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A Jog In The Park And A Fook In The Bum
By: yippyskippy1909

Part 3

Well, wouldn’t ya know it? It turns out that having extramarital sex with a fluffy really isn’t considered an act of unfaithfulness in the eyes of the law. But, since I didn’t seek Heather’s permission first, I was hit with some bullshit about causing undue emotional stress in our relationship. We were given a six month separation order during which time she took our children to go live in a nice two bedroom condo downtown that I was forced to pay for. I was given public visitation rights for the children once per week as well.

Due to the legal horse shit, I’d missed meeting Melissa for several weeks. When I was finally able to get out jogging again, I ended up waiting for her at our meeting place for almost my entire lunch break. The same thing happened the following Thursday. On the next Tuesday, I took a quick run over to the Mind Computer Systems building. I was beginning to think she was mad at me for leaving her hanging without any word for so long. A personal apology was in order.

“Who?” The receptionist asked.

“Melissa.” I replied. “She’s a v2.5 fluffy, about this tall, grey fluff, sky blue hair and tail, works as an intern here.”

The receptionist adjusted her glasses as she brought up an employee roster on her workstation. “Melissa….Melissa...” She murmered. “No, I’m sorry. We don’t have anyone here by that description.”

I pounded my fist into my palm. “What about office equipment?” I inquired. “Are your fluffies listed under office equipment instead of personnel?”

The receptionist turned her screen around so that I could see it. There were full body nude pictures of each of the company’s fluffs accompanied by their given name, serial number, inventory number, position within the company and any extra skills they’d been trained for. “Given the nature of the inventory pictures,” The lady informed me, “we obviously can’t put these on our public website; however, we do keep them internally.” She tapped the screen. “If the fluffy you’re looking for isn’t on our current inventory list, then it’s no longer here anymore.”

“Not here…?” I asked. “Did the company sell her?”

“It could have been sold or it could have been transferred to a different branch office.” The receptionist shrugged. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have access to that information and I couldn’t give it out even if I did. Was there anything else I can do for you today, sir?”

“, that’s more than enough.” I sighed. Just as I was turning to leave, I spotted a pair of fluffs walking together through the lobby. I quickly dashed over to them. “Excuse me!” I called. “Excuse me, but would either of you two know what happened to Melissa?”

“She was my roommate.” One of the fluffies answered. “They transferred her to a different office about a week ago though. Why, did you have some business with her?”

“You could say that.” I answered. “Do you know where they sent her?” The fluffy shook her head. “Did she leave anything? Like a letter or a note or anything like that?”

Once again, the fluffy shook her head. “No, nothing.”

“Did she ever mention someone named James?” I asked hopefully.

The fluffy stifled a giggle. “Not directly, but Melissa used to moan his name every so often while she was...ahem...” The fluffy lowered her voice. “ the shower...and in bed at night...and...” She raised her voice back up in surprise. “Oh my! Don’t tell me ~you’re~ James?!” The fluffy gave me a look up and down. “Well, hello there! I’m Daphne and this is Alayah. You know, since Melissa isn’t around anymore, maybe we could...fill in for her? Alayah and I don’t mind doing...things...together and we certainly don’t mind sharing, do we?” Daphne’s compatriot nodded seductively.

“Not interested!” I replied curtly. “Well, that is, I ~am~ interested, but I’m really more concerned with finding Melissa right now.”

“That’s too bad.” Daphne pouted. She patted my shoulder. “If you change your mind, we’ll let you in the side door at midnight tonight.”

“No, thank you.” I told her. “And thank you for the information. I should be going now.”


The azure waves lapped gently on the white sandy shore. My dream of a beach in Key West was now a reality thanks to a little midnight indiscretion. Like an idiot, I’d decided to take up Daphne’s offer of a three-way. Things were going well and we were just into foreplay when another one of the other fluffs decided to take a late night shower. Instead of joining us, she called security. I found myself being chased out of the building by one officer and intercepted outside by another. The police were called. They had security cam footage from the lobby that afternoon showing me talking to Daphne and Alayah. They said that I’d coerced them into allowing me into the building that night. They wanted to charge me with all sorts of nasty things including industrial espionage. Since I was buck naked when they caught me and my personal effects that I’d left behind didn’t contain anything which could be considered a camera or data holding device, they couldn’t prove that I wasn’t just there for sex. My lawyer worked his magic and managed a plea bargain.

I was fired from my job and barred from setting foot inside the commercial park for life. I was also given a restraining order prohibiting me from getting closer than 500 yards from any property owned by Mind Computer Systems nor could I have any sort of contact with their employees. When news of what I’d done reached Heather, she immediately filed for divorce. I pleaded no contest to her demands for the house and the bulk of our savings on the condition that I still be allowed public visitation rights for our children. Because of the public nudity thing, Heather tried to have me registered as a sex offender. Thankfully, my lawyer managed to have that thrown out. The damage was done though. I soon found it pretty difficult to find any company willing to hire me.

So, this is where I am now. Sitting here on the beach in Key West, cold drink beside me, watching the surf and soaking up the sun. With my funds getting low and my job prospects non-existent, I came here on vacation thinking that maybe I’d find some inspiration. Find it I did. After visiting Ernest Hemingway’s former residence on the island, I picked up a second hand laptop and installed a copy of Libreoffice. Two months later; I’m selling the first installment of my new book series to a well known publishing house. Sales of the book have been brisk and it keeps climbing the sales charts at a rate of two or three places every week. My editor keeps phoning me to ask when he can expect the rough draft for the next book. Sure, I’m still paying child support and alimony to Heather but, even so, I’m still making more money from the book than I did at my old job.


I was contemplating an ending for the third chapter of the new book when a volleyball landed next to me. Looking up, I saw some college age guy running toward me with a pair of attractive v2.5 fluffies in tow. “Aww, sorry, man.” The kid blurted out in a typical stoner drawl. “But, like, I guess I spiked it a bit too hard, man.”

“Yeah, no worries.” I replied as I tossed the ball back to the kid.

“Uhh, hey, man?” The kid continued. “Uhh, aren’t you, like, that dude who wrote the Monster Rockstar book?”

“Why, yes. Yes I am.” I answered.

The kid turned around to call to his friends. “HOLY SHIT GUYS!! IT’S THE DUDE WHO WROTE THE ROCKSTAR BOOK!!”

I suddenly found myself surrounded by a group of early twenty-somethings; both guys and girls...and fluffies. All wanted me to autograph their copy of the book (kind of hard when most of them bought the ebook) or autograph their body or just write my name on something. After autographs came questions about the next book where I was careful not to give too much away. After question time came the invite to that night’s party. I told them that, sure, I could maybe drop by.


The address I was given corresponded to a swanky little vacation house on Riviera Drive. I knew I had the right place judging by the volume of the music coming from inside, the number of scooters and Jeeps parked out front and by the fragrant smell of illegal drug use combined with barbecue wafting on the breeze. The front door was left open and there were several college kids hanging around with drinks in their hands. I briefly considered taking a pass until I remembered that these people were my fans; my book’s target audience. Without them, I’d probably be shoveling shit on a farm in a flyover state.

A smile and a few “Hello’s” got me through the door. Another smile and a “Kyle invited me.” got me a drink. The smell of pot combined with charcoal grilled pork products lured me into the backyard where I found my host dancing drunkenly just a little too close to the edge of the pool. I placed a hand on his back and guided him to a safer location on the pool deck.

“Aww, thanks dude!” He said; squinting as he tried to figure out who I was. Then his eyes opened wide. “AWW SHIT!!” He yelled. “HEY EVERYONE!! IT’S THE ROCKSTAR BOOK DUDE!! I TOLD YA HE’D BE HERE!!”

Once again, I suddenly found myself swamped by a crowd of college kids. It was a total repeat of the beach earlier that day. Once the requests for autographs died down, I hosted an impromptu Q&A session where I let slip a few details that I probably shouldn’t have. All throughout, drinks kept magically appearing along with the odd joint, pipe or bong. I took the drinks but managed to decline the drugs. I hadn’t smoked that shit since my own days in college and had promised myself never to start doing it again. The festivities continued long into the night with plenty of booze and BBQ to go around. Things began to wind down around 2 AM when most of the guests started filtering their way out. I was tired and knew that I’d have a pretty good hangover the next morning so I found my host, who was surprisingly still conscious, and began to make my excuses to leave.

“Naww dude!” Kyle slurred while clapping me on the shoulder. “Mi casa es tu casa!! Just grab the guest bedroom and you can crash here tonight!!” Despite my further protests, I was ushered into a dark bedroom and bid a good night. Fuck it. I was tired. Might as well sleep and sort it out in the morning.

“HEY!!” A female voice screamed. I’d flopped down on the bed which I soon figured out was already occupied.

“Oh, shit! Sorry!” I apologized as I tried to find the light switch. “Wrong room.”

The bed’s occupant flicked on the lamp on the night table. “What are you trying to pull he-”

“It’s not what you-...Melissa?” I asked.

“James?” Melissa replied. “What are you...why are”

“Small world?” I suggested. “I could ask the same thing. I thought you’d been transferred to a different office?”

Melissa nodded. “I work for the branch office in Orlando now.” She explained. “I was sent down here to the Keys to keep an eye on Kyle while he’s on vacation. He’s my boss’s son.”

“You two aren’t...” I suggested.

“Oh, no! He’s the son of a multi-millionaire! He can have any real girl he wants!” Melissa stifled a laugh. “Besides, I’m still technically company property. I was firmly instructed to keep my panties on at all times at the very least.” Melissa shifted her position. “What about you? What brings you here?”

I sat down on the edge of the bed and told Melissa my story. The separation, the divorce, moving to Florida and writing a bestselling book. “...and now, here I am. What are the chances?”

“Small world?” Melissa offered. “So...what now?”

“I can think of a few things.” I answered. “I seem to remember that we had some unfinished business. If you’re up for it, that is.”

Melissa lifted the sheets to reveal her almost nude body underneath. “You know, I was only instructed to keep my panties on for company employees and you don’t work for us.”

“That’s good to hear, but, according to my restraining order, I’m not supposed to have any interactions with Mind Computer Systems employees.” I replied. My hands were already removing my clothes anyway. “I can’t be within 500 meters of their land and buildings either.”

Melissa and I moved together. We shared a fairly long, passionate kiss. “That’s good because I’m not an employee.” Melissa said as we came up for air. “I’m still technically classified as an asset. And this house...” She paused while I gave her chest a squeeze. “...the house is owned by a trust not affiliated with Mind Computers.”

“Well then,” I said. “If you’re not an employee and Mind Computers doesn’t own this house, then I guess we’re good to go.”

“I guess we are.” Melissa whispered as she started kissing her way down my chest and stomach. I lifted my butt as she pulled on my boxers. Her fingers curled around my rapidly inflating erection. She kissed the shaft which only served to hasten the blood flow. I ran my fingers through her hair. Melissa ran her tongue up and down the underside of my dick a few times. “Glorified office equipment...” She murmered. “ you’ll never see a copying machine do this...” With that, she licked her lips and plunged her head all the way down; taking my full length into her mouth and throat.

A sex scene.

Yes, that’s it.

I’ll end chapter three with a sex scene.


Both of us were breathing heavily.

Melissa lay beside me on the bed, curled tightly into the fetal position. She was still involuntarily shaking from her last orgasm as the results of mine oozed from her asshole. I was laying on my back, unable to move so much as to even put my arms around her. We’d gone at it for over an hour. Three times for me and I’d guess five or six for her. We’d tried to be quiet at first until we heard the unmistakable sounds of everyone else in the house doing the same thing. Fuck it. When in Rome. Like the Romans, nothing was off limits. We did eveything.

About twenty minutes after blowing my final load, I was able to roll over and hug Melissa. Despite having her eyes closed, I knew she wasn’t sleeping. She smiled as I held her. “What now?” She asked.

“I was thinking we could grab some scooters and ride over to the Southernmost Point marker. There won’t be many people around and I really want to bare ass fuck you in public.” I joked.

“Maybe someday I’ll let you do just that.” Melissa sighed. “But not tonight.”

“Why not?” I inquired.

“Gee, I dunno. Maybe because someone decided to put their dick in my ass and it would hurt to sit down never mind riding a scooter.” Melissa answered.

“Okay, okay.” I relented. “Give it a couple of days then?”

Instead of shooting back with a witty retort, Melissa rolled over to face me. “James...I have to go back to the office the day after tomorrow.” She said bluntly. “You can’t come to visit me because of your restraining order and I’m not allowed off of the property except in circumstances like this. Kyle only comes here once, maybe twice a year.”

I kissed Melissa’s forehead. “Then I guess we’ll just have to make the most of our limited time together.”


Four books! Four fucking very glorious, very profitable books! And the best part is that I can easily pad the series out to ten if I wanted to. Hollywood is calling. HBO is calling. They all want to buy the options for movies and a mini-series.

I was at the official release party in New York when a man I instantly recognized waked up and handed me a stack of the first four books in hardcover. “I’m a huge fan of the books!” He beamed. “And so is my son! Can you dedicate these to Reilly?”

I pushed the book back at him. “And I’m a huge fan of not getting arrested for breach of a court order.” I retorted.

The man cocked his head to the side. “Sorry, I don’t follow...”

“You’re Tyrell Johnson Smith.” I explained. “Founder, president and CEO of Mind Computer Systems. Before I started writing the Rockstar books, I had your branch office in California. I’m not supposed to have contact with any employee of Mind Computer Systems. Period.”

Tyrell looked at me and then at my name on the front cover. “ That was you? Was that you? I heard about that from my regional manager.” He smiled and pushed the books back toward me. “Tell ya what. I’ll make you a deal. You sign these books for my kid and I’ll talk to my legal department about making all of that go away.”

“One more thing.” I interjected. “There’s a piece of office equipment at your Orlando facility. A v2.5 fluffy named Melissa. I’ll give you forty grand.”

Tyrell furrowed his brow. I could tell that he was weighing options and running numbers. “Make it fifty.” He replied while holding out his hand. “Even though I might be taking a loss depending on her colors and skills training.”

“Deal!” I answered. “Worth every penny!”


Life is good.

I’m living in paradise, I have a best selling book series, my house is paid for. Repairs and maintenance don’t bother me since now I can just call someone and not worry about costs. No bitch wife or screaming kids. My “grueling commute” is a short scooter ride down to the beach or to one of the island’s many bars. Sure, I’ve been known to wear a fursuit in public but that’s only during Fantasy Fest and Halloween when such things are considered more acceptable.

So, here I am, sitting on the beach. Nothing to do except enjoy the sun and watch the waves roll in. I have my cooler, my umbrella, my beach blanket and my notepad in case inspiration hits me.


Or cold ice water.

“Jesus, Melissa!!” I yelped. “That’s fuckin’ cold!!”

Melissa gave me a sly grin. She was standing just a few feet away with an empty cup in one hand and dangling her scooter’s key in the other. “What are you going to do about it?” She teased.

I stood up, brushed myself off and took out my scooter’s key. “Well, first, I’m going to chase you and when I catch you, there’s going to be some hefty punishment.” I threatened.

Melissa laughed as she wiggled her ass in my direction. “We’ll see about that!” she called back as she fucked off running toward the street. I paused in order to give her a head start and also to reflect on what a great decision it had been to buy her the real life version of that neon green bikini with the hot pink tie strings from my fantasy oh so long ago. She looked so good wearing it.

She also looked good not wearing it; which is what would happen in about five minutes.

I hit the starter button on my Yamaha BWS as Melissa roared off down the street as fast as 49cc’s of Honda Ruckus could carry her. No need to rush since I knew where she was going. No need to hurry back since people around here generally don’t screw with other people’s stuff on the beach.

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb which states: “First you meet girl in park, then you park meat in girl.” or something to that effect. I’d first met Melissa in a park and all of this was the end result of having sex with her.

“Wise people, those ancient Chinese.” I said to myself as I cranked on the throttle. “Wise people indeed.”

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Anonymous1: Kill the sex fluffy
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Anonymous2: Do one about an Anthro brothel!
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Anonymous3: I would love to see a follow up from the ex-wife's perspective, how because she was shallow and cold she lost her now unbelievable rich and well off husband to a 2.5 fluffy and how she reacts to it all.
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Anonymous4: So, why else apart from sex does anyone believe the anthro is made for?
Because the only other thing would be cheap and easy labour, not heavy labour, because you don't want them to get the idea they can rebel and overpower people.
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yippyskippy1909: @Anonymous: Not a brothel but I do have something similar coming.

@Anonymous: We get a little peek into what Heather's thinking at the end of part two when she calls him a fluffy fucker. She thinks he's pathetic for resorting to banging Melissa. Of course, that was when he was "poor". Now that he's rich, Heather probably still thinks James is a loser for banging Melissa but it's a sentiment she has to keep to herself otherwise her friends might say, "No, he was a loser when he was with ~you~, Heather. He's successful now that he's with Melissa. ~You~ were the problem."

@Anonymous: I've established in my headcanon that the v2.0 fluffies from Sun Biosystems were originally made to be cheap labor and companions sort of like the persocons in Chobits. The fact that you ~could~ fuck them to your heart's content without the risk of ever getting one pregnant was a side perk that the company didn't officially support. Though Sun continued to claim that their product was ~only~ to be used for labor and companionship, the release of the v2.5's with their more human-like features (and flavored vaginal juices!) made it painfully obvious to anyone what they were really intended for.
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Anonymous5: What was his book series about?
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yippyskippy1909: @Anonymous: The name for his book series came to me after staring at an empty can of Rockstar energy drink on my coffee table and listening to Foreigner's "Juke Box Hero" while writing this. It's probably the rags to riches tale of some kid who hit it big in the music industry.
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