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>Gran foal. Stick on penis. Rape mom again with foal dick

You gather all the enf juice you have left and use it to use the mutilated foal as a very comfy dick sleeve before fucking the mare once more, this time in her special place.

>As she's bleeding out take her babbeh and force it back into her special place

When you pull out, you make sure that the corpse stays inside the mother. She manages a few more weak sobs before dying of blood loss.

>Eat her milky places smart one

As you give the mare's rear end a victorious sniff, you notice the sweet smell of fluffy milk. It reminds you of when you were just a foal yourself. You track the scent down, quickly identifying it as that of the mare's milk-places. Nostalgia overcomes you and you begin hungrily kneading and sucking at them, peeping like a foal as you do so. When the milk runs out, you come to your senses and snap at the surrounding fluffies. "You no see da'! No tew anyone o' ge' wowst huwts efah and fowefa sweep!" You are desensitized to cannibalism as a result of your diet of freshly killed foals, so you don't hesitate to start eating the mare's milk-places to prove your point.

>Scan the room for male bestest babbehs, bite their dicks off to reinforce dominance. Then make their siblings lick the wounds so they don't bleed out.

"You am Smawdes' Fwend fwends now, and dis am home now!" 'Friends' happens to be the loose fluffy term for any sort of long-term group, and that includes the result of a mentally ill smarty taking over and being a tyrannical piece of shit. You charge the groups of hiding fluffies and start biting off dicks left and right. What started as a quest to only bite off the dicks of the best baby colts to establish dominance quickly turns into a senseless dick-biting-fest. You'd eat those dicks, but you're already too full from the mare's milk-places. Screams fill the room as you bite everyfluffy's dicks off until someone gets mad and bites your dick off.

How will you react to this pain and humiliation?
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Anonymous1: Wait so the smarties dick is gone? I say they miss and you still have your dick
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Anonymous2: Nigga what?
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