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Another shitty CYOA. Let's see how long it takes for this one to burn in hell.

Fluffy Pony Simulator

You are a fluffy pony. But what kind of fluffy pony? Earthie? Pegasus? Unicorn? Alicorn? Are you a sea-fluffy? A hunter? A garden fluffy? Just a normal fluffy? What color are you? How old are you? Are you feral, domestic, or are you recently deceased, ready to explore the place that you will soon come to know simply as Skettiland? All these questions will hopefully be answered soon.
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Anonymous1: No
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Anonymous2: Unicorn
Shit brown with piss yellow mane
Six months
Healthy diet of red meat, steroids and viagra
Just entered a fluffy daycare full of mummahs with babbehs and soon mummahs

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Stephano: @Anonymous: Well, won't that be fun, huh?
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Anonymous3: I'm with anon 2!!! It will be fucking glorious!
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Anonymous4: Alicorn
A little shit that try's to get his way
Eight months
Abuse toy for owner
Always forced to fuck and then eat the children
Not being abused, for the current time
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Anonymous5(4): oh.. this is gonna be interesting

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savannahs11: @Anonymous


I'm going to combine those and make it bloody diarrhea color, if that's alright.
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Anonymous6(3): Yesssssss

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Nonanon8011000954893: @savannahs11: lol @ the ubiquity of authors describing fluffies' colorations as similar to waste/excrement. why do so many people do this xD

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UltraKek: A black and red alicorn with heterochromatic eyes that constantly change between the different colors of the rainbow, a six foot wingspan, and a twenty inch penis.

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UltraKek: @UltraKek: But who is also a mare that produces foals made of pure gold.

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savannahs11: @UltraKek: Smarty shit takes a reasonably large dick from that.

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savannahs11: @UltraKek: And becomes gay.
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Anonymous7(2): @savannahs11

I can live with that.

Young, bulky, roid raging munsta fwuffy with a raging boner in a daycare full of vulnerable babbehs and mummahs.

And a month later (or two, talkie babbehs are more fun) he must eat the ones he made and repeat the rapefest. Not necessarily in that order.

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savannahs11: @Nonanon8011000954893: That's what I always think.
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Inky_little_fluff: A derped pegasus fluff
Pink mane and tail, brown fluff, blue eyes
6 months old
Name is Cupcake
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Anonymous8: @Anonymous: All babbehs soon to be enfie babbehs, or nums, (usually both in that order)

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WetFluff: Write your own dam shit. Instead of getting others to do the leg work.

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fave: @WetFluff: he says, after over a dozen people have happily suggested things
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Anonymous9: @Anonymous: How about at the same time?

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WetFluff: @fave: Anons and 4 day old chucklekfucks don't count

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Soulvei: @fave: Suggestions and "sims" are totally different things.

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Soulvei: *I am a garden fluffy and, as such, am green. My mane and tail and wingies are made of pot leaves.
*I'm 1 and 1 planting seasons old.
*I am high as hell all the time.
*I like rainbows and The Beatles.
*I also relaayleeiiiiijk toooooovodkawid Ivaaaannmmmmgetmesumburgers

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Soulvei: @WetFluff: Lemme help ya:

*Your fluffy is a try-hard type.
*Her name is Savannahs
*She's 11 years old
*She's brown and gold with a pink mane and a the letters 'WTF' replace her eyes.
*Her favourite pastimes are not taking hints and shit-posting fluffy "sims."

Does that about cover it? :3
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