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>Follow your instincts little smartie, they will guide you to the skettie land.

You position yourself behind the foal and start claiming that young booty for yourself. His frightened chirps instantly turn into ear-splitting screams. That's probably bad for your ears, but you keep enfing away until you cum in the desecrated corpse. His mother, another pegasus, is pissed. She runs out of hiding and sprays liquid diarrhea all over you. "Baby-fowefa-sweepies-munsdah ge' sowwy-poopies, an'... an' sowwy-footsies, an' sowwy-peepees, an' sowwy..." She continues listing off all the sorries she's going to give you while sobbing hysterically.

>Look for his mother, rape her nose.

His mother is already here. "Dumb special-hugs-baby-mom ge' nose-special-hugs!" Using your steroid-induced strength, you manage to insert your penis into her nose. Mmm, nosefuck. The mother's screams are even louder than the baby's, if that's even possible. You viciously enf until you are physically incapable of enfing any more. By the time you're done, her left nostril is a gaping, bloody hole in the side of her face. You leave the mare to bleed out.

What will you do next?
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Anonymous1: As she's bleeding out take her babbeh and force it back into her special place
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Anonymous2: Eat her milky places smart one
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Anonymous3: Scan the room for male bestest babbehs, bite their dicks off to reinforce dominance. Then make their siblings lick the wounds so they don't bleed out.
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Anonymous4: Eat the corpses of the mummah and the foal, then find the Hoomin in charge and demand he give you sketties to take away the no pwetty taste before he gets sorry poopies and wowstest hoofsies.
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Anonymous5: More gay rape stuff Hoomins never find out :D
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