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>Vomit the dick-milk combo and make him eat it. Then make him eat his shit. If he is a unicorn bite if the horn and put it when your dick was begore

You cannot vomit a dick-milk combo, because you didn't eat any dicks, and you also can't vomit on command! You can't induce vomiting, either, because your hoof is too big to shove down your throat unless you want to kill yourself. Regardless of that, you use the last of your strength to tear the former smarty's horn off and fruitlessly try to attach it to the stump of where your penis used to be.


You got yourself killed within the first day! GOOD JOB!


When you wake up, you find yourself in limbo. You can't move. You can't breathe. You can't feel. The experience makes you flip your shit, but something holds you in place and keeps you from flipping your shit too hard.

Be still, infant. Struggling won't get you anywhere. Now, what do you have to say for yourself about your life?

Do you repent from your sins, or do you stay here forever? Somehow, you feel like fake apologies won't work here.
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Anonymous1: Attempt to bite off the voices dick to establish dominance
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Anonymous2: Awwight God Gib smawty back no-no stick oa smawty gib biggest hewties and wowstest sowwy poopies. Hebben smawty wand nao

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RevMe: Try to shit on the voice!

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RevMe: But first say you're going ot repent. So it's like the pull-your-finger gag. You're a fluffy, after all, you'll find that hilarious.
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Anonymous3: Smarty only regrets not having raped more fluffies to death in his life. God shares his sentiment and gives him another chance on earth. In a fully restored body that is filled with divine power that makes it incredibly durable.

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WetFluff: Ok this shit is starting to turn in to a flood. Fucking cool it.
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Anonymous4: Comes back to life rape and eat more things
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