy, can haf some of dem pwetty nummies?”

The little blonde looks to the pile of flowers at her feet and to the stallion with a smile. Xibalba is disgusted by what she assumes is about to be a display in textbook hugbox behavior when the little girl replies.

“Sure! But first, let’s play a game ok?”

Xibalba’s curiosity is peaked as she watches the stallion contemplate this.

“Otay, how pway game?”

The girl smiles and smooths her dress as she turns to the stallion with a sweet smile.

“Easy! You just close your eyes and wait for your treat, OK?”

The stallion smiles and nods vigorously and sits with his eyes closed and mouth opened, salivating at the prospect of food. The little blonde grins and reaches out quickly and snatches the stallion up by his scruff and holds him off the ground.


The stallions violet eyes pop open in surprise, but before he can react, the little girl grabs her pink scissors and begins shanking the stallion in the gut repeatedly.



“Nu huwt fwuffeh! GAK!”

The little blonde smiles maliciously as she twists the scissors in the stallions gut, then pulls them out and quickly cuts off his genitals. The stallion flails in agony as his balls and dick plop into the grass, blood gushing from his stomach.


“Kaf kaf, su mush huwties! Pwease no mowe! Fwuffeh need speshuw wumps bACK!”

His pleas go silent as the little girl drives the blood caked scissors into his throat and twists them back and forth til his eyes go lifeless. She grins wickedly as she yanks them out and chucks his corpse as hard as she can.

“Stupid fluffy!”

Xibalba is awestruck and then starts giggling uncontrollably.

“Teehehehehehe! SNORT! Dat am funniest fing Shebawba evva see!”

She is literally rolling on the ground and laughing wildly when the little blonde spots her and approaches.

“Another one? Geez, you things are everywhere!”

The little blonde narrows her eyes, ready to dispose of her. Xibalba sits up and smiles at her as she wags her bushy white tail.

“Shebawba fink dat was vewy funny! Stoopid fwuffeh get biggest huwties wike a big dummeh!”

The blonde raises an eyebrow and loosens her grip on the scissors.

“You thought that was funny? I never met a fluffy that likes watching other fluffies get hurt, what are you?”

Xibalba smiles up at her and wags her tail.

“Am Shebawba! Daddeh make in coat daddeh housie. Am fow givin dummeh fwuffies huwties! Haf speshuw powuhs fow makin dem do what say!”

The blonde looks confused and doubtful.

“What kinda powers?”

Xibalba smiles and looks around, closing her eyes. She sits like that for a few minutes and the little girl is about to say something when the bushes rustle and several fluffies emerge. They march in a line with blank stares and sit orderly. Xibalba smiles and stands, walking along the line and inspecting them while the blonde watches astounded. Xibalba turns to a pink and green pegasus mare and a creamsicle colored unicorn stallion.

“Go ovva dewe and gif eachudda biggest huwties.”

The two fluffies twitch and bleed from their ears as they walk into the grass and begin to stomp and bite at each other. The mare rips off one of the stallion's ears as he digs his horn into her neck, they both bleed profusely as they tear and stomp until they are a bloody mess and collapse, unable to keep moving. Xibalba grins with satisfaction and walks down the line. She stops in front of a green and fuscia earthy mare and reaches out with her pink hoof.

“Foweva sweepies.”

The mare's eyes roll back and she collapses in a heap. She then moves onto a beige and maroon pegasus stallion.

“Go smash facey on dat big wock.”

The pegasus twitches and whimpers, more blood leaking from his ears as he walks to a large marble headstone and begins to smash his face against it repeatedly.


His entire face is crushed, bone splinters breaking through the skin, blood everywhere as his legs wobble and he falls to the ground dead. Xibalba smiles and looks at the rest of them.

“Am bowed naow, aww go foweva sweepies, NAOW!”

The rest of the ferals shiver and convulse before collapsing in a heap. Xibalba sits and smiles up at the wide eyed blonde.

“That was amazing! You do have special powers! So cool! My name is Suzie and I hate fluffies too! You are the coolest fluffy I have ever seen, wanna be friends? We can hurt lotsa fluffies!”

Xibalba smiles wide and nods as she wags her white tail.

“Dat sounds wike fun!”


An hour later, the duo arrives at the girl's house. Suzie Westmoore has always been a slightly disturbed little girl. Her parents have dealt with her morbid nature her whole life and tried to do their best to give her a normal life. Now at 9 years old, she has spent many hours playing in the cemetery and laying flowers. She has also become quite fond of torturing fluffies since no one cares what happens to them. But now she has met the most unique fluffy she has ever seen and is vastly intrigued. Her parents, Dennis and Flora are sitting on the back patio when the pair run into the yard.

“Mommy! Daddy! I made a new friend! She is a very special fluffy and she has powers and hates fluffies an-an-and she is sooooooo coooool! Can she please stay? Pleeeeeeeaaaaase?”

The two of them look at Xibalba as she smiles at them and to their daughter who is so giddy and excited. They look at each other with concern, Suzie’s only interaction with fluffies up til now has been to torture and kill them.

“Well, you know the rules, sweety. No blood on the lawn, if you really wanna be friends with her, then you need to take good care of her like a real pet. No hurting her.”

Suzie nods excitedly.

“I promise! Xibalba is so cool! She will keep the dummy fluffies out of the yard and help me keep em outta the cemetery too!”

Her parents are still doubtful, especially after learning the odd fluffies name, but Suzie runs up and hugs them tight. This is more affection than she has shown them in a long time.

“Oh thankyouthankyouthankyouuuuuu! I will be the bestest owner ever!”

Suzie leads Xibalba to her room to show her around. It is not a typical little girls room. There are gothic posters of doom and gloom pinned everywhere, frightening and morbid victorian dolls line a shelf and the whole room is decorated red and black.

“This is my room, Xibalba! This is where you are gonna sleep with me!”

Xibalba looks around fascinated and at the bed with lacy sheets and black pillows.

“Shebawba get tu sweep in big bed wif Suzie?”

Suzie smiles and nods.

“Of course! We are best friends now!”

Xibalba’s eyes sparkle and get teary before she leaps up and hugs Suzie’s leg tightly.

“Fank yu, fwiend Suzie! Shebawba miss havin bestest fwiend!”

They hug and smile and then head outside to play in the yard. Suzie leads Xibalba to the sandbox in the back of the yard and digs up a big box.

“This is my secret box of stuff, Mom and Dad don’t know about it, but it’s full of things for hurting fluffies!”

She opens the box and Xibalba’s pink eyes go wide at the pile of sharp metal things and other objects inside.

“Su many shiny huwty fings! Shebawba wike dees!”

Suzie is admiring a skinning knife she found in the neighborhood when they both are interrupted by a loud voice.

“Dummeh hoomin! Gif fwuffeh nummies an dat pwetty mawe tu enf or get sowwy poopies!”

They both turn to see a large yellow and purple unicorn puffing its cheeks at them.Suzie grins and grips the knife, but before she can do anything, her mother calls out to her.

“Suzie! Xibalba! Dinner's almost ready! Get that fluffy out of the yard and remember, no blood!”

Suzie pouts as she hides the knife and Xibalba grins at the unicorn who still puffs his cheeks. She walks over to the unicorn who again begins to demand.

“Stoopi no cowow munstah mawe betta gif good feews ow fwuffeh am gonna gif biggest huwties!”

Xibalba smiles and then speaks.

“Stawp tawkin, yu am tu noisy!”

The stallion stiffens and his cheeks deflate as he stares in horror, unable to move. Suzie and Flora watch in amazement as Xibalba smiles.

“Go wawk into da gwassies ovva dewe!”

The two watch stunned as the stallion twitches and leaves the yard, heading into the cemetery. Xibalba spreads her imposing wings and suddenly takes flight, leaving the two girls stunned.

“Wow! She can fly!”

Flora is speechless and stands there amazed until Xibalba flies back and lands with a whoosh and a smile.

“Dummeh aww gone, nu be comin back.”

Suzie claps and laughs giddily and Flora just blinks.

“Ummm, ok then. Well, come in for dinner, I made spaghetti!”

Xibalba’s ears perk up and she drools a bit.



Xibalba enjoys a generous plate of spaghetti and the family welcomes their odd new addition with open arms. That night, Suzie and Xibalba curl up in her big canopy bed with the lacy curtain down around them. Suzie shows Xibalba a bunch of pictures she took of fluffies she has hurt and she looks on fascinated. Xibalba tells Suzie more of her origins and Suzie hangs on every word amazed.

“Wow, your daddy sounds like a real meanie!”

Xibalba nods and goes on to tell her about her friends in Flint and how she met a sister and brother she never knew she had.

“Gwey an Cwaiw am vewy speshuw fwuffies wike Shebawba. Cwaiw am hunta wif biggest famiwy an bestest speshuw fwiend. Gwey nu haf feewins, buh good at kiwwing dummehs. Can feew he am somepwace whewe he bewong naow. Haf udda bwudda an sissy, buh dey stiww at meanie daddehs pwace. Dey am Pewcivaw an Pandowa. Dey speshuw tu. Had bestest fwiend named Nowma, buh she go foweva sweepies. Shebabwba miss Nowma.”

Suzie frowns and pulls the large alicorn into a big hug. Xibalba blinks back a tear and coos at the contact.

“Well you and i are gonna be bestest friends now, Xibalba. I promise.”

Xibalba feels warm and fuzzy and happier than she can remember being for a long long time. Suzie puts her phone away and turns out the light, drawing the lacy sheets up over them and cuddling with Xibalba, petting her and scratching behind her ears.

“We are gonna have so much fun together, you are the best fluffy ever, Xibalba.”

Xibalba nods and yawns as she feels a funny warm feeling in her tummy and nuzzles in with her eyes closed.

“Nu can wait to gif wotsa dummehs biggest huwties wif fwiend, Suzie!”

To Be Continued


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deadweight: The duo will be up to lots of evil fun next chapter! Stay tuned for the conclusion!

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