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Project: Deification Part: 3

Eight little lives breathed softly on their edible, green home. A cool breeze combed through their fur as they slept their little worries away, their minds set at ease for the day to come would be just like that last: beautiful.

One by one their eyes fluttered open groggily, and one by one they got to their marshmallow hooves. A couple rubbed the sleepies out of their eyes with their dominate hoof, while others stretched out their aching leggies and backs. Soon, the dreariness of sleep left their minds, and with eyes unclouded by fatigue they finally noticed not only their environment, but each other as well.

Silence hung in the air for a long time as they looked at each other confused. None of them could remember this weird place, nor could they remember each other, except those who were littermates. They could not see their mommies, or daddies, or brothers, or sissies...It seemed like they were brought to this new place without much of anything. Without words or whimpers they looked around at their new home without taking a step. These little creatures were a little scared, but not old enough to know what true fear was quite yet.

After a few more heavy moments, one of them finally piped up.

“H-hewwo” The unicorn greeted them all shyly. “Jessy name am Jessy”

All eyes were on the timid creature now. She had gathered the attention of all the little fluffies that had been abducted into this strange place. She pawed at the ground nervously as she experienced what the limelight felt like. It wasn’t long before the two green fluffies spoke up.

“Avo name am Avo.” The male fluffy with no wings or horn stated simply.

“Cado’s name am Cado!” The female one blurted out not a second after the male finished. “Avo am Cado’s Bwudda!”

“Cado am Avo’s sissy too!” The male exclaimed happily, as if just by being related they had both accomplished something very special.

They both laughed and hugged each other tightly, temporarily forgetting the situation they were in. New friends were a reason to celebrate, and who better to celebrate with than each other?

Next were the two brown fluffies, both earthy in breed and strong in body. Though they weren’t related, they felt a pull towards each other, maybe because they were both the same color, or maybe it was destiny, but whatever it was, it seemed that they had unconsciously moved closer to each other. As they spoke, they moved to face one another, as if the other fluffies started to disappear in their eyes, and only each other was left in this strange place.

“Bwownie name am Bwownie,” The male introduced himself, his eyes filled with stars as he stared into the female’s eyes.

“Wanda name am Wanda.” She replied in a low whisper, mesmerized by how handsome the other brown fluffy was. It was as if just looking at him took her breath away.

One of the pegasi fluttered his wings in excitement. He started to turn around in a circle by prancing in place, one forehoof and one backhoof would lift up, while the others would step down. He spun in place three or four times before he calmed down enough to introduce himself, though his wings still flapped so fast that it was a wonder if he was related to a humming bird.

“Biwdy name am Biwdy!” He exclaimed, happy to know that the others would soon be his friends. It was exciting to see so many fluffies that he didn’t know, and so many fluffies that would like to run and play! He squealed in delight and started to dance once more.

The other pegasi however, was much more docile. She was happy, but it was a warmth that filled her like a hot glass of cocoa. She let the feeling overtake her, and basked in the fuzzy embrace of new experiences and friends. She had her eyes closed the entire time to take in the introduction of each new friend, and after a long pause, she had figured it was her turn to introduce herself.

“Mmmm,” she left a soft hum vibrate her lips before parting them to finally speak, “Staw name am Staw.”

Last, but not least was the jet black alicorn. His ears flicked nervously as he saw how the others reacted to each other. He had never seen another fluffy before, at least, not a real one. He had been raised by a stuffed surrogate, though for the first few weeks of life, he didn’t know any better. It wasn’t until he had finally realized that his mommy never truly responded back, but just sang a mummah song every so often, and told him how much he was loved. Although it wasn’t quite enough after he had figured out he had been alone, he had clung onto the fake mommah’s words like a lifeline.

“F-fwuffy haff no name” The alicorn finally told the group after everyone had introduced themselves. His mummah had never given him a name, and he had never really needed one before, since he didn’t have any brothers or sisters, nor did he have parents to love him. He had been alone for so long, that a name hadn’t even been something that had crossed his mind until everyone had introduced themselves. “Fwuffies wan be...F-fwiend?”

All the fluffies had been so preoccupied with new friends that they had forgotten someone! How could they be so mean? All but the Alicorn had internally reprimanded themselves for ignoring one of their new friends, some even called themselves dummy! They all turned to the ebony fluffy pony, whose fluff was as soft as a chinchilla, and whose mane and tail were a deep purple that complemented the rest of his dark color. They all gasped at how pretty the last fluffy was! It wasn’t just his color, but also how his body looked. He seemed to draw in all the light into himself. He had an awesome pair of wings, which fluttered nervously as they all stared, and the horn on his head was so well shaped, none had seen a unicorn with such a well shaped horn!


Wingies…and a horn?


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Thesalt: And abrupt ending to satiate those who needed a new chapter.

Let me know if you like the tone and writing style shift for focusing on the fluffies.
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Anonymous1: Dis gin be good
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Anonymous2(1): Dis gon be good* my bad
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TheFoalFryer: Oh crap, they're gonna hate the alicorn. He's got good colors but fluffies don't care.
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ChojinPatriarch: > Error
> Invalid Classification
> Error 616 - Target cannot be Pointy-Friend and Wingie-Friend!
> Attempting to Resolve. . . /
> Execute Default_Response: Monster!

And then Alicorn get stomped by seven fluffies simultaneously...
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Anonymous3: @ChojinPatriarch: Maybe, maybe not, Where ARE they, how did they get there and why? This may override the normal response
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Anonymous4: Boring chapter am boring

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Thesalt: @Anonymous: If you don't mind my asking, what makes it boring? Is the character development to simplified, is it running to slow?

...Or is it that fluffies are breathing?

I'd love to know so I can improve.
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Anonymous5: Good good i like it
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megatek: @ChojinPatriarch: if daddah is sky daddy perhaps the black alicorn will become the defacto devil

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Thesalt: @Anonymous: I gotcha. Yeah, this was a slower chapter. With my writing sample I tend to give more detail to my characters than maybe I should.

I was trying to give a bit of each one's personality in their introduction, but I see that it might not be for everyone.
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ChojinPatriarch: @megatek: Why did you think I used 616 as the error code? It's one of the supposed 'Number of the Beast' values I've seen...
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Anonymous6: a fluffy story, with the fluffies having actual personalities? call me a hugboxer, but ive been waiting for a story like this. i have high hopes for you, young writer.
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sneakybreeze: I am very eager to see more.
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