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A Jog In The Park And A Fook In The Bum
By: yippyskippy1909


Part 1

“It’s good to meet girl in park but better to park meat in girl.” - Ancient Chinese Proverb

I slid my duffel bag into my locker, crouched down and proceeded to tie my shoes. Today was Tuesday which meant that I had an hour and a half for a lunch break. To fill the extra time and to help improve my health and fitness, I’d taken up jogging around the green spaces interspersed around the commercial park where my office building was located. I’d never been too high on physical fitness back in high school and college and I wasn’t sure if I’d sbe able to stick with it. A chance encounter while out on my second jogging excursion changed all of that. Now, the jogging was really less about my health and more of an excuse to spend time with her.

The “her”, in this case, was Melissa; a v2.5 fluffy working as an unpaid intern at one of the Fortune 100’s which owned the tallest tower in the business park. At 5’ 5” tall, she was a full four inches shorter than myself. Other differences included her slender body being covered in soft, light gray fluff with slightly longer than shoulder length sky blue hair. Melissa’s tail was cut straight across just under her butt and she usually decorated it with a strip of white silk tied into a bow around the base where it exited her clothes. I’m sure that for her, it was nothing more than a fun little decoration. Something to distinguish herself from the other fluffies in her office. For me; however, it was a magnet serving only to pull my eyes downward to her shapely ass.

Perhaps the words “working” and “unpaid” aren’t entirely accurate. Melissa and the other v2.5 fluffs like her were little more than company property. They were entries on an inventory sheet just like the computers, printers and copying machines. Walking, talking, living, breathing, glorified office supplies.

From talking to Melissa though, I knew that her company actually treated them fairly well. Some of the second floor offices had been converted into dorm rooms with four fluffs in each room sleeping in bunk beds. Each room featured a TV with both basic cable and several video streaming services. Each fluff had her own personal laptop connected to the company Wi-Fi.

Clothing in the form of company uniforms was supplied as was laundry service along with bathrooms and showers plus accompanying toiletries. They had access to the company gym and received three meals per day from the cafeteria. They weren’t prisoners of the building either. The fluffs could enjoy the relative freedom of the outdoors provided they wore a GPS tracking bracelet at all times. The bracelet allowed them to go anywhere within the business park’s boundaries and would trigger an alarm if they went outside the limit or if it were tampered with. All of their necessities of life were taken care of in exchange for a nine hour work day and some limits to their freedom. But, hey! No grueling twenty-seven mile commute! No property taxes or house in the suburbs always in need of some kind of maintenance or repair! No bitch wife and no screaming kids! Glue a fur suit on me and sign me up!


Melissa and I first met three months ago. My doctor had recommended that I should get more exercise since I was starting to gain weight from being mostly inactive sitting at my desk all day. Since I had an extended lunch break on Tuesdays and Thursdays anyway, I started going for walks around the green spaces of the business park. Walking soon turned into light jogging as my fitness level improved. It was when I was taking my second running day around the central park area when I noticed Melissa crouched down by the side of the pathway. She was dressed in a loose t-shirt and gym shorts. One of her running shoes was off and she was rubbing her ankle.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

Melissa looked up. “I think I’ll be fine.” She replied. “I just twisted it a bit.”

“Can you stand on it?” I asked while offering my hand to help her up.

Melissa took my hand and gingerly stood up. As soon as she put weight on her foot, she winced in pain and fell forward into my chest. The first thing I noticed was that she wasn’t wearing any sort of bra to support her perky little B cup breasts. The second thing I noticed was that I’d only meant to catch her fall but somehow ended up hugging her instead. Embarrassed, I quickly let go.

“James.” I introduced myself; thrusting my hand out. “Sorry about that.”

“Melissa.” She replied; taking my hand and shaking it. “It’s no problem.”

“Sooo...which company do you work for?” I asked in an attempt to change the subject. “I can help you get back if you’d like.”

“Mind Computer Systems.” Melissa answered. “And I’m feeling better now. I think I can make it, thank you.” With that, she tried to take a step and immediately fell again. This time, I caught her shoulders. I breathed a light sigh and then crouched down in front of her. “What are you doing?” She inquired.

“Piggy back.” I explained. “You obviously can’t walk so I’ll carry you.”

There was a moment of hesitation before I felt Melissa’s perky B cups press into my back. She put her arms around my neck and I looped my arms under her knees. I stood up so fast that she almost lost her balance. “Sorry,” I apologized. “I thought you’d be heavier.”

“Well, my supervisor has been saying that I’ve been getting a little pudgy recently,” Melissa explained. “which is why I’m out here exercising in the fir-HEY!!” She batted my chest. “Are you saying I’m fat too?!”

“On the contrary.” I laughed. “I’m glad you’re light since we have a ways to go.”

My comment was met with silence. After five years of being married to a human woman, I recognized it as the silence that woman gives a man to indicate that he’s either said or done something wrong. I should know better than to bring up the subject of a girl’s weight. Normally, there’d be a little voice inside my head that would’ve stopped me before I said anything. Where were you this time, little voice? Huh? Maybe it’s because Melissa was a fluffy and my brain didn’t recognize her as human enough to care about her feelings.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized anyway.

“Accepted.” Melissa replied.

The two of us remained silent for the rest of the walk back to her company’s building.


Tyrell Johnson Smith was the founder of one of America’s newest tech companies; Mind Computer Systems. The company rose to prominence after they demonstrated a series of superior bio electrical interfaces for artificial limbs which allowed the person to control the device naturally as if it were their own limb. The real breakthrough came when Tyrell announced a new product called “The Bridge”. Using their technology, Mind had created a seamless new way to interface with machines. Instead of needing a keyboard and mouse, one could now control their computer with thought alone. Imagine scanning a document simply by looking at it or typing a document simply by thinking about what you want to type. You could create artwork simply by thinking about it. Law enforcement versions even had the ability to retrieve data directly from a person’s memory. Police could replay a crime from the suspect’s own point of view.

The building we’d arrived at was merely a smaller branch office of the larger whole. Nevertheless, it was still the tallest structure of the business park; standing at over 20 stories high. Melissa directed me to use one of the side entrances rather than the main lobby. I guessed that she didn’t want to be seen being carried in by a stranger who didn’t work there. Once inside, I was guided through a labyrinth of corridors and stairs until we reached a door marked “INFIRMARY”. Inside this room was a basic examination table and some cabinets containing medical supplies. I turned to set Melissa down on the table and then went to the cabinets to look for a cold pack.

“Thank you.” She said. “You really didn’t have to do all of this for me.”

“Eh, you’re hurt.” I replied as I pulled an Insta-Chill compress from its box. I snapped the vial inside and shook it up. “Fluffy or human, I’d be a pretty shitty person if I just ignored someone who’s injured.” I pulled up a chair next to the table, rested Melissa’s foot on my lap and applied the cold pack. “How’s that?”

“Better, thank you.” Melissa replied. She reclined backward on the table and closed her eyes. As her body relaxed, I noticed her shorts relax as well. It wasn’t much but there was just enough slack. Just enough for a peek...

I shook away the thought. No, I was married with two young children. Human or fluffy, having a look at Melissa’s goods would be cheating on my wife. It was bad enough that I’d thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of her breasts pressed against me. The soft fluff of her thighs and arms as I carried her. Her breath on my ear…

I looked at Melissa’s face. Her eyes certainly were closed.

Nah. Maybe she isn’t wearing a bra but there’s no way she’d go out jogging without panties on. I’d risk getting caught for a look at nothing but white cotton.

Melissa’s eyes were still closed. Her body was totally relaxed. Just a quick peek. Nobody has to know…

My eyes followed the soft gray fluff of Melissa’s thigh upward. Up, up, up to her most secret place. The gray gave way to blue. I felt a little disappointed and a little ashamed. Her panties weren’t white but blue cotton. I was about to look away when a patch of bare skin caught my eye. It was part of her labia! On second examination, the patch of blue wasn’t her panties but her pubes.

“James?” Melissa asked. My heart instantly seized. I was busted.

My eyes shot up to Melissa’s face. No, her eyes were still closed. I wasn’t busted after all. “Yes?” I answered.

“What time do you have to be back at work?” Mellisa asked.

I quickly checked my cell phone. My eyes widened. If I ran at full tilt, I could probably get changed and be back at my desk before the boss made his rounds. “Shit!” I exclaimed as I gently moved Melissa’s foot from my lap to the table. “I’ve gotta go!” With that, I tore ass out of the room, somehow found my way back through the corridors, took the stairs two at a time and rushed out the side door. It’s a good thing I was dressed like someone out for a run because I was really hauling ass.

Once I’d reached the locker room of my building, I quickly stripped off my sweaty clothes, gave myself a wipe down with my towel followed by an all over treatment with deoderant and finally my suit. I’m sure I’d never gotten dressed that fast in my life. I was still tying my tie when I plunked down in my cubicle. Just in time too. No sooner had I laid my hand on the mouse than my boss poked his head in.

“James, can I get you to cross check the 732-B expense reports?” he inquired. “Out for a run at lunch, I see?”

“Yeah, sure.” I answered. Underneath my suit, my body was still burning from the physical exertion. I pulled on my collar to let some heat escape. “Guess I went a bit too hard.”

“Well, don’t overdo it.” My boss said as he dismissed himself. “You’re no good to us if you’re hurt.”

“Will do.” I called after him.



In my rush to leave, I’d forgotten to ask Melissa which department she worked in so I could at least check up on her. I brought up the Mind Computers website and began drilling down until I reached her branch office. “Fuck.” I muttered under my breath. Contact info for their human personnel was listed but not for the fluffies. Why would they be? It suddenly occurred to me that who in the outside world would even know they exist let alone want to contact them?


“Not tonight.” My wife, Heather, said as she rolled over. “I have a headache.”

“Gee, same headache you’ve had since our daughter was born.” I mumbled.

“Did you say something?” Heather asked defensively as she rolled back over to face me. She always seemed to have a headache whenever I wanted sex but not when she wanted a fight.

“No, nothing dear.” I replied as I rolled out of bed. “I’m just going to go take a shower. Back in five.” I poked my head back out of our bathroom door. “Want me to bring you some aspirin for that headache?” I offered.

“Don’t need it.” Heather responded. With that, she rolled over again and pulled the covers over her. “And clean up when you’re done.”

I turned on the water and stepped into the shower stall. Two of the walls were tiled and the other two were glass. Heather used to enjoy sex. We used to fuck like rabbits all over the house when we were first married. Hell, we’d even fuck outside of the house in public places just for the thrill of maybe getting caught. It was all so exciting and exhilarating. Things calmed down after our son was born. We started only doing it in our bedroom and even then, only on weekends. Once our daughter was born, I was pretty much only guaranteed to get some on Christmas and my birthday. A man has his needs so I began taking showers. Heather knows what I’m really doing in here and as long as I’m not leaving cum stains on the towels, it’s an acceptable alternative for her. Jerking off at home in the shower means I’m not out boffing someone’s secretary or some young intern.


Melissa is an intern.

Yeah, why not? I’d already seen her goodies in real life so why not use that in order to put a little stroke scenario together? I lathered up and started cranking my jack handle.

We’re back in the infirmary. I’m looking up Melissa’s shorts and she catches me. Things are a bit awkward until she notices the bulge in my shorts. She rubs my rapidly increasing erection with her injured foot. Despite us having just met, I’m into it and so is she. I stand up. Melissa doesn’t fight me as I lift her shirt off; revealing her breasts. Two fuzzy little B cups perched atop her rib cage. Her pink nipples poke out from the fluff and are already erect. I take her left breast in my hand. Her body quivers. I knead it gently and squeeze her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Melissa bites her lip from the stimulation. She’s sensitive.

I pull off my shirt; revealing my manly chiseled physique. Shut up. It’s a fantasy, okay? Melissa runs her hands over my muscles. Down, down, down to the waistband of my shorts. She hooks her thumbs on the material and pulls them down. She wastes no time in taking my member into her hands. She’s good. I go from a semi to a full on with leaking precum in no time at all. She wipes a bit off of my tip with her finger and puts it in her mouth. I back away as Melissa slides off of the examination table and drops to her knees. One hand is holding my dick as she sucks while the other is inside her shorts; pleasuring herself.

I can’t hold it anymore.

Melissa opens her mouth and lays out her tongue’s red carpet. I oblige her by sending two high speed shots of jizz directly down her throat. The next shot lands on her tongue followed by another on her chin. She strokes me as I continue pumping sticky white pearls onto her chest. Melissa pulls her hand from her shorts in order to show me how her own love juices soaked the fluff on her fingers.

I opened my eyes. The fantasy was over. The fingers of my left hand were covered in cum. In front of me, several large globs ran slowly down the glass shower door. I’d blown a pretty big load while fantasizing about Melissa. Was it because I was seriously that attracted to her or was it because I was so backed up from Heather not putting out? I certainly wasn’t going to discount the allure of forbidden fruit but I also wasn’t going to dwell on it too much either. The fact remained that I was married and any relationship between Melissa and I should never be anything more than a fantasy in the shower.

I quickly cleaned up the shower, dried myself off and went back to bed.


I went for my lunch time jog as usual the following Tuesday. When I reached the place where I’d first come upon Melissa, hey, whaddya know? There she was again. Waiting for me.

“Hello?” I greeted Melissa. “Funny seeing you here.”

“This is my lunch break and my regular route.” She replied. “Also, hello James.”

I stopped next to her for a second to catch my breath. “How’s the ankle?” I asked while pointing.

Melissa lifted her foot and gave it a few twists and turns. “It was just sprained a bit.” she answered. “I can run on it now, thank you.”

This is the part where I had a Freudian slip. I meant to say, “Ah, well. I’m glad you’re better.” but what I actually said was, “Hey, why don’t we run together?”

“Sure! I’d love to have some company!” Melissa beamed. With that, she took off jogging down the path. Her silky sky blue hair and tail bobbed in time to her steps. Her soft gray fluff glowed in the sunshine. Today, she was wearing tight black spandex bike shorts which really accented her ass and thighs. Her perfect little breasts were firmly supported in a black Nike sports bra. “Hey, James!” Melissa called back. “You’re falling behind!”

“Sorry!” I yelled up to her. “Coming!”

To Be Continued...
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