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A Jog In The Park And A Fook In The Bum
By: yippyskippy1909

Part 2

That day, Melissa and I had spent our time talking about ourselves. Well, I really spent more time listening to her. I knew the v2.5 fluffies were advanced but I didn’t know just ~how~ advanced. Melissa had a high school education and had taken courses in office administration and relaxation therapy. Part of her job was to help her human male co-workers with stress reduction; however, she was quick to point out that her services didn’t include anything sexual as that would violate company policy.

That night, I stood in the shower with my eyes closed. We were riding Sea Doo’s just off of the beach in Key West, Florida. She was wearing a neon green scrunch butt bikini with hot pink tie strings and matching top. We took turns chasing each other in the surf before finally running our steeds up onto the sand. Melissa ran up the white sand in an attempt to get away but I managed to tackle her. The other beachgoers melted away as we shared a kiss. “You’ve won your prize.” She says as we come up for air.

I tug on one of her bikini bottom strings. “Just a kiss? Is that all I win?” I ask with some fake disappointment. It’s my fantasy so of course she offers no resistance as I continue pulling the string until the knot gives way. I do the same for the other side. “Is this where I collect the grand prize?” I ask as my fingers slide beneath the material. Melissa’s soft abdominal fluff gives way to her patch of blue pubic hair. It’s coarser than her body fluff but still very soft. Melissa arches her back slightly as my fingetips reach their goal. I caress her labia slightly with my index and ring finger while my middle finger finds its way inside. She inhales sharply at the penetration and I catch her with another passionate kiss.

“James?” Heather calls. “Are you done in there? You’re using a lot of hot water.”

Melissa, the beach, the Sea Doo’s.

All gone.

“I’ll be out in a minute.” I call back. I close my eyes and try to find my way back into the fantasy.

There’s the beach.

There’s Melissa.

I’m on top of her with my hand on her grand prize.

“Nothing sexual.” Melissa says in a flat tone. “Nothing sexual. Nothing sexual. Nothing...”

Fuck it.

My erection was gone.

First my wife won’t put out in real life and now I’m even getting cock blocked in my dreams. Frustrated, I shut off the water, dried off and headed off to bed.


And that’s how it went. Melissa and I would meet every Tuesday and Thursday for jogging and conversation. Then, later on at night, I would stroke one out while fantasizing about boffing her in various classic porn situations. We did the teacher and the eager young student who would do ~anything~ for a better grade, we did the change hut at the beach, the lifeguard at the pool, the sauna, the hot tub, we did the random bar hookup, the naughty nurse and her patient who needed a little extra special intensive care, the sexy trick or treat’er on Halloween. There was even one featuring a young Ron Jeremy sucking his own dick in the background while we fucked. Hey, don’t ask me. I still think that fat motherfucker has a contract to appear in every porno ever made; even if that includes some guy’s fantasy while he’s jerking it in the shower.

So that’s the back story and now, here we are back to where I began. Duffel bag in locker, shoes tied, ready to go. I was running a bit late that day due to a morning meeting so I skipped my usual stretches and warm up routine. It was just some light jogging. What could go wrong?

As usual, Melissa was waiting for me when I arrived at our meeting place. “Sorry I’m a bit late.” I apologized. “We had a departmental meeting this morning and my boss loves to hear the sound of his own voice.”

“Yeah, unfortunately, I know all too well what that’s like.” Melissa smiled. “My boss is heavy into fishing and he sometimes works his own vacation pictures into the end of his company presentations.” She stood up straight and mimicked an older gentleman speaking. “And this is the 87 pound Chinook Salmon I wrestled out of the Skeena River near Terrace, British Columbia. The locals told me it was one of the biggest they’d ever seen!”

“And I’m sure that fish gets bigger and heavier every time he tells the story, right?” I laughed. “That’s why I always carry my trusty combination digital scale and measuring tape whenever I go fishing. I call it the ‘Berkley Bullshit Detector.’”

“Give me the model number and I’ll put it on his office Christmas wish list!” Melissa laughed back. “Are we running?”

“Yeah,” I replied as I sprinted off ahead of her. “I’m running and you’re falling behind!”

“Ooohh!!” Melissa cried in her annoyed woman voice. “Just wait until I catch you!”

It was at this moment when the next chapter of my life was decided. A morning of inactivity combined with no stretches or warm up added to sudden intense physical activity resulted in my left hamstring muscles deciding to seize up. “AH!! FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!” I yelped as I hopped to the side of the path; holding the back of my leg. Melissa came bounding up to me and even passed before she realized I wasn’t faking. I grit my teeth and growled as I tried to massage the muscles into relaxation.

“You’re doing it wrong.” Melissa explained. “Here, let me. I’m trained in massage therapy.” With that, she dropped to her knees in front of me and let her hands work their magic.

A little too magic.

“Uhh, Melissa?” I began, “That’s...umm...that’s not just my leg you’re massaging there.” I quickly looked around. There were several other people on the path as well and some were even starting to look in our direction. “We’re in public here too, you know.” I whispered. I was doing my best to keep both my voice and erection down.

“I know.” Melissa said while she continued working. “I know that you’re married and I know that you have children and I know that you’re a human and I’m a fluffy...and I know that it’s wrong for me to feel this way about you. It’s give me so much. Someone outside of work to talk to. Someone to vent my frustrations on. I’m supposed to relieve everyone else’s stress but who relieves mine? You do.”

I put my hands on her shoulders. “Melissa, I like you too and I really enjoy the time we spend together but please, we can’t.” I could feel my wedding ring burning into my finger. A golden reminder of what is and what should never be.

Melissa stood up and leaned in close. “I know that I’m being selfish but I just can’t hold it anymore.” This was when she dropped the big bombshell. “James, after we go jogging together, I often masturbate while thinking of you. Sometimes, I’ll even do it several times a day.” Melissa let her hands fall to her sides. “’s...even if it’s just once...can’t we...please?”

I pulled Melissa to me and hugged her tightly. “I do it too, in the shower at home, while thinking about you.” I admitted quietly. “God...Melissa...I’ve blown some of the biggest loads of my life while fantasizing about having sex with you.”

“Is Ron Jeremy ever in any of those fantasies?” Melissa asked. Kind of an odd question at an odd time.

“Yes, why?” I inquired.

“Mine too.” The fluffy admitted. “I think he’s contractually obligated to appear in every porno ever made or something.”

“I know, right?” I laughed. Both of us immediately serioused up again. “ that our dirty laundry is out, what does this mean?”

“I don’t know.” Melissa whispered. “But I don’t think either of us is going to be satisfied until we find out.”

Every time I asked Heather for sex and was denied. Every headache. Every time I was forced to jerk it in the shower like some loser high school kid. Other couples cheated and then went on to reconcile their marriages. I’ve never seen a ring plug a hole so why should it hold a pole? The voice of Dan Redican filled my head. “It’s not cheating if she’s a fluffy!”

Tired of feeling the heat of a thousand suns burning my finger, I casually slipped off my wedding ring and let it fall into my pocket.


The venue for our tryst would turn out to be a two bathroom public restroom located in the middle of the green space. The first stall was locked for repairs but the second was vacant. Melissa and I managed to slip inside unnoticed. I flipped the lock and we just pounced on each other. The washroom was self cleaning so we had no reservations about tearing our clothes off and letting them fall wherever. First to go was my shirt and then I hooked my thumbs under Melissa’s sports bra. She lifted her arms in time as I pulled it straight over her head. I didn’t even pause to admire her breasts. Two little pink nipples protruded from her fluff ringed by areola about the size of quarters. I viciously attacked them; squeezing one while sucking the other then switching. Melissa’s back arched and she bit her lip. She really was sensitive.

Kissing and squeezing her breasts, I worked my way up her chest to her neck and finally her lips. We shared a long, passionate kiss. Both of us were breathing heavily when we came up for air. I noticed another scent in the air aside from the washroom’s disinfectant. Something sweet on top and yet with tart undertones. Something like...fresh lemonade? The source of the scent soon became apparent when I pulled Melissa’s shorts down. I buried my nose in her business and inhaled deeply. No doubt about it. I gingerly wiped some of the dew from her thighs and tasted it. Sticky sweet lemonade syrup. If she was already this wet just from having her breasts played with, then we wouldn’t need much foreplay. Actually, considering the raging, pre-cum leaking erection threatening to tear my shorts off, we wouldn’t need any more warming up.

I hooked the waistband of my shorts and presented myself to Melissa. She instinctively started to drop to he knees for a blowjob when I stopped her. “People think the restroom is in use for its intended use.” I explained. “Sorry, but we don’t have much time. Can we skip it just this once?”

“That’s implying there’s going to be a next time.” Melissa replied in a sly tone. Her hand traced the contour of her body until it came to rest between her legs. She gave herself a few strokes. I positioned myself and used the tip of my dick to push her hand aside. “It’s okay.” She reassured me. “I’m not a virgin and I’m ready to go now.”

Permission granted, my hands cupped Melissa’s ass. She wrapped her arms around my neck, jumped and then wrapped her legs around my waist. My penis found its own way home. I held Melissa’s tight and toned little butt as I thrust into her. With every thrust, her tail would swoosh around and pat my swinging ballsack. So. Fucking. Hot.

“So, you’re not a virgin, eh?” I said in an attempt to make some kind of conversation. “Was that part of the relaxation therapy training?”

Melissa rested her head on my shoulder. “No.” She replied. “Shortly after I was brought to the office, one of the junior exec’s decided to dip his pen in the company ink.” I could feel her breath on my skin. “He raped me in the supply closet.”

“Oh, shit!” I apologized. “I’m so sorry for making you remember that!”

I could feel Melissa sort of shake her head. “It’s okay. This may only be my second time with a real man but you’re already making it much better than the first.” She pulled away from my shoulder and pressed an index finger to my lips. “These are better for kissing than for talking.”

Taking the hint, I carried Melissa the few steps over and pressed her against the wall. We kissed while my hips continued their work. As we both got close, I didn’t even notice her fingernails digging trenches in my back or even the part where she climaxed and bit the base of my neck almost hard enough to draw blood to prevent herself from screaming in ecstasy. Our nether regions burned as I pumped my love into her. Melissa moaned as we shared our kiss of triumph. I pulled out and let my deflating penis hang. Melissa slowly released her grip on my body and stood on her own. We were both sweaty and breathing hard. Melissa was wearing nothing but her running shoes. I’d only dropped my shorts to my ankles; resulting in a nice fat glob of cum right on the front. We both laughed.

“Next time, let’s do it in a better location with more time.” I suggested.

“Oh? So there ~will~ be a ‘next time’ then?” Melissa asked coyly.

“Yes.” I answered. “We broke the ice. No more fantasies. Let’s do it for real from now on.”

Melissa pressed herself against me. “I’d like that.”


Because I had some cleaning up to do, Melissa excused herself first. I followed shortly after once I’d made sure that no one outside was watching too closely.

Holy jumpin’ Juses fucking Christ I felt good! Despite my clothes being completely soaked from a quick rinse in the sink (which I would pass off as sweat if anyone asked), I felt like nothing could bring me down. Heather and the kids? Nope! It’s not cheating if it’s with a fluffy! Still have another four hours of work ahead of me? Doesn’t matter; had sex!

My good mood continued throughout the day.

I even stopped at a gas station on the way home just to buy a lemon scented air freshener for my car.


“...and the weather is looking like it’s going to stay clear and sunny all day on this beautiful Thursday morning. And because it is Thursday, that means we’re over the hump, folks! The work week is almost over and we’re sliding on into the weekend! Time to kick back and relax with the family or work on those projects you’ve been putting off! To help get you started, here’s Loverboy with their hit, ‘Working for the Weekend’, right here on KJAQ 97.5 FM!”

“Brew faster.” I told our coffee machine. “Daddy needs his cuppa Joe.”

I was happy. Tired, but happy. Today was Thursday which meant that Melissa and I would be meeting for our second little...Je ne sais the French like to say. I stared intently at the fine stream of hot brown liquid coming from the coffee maker as I contemplated where we would fuck next. Our first time had been a sloppy quickie in a public bathroom. This time should be something slower, more loving…

“JAMES!!” Heather screeched right next to my ear. I immediately snapped my head up to look at my wife. “James, I’ve been calling you!” she exclaimed.

“Oh, sorry.” I apologized sheepishly with a big dumb grin. “You know how I am with my morning coffee.”

Heather didn’t seem amused. She ushered the kids upstairs to go get dressed. Once they were gone, she reached into her housecoat pocket and thrust something into my face.

It was my wedding ring.

“I found it.” She told me flatly.

I quickly took it from her and slipped it on. “Oh! Great! I was looking for that!” I fumbled. “Thanks, hon!” I leaned in for a quick kiss on the cheek which Heather immediately blocked. “What’s wrong?” I asked innocently.

“Aren’t you going to ask ~where~ I found it?” she inquired coldly.

I figured that now wasn’t the time to be playing stupid anymore. “Gee, I think I remember slipping it off to wash my hands when I was out jogging at lunch on Tuesday. Guess I forgot about it in the pocket of my jogging shorts?”

Heather’s icy look didn’t change. “Yeah, and I think you forgot about something ~else~ in there, Mr. President.”

Now I was confused. “Mr. President?” I asked. “What?”

“JESUS CHRI-...”Heather started to yell. She quickly lowered her voice so the kids wouldn’t hear us fighting and listen in. “Bill Fucking Clinton, you dolt! Hello? Monica Lewinsky? Black dress? Cum stain?”

My heart immediately pole vaulted into my throat. Cum stain? How could there be a cum stain? I’d washed those shorts so thoroughly in the bathroom sink after Melissa left...hadn’t I? “I-I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” I stammered. Fucking heart in my throat. Get thee back down so I can speak normally!

Heather’s face took on it’s most skeptical look ever. “Oh? And after all of your jizz that I’ve cleaned off of our towels in the bathroom, you think I wouldn’t recognize a cum stain on your shorts when I see one?”

“No...that’s...” I choked. Dammit, man up already! “How do you know it’s even my cum?” Fuck me. Now even my brain quit working. “Where’s that coffee?”

Heather let out a short laugh. She held up two fingers. “I can see two possibilities here. One, you’ve started jerking it at work and two, you’re banging someone’s secretary.” She curled up her middle finger leaving only the index. “And, I may not be the world’s greatest detective, but given that I don’t believe you’re capable of giving yourself those claw marks on your back, I’m thinking it’s option number two.” The look on my face and my involuntary hand movement to touch my back gave me away. Heather let out another short laugh. “Oh, sure. You did a pretty good job of trying to hide them but did you forget that I sleep next to you at night? Did you think that, even in our marriage, a wife wouldn’t ever cuddle up to her husband and run her hands over his body while he slept?” She put her hands on her hips. “I think I deserve some answers.”

I removed the carafe from the coffee maker, poured myself a straight up cup of fresh black brew and took a mighty swig. I didn’t care if it burned. “~YOU~ want answers?” I fired back. “Okay. Sure. I’ll tell you ~all~ about it,” I held up a finger while I sucked back some more coffee. “but first, maybe you can help me to understand ~why~ I did it in the first place. Let’s start with why I have to jack it in the shower every night like some cheese eating high school kid because my bitch wife won’t even give me a goddamn hand job herself? Let’s start with why I only get to actually fuck you twice a year? Let’s talk about all of that money you spend on yourself in order to look good, but ~who~ exactly are you looking good ~for~, Heather? Hmm? Why do you go to the tanning salon and get your cunt waxed if you never want to actually use the fucking thing?”

Heather and I stood in silence for several moments. “Oh. So this is ~my~ fault.” she finally said. “I see.”

I threw my hands out to either side; splashing the counter top with coffee in the process. “Well? Isn’t it?” I questioned. “Hey, newsflash! Men enjoy regular sex! And we used to actually ~have~ regular sex before the kids were born so what gives? What changed?”

“YOU!!” Heather shot back. “YOU changed!! You work longer hours! You eat out more than you eat at home! You got fat!”

“Yeah, no shit?!” I retorted. “Longer hours are called a ‘promotion’ to a higher position in the company. I have more responsibilities than I used to. But, you know what? That’s also where the extra money comes from! The extra money which pays for this house and pays for you to go get all prettied up! And you know what else? I ~know~ that I’ve been putting some extra pounds! That’s why I took up jogging at work to begin with!”

“Yeah, right.” Heather sneered. “I bet you used the influence of your position in order to fuck that little floozy home wrecker on the side.”

“Her name is Melissa.” I interjected.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Heather continued in a sarcastic tone. “Sweet, innocent little Melissa! Melissa with those ruby red lips, blonde hair and blue eyes! Melissa with the ass that constantly vibrates and tastes like wild berries!”

“Sweet lemonade, actually.” I added. Heather took on a look of total confusion. “Melissa is a fluffy.” I clarified.


Like an unwatched pot, I finally boiled over. That was the last straw.


“Our house.” Heather said flatly.

“No, ~my~ house.” I corrected. “It’s ~my~ name on the title and ~I~ pay the bills and mortgage. Now, get out.”

Heather let out a long sigh. “Oh, James. You know that my father’s a lawyer and you know that he’s going to make this very expensive for you….not to mention embarrassing.”

“Don’t care.” I instructed. “Out.”

“Fluffy fucker.” Heather added as she turned to leave.

To Be Continued...
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Anonymous1: Now I got to ask this out of curiosity. Would Heather's father, the lawyer, even be allowed to take this case? In Germany a lawyer or a judge isn't allowed to take on a case involving family members, because of prejudice, I thinks that's the word for it? That is, to my knowledge at least.
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